Jean Fricke and his dad Manfred present a new drum instrument at Superbooth 2018. – The Tanzbär 2. It features analog as well as digital voices. Besides drum generators, there are three sample players and a FM synthesizer voice. On top of that, there is a multi-track step sequencer with classic layout. A pattern can be up to 64 steps long. Each track can have a different length. Thus, polyrhythmic results can be easily created.


In detail, the Tanzbär 2 features the following instruments:

  • Two kick voices
  • Two snares
  • Three toms / congas
  • Three sample voices
  • Two crash variations
  • Closed hi-hat
  • Open hi-hat
  • Clap / Perc 1
  • Rim / Perc 2
  • Ride / Perc 3

The second generation of the Tanzbär will be available in summer 2018. The price will be 980 Euro (including 19% VAT).

In other news: MFB also shows some new modules at Superbooth 2018. – All circuits will be available soon, the price per product will be less than 100 Euro. In detail, the following modules were announced:

  • VCO / DCO – An audio generator with switchable core (analog / digital)
  • ADSR – An envelope with voltage controllable parameter and loop function
  • Visual VCA – Combines a VCA and an oscilloscope
  • 24 dB VCF SSI – A filter, based on the circuit design of Korg’s Monopoly.




Martin Schönauer and Stefan Lewin introduced a very impressive oscillator circuit at Superbooth 2018, the Multifunction Discrete VCO. As the name suggests, it is a fully discrete design based on a saw tooth core. The module consists of a VCO and a sub-oscillator. Both (!!!) feature outputs for sine, triangle, saw, ramp and variably wide pulse waveforms. By layering several waves, you can create extremely fat sounds. – Not exactly a surprise, as the circuit was inspired by classic Moog designs. For altering the main VCO’s pitch, there are coarse and fine tune controls. The latter is not just an average knob, but a 10-turn potentiometer. – We love the feel. Thanks to a linear detune option, pitch independent “beating” effects, as Martin calls them, can be achieved. The results are very musical and lively. On top of that, there are individual, voltage controllable PW / PWM sections with switchable carrier. Depending whether the saw, ramp or triangle shape is selected, the behavior while altering the pulse width changes.


As known from the Roland-based Variable Sync VCO, ACL’s Moog-style oscillator offers extensive synchronization options. In detail, you can crossfade between no sync, several degrees of soft sync and hard sync. Additionally, there is a switch to decide whether synchronization should happen on rising or falling edges. – This is important for maintaining the correct phase relation with some applications. A gate input makes it possible to restart the VCO. – Great for generating punchy basses and drums. An LFO mode allows you to use the module as a complex modulation source.

Last but not least, the FM functionality of the Multifunction Discrete VCO should be mentioned. There are linear and exponential inputs with attenuators. The linear FM can be used in an AC or DC mode.

The Multifunction Discrete VCO will become available in summer. Its price will be 860 Euro including German VAT (19%).

In other news, ACL will not only offer individual modules, cases and power supplies from now on, but a fully loaded modular system as well. It consists of the following circuits:

  • Two Variable Sync VCOs
  • Dual State Variable VCF
  • VC Panning Amplifier
  • Gate Mix
  • Oktave
  • Envelope X3
  • QLFO
  • VC Dual Delay
  • M/S Matrix
  • Audio Interface


For powering the system, ACL designed a high quality 4 HP module. It emits 1000 mA at +12 V and -12 V as well as 500 mA at +5 V. We admit, this data isn’t exactly mind-blowing. However, keep in mind that you don’t need to calculate any “headroom”, as known from other power supplies. For instance, you really can draw 1000 mA from the +12 V rail without ever worrying about overheating. The other specs scream high quality as well. This is why ACL decided to make the module available as an individual product as well. – We should have it in SchneidersLaden very soon. The price will be 225 Euro including German VAT (19%). The ACL modular system will also be available in a matter of weeks. Its price has yet to be determined.

Pittsburgh Modular

Pittsburgh Modular

The Electronic Sequence Designer 128 from Pittsburgh Modular is a very complex and flexible 32-step sequencer.

Electronic Sequence Designer 128

You can create up to four sequences going on simultaneously with four gate and pitch outputs. This four sequences can share the 32 faders, dividing the control panel in 2 x 16 steps or 1 x 16 + 2 x 8 to be accessed directly via the faders – which make this sequencer really hands-on! It is also possible to use the sequencer in layers of 32 steps, giving you only direct access to the last programmed sequence. This way you get 4 x 32 = 128 steps!

It features MIDI in and out, which enables you to send all four sequences to your computer or other musical gear, and receive MIDI Data for transposing sequences for example. You can apply different scales via buttons on the front panel. Furthermore there is an euclidian system integrated which will distribute the active steps through the sequence.

The sequencer offers a lot more features like swing, ratcheting and two modulation inputs.

Lifeforms Primary Oscillator

In a very compact module, Pittsburgh Modular presents a new oscillator, the Lifeforms Primary Oscillator. It has a very large spectrum of sound and interesting shaping options – with only three faders!

It features four waveforms : sine, saw, pulse and blade – a mix between pulse and sawtooth. A special sine mode called Harmonic Sine gives you a sine with more harmonic content. There is also a sort of bit crusher output called Fragments which gives rather digital type of sounds. It is controlled by the Fragments Density fader. The Timbre output comes from a wave-folder which is adjusted with the Timbre Depth fader.

This oscillator module gives you a lot of sound-sculpting options.

AJH Synth

AJH Synth

At Superbooth18, AJH Synth presents the Wave Swarm module, a dual six-stage wave animator reminiscent of Roland’s Super Saw introduced in 1997 with the JP8000.

It will take a simple sawtooth wave to six or twelve simultaneous sawtooth waves and give you very big sound out of only one oscillator. Both channels feature a Dry knob to blend the original signal with the wet signal. The volume of each of the twelve wave animator is controlled by a potentiometer so you can precisely adjust the sound.

It features two inputs, two outputs and a mix output, which gives you a mix of both channels. So for example you can feed a triangle to A, a sawtooth to B and take the sum of both channels at the mix out.


Another new module from AJH Synth is the V Shape. It gives you an amazing wave-shaper featuring a distortion and a wave-folder.

The shape potentiometer will make it possible to morph from a sawtooth to triangle, to a ramp waveform. Additionally there is an integrated distortion you can use independently thanks to separate inputs and outputs. It features CV over drive.

There is also an integrated wave-folder which you can turn on and off to further shape the sound. On top of that you can choose between soft and hard clipping with a switch.

With this module you will be able to twist and distort the incoming signal in many ways.

Frap Tools – Falistri

Frap Tools

This year at Superbooth18, Frap Tools presents a new movement manager. It is a function generator with lots of interesting features. The Falistri is a full analog multipurpose trajectory manager designed to generate and process voltages.

