Thursday, Jun 02, 2022

Dave Smith & Marcus Ryle & Tom Oberheim – Talk @SUPERBOOTH22

It’s the real thing – Tom Oberheim said about the new Oberheim Synthesizer on the Superbooth stage – and this also is true about the three fine guests Dave Smith & Marcus Ryle & Tom Oberheim. Three people truly dedicated to synth design.

In this talk, the three look back at the beginnings of their work, the invention of MIDI, working with the first polyphonic patches in the 1970s, the legendary “page 2” of the OB-8 and bringing the sound of then to the present.

We were very fortunate to be able to host this talk just a few weeks before Dave Smith passed away. His presence not only gave the event an even greater international profile, but also and more importantly enriched it on a personal, human level. His open, friendly and joyous way of dealing with the people around him will be missed: Thank you so much, Dave, for taking the time to talk with us – Rest in Peace and Happiness.

Andreas Schneider also shared some of his memories about Dave and his visit:

Dear Dave, (dear Family and Friends of Dave),

It was a big pleasure for me and all of us to welcome You, Dave Smith on board again for SUPERBOOTH Berlin in 2022 just two weeks ago. Your personal presence gave it another visible and easy to understand international meaning as it did with your visit in 2016 already, thank you very much! The highlight for me personally and the final little dot of an I was the very relaxed last hour of your participation, sitting in front of the very outstanding booth of our friend Ritchie Hawtin together with my wife and me. We had another sake with Rich directly before he went on stage to perform for you and us and all the SOOPERguests around us, we  had a wonderful conversation about what we did and had there. Finally you decided to leave your probably very last international show in the best moment of it, I personally brought you tot he cab, still this was very emotional, but funny and nice at the same time. I saw you leaving and smelled that this was another of those moments that will never come back.

Leaving the venue, you also shared your very personal problems and the reason of your walking stick with me and – I could imagine and I hope – you left the party when it was at its best, as you did it on SuperBooth. I hope this was your way and the right one. Wishing you all the best wherever your good soul will be now. Thank you for sharing some time with us and for doing what you did.

Rest in Peace and Happiness.

Andreas Schneider, June 2, 2022




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