On Thursday September 5th SchneidersLaden presents a workshop with FLAME – not only will you be able to learn more about their many new designs, there will also be a performance part with music made on the Mäander!

Flame is a synthesizer brand from Berlin that is around for longer than most modular manufacturers. Berlin based inventor and FLAME-founder Per Salzwedel developed uncountable custom-made little instruments and helpers for individual needs such as small MIDI infrared controls, step sequencers and MIDI/CV interfaces. Nowadays the pallet of products ranges from modular utilities, VCOs, filterbanks to innovative standalone desktop synthesizers.

Just a few weeks ago FLAME released a new synthesizer concept in standalone format – the Mäander. A beautiful sounding synthesizer with four-voice polyphony, a filterbank and a wavetable oscillator. During the event at SchneidersLaden there will be a focus on the Mäander and selected modules by FLAME. What the Mäander is capable of will be presented by Thomas Wagner – who will play a performance for the audience at SchneidersLaden. Wagner is known for his projects Flirren and Herr Blum.

Tom Körting will talk you through this special machine and several of the highly interesting eurorack modules by FLAME. Check out FLAMEs latest developments – there are some really affordable and convenient designs available now, especially in terms of automation and live performance. Find them all here.

If you are new to modular, why not join SchneidersLadens Modular Beginner Workshop? Every Thursday at 6pm!

How to find SchneidersLaden:

“Kottbusser Tor above the REWE supermarket (use the door within the REWE entrance – ring the „schneidersladen” bell – and knock LOUD on our metal door on the first floor)”