A big improvement over other function generators is the fact that you can change the shape of the envelope without changing the time – times are independent from shapes which can be different for each stage, for each generator. Thus you can really use it as an oscillator without altering the pitch when you change the shape of rise and fall.

The module can be divided in two big parts: in the upper two third of the panel take place tow specular function generators, while the lower third is composed by a dual cascaded frequency divider, a linear slew limiter and a four quadrant multiplier.

Frap Tools_Falistri


Both manual button and external trigger/gate input are available, and are used in three possible play modes. In the loop mode, where end of fall stage triggers the start of rise, incoming triggers are not needed, but if present reset the rise. In transient mode only the low-to-high transition of the trigger/gate signal is used to start the rise stage while the fall stage is automatically recalled at the end of rise. In sustained mode, the low-to-high transition of the trigger/gate signal is used to start the rise stage,  while the fall stage is triggered by the high-to-low transition of the trigger/gate signal. A Gate input for switching from Loop to Transient mode and vice versa is also available on the module.

Thanks to a Quadrature mode (Q) you will be able to combine both function generators, connecting various stages together.

There are two function editors : cascaded frequency dividers and a four quadrant multiplier.

Each of the frequency dividers, also known as flipflop or sub-octave processor, changes its logic state each time a low to high transition is performed. The two sections are normalled so you can achieve 1/2 and 1/4 outputs from a single input which is very handy. This works as a sub-octave generator if an audio signal is used. With a clock at the input it works as a clock divider.

Furthermore, there is a four quadrant multiplier section with an exceptional linearity and a bandwidth from DC to more than 20 kHz. This can be used as a ring modulator or as a VCA with linear CV response. Thanks to the four led matrix, you can see which of the quadrant is currently in use.

Finally, there is a linear slew limiter which can process any voltage. With independent rise and fall slew rates, you can precisely smooth any kind of voltage transition.

Steady State Fate

Steady State Fate


Andrew Morelli never runs out of great ideas! At Superbooth 2018, the man introduces his Stereo Dipole to us, a two-channel dual filter. – Yes, the module contains two multimode circuits with switchable high-pass, band-pass and low-pass characteristics per channel. The filters can be wired in parallel or in series, allowing you to create really complex results. Besides cutoff and resonance potentiometers, there is a Spread knob per channel. This control allows you to offset the cutoff frequency of both multimode filters contained. All parameters are voltage-controllable as well. Furthermore, 1 v / octave inputs where implemented. Drive circuits give audio material a more crunchy character. Two audio outputs per channel emit the results of filter A and B. – Or the results of both, depending on the settings chosen. Additional potentiometers and CV inputs allow you to use the module as a stereo processor. For instance, you can evenly edit and / or modulate cutoff and resonance parameters of both channels. The Stereo Dipole’s sound is clean and more or less analytical. Yet, it appears to be crunchy and very musical. – We can’t wait to have it in our store!SSF_2

Another new SSF module is the Ultra-Heterodyne, a stereo panning VCA. It features gain stages at the inputs and manually as well as voltage controllable panorama parameters. The pan law is switchable, meaning you can choose between linear and a curved behavior. On top of that, you can also create effects reminiscent of a ring modulator with the circuit.SSF_3

Andrew also shows the Autodyne at Superbooth 2018, a compressor with parallel processing and sidechain input. Thanks to its punchy character, the module appears to be great for beefing up drum sounds. Of course, visitors of Superbooth 2018 can also have a look at the modules Andrew presented at the NAMM show in January. Muton is a click-less, eight-channel analog mute stage and summing mixer. Detect-RX combines the functionality of an envelope follower, a gate extractor and a rectifier. The Zero Point Oscillator is a great-sounding Thru-Zero-VCO that generates lots of waves, has morphing capabilities, linear as well as exponential FM and it comes equipped with a sub-oscillator. The Thru-Zero application point can be shifted.


Last, but not least, there is the Bantam. It is an awe-inspiring synthesizer voice with two oscillators plus Mod VCO, noise generator, mixer, multi-mode filter, VCA, ADSR envelope and a function generator. In addition, a delay effect and a two-channel MIDI / CV interface are built-in. (Yes, you can create duophonic patches.) A total of 54 patch points makes the Bantam a great entry point for modular beginners. That said, we’re sure that hard-boiled synthesizer nerds will also be highly interested in this synthesizer, once they hear its powerful and precise sound.


All new SSF modules will be released somewhen this year. Prices are yet to be determined. However, we can tell you one thing already: Andrew’s ideas on pricing seem very reasonable.

Møffenzeff Modular

Møffenzeff Modular

Ross Fish, creative mind of Møffenzeff Modular, introduced two new instruments to us. First and foremost, there is the Stargazer. – A powerful, sometimes ear-piercing drone generator. The synthesizer features two wavetable oscillators with 90 waveforms and a detune option. Furthermore, there are two resonant low-pass filters, three wavetable LFOs, sample rate and bit reduction, amplitude modulation as well as CMOS distortion. An expression pedal input can be used to control the speed of all the LFOs at the same time. – Very nice for playing live! Hint: You can also use a photo cell wired to a TRS jack and play the synthesizer like a Theremin. – Extremely cool! Thanks to the 12 bit resolution of its wavetables, the Stargazer’s sound is much more “in your face” than other drone generators. Add some additional sample rate / bit reduction and you get crunchy, sometimes screaming results. – Perfect for people who like it rough. Its steel enclosure makes the instrument a perfect companion for hardcore gigs. All that said, it should be mentioned that the Stargazer can also generate smooth sounds. For instance, we created some very atmospheric organ-style drones at Superbooth 2018.

Møffenzeff Modular_2

The second new instrument is called Jarmageddon. It basically has one purpose: Noise! – Not soft, analog white or pink noise, but disturbing, unpredictable, bleeping, ear-crushing, digital noise. The miniature synthesizer has one voltage controllable parameter: Glitch. Feed Jarmageddon’s output to a voluminous reverb and / or a smooth sounding delay and you’ll have tons of fun! As the name suggests, Jarmageddon was designed to be housed in a jar. Of course, you can also put the miniature noise beast into lots of other housings or just play it “naked”. Jarmageddon is powered by a 9 V battery.

A small quantity of Stargazers will be available at SchneidersLaden soon. We’ll also have the Jarmageddon in stock soon. – A great gift for friends who like noise… Or for yourself.



