Erica Synths

Girts presents his idea of a modular drum computer at Superbooth 2018. – A little spoiler: it is fantastic!


In detail, the case shown contains the following new modules:

  • Bass Drum: An extensively equipped, analog Kick module with pitch control, an AD envelope for modulating the tuning and a drive circuit. The module’s sound is huge!
  • Snare: A hart-hitting circuit with several controls for shaping the body and rattling noise of sounds.
  • Toms: Three drums in one module. Low tom, mid tom and high tom can be independently tuned plus there is a decay parameter per drum.
  • Clap: The smallest of Erica’s analog drum modules. It has a very dense sound.
  • Hi-Hats: This module uses seven oscillators and a metallic noise source to generate sounds. Additionally, a digital synthesis system is implemented. – Very versatile.
  • Sample Drum: An audio player based on the technology of the Pico drums module, but with lots of additional controls and CV inputs. Thanks to new DA convertors, its sound is very clean and powerful.
  • Bassline: A bass synthesizer with two oscillators, which can be detuned. The audio generators are followed by a beefy low-pass filter and a VCA.
  • Mixer and Mixer lite: Two analog mixers with typical functionality plus booming drum compression.
  • Stereo Mixer: 4-channel mixer, which can also be used as an output interface.
  • Dual FX: This module is composed of two digital multi-effects with eight algorithms per channel. It is based on the Spin chip.
  • Dual Drive: Saturation / distortion module with full-bodied sound. The drive stages can be used in serial or in parallel.

For playing the modular system, a Drum Sequencer was used. – The last year’s Superbooth highlight from Erica Synths. It’ll be available at SchneidersLaden next week! (Tuna the cat is doing the final quality control as you read this lines.)

The other drum modules will become available over the next months. As usual with Erica Synths, the prices will be very fair.