In a long hot corridor on the second floor between speaker brands, magazines and music schools, the Cwejman booth was to be found. 6 rows of 84TE analogue gorgeousness causing salivary flow to the so called „Cwejman Junkies“. Resignated, heartbroken looks where exchanged among many well dressed visitors, presumably due to the rarity of all Cwejman items. Especially the Cwejman MBC-3, Wowa´s newest creation, a CV controlable mono multiband compressor gives reason to feel pain if one is not able to achieve ownership in time. Not even a well filled bank account can help easing the heartship on this one……a rare situation in our capitalistic world.



Wowa excused himself but entrusted Franz and Phil to represent the brand. They patched gloriously and tried to help with updates regarding delivery dates. The updates so far: Modules are available again with grey front panels. The S1 mk3 will most likely arrive some day but needs an official announcement.


The MBC-3 is a super amazing 3 band compressor with insane patching potential. To learn more about it, please take a look at Wowa´s presentation one month ago at Schneidersladen. Wowa is in great shape, very motivated to develop new great modules and is very relaxed.