Joranalogue presents a multimode filter and eight-phase oscillator at Superbooth 2018. – In one module! As the name suggests, Filter 8 features eight outputs with the following characteristics:

  • Low-pass with an edge steepness of -6 dB per octave
  • Low-pass with an edge steepness of -12 dB per octave
  • Low-pass with an edge steepness of -18 dB per octave
  • Low-pass with an edge steepness of -24 dB per octave
  • High-pass with an edge steepness of -6 dB per octave
  • Band-boost plus notch
  • Phase shift
  • Band-pass with an edge steepness of -24 dB per octave


Instead of a cutoff knob, there are Coarse and Fine potentiometers. For modulating the filter frequency, linear (with AC option) and exponential CV inputs plus attenuators. The resonance is manually and voltage controllable as well. Its sound is clean and beefy. Our personal favorite is the band-boost plus notch characteristic, which can be used to create voluminous, slightly vocal-like sound alterations.

While self-oscillating, Filter 8 can be used as a VCO or LFO, emitting eight sine waves with 45 degree phase-shifts. A Comp switch allows you to compensate amplitude disparities between the outputs. Using the V/Oct connector, it is possible to play the module chromatically over a range of approximately four octaves. On top of that, there is a Ping input. With this socket, you can turn the Filter-8 into a powerful percussion generator, creating wooden to metallic drum sounds. Some listeners might be reminded of Buchla bongos. Use the linear or exponential FM to add wetness. – Awesome!

Another new Joranalogue module is the Select 2, a dual gated precision CV processor. We won’t bother you with all the details right now. Let’s just say: This circuit can do really nasty (and fantastic) stuff to control voltages.

Select 2 will be available in June 2018. The price is 160 Euros. Filter 8 will follow a few months later. It’ll cost 295 Euro.

Five12 – Vector Sequencer


James Coker, owner of the company Five12, announced that his Vector sequencer will go into production soon. The module is a digital composition tool with eight tracks. Each of them features two sub-sequencers for internal modulation. An extensive set of chance-based functions, including options like random ratcheting, pitch and playback alterations plus mute options, allow you to create variations of sequences on the fly. Two new features, which James announced at Superbooth 2018, are a chord mode and a record thru function. Patterns can be organized in playlists to create songs and live sets. Thanks to two OLED displays plus a total of nine encoders, a piano-style button matrix and other control elements, operating the Vector is easy as pie. – Despite its high level of sophistication.



The Vector itself offers analog outputs for two tracks. In detail, it emits pitch, gate and velocity signals. Additionally, there are two 3.5 mm MIDI connectors and both USB A and B ports. Three bi-directional trigger sockets can be used for sync, clock and trigger functions. On top of that, there are two CV inputs, which allow you to feed external modulation signals to the sequencer. Incoming control voltages can influence various parameters. If this configuration is not enough to fully control your setup, it is time for the Five12 Jack Expander. This module adds four more analog output sets, each consisting of pitch, gate and velocity connectors. Furthermore, the Jack Expander features eight more bi-directional trigger sockets, a MIDI DIN input and output plus DIN Sync ports. You can freely assign all these connectors to the sequencer tracks.

A micro-SD card slot is installed on the back of the unit. There are auto-saving and load functions, so you’ll always have the last session at hand when you switch on your modular system. The USB A port can be used to transfer data to your computer, meaning to create a backup.

Vector and Jack Expander will be available for pre-order at SchneidersLaden soon. James said the prices will be 699 USD (Vector) and 359 USD (Jack Expander). Prices in Euro have yet to be determined. The Vector will be available in August. Its Jack Expander will follow about a month later.

Euterpe Synthesizer Laboratories

Euterpe Synthesizer Laboratories

Stefano, founder of the Euterpe Synthesizer Laboratories, shows the second generation of his analog filter bank Vertice at Superbooth 2018. The unit’s appearance alone will make many musicians’ mouth water. It is completely hand-made, using high-quality, Through Hole components only. The feel is excellent. Stefano gives each of his babies a different name. It is engraved on a plaque, which can be found on the back of each unit. Wooden side panels with engraving are optional. – These audio processors area not built with attention for detail, but with unconditional love!


The Vertice is composed of three voltage controllable multimode filters. In detail, high-pass, band-pass and low-pass modes are available. Each filter comes equipped with a cutoff and a resonance knob. In addition, there is a big Master cutoff potentiometer. The filters are based on the Sallen-Key topology. Therefore, the Vertice’s basic character might be more rough than you’d expect, considering the noble appearance. It sometimes sounds like a cleaner, classy version of the Korg MS-20 filter circuit. – At least with the smooth resonance path active. There is a second option, which can be activated on a per filter basis. These “psycho” resonance paths, as Stefano once called them, give the Vertice some erratic, brute character traits.

In front of each filter, there is a pre-amp. An overload circuit allows you to use the unit as a multichannel distortion effect with extremely beefy results. Thanks to several routing options and audio connectors, it is possible to combine the pre-amps and filters in various ways. For instance, you can use two of the circuits to process stereo material or chain all three filters in series to create complex, rhythmically moving results.


In terms of modulators, the Vertice features an ADSR envelope with loop and invert functions. It offers three timing ranges (percussive, smooth, slow). The envelope can be used to influence either the Master cutoff parameter or the final VCA. – By the way: The second, really large knob is the final volume control.

With driving one filter into self-oscillation, you can play the Vertice like an instrument. Thanks to all the audio inputs and outputs, it is possible to patch feedbacks and tie in external effects. – Very inspiring! If you don’t believe us, come by at Superbooth 18 or SchneidersLaden. We have a Vertice in our showroom, waiting to be ambitiously fondled.

GusGus (+special guest) live concert @SUPERBOOTH18

GusGus at SUPERBOOTH18 – what a special night and special guest! As the final headliner on the last day of SUPERBOOTH18 GusGus played in the K1 and it was a perfect last act for a successful third year of Superbooth! The packed room not only saw a great performance by GusGus, but also witnessed Dieter Döpfer joining the stage and playing together with Birgir „Biggi Veira“ Þórarinsson on the mostly Doepfer equipment. These special situations make Superbooth an outstanding event in the annual program of electronic music events, it is about community, making music and sharing a passion. Enjoy this video!


Almost SUPERBOOTH18 time! Got your tickets?

SUPERBOOTH18 starts on Thursday – so you have plenty of time to book a flight and hotel, buy your three-day-pass online or at the door and …ok ok HURRY UP!

If you are not able to make it to SUPERBOOTH18 this year, don’t worry! You might miss the highlight of the year, but at least we got you covered regarding any interesting news! Most of the SchneidersLaden crew will search for the most interesting new products at SUPERBOOTH18 and post about it here on!


