SUPERBOOTH24 Gesprächskonzerte now online!

All fourteen Gesprächskonzerte (lecture concerts) of SUPERBOOTH24 are now online, you can find them all on the official Superbooth Berlin YouTube channel!

During these presentations all manufacturers presented something new or presented new features for existing products. The combination of musical performance and explanation make the Gesprächskonzerte so valuable. Matt Johnson (Jamiroquai) presented the Yamaha Montage M8x with his suberb playing. Trovarsi even presented patch ideas for two manufactures of eurorack modules FLAME Instruments and Sonocurrent. Mark Verbos presented the new Sawtooth Stack at SUPERBOOTH24. The Sawtooth Stack is the first Verbos module that features MIDI and can be used as a stand-alone device. One surprising presentation was held by PLOYTEC. They showed a USB-to-USB device that makes it possible to use old, otherwise obsolete USB-audio devices again! One example for such a product is the XONE 4D. Great!

Check out some of the Gesprächskonzerte here or all of them here!

SchneidersLaden opening hours during SUPERBOOTH24

We’re slowly switching into SUPERBOOTH24 mode! The weather is right, there’s a workshop on Tuesday (tamiX and the Buchla 200e) and from Thursday we’re all off to SUPERBOOTH24 at the FEZ Berlin!

We hope to meet you all there. Which is why we only have limited opening hours on Thursday and Friday. The showroom in the Apotheke (Ganghoferstraße 1) will remain closed, our main location Bading, Karl-Marx-Straße 186) will be open from 10 am to 2 pm. Although we are closing in the afternoon as an exception, you are welcome to drop by on Saturday, also from 10 am to 2 pm!

You read that right: Synth shopping at SchneidersLaden on a Saturday – the only Saturday of the year this is possible!

See you in the store in the morning and at SUPERBOOTH24 the rest of the time!

Tickets here!

Opening hours Bading:
Thursday – Saturday 10-14 o’clock


SUPERBOOTH24: 16.-18. May at FEZ-Berlin

SUPERBOOTH24 – the biggest trade fair and festival for electronic musical instruments – is taking place at FEZ-Berlin from 16th to 18th of May. Way more than 200 international exhibitors get together with artists, users, distributors, media partners and everyone who is interested in modular systems, synthesizers, studio equipment and innovative instruments.

With manufacturers from all over the world, SUPERBOOTH24 is a key event when it comes to the development and design of tomorrow‘s new musical instruments. As always, SUPERBOOTH24 is not just an industry event, but also kindly invites everyone interested in electronic music-making to try the countless exhibits themselves and to get to know the manufacturers personally. Visitors can also experience the world of synthesizers and music studios at the many presentations, workshops, and concerts.

At SUPERBOOTH24, there is something for everyone, from beginner to expert. Along with presenting the latest products, SUPERBOOTH24 provides an international platform for social, technical and artistic exchange. SUPERBOOTH24‘s welcoming and inclusive spirit also manifests itself in its continuing initiative for a more inclusive industry, with the declared goal of making electronic music-making accessible to everyone.

Tickets are available now at

Music: Forest of no Return – live at SUPERBOOTH23 presents SUPERBOOTH24

Schneider-Talk on Superbooth 24 and more!

Let’s get going again! SUPERBOOTH24 is only 5 weeks away and we are already curious to see what exciting new developments there will be this year. The first concerts have already been announced, the list of exhibitors is growing and growing and tickets are of course already available. After this almost too summery weekend, we are of course hoping for equally pleasant weather from May 16-18!

The Amazona Interview took the upcoming SUPERBOOTH24 as an opportunity to interview Andreas Schneider again this year. The result is a conversation that is about much more than the trade fair in May: Read the whole interview here (in German)!

SUPERBOOTH24 special edition tickets

The preparations for SUPERBOOTH24 have begun and are coming along as planned. There are many confirmed exhibitors already and as usual, you can find a list of them on the official website HERE

To celebrate the festive season the SUPERBOOTH24 team decided to put out some special offers. Check them all out in this official PDF.

Here is what the SUPERBOOTH Team has to say abot these special offers:

Aside from that we have some festive news for you today. We’ve decided to offer our hard ticket specials again for the holidays and sales start today! We’re especially excited about our limited edition double sided t-shirt which features an awesome graphic from artist Sascha Bachmann´s project HEARWHATYOUSEE (for more info klick: HERE). Also, hot off the silk-screening press is our hoodie featuring Alex Solman´s SuperBooth synth and plug graphic. You can check him out on instagram: @alex_solman.

This time around we’ll be offering a few inexpensive options as well. Have a look in the catalog in the attachment. Please note: the order deadline is the 14th of December. All packages will be shipped on December 15th, so they should arrive in time for Christmas. Please send your orders to:

SUPERBOOTH24 Tickets available now!

SUPERBOOTH24 will be happening from the 16th to the 18th of May 2024 at FEZ-Berlin! (please note that Monday, the 20th of May is a bank holiday in Germany).

The SUPERBOOTH team is pleased to be back at the FEZ Berlin next year and excited for three more days of the world’s biggest trade fair and festival for electronic musical instruments!

Pre-sale tickets for SUPERBOOTH24 are NOW available over at the official SUPERBOOTH home page!

One-day tickets are 39 euros, while three-day tickets are 98 euros.

Reduced prices (29 / 79 euros) are available to students, trainees, the legally disabled (“Schwerbehindert”) and those receiving German unemployment (ALG2).

The programming for SB24 is still in its early stages, however you can already see all of the exhibitors that have been confirmed for 2024 here! In regards to the performance concerts and other things, there will be more information coming in the new year!

Visit for tickets and more information.


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