Wednesday, Nov 01, 2017


Gammons MODULAR SYNTHESIZER ENSEMBLE is on tour during November 2017. The concept for these workshops is to create a Modular Synthesizer Ensemble with the participants and to be able to play an improvised concert in the end. The Modular Synthesizer Ensemple is supported by SchneidersLaden and very pleased to see Gammon spreading knowledge about modular synthesizers and encouraging people to play with instruments they may not have even heard of before.

The workshops start with the very basic terms and guides the participants all the way to be able to play freely and improvised on modular synthesizers. The participants work independently, max. in groups of 2, on the Modular Synthesizer. They are thus directly involved in the process of creating the sounds and are responsible for their individual sound design.
Fundamental knowledge about electronic sound generation is imparted in the “hands-on” process. Ten modular synthesizer systems are designed in such a way that the different configurations create an ensemble with different musical voices. The resulting sounds are the basis for a joint composition, which is recorded with a graphic notation and then played live.
Working with an analog modular synthesizer not only conveys the emergence of electronic music, but is also an important basis for digital electronic music on the computer.

The musician and sound artist Gammon has been active for many years in the field of music and art mediation with various workshop formats. In 2013 he was awarded the international music mediation prize “Junge Ohren” and won the German competition “Kinder zum Olymp”. For more than a decade, he worked successfully with the Thilges3 collective on an international level. The trio used almost exclusively Doepfer‘s Modular Synthesizer for their installative performance formats.


These are the dates for the workshops:

Define Festival / Sønderborg DK

9. Nov. – 11. Nov 2017 /

Concert: 11. Nov 2017 – 18:30h – Sønderborghus


btzm / Bludenzer Tage zeitgenössischer Musik / Bludenz

16. Nov. – 19. Nov 2017 /

Concert: 19. Nov 2017 – 16:00h – tba


Roter Ballon / Grätzel Galerie / Vienna

24. + 25. Nov. 2017 /

Concert: 25. Nov 2017 – 19:00h


All around Audio / Symposium / FH St. Pölten

29. Nov. 2017 /

INSTALLATION: 9:00h – 18:00h – Campus AULA
Preview for 2018

Cooperation Ernst Krenek Forum (Jan/Feb 18)


At SUPERBOOTH17 Gammon did these kind of workshop with a group of schoolchildren from Berlin, here is a short video about this workshop:


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