At the beginning of July SchneidersLaden had the opportunity to welcome Wowa Cwejman again. The occasion was the release of his four new modules. Wowa Cwejman was so kind to give us an overview of these modules in the large showroom of SchneidersLaden. We wrote down some of the updated aspects of the modules here, but make sure to check out the full video below for all new features and sound examples.

  • AP-1 Mk2 got some major revision, there is a compression ratio knob now, the mic input is a state-of-the-art circuit with with phantom-power. There is a new gate-output and a side-chain option with added filtering.
  • The VC-SC brings a studio-grade compressor (no, this is not a marketing phrase…) with all controls you could wish for. It has voltage-controlled side-chain options, again with low-pass and high-pas filtering. It has input-metering and stereo output-metering added and is yet smaller than the previous version.
  • The BLD Mk2 got an update on the filter for example. It now has a 36dB/Oct filter with added band-pass mode, some improvement on the white-noise, additional waveforms for the VCO and more.
  • The VM-1S got an updated VCO with more waveforms, external audio-input with the option to mix with the internal VCO and to ring-modulate these two signals.

All in all a lot of new possibilities to explore!