BUT – If you can make it to the event, here are some details that might be helpful:

  • Opening hours
    10am – 1pm trade visitor opening times for professional visitors only (tickets can be ordered online, with proof of professional classification)
    1pm – 7pm public opening hours for the trade fair
    7pm – 11.30pm evening program

Day tickets allow access to the fair from 1pm to midnight. Discounted tickets are offered for the evening program on
All tickets from the presale entitle you to use our shuttle boats free of charge as long as sufficient seats are available on board.

  • Boat shuttle – Jannowitzbrücke to SUPERBOOTH18
    08.30am Exhibitors/ professional visitors
    11.30am Regular guests
    2.30pm Late risers
    5.30pm Guests coming for the evening program
  • Boat shuttle – SUPERBOOTH18 to Jannowitzbrücke
    8.30pm perfect to get to the after-show program in the C-Base on time

Pre-sale tickets include the right to use the boat shuttle!

SchneidersLaden presents: SUPERBOOTH18
May 03 – 05, 2018
FEZ Berlin, Straße zum FEZ 2, 12459 Berlin

ZOOM ARQ presentation @Superbooth17

Zoom offers with the ARQ rhythm track a very innovative interface for a groovebox controller solution. The ARQ offers an internal battery and Bluetooth connectivity, so you can move and perform on stage with ease. ARQ is a drum machine, sequencer, synthesizer, looper, and MIDI controller with a built-in accelerometer. In this video you can hear what the ZOOM ARQ can do.

The Japanese manufacturer ZOOM is once again present at SUPERBOOTH18 – find them at Booth H304.



Livia B. Gesprächskonzert for Arrel Audio @Superbooth17

Livia B. was playing a Gesprächskonzert for Arrel Audio on Superbooth17 introducing their Eurorack products that can be declared as outboard accessories, too. Their outstanding modules are a summing mixer, a Mid-Side Processor and a Stereo Parametric Equalizer.

Livia will be presenting Arrels product range again this year on Saturday 2:40pm – Arrel Audio will be found with all their wonderful products on Booth H375.

In preparation for SUPERBOOTH18 why not watch the official trailer too? Head over to HerrSchneiders vimeo!


Regroove your audio files – Accusonus Regroover @SUPERBOOTH17

Accusonus builds audio repair software and music creation software for jamming, inspiring and innovative sounds. Here they present the unique software Regroover that lets you discover unheard elements and sounds within your drum loops and other samples. Create new sounds from old or simply adjust the volume of individual elements inside a loop. Regroover uses Artificial-Intelligence to extract layers from within your previously recorded beats and samples. Here Ben Lucas Boysen demonstrates this unusual software with different source materials.

Accusonus will be at SUPERBOOTH18 again – find them at Booth O139 and don’t miss their next Gesprächskonzert Saturday 3.20pm in the cinema at SUPERBOOTH18!

New SUPERBOOTH18 trailer!

HerrSchneider just uploaded the new trailer for the upcoming SUPERBOOTH18 next week at FEZ Berlin. Make sure to get your ticket now on!


SchneidersLaden presents: SUPERBOOTH18
May 03 – 05, 2018
FEZ Berlin, Straße zum FEZ 2, 12459 Berlin

Opening hours
10am – 1pm trade visitor opening times for professional visitors only (tickets can be ordered online, with proof of professional classification)
1pm – 7pm public opening hours for the trade fair
7pm – 11.30pm evening program
Day tickets allow access to the fair from 1pm to midnight. Discounted tickets are offered for the evening program on
All tickets from the presale entitle you to use our shuttle boats free of charge as long as sufficient seats are available on board.

Boat shuttle – Jannowitzbrücke to SUPERBOOTH18
08.30am Exhibitors/ professional visitors
11.30am Regular guests
2.30pm Late risers
5.30pm Guests coming for the evening program

Boat shuttle – SUPERBOOTH18 to Jannowitzbrücke
8.30pm perfect to get to the after-show program in the C-Base on time

Pre-sale tickets include the right to use the boat shuttle!

Radek Rudnicki’s presentation of AJH Synth modules @SUPERBOOTH17

AJH Synth are a UK based manufacturer of Eurorack modules, specialised in handmade vintage analogue designs. The MiniMod system is a range of analogue modules that very accurately recreate the early Moog Model D synthesiser in Eurorack modular format, with further modules now available to expand it into a fully featured modular synthesiser. And they even have some unique designs like the Sonic XV Filter, Ring SM ring modulator/sub bass/mixer and the Finaliser R-EQ. Here you can hear some experimental sounds from the classy AJH Synth eurorack module line. This is a short excerpt from Radek Rudnicki’s AJH Synth Gesprächskonzert at SUPERBOOTH17.

You can get an impression of this quality line of modules at AJH Synth’s Booth E150 during SUPERBOOTH18.

MODULAR SYNTHESIZER EMSEMBLE – Project for participants between 14 and 18 years @SUPERBOOTH18

During SUPERBOOTH18 the project MODULAR SYNTHESIZER EMSEMBLE will be presented again, which successfully celebrated its premiere at last year’s Superbooth. The teenagers work independently on the 12 provided modular synthesizers. Guided by Gammon, they experiment, improvise and develop a composition of their own which will be performed publicly on 5th of May in the FEZ Berlin.

Date: 05 May 2018 – SUPERBOOTH18 at FEZ Berlin

The participants meet at 9:20 am at the carousel in the foyer.
Start of the project at 9:30 am.
Performance on stage at K1 at 1:30 pm.

Please register at:

Participation is free – the workshop is limited to 12 persons. Parents, legal guardians, siblings etc. of the participants need a regular admission ticket to the fair.

Befaco presenting their mixer modules @SUPERBOOTH17

In February 2010 Befaco was created as an open hardware platform focusing on professional DIY musical hardware. Befaco presented their modular modular mixer solution for eurorack – Hexmix, Hexpander, Hex Mix VCA. This mixer might be the closest to an external mixer that you can buy for eurorack. But it also has some very handy features for live-performances – like vactrol-based mute buttons.

The Barcelona based company will also offer their legendary workshops during SUPERBOOTH18 and you can find them also at Booth O512.


Yamaha presents the MX88 @SUPERBOOTH17

Yamaha presented the MX88 synthesizer in a Gesprächskonzert at SUPERBOOTH17. The new top model of the MX series has a weighted keyboard with 88 keys and brings the legendary Motif sound engine to the table once again.
What you can expect from this video is some nice keyboard sounds and a skilled performance from Yamaha’s presenter.

Yamaha will be at SUPERBOOTH18 again – you can meet them and check out their latest products at Booth #H310 or watch the next Yamaha Gesprächskonzert on Saturday at 3pm.


Vermona Gesprächskonzert with Tomka Manu Modula @SUPERBOOTH17

Vermona presented the most part of their product line at SUPERBOOTH17 with a Gesprächskonzert by Tomka Manu Modula. They played a slow jam session with lots of high quality sounds coming from the modular, equipped mostly with Vermona and Cwejman modules and an additional Vermona ‘14 Synthesizer Keyboard.

