HerrSchneiderIf you want to know why I (HerrSchneider) am not reading forums, waste your time with reading this: A missing package for an italian customer has been delivered to the adress that this customer gave us as his valid invoice adress together with the order. The separate and different shipping adress has been overseen by us, we are very sorry for this mistake. We tried to get the package back to correct our mistake, but the recipient was not available for us.
The person that signed the receipt at this adress (where the customer does not know anybody anymore (as he declared clearly)) could have been clearly identified as the mother of our customer with a second package that luckily has been sent by our MD Mister Sebastian Baumann afterwards. Good idea! 
If my mom has signed for a package that was for me, she is giving it to me or she calls me, so I dont need it a second time and would be more happy with getting the money back, yes – I figured out, Mister B. but we are different!