USTA is a 4×4 tracks sequencer for voltages and gates with variable stage duration, designed to quickly see and edit multiple voltage relationships in real time. Find it here.

The Godspeed+ is sort of the single oscillator version of the famous Furthrrr Generator. From its big brother it takes over the digital Thru-Zero core and the legendary wavefolder. But it also has new features like a suboscillator output and an immensely practical autotune function. Find it here.

Milky Way is a multi effects module with stereo signal flow. Its algorithms are already known from the Blck_Noir and the Grand Terminal. Find it here.

Power – Portable 2hp power module with dual passive mults for compact cases. It provides up to 1A from +12V and up to 650mA from -12V via flying busboard. It is 42mm with plugged ribbon cable which is included. Find it here.

The Squawk Dirty To Me is a stereo filter with voltage controlled resonance. It features eight filter modes and zero-delay feedback. Find it here.