Vermona will be at SUPERBOOTH18 again – you can meet them and check out their products at Booth #O234 or watch the Vermona Gesprächskonzert on Friday at 5:20pm in the cinema.

Alissa DeRubeis and Yasi Perera – experimental live performance @SUPERBOOTH17

Alissa DeRubeis and Yasi Perera played an experimental (modular) live set at SUPERBOOTH17. Their performance is called “Quite Eyes of Air” and is described as “wake up music, for when youwakeup.”

Using a modular Synthesizer, vocal elements, samples and noise, they create an experimental sound collage – and a world of their own.

Alissa is a founder of the Portland S1 Synth Library, that will also open a venue in Prague! The Portland Synth Library was created in Spring 2016 in partnership with 4MS Company. It is a unique resource for hands-on access to modular synthesizers and other electronic musical instruments for people of all experience levels. They regularly offer introductory courses for all interested individuals. Alissa will also offer special daily introductory workshops on the usage of modular synthesizers at SUPERBOOTH18 for women and non-binary.




Program for SUPERBOOTH18 announced!

SchneidersLaden presents: SUPERBOOTH18

SUPERBOOTH18 at FEZ Berlin – 03-05 May 2018 – Trade Fair for Electronic Musical Instruments.

The latest developments in (modular) synthesizers, keyboards, effects, studio equipment and software. Almost 250 exhibitors from all over the world, 22 concerts and Gesprächskonzerte daily, panel discussion, workshops and much more.

It starts at 11:30 am with the spacious boat shuttle starting at Jannowitzbrücke and a trip through the eastern part of the German capital. Arrived at the FEZ Berlin the visitors can enjoy daily at 1 pm the first concert of the still young day program on the Seaside stage, or they can attend one of the beginner workshops on modular synthesizers, one exclusively for women and non-binary persons, and one open to everyone. Gammon, together with a school class, develops a performance for the Modular Synthesizer Ensemble, presented daily at 1:30 pm. Afterwards, at 2 pm, the promotional stage program begins with concerts by Caterina Barbieri on a modern Eurorack modular system and Leon Michener on a prepared grand piano. Altogether there are 11 concerts of this kind daily, on Friday for example with Bernd Kistenmacher on classical synthesizers, as well as Udo Hanten on a 5U modular system. On Saturday, among others, there will be the Gesprächskonzert of Nonlinear Labs with Stephan Schmitt and the C 15 keyboard. Parallel to this, DIY workshops, specialist workshops from the participating educational institutions and the entertainment program of the other exhibitors will take place throughout the day. So it makes sense to come to SUPERBOOTH18 for more than one day, to also watch the concert of Carolina Eyck on the Theremin or Tobi Neumann and Fadi with an ambient performance.

For people who like to sleep a little longer the boat shuttle is available at 2:30 pm or 5:30 pm. Thus one reaches the FEZ Berlin on time for the evening program and for spending some time on the exhibition before the evening program begins at 7 pm. Here #instantboner, T.Raumschmiere & FucketYbUcKetY, Ströme and Tikiman shake hands. With the low-priced ticket for the evening hours you can also see Boys Noiz with 2244, ATEQ, GusGus and many others. Max Loderbauer, who was on the SUPERBOOTH17 stage last year together with Ricardo Villalobos, will play together with Tobias Freund as NSI this year.

Those who like it a bit quieter will be pleased about the film screening of The Potential of Noise, a documentary about the legendary music producer and studio operator Conny Plank. The film is commented and explained by the initiator of the film, the son of the protagonist. On all three evenings there will also be discussions with guests such as Daniel Miller, Uwe Schmidt and Mark Ernestus. Some aspects of The Potential Of Noise will also be addressed here. During Thursday’s SOOPERtalk Lady Starlight, Andrew Huang, Lady Blacktronika and Mylar Melodies will discuss the fascinating interaction between humans and machines in the creative context of music making.

The return trips of the boat shuttle at 8:30 pm and 12:00 am take the guests directly to the landing place at the Jannowitzbrücke in Berlin Mitte, from there it is not far to the official after-show location C-Base. The after-show program will be announced at short notice.

More details and additions to the three-day program can be found on the official website. You can also keep up to date by subscribing to the newsletter on


Opening hours

10am – 1pm: trade visitor opening times for professional visitors only (tickets can be ordered online, with proof of professional classification)

1pm – 7pm: public opening hours for the trade fair

7pm – 11.30pm: evening program


Day tickets allow access to the fair from 1pm to midnight. Discounted tickets are offered for the evening program on

All tickets from the presale entitle you to use our shuttle boats free of charge as long as sufficient seats are available on board.


Boat shuttle – Jannowitzbrücke to SUPERBOOTH18

08.30am: Exhibitors/ professional visitors

11.30am: Regular guests

2.30pm: Late risers

5.30pm: Guests coming for the evening program


Boat shuttle – SUPERBOOTH18 to Jannowitzbrücke

8.30pm: perfect to get to the after-show program in the C-Base on time








Pre-sale tickets include the right to use the boat shuttle!

“The knobs are amazing” – Erica Synths presenting their Drum Sequencer @Superbooth17

The long awaited Drum Sequencer by Erica Synths did get a lot attention at last years SUPERBOOTH17. Still being under development this presentation of the module is a great way to get an impression of the workflow of this module. And: “The knobs are amazing.”

Kodek plays some Dub inspired music, with the Drum Sequencer being the heart of his modular system. The all improvised performance proves this sequencer to be a really nice tool to create live music on the fly. Additionally some of the drum modules he uses are soon-to-be-released modules by this busy company from Latvia.

At SUPERBOOTH18 Erica Synths will play another Gesprächskonzert on Saturday at 3:40pm and you can find their Booth E245 in the Foyer.


Moon Modular – 5U Synthesizer live performance @SUPERBOOTH17

The Berlin manufacturer of 5U modular synthesizers Moon Modular invited Udo Hanten to present this versatile modular in a live presentation. Hanten who has been practicing the style of the Berlin School since the 70s, is known for his work with Harald Grosskopf, Zenamon and the Space-Rock Band YOU. In the 80s he gained intensive sequencer experience in productions in the
Tangerine Dream Studio by Chris Franke. His performance consists of ambient Sound creations, surrounded by contemporary beats.

Moon Modular will return to SUPERBOOTH18 with their Booth H351 and of cause with another Gesprächskonzert – Friday (5:40pm).


