The next workshop – on November 21st – is all about physical movement. Dadamachines provides you with the ability to play physical objects with your favorite sequencer via MIDI! Learn about the possibilities you have with these electro-acoustical instruments!

Dadamachines will build a small installation for demonstration purposes, you will be able to see what is possible with the Toolkit and explore new sonic territories outside your modular synthesizer and computer.

And we heard some rumors about new products by that Dadamachines are working on – all very promising! If this sounds interesting to you, come by and join the next workshop at SchneidersLaden!

The workshops start at 7:30pm and participation is free of charge!

All this is new to you? Why not join a Modular Beginner Workshop at SchneidersLaden, it is free of charge and you learn about the basics of synthesis and all you need to know about modulars. Find out more here.