Here is something interesting for all that can’t make it to our weekly workshops every Thursday! A workshop by SchneidersLaden with Jessica and Jackie on Saturday at DICE 2018:

“On 3 November, Jessica and Jackie from Schneidersladen will unveil the secrets behind the mysterious blinking and sound spitting machines.

What actually is an oscillator? What is a VCA and what are the function generators? How do the individual components relate to each other? All your questions will be answered and you can get literally in touch with the machines that Schneidersladen will bring over.

Jessica and Jackie will bring you closer to various types of synthesis, like subtractive, granular and frequency modulation, show you how to program rhythms with sequencers, and demonstrate what clock dividers can do to vary your rhythm. Find out about sequencing and various ways of composing music on a Modular Synthesizer.”


More information can be found here!