In this video we are having a look at three of the latest modules by Frequency Central – Monograf Synthesizer / Continuum Phaser II / Stasis Leak.

Monograf Synthesiser is a 20HP hardwired synth voice for fast set up times – it is a fixed signal path monophonic synth voice with many handy features, including a number of patch points for flexibilty within a modular setting – and it sounds huge!

Continuum Phaser II looks and acts rather like a VCF, in fact that’s exactly what a phaser is, an all-pass VCF. There’s far more to phasers than just sweeps up and down from an LFO, so Continuum has two CV inputs. This way you can use a variety of CV sources simultaneously – here we used two envelopes.

Stasis Leak is a 6HP 48kHz DSP effects module, providing a choice of stereo chorus, stereo plate reverb and tap tempo delay. Stasis Leak is based around a Belton ABE-FX sub board, which in turn is based around a Coolaudio V1000 chip.

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