The next workshop at SchneidersLaden will take place next Thursday – March 5th / 7:30pm – SchneidersLaden is happy to welcome Genki Instruments for this event.

The Wave can be used as a gestural controller ring that allows you to easily control sound, shape effects and send commands with the motion of your hands. It offers six functions that can be used individually or combined in any way you like: Tilt, Pan, Roll, Vibrato, Tap, Click.

You can use Wave with Softwave, a software layer that allows users to intuitively map movements to MIDI messages or host AU/VST3 plugins. Wave also works as a stand alone MIDI controller that connects to your DAW. Each function can be mapped to control different parameters directly.

The Wavefront module is a Eurorack receiver module for Wave that allows the ring to connect to modular synthesizers. With Wavefront you can completely bypass the computer and bring unprecedented sound control, effect shaping and manipulation to modular setups.

In this workshop the makers of Wave and Wavefront will present what is possible with this unique interface for gestural control.

Here is a little example of the Genki Wave & Wavefront in action:

See and hear for yourself during the workshop at SchneidersLaden.

Thursday // March 5th // 7:30pm // @SchneidersLaden

Participation is free / No registration required

A little earlier (at 6pm) SchneidersLaden offers another workshop on Thursday: The Modular Beginner Workshop, it is also free of charge and you learn about the basics of synthesis and all you need to know about modulars. Find out more here.