Snazzy FX is back with some of its unusual analog designs. Anyone who has ever seen a Snazzy FX module will recognize every other module made by Dan Sanzelle instantly. Not only the circuits are special, but also the panel designs. From the legendary simplicity of the Dronebank to extremely complex random circuits, Snazzy FX has built almost everything. Now there are five new modules and they all have the special Snazzy FX twist. The bass drum module Kick_Me has already impressed many visitors of the SUPERBOOTH17 and will soon be available together with the other modules.

And Dan Snazelle is currently in Berlin, he and Mr. Schneider will record a short interview for the video series on SUPERBOOTH17. The video will be published soon, so keep your Kitty_Eyes on Stromkult!


Here’s a brief overview of the new modules:

Kitty Eyes

Small module, big turmoil – Kitty Eyes is a compact chaos oscillator, which can be used as a sound generator or modulation source. Its X and Y outputs emit audio respectively CV signals of different phase and characteristics. – Ideal raw material for experimental drum and effect sounds or wild parameter modulations.


Kick_Me is able to generate a wide array of classic to modern bass drum sounds. Its basic character is deliberately different from classic TR-X0X instruments. The module’s repertoire ranges from tight rock kicks to brachial hard techno bass drums.

Hi Gain

The Hi_Gain features three differently designed, transistor-based VCAs plus a sum output. Together, the circuits form a complex feedback and mixing system with dirty, angry sound. – A great tool for giving drums, basses or leads a more brutal touch.

Eternal Spring

Eternal Spring is a low-pass filter with personality. Depending on its drive and resonance settings, the circuit can add a little bit of saturation, a good amount of dirt or heavy distortion to incoming audio material. Occasionally, users will feel reminiscent of a wavefolder.

Dual Multiplier

The Dual Multiplier combines two four-quadrant multipliers in one module. With simple waveforms, the circuits provide results similar to a classic ring modulator. If musicians utilize a VCO and a noise generator as signal sources, the results are pitched-noise effects. Combinations of complex audio material and an LFO lead to spectral shifts.