975_1244Yes, we celebrate Christmas, thinking about god and bad, about life and dead or just plus and minus, looking back to the year, saying hello to mum,  playing with the kids or just having a day off. Just one day? No – thats not enough, there is a lot to do though ..

SchneidersLaden will stay closed after christmas .. yes closed.  We will rearrange the showroom as usual, prepare ourselves for a brilliant and a happy 2012,  making the inventory, clearing all open accounts and we will send out what we can, so if you are waiting for goods we could force you to get them before new years eve – who knows – WE TRY OUR BEST, but ..

.. the shop will open again on January, 3rd in 2012 – have a nice time and a good start.. we will be here for you again soon. [mails could be hanging in the todo for some days, phone could be ringing and we dont take it, please forgive !!!! please !!!! ]