Saturday, Apr 30, 2022

Video: Carolina Eyck – live Theremin concert @SUPERBOOTH21

The Carolina Eyck concert from SUPERBOOTH21 has just been released! Carolina Eyck’s concerts are always special, because she is one of the fe…
Monday, Apr 25, 2022

Video: Kitmun live @SUPERBOOTH21

On the opening day of SUPERBOOTH21, Kitmun delivered an excellent live set of handmade electronic music with their impressive modular synthesizers …
Saturday, Apr 16, 2022

Video: Jessica Kert live at SUPERBOOTH21

Berlin-based electronic musician and techno producer Jessica Kert especially enjoys playing improvised live sets with modular synthesizers. A while…
Monday, Apr 11, 2022

Video: Sacha Ketterlin – live @SUPERBOOTH21

With his energetic and emotional ambient set Sacha Ketterlin found the perfect sound to start the stage program for that day. For many years Sacha …
Friday, Apr 01, 2022

New video: st.raumen – live @SUPERBOOTH21

Hard sounds and chaos – that’s how this concert was announced and that’s what we got – So put your succulents and crystals away f…
Monday, Mar 28, 2022

New video: POLE – live @SUPERBOOTH21

One of the concert highlights of SUPERBOOTH21 was Pole on the Seaside Stage. Only few artists have shaped the sound of of modern experimental dub m…
Friday, Mar 04, 2022

Video: Maarten Vos – live at SUPERBOOTH21

The Dutch artist Maarten Vos played an incomparable set on the Seaside-Stage at SUPERBOOTH21. With the otherworldly Haken Continuum, a Buchla synth…
Thursday, Feb 10, 2022

Bloody Mary live at SUPERBOOTH21

Enjoy this energetic live concert of Bloody Mary at SUPERBOOTH21! With a 707 and the sound of a 303 – you can’t go wrong. This wonderfu…
Wednesday, Jan 26, 2022

Yann Tiersen – live @SUPERBOOTH21

A melody says more than a thousand words – and the melodies coming from the fingers of Yann Tiersen even more so. He is a true virtuoso and master …


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