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We are back, baby!!

People of Eurorack-land, we will be back to Berlin pretty soon! 27-28th July we will be having one of our building workshops in Berlin. This time it will be hosted at Native space, at Schlesische Strasse 27-30.
The main gate in front (between Schlesische Straße 30/31) will most likely be closed, when you arrive. We will provide a telephone number to call, so someone can come to open and pick you up!

As usual, we need you people to reguister in advance to make sure we have the minimum amount of humans for the workshop to happen. so please, register here.

The list of available modules is:
Kickall 130€

StMix 75 €

Excalibus 100€

Muxlicer 135,00€

Burst 120,00€

Hexmix 275,00€ (SEMIKIT)

Hexpander 235,00€ (SEMIKIT)

A*B+C 95,00€

Joystick 100,00€

MIDI Thing 125,00€

Instrument Interface 125,00€

Crush Delay v2 135,00€

BF-22 140,00€

Rampage 170€ (SEMIKIT)

Dual Atenuverter 65,00€

Power Bus 60,00€

Spring_Reverb 140,00€

VC Slew Limiter 70,00€

Sampling Mod. 125,00€

Even VCO 130,00€ (SEMIKIT)

Mixer 55,00€

Output Module 85,00€

VC ADSR 110,00€

Hexa VCA 175,00€

INamp 60,00€

Jumpskiff 200,00€

Chopping Kinky 125,00€