For three days, the Elektronauten Festival in the Elbphilharmonie is all about electronically produced music – synthesizers, vocoders, loop music, oscillators and much more.There are concerts, talks and lots of workshops to participate. SchneidersLaden will be there too!

The hands-on lecture by Berlin sound artist Thomas Kircher is just the right thing for those who are still unfamiliar with these terms. Thomas Kircher is a student of “Sound Studies and Sonic Arts” and works in the legendary Berlin synthesizer shop SchneidersLaden. In five 90-minute lectures he explains the basics of synthesizer music, uncomplicated and without becoming too technical. In his lecture he illustrates how to program, control, modulate, route and mix voltages with patch cables – in short, how a sound is created on a synthesizer. He also takes a look at the history of electronic music, the philosophy of the developers of then and now and reports first-hand on the dynamics and development of the scene in recent years.

The Modular Synthesizer Ensemble by Gammon will also be present at Elektronauten Festival. The Modular Synthesizer Ensemble provides 12 synthesizers to create sounds, melodies and noises and write whole compositions. Guided by Gammon, a musician and music mediator who has been working with synthesizers since the 1990s, the participants in this one-day workshop gain a deep insight into working with modular synthesizers – experimenting, improvising and developing their own composition.

Here is a video of Gammons project at SUPERBOOTH18 where the participants were school children.


You will also be able to find the Modular Carousel there and learn how to patch a modular synthesizer – the avant-garde instrument in electronic music production.

Find out more on the official Elektronauten Festival Homepage.