ding400Do it yourselves! Please try at least to understand what we are talking about: borrow a soldering icon or buy one and book your workshop now: This Friday (Nov 5th) you can solder your own BingBong, RingDing, Fuzz-O-Mat, This Saturday (Nov 6th) you can also make a bumsss or a Bingbong to create your own music on really selfmade machines then – it will make you happy !!

Around 7pm on saturday we will remind you what kind of horizont this experience can open to you if you wish to go further: The DIY synth from Doepfer, the original prototype of Doepfers Dark Time sequencer,  the rare Bumss de Luxe will be shown and finally Navs modular lab will give you a musically introduction of electronic music nowadays to make you ..
..think about Do I really need to solder? and/or how-if-then-what-for? to end up with love it or leave it – it will be fun.. b.t.w.: here is a PDF with answers to your questions.