Video: Bitwig Gesprächskonzert @SUPERBOOTH17

Bitwig did a Gesprächskonzert at SUPERBOOTH17 presenting the versatility an flexibility of this interesting piece of software. In this video you see their live performance with three musicians, integrating a Roland MC202 with CV and Gate and a guitar. Bitwig is already a landmark in the field of music production and live performance software.

You can experience Bitwig at their Booth H324 at SUPERBOOTH18 in May, together with almost 250 other exhibitors and dozens of concerts every day! But first enjoy the video of this improvised jam session:


Video: Elektron at SUPERBOOTH17

The Gesprächskonzert by Elektron features the Digitakt and Analog Heat. The more affordable and most hands on Elektron sound source – the Digitakt – was announced at Superbooth in 2017. Here you can see Dataline playing with it on the first day of the release of this versatile sampler and sound design machine. Sound design (and destruction) can also be achieved with the second product in this video – the Analog Heat. Here you can here both machines in action.

Elektron will also be at SUPERBOOTH18, where you can also see their latest product – the Digitone! You can find the Elektron Booth in the new West Wing at SUPERBOOTH18 -> Booth W110
Elektron will do another Gesprächskonzert at SUPERBOOTH18 -> Thursday 3rd of May, 5pm


Tiptop Audio and Konstantin Gervis @SUPERBOOTH17

Tiptop Audio product specialist and artist Konstantin Gervis played a Gesprächskonzert at SUPERBOOTH17. Konstantin is long time Tiptop Audio user and composed his live rig almost entirely with Tiptop Audio modules. The pretty complete product line with VCOs, envelopes, sequencers, effects, sample players and the mighty drum modules Tiptop offers a suitable range of modules for playing techno and most other styles of electronic music live.

In this video Konstantin explains his live rig, how it is composed, which modules he uses, explains the signal flow and why he made certain decisions about his (almost) all-Tiptop-System.

To find out more about the current line of Tiptop Audio modules come to SUPERBOOTH18 – you can find them here.

Gudrun Gut and HerrSchneider talking about Monika Werkstatt @ SUPERBOOTH18

Gudrun Gut once had a place in West Berlin, where everyone met, founded one of the first relevant women’s bands – Malaria, and has been working for years to help relax the unhealthy predominance of male DJs, artists and performers in electronic music through more female acts, which is not easy.

In this conversation between Gudrun Gut and HerrSchneider they pass SUPERBOOTH17 in review, talking about the constellation of Monika Werkstatt, the concept behind their two concerts and the life in Berlin before and after the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Monika Werkstatt is a project of female artists that perform together. For SUPERBOOTH17 they had a special and courageous concept. Each of the five performers chose an instrument from one of the exhibiting manufacturers. Without knowing the instruments, other than from the event itself, they played two improvised concerts. An excerpt of each of the concerts can be seen in this video. Monika Werkstatt will be back at SUPERBOOTH18 in May! Get your tickets here.

Please enjoy! And please learn German for the conversation part, luckily the concert parts are in the universal language of music.


Carolina Eyck and Eden Grey will be performing @ SUPERBOOTH18

We are delighted to announce two artists that will be playing at SUPERBOOTH18 – Carolina Eyck will be performing with her Theremin and Eden Grey with her modular synthesizer.

The Theremin concert will be performed on the Pro version of the Moog Etherwave Theremin. This model has been discontinued more than 10 years ago. It is considered to be the most professional and serious Theremin model Moog ever made. Due to the better scaling of the pitch field it is more suitable for professional Theremin playing. To improve the playability of the standard Moog Theremin Plus there is a modification available that has been developed by Thierry Frenkel. This modification is available from a shop in The Hague.

If you are willing to learn this unusual and historic electronic musical instrument, there is the Theremin Academy happening in Berlin one week after SUPERBOOTH18. Check out their website for more information.

The second announcement for today – that we are very happy about – is the return of Eden Grey to SUPERBOOTH18. The organizer of London’s famous CV FREQS modular synthesizer event already played at SUPERBOOTH17 and she is very welcome to be part of the program again. To get an impression of what to expect, we have added a small portion of her concert from SUPERBOOTH17 to this video.



Feld were unusual, but very welcome guests at SUPERBOOTH17. Their energetic music is created in a three-part band with guitar, bass and drums. With his bass guitar, Konstatin lays the sonic foundation for the landscape of the obscure melodies created by Chrsitian with his guitar. In addition, Carlo adds a good portion of energy to the sound with his drums and contributes psychedelic sound-walls to the mix with various small sound generators and effects.  A very pleasant addition to the Superbooth program.

Enjoy this video of Feld’s live performance at SUPERBOOTH17!

Tyler Thompson for WMD @SUPERBOOTH17

WMD did a very nice Gesprächskonzert with their wide range of products at SUPERBOOTH17. Tyler Thompson from WMD is performing a hardware techno session on a modular synthesizer with the new Arpitecht and Chimera modules by WMD. A perfect example of how to use a Gesprächskonzert for the presentation of products in their natural habitat. In this way, the audience can imagine how the products can be effectively used and what they can achieve.


Wachtelei at Schneiders kitchen with Mouse on Mars

Herr Schneider and Herr Schneider Jr. are presenting the first cooking show by SchneidersLaden.

Jan St. Werner and Andi Toma are Mouse on Mars. They have been an influential part of the electronic music scene since the mid-90s and released several albums on different labels since that time. Their most recent releases are the E.P. Synaptics (out now) and the album Dimensional People which will be out in April. Andi and Jan like to work with digital sound generators, like apps and little gadgets – as you can also see in the SOOPERtalk 3 video from SUPERBOOTH17. In this video you will learn how to make an omelette ‘Mouse on Mars-style’ and why mice on mars smoke mysterious pipes.

Mouse on Mars: E.P. – Synaptics (out now) // L.P. – Dimensional People (out in April)


SOOPERtalk 1 – Flake Lorenz talking about how to become famous

“As a musician, you are already successful in the moment you start making music.” Flake Lorenz

This is one of our personal highlights in the young history of SUPERBOOTH. Flake Lorenz is the keyboard player of Rammstein, he is talking about his youth and the early years of his musical career. In the end this is the story of how to become famous in the music industry (don’t do what you are told), discovering their passion for fire and how they were able to tour the GDR. As his early Band Feeling B did. They played everywhere they could – on camping grounds, exhibition openings and open fields. Always with him on stage was his Casio SK-5 Sampling Keyboard and Flake is still searching for a remake of this special piece of hardware, because all comparable and available instruments are just too complicated to work the way they should.

Enough said. If you are curious to know why Rammstein once stood on a street in New York with bleeding wounds and nobody cared, then watch this lecture: … and yes, please learn German first!

