The Modular Synthesizer Ensemble by Gammon will be open for public registration for the first time this January. Anyone can apply for one of the open positions in this project. It will take place on 28th of January in Krems-Stein, Austria. If you want to be part of this project please apply until the 15th of Janury. Find all information via this LINK.

The Modular Synthesizer Ensemble operates with fixed instruments and changing instrumentation. 10 Modular Synthesizers are the starting point for the participatory music project with the aim of presenting electronic music live as an ensemble. The two project parts during the day are followed by a final presentation.

Experiments and compositions are made on the modular synthesizers provided. The participants operate independently and develop sounds, melodies, sounds and sequences for a composition that will be performed live on Sunday, January 28, 2018 as the end of the project day at the Ernst Krenek Forum (Krems).

The project is led by Gammon, who has been working with the Modular Synthesizer since the 1990s and is active in the field of music and art education. The Modular Synthesizer Ensemble was first presented at the SUPERBOOTH17 in Berlin.