I guess the most of you nerds will Know it ,but for those who don´t …
… there was a time when the WorldwideWeb was full of penis extensions, livelongerpills & all forms of spams which overfills your daily mailbox account – but once in a while their is something worth to tell about – and it’s free.: like for exsample the german page „ amazona.de“ don’t mix it up with the famous bookseller.
Amazona.de is an virtual Magazin ,for Musicians or those who want to be one with a full range of products ,news , interesting reviews , interviews and so on.
Sure it seems to be a bit to advertisy ( but hey, what isn’t ) but the reviews & Series are really well done and defintly professional and enjoyable to read.
You’ll find multi-part series about modular Systems / oscillator / filter / tubes and so on … as well as workshops about sound programming / harmonics /microphoning and recording / reviews / events / musicans / tipps & tricks / and tons of infos so ve a look
I’ sure you find something you like to read or you just getting wet dreams by watching the Analog Gallery – A synth museum in Switzerland . Enjoy it.