Video: The SOOPERtalk 2 @SUPERBOOTH17

This is the panel discussion from day 2 at SUPERBOOTH17, it features some very special guests, Andi & Hannes Teichmann, Holly Herndon, Alissa DeRubeis, Alec Empire and the moderator of the evening Jens Uthoff. This SOOPERtalk was about the motivation to make music and it is trying to find out why people are becoming musicians, although this is no easy way to live your life.

On one side electronic music and club culture are mainstream – their identity-establishing media channels are in the hands of global energy drink and telecommunications companies and DJ’s and festivals are multi-million dollar business. In many top cities, such as Berlin, Club culture, serves as a marketing tool to utilize as a touristic poster child or advertisement for tourism and culture.

On the other side, there is a strong foundation in electronic music and club culture that continues through a different and alternative approach. In this musical field there is an innovative scene where development of the music and scene is influenced through its improvisational rooms, experimentation, concerts, soldering irons, synthesizers and solitary hours with music and technology.


What is driving people to take this artistic route? What is their motivation? How does one see the forest for the trees? What do artistic musicians mean to society, where do they see themselves and what can they give society? What space or room is left or open for new social and artistic visions? There are certainly easier ways to make money. In this discussion the possibilities should come to light with Club Culture acting as the bridge between culture and society.

Altherrenabend – SOOPERtalk 3 @SUPERBOOTH17

This cosy gathering of Moritz R, Daniel Miller, Jan St. Werner and Herr Schneider happened on the last day of SUPERBOOTH17. Moritz R. is a member of the Neue Deutsche Welle Band “Der Plan” and a painter who designed some early album covers for Depeche Mode, his favourite synth was served here by Christian Günther alias CG in a very modified version. Daniel Miller created Mute Records and brought bands like Depeche Mode to success. Daniel is still working with Mute Records in the current scenery of electronic music. His favourite synth was brought to us by Panic Girl who played a gig on the same stage after the Altherrenabend. Jan St. Werner is one half of Mouse on Mars, he was introducing his favourite synth of the day that he had found on Superbooth at the Bastl stand and brought on stage here. HerrSchneider has organized the SUPERBOOTH17 – this was the last evening – and is trying to moderate it in between these personalities here, listen yourselves.

Skinnerbox performing @SUPERBOOTH17 – Gesprächskonzert for

The Gesprächskonzert by Skinnerbox shows how easy and effective an Shuttle System can be used on stage and what makes it special. “Playing live electronic music should be fun”, therefor the auto-tuning functionality of the Shuttle System by is a very welcomed feature that recently also released as a standalone module – the Autopilot. The Skinnerbox performance can be seen as one of the more intense Gesprächskonzerte at SUPERBOOTH17.


Herman Gillis with his legendary Sherman Filterbank at SUPERBOOTH17

At SUPERBOOTH17 we were given a rare honour: Herman Gillis demonstrated his legendary Sherman Filterbank at SUPERBOOTH17. In 1996, the first prototypes of the Sherman Filterbank came out, the official website states:

“The first Filterbanks that were marketed in 1996 were hand-built, and only 40 pieces were made. These prototypes did not have MIDI. At the same time, the designer Herman Gillis also made 9 Sherman CHAOSBANKS. After a lot of people asked for more Filterbanks and Chaosbanks, Herman decided to update the prototype model of the Filterbank with MIDI and at that time, he added even more features to the box. This is how he came to the one and only MIDI Sherman Filterbank. In 1997, about 500 Sherman Filterbanks were sold, merely in the United Kingdom (London), Belgium, Japan and the Netherlands.” – today there are several versions of the Filterbank 2 available. During this Gesprächskonzert Mr Gillis plays a Sherman Dual Filterbank 2.
His latest release is an even smaller desktop version of it called the Sherman Filterbank 2 compact available from stock in shops all over europe.


SUPERBOOTH18 discounted ticket sale ends at 31December!

The year 2017 is coming to an end and with it the SUPERBOOTH18 discounted ticket sale on December 31 2017. Make sure to get your discounted tickets until the end of the year. In just a little more than four months the third Superbooth will happen at FEZ-Berlin, so the preparations are already in full swing. You can expect even more exhibitors and an expanded supporting program. This time from May 3rd until May 5th, 2018. Exhibitors, artists and guests have created this special welcoming and friendly atmosphere that makes Superbooth the incredible event it has been since the beginning. Superbooth lives from passionate people on all levels. We are constantly working on preserving this atmosphere while the event is growing. In the present stage, more than 80 % of the exhibitors from this year have already booked again for 2018. In addition, there will be many new and interesting exhibitors from different parts of the industry.

For everyone who did not attend or who wants to watch the Gesprächskonzerte or performances again should visit the SUPERBOOTH17 video page on Stromkult. There are constantly videos from SUPERBOOTH17 being released. Some rare moments can be found there, for example Mr Ken Macbeth performing with his band FucKeTyBucKetY – might be one of the most intense concerts any trade show has ever seen. One of the most watched videos so far is the incredible performance by Ströme who did a concert for Doepfer. You can find the videos here.


Get your tickets here.


We wish you all the best for the year 2018.

SchneidersLaden presents: SUPERBOOTH18
May 03 – 05, 2018 / FEZ Berlin, Straße zum FEZ 2, 12459 Berlin-Wuhlheide

MFB Gesprächskonzert @SUPERBOOTH17

Gesprächskonzerte are supposed to be product presentations with a concert part that fills at least half of the time. MFB did a very nice job at SUPERBOOTH17, they presented their new products in a very danceable fashion. The Gesprächskonzert showed the new Dominion Club, Nanozwerg Pro, Digital Delay and their well-known drum machines. The whole performance is done entirely with MFB products and shows the wide palette of products they offer these days.



About André Gonçalves alias ADDAC @SUPERBOOTH17

SUPERBOOTH is not only about technical aspects of new instruments, it is also about meeting the people behind the brand names. In this video you are getting an insight into André Gonçalves artist career before he started ADDAC and developed an impressive line of modules. He is a good example for many of the module makers that will be present at SUPERBOOTH18 again – many of them are artists and started their companies as an expression of their creative characters. This is the driving force behind the ever evolving inovations that are achieved in the wide field of electronic music.

At the same time this video shows you why we did not just release all the recordings we had from SUPERBOOTH17 without reviewing them. There are two mistakes in here from our beloved video team that can easily be found: Because of the second one we would like to invite you meeting André Gonçalves ailas ADDAC on SUPERBOOTH18 introducing his wide range of eurorack modulars that are available already and quite beautiful!


