The EuroDLL is based on classic Eventide delay effects, which were first introduced in the 1970’s. True to its ancestors, the module combines a digital echo processor with analog circuits. The saturation clipping stage at the input, a low-pass filter, the feedback channel, an insert loop and a drive circuit (+20 dB) are all analog. Nearly every parameter is voltage controllable.


The resolution of the module’s digital building block is 24 Bit. Its sampling rate can be set to values ranging from 12 kHz to 192 kHz. Thus, you can create echo effects with a classic to modern character. Depending on the sample rate chosen, the maximum delay time varies. While being set to 12 kHz, values ranging from 0.11 milliseconds to 160 seconds are possible. Therefore, the EuroDLL can be used to create long, atmospheric delays as well as short, metallic sounding comb filter and Flanger effects. With a sampling rate of 192 kHz, the maximum delay time is ten seconds. The basic character is always musical. – Just like the ancestors, that can still be found in many professional studios. With the drive circuit, it is possible introduce some crunchy madness. You can synchronize the EuroDLL via its clock input and output. Additionally, there is a tap tempo function. You need a special effect? – Then try out the reverse and infinite repeat options.