Monday, Oct 09, 2023

DIY & Synth Event in Leipzig – 28. October!

A couple of weeks ago Manu from Exploding Shed and Leaf Audio contacted us to ask if SchneidersLaden would be interested in doing a Workshop at an event he was planning. As SchneidersLaden is always interested in passing on knowledge about modular synthesis, we agreed on doing a Modular Beginner Workshop in Leipzig.

Our modular expert Thomas Kircher will pack a nice modular synth to bring with him. Join the event for a classic Modular Beginner Workshop by SchneidersLaden and many other interesting offerings at the DIY & Synth Meetup!

Here are some more official infos:

DIY & Synth Meetup is a community event for interested people in and beyond Leipzig. Highly interesting workshops all about synthesizers, synth DIY and 3D audio. For our first issue of the event series we were able to win very interesting cooperation partners.

The workshops start at 10:30am and require a pre-sale ticket. Join the Open Soundlab and ZiMMT’s 3D audio system for a workshop and jam session without a ticket and free of charge from 5pm, or just have drinks at the bar, meet and share ideas.

The general admission price for the workshop part of the day is 20€. For some workshops you will have to pay additional material costs later, depending on the workshop and chosen DIY kits, preferably by PayPal during the event. Be sure to select the correct ticket on the ticket website to ensure you have a guaranteed spot in your desired workshop, as places are limited.

Get your ticket:


First part, starting at 10:30am. Tickets can be booked online, places are limited per workshop.
• 10:30am – Check-in and welcome, after an introduction we then start the workshops
• 11am – DIY workshop – Moritz Klein/Erica Synths: In-depth DIY knowledge about his new Kick Drum module
• 11am – DIY workshop – Error Instruments: Pick one of four DIY kits and build it with Error
• 11am – DIY Workshop – Exploding Shed: Build one from a good selection of DIY kits for your Eurorack journey
• 11am – Modular patching workshop by Schneidersladen: beginners / intermediate level
• 11am – Mazetools workshop: An audio-visual app for generative music composition
• 2pm – Grapes workshop: Introduction to music production for 3D audio systems with Grapes

Free part from 5pm, no ticket needed.

• 5pm – 3D audio workshop (ZiMMT 3D system, 32 loudspeakers)
• 6pm – 3D audio jam session (ZiMMT 3D system, 32 loudspeakers)
• 8pm – Get together


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