Gino Robair and Tom Djll @Schneidersbuero talking about stagediving at SUPERBOOTH18 and Rammstein

Gino Robair and Tom Djll, both from San Francisco and Members of “Große Abfahrt” and plenty of other famous music groups and projects came over to Schneidersbuero in between a gig at Glasgow Improviser Orchestra with their Tender Buttons project and another one in Berlin at Spektrum. The two and Herr Schneider talked about SUPERBOOTH18, rooms, artists, options and news. Gino was already playing a smart gig on the Seaside Stage this year but unfortunately this has not been recorded, so now we are very much looking forward to see them stagediving on the upcoming SUPERBOOTH18 in the Konzertsaal1 as promised (!) to let you see this on this channel, too. The last part of this video shows you a short part of a concert by the Tender Buttons project.


Jürgen Michaelis of Jomox @ Schneidersbüro


Juergen Michaelis – the head of JoMoX Berlin – giving insights of the history with HerrSchneider once entering the world of synths and drummachines roundabout 20 years ago to help Jürgen as a sales rep, after they met each other in a totally different world. Introducing the wonderful concert of Panic Girl and Jericho on Superbooth17 and showing the gig of Juergen himself with his AKASHA synth on Superbooth16.

And also – the live introduction of the ALPHA BASE by the inventor himself, is showing the fun he has with his own baby – it is passion. Jürgen Michaelis is building the famous Jomox drum machines for almost twenty years. The Alpha Base came out this year and it is the most advanced drum machine built by Jomox so far. The almighty kick drum is once again the backbone of this instrument and it is supplemented with the analog percussion voice you might know from the M.Brane machines Jomox is building. With the additional sample based instruments and a FM synthesizer bult into the Alpha Base, this is a pretty complete machine that will find lots of use in studios and on stages around the world.


Video: Darrin Wiener @SchneidersBuero

Herr Schneider invited a special guest to talk about SUPERBOOTH17 and electronic musical instruments. This is Darrin Wiener presenting the eurorack Serge modules from Random*Source. After realising that his Gesprächskonzert at SUPERBOOTH17 was missing the concert part, we decided to catch up on it with this video. In the end there was a lot of talking again – about bananas, marimbas, scales and delays. But there was also some funky music played and Herr Schneider danced!. The Serge modules showed their potential as drum and percussive voices and a broken toilet was discovered in the end. Curious?


Schneider TM and Herr Schneider @Schneidersbuero talking about SUPERBOOTH17

Schneider TM is an experimental solo project by Dirk Dresselhaus dedicated to electric and electronic music. He used to play and sing in indie rock/noiserock and pop bands. From 1997 onwards Schneider TM became more involved in electronic music and started the project Schneider TM, with which he was responsible for some experimental electro-freakpop albums and indie hits. Schneider TM is one of the inventors of the music genre Indietronic or Indietronica.

He likes to play with field recordings and once had an uncanny but ultimately good encounter with an F16 jet. He is currently working on a project called Die Angel, together with Ilpo Väisänen. Their latest video is also part of this issue of @Schneidersbuero präsentiert, s well as a short part of the Monika Werkstatt concert at SUPERBOOTH17.

SUPERBOOTH18 // Tickets now available!

Next year, the world’s largest trade fair for electronic musical instruments and music production will be strengthened even more by a growing scene and new innovations. To accommodate all the creative minds drawn to the event, Superbooth 2018 has expanded the exhibition area and is expecting more than 5000 visitors in 2018. Ticket sale has already started on 1st November on

More than 80% of this year’s exhibitors already confirmed their participation for 2018. In addition there will be many new manufacturers attending SUPERBOOTH for the first time next year. Due to limited space, not all interested exhibitors could be accommodated this year. That is why there will be new exhibition space in the Westflügel of the FEZ Berlin in 2018.

The fair is strongly focused on the modular synthesizer. A few years ago, only few people knew about this kind of instrument, although it has been shaping the music world since the 1960s. Today, the modular synthesizer conquers the internet, festivals and stages of the world. At SUPERBOOTH Berlin, visitors can gather their own experiences and exchange thoughts with the manufacturers and developers of these amazing devices.

SUPERBOOTH18 continues to work on making a new generation of musicians familiar with electronic musical instruments. Gammon already introduced young people to the modular synthesizer during this year’s event. He is currently touring Europe with his series of workshops, where more and more traditional musicians are learning how to use this both traditional and ultra-modern instrument.

SchneidersLaden presents: SUPERBOOTH18
03. – 05. May 2018
FEZ Berlin, Straße zum FEZ 2, 12459 Berlin
For additional information and a regularly updated list of exhibitors please visit

Ondomo Gesprächskonzert at SUPERBOOTH17

This week we have the Gesprächskonzert by Ondomo for you, a very nice overview and performance. The Ondomo is a unique instrument originally invented in France in the late 1920s. It was known under the name ‘Ondes-Martenot’ and invented by Maurice Martenot. Ondomo is the reincarnation of this instrument.

It features a timbre section that is played by the left hand, as well as the volume. The right hand either plays the keyboard with its physical capability for performing vibrato, or by sliding a metal ring worn on your finger in front of the keyboard. The position of the ring determines the pitch. This method of playing makes it possible to create continuous, sweeping sounds reminiscent of the sound of a Theremin.

The limited run of 100 instruments which inventor Naoyuki Omo has committed to build has already been depleted. But there are plans to build another batch. For more information please visit their website or subscribe to the official Ondomo Newsletter.

Eventide @SUPERBOOTH17

Eventide presented a prototype of a eurorack delay at SUPERBOOTH17. Scince then it hasn’t been seen in the wild but we are looking forward to what promises to be superb eurorack effects modules. The Eventide Gesprächskonzert can be watched below. The video features some words about the C-Base in Berlin, the Karusell-Synthesizer by Schneidersbuero and SUPERBOOTH18. The introductory part gives you an insight of the C-Base, what has already been another a stage for artists like Robert Aiki Lowe and Dieter Doepfer this year, and will be again with SUPERBOOTH18 – as our official aftershow venue. The modular furniture (Karussel) seen here will be available in Munich now for the DigitalAnalog Festival, please search the web for further updates and come back next week.


New 100 series available and Steve H with his Buchla at SUPERBOOTH17

catalyst_audio_-_model_158There are some synthesizers in the history of electronic music that are surrounded by a special mystic aura. One of them is the 100 series – The original San Francisco Tape Music Centers modular synthesizer, originally commissioned by Morton Subotnick and Ramon Sender.

Many artists within the modular community have always been fascinated by the 100 series modules. The hidden secret of the west coast, but no less revolutionary than their east coast contemporaries, the 100 series modules have always been appealing due to their pedigree, scarcity, aesthetic, and avant-garde beginnings. Now they have been recreated from the ground up – by Catalyst Audio. They worked on the circuits for nearly a year and built countless prototypes and revisions to create eurorack versions of modules that promising to be true members of the 100 series. All circuits are (from a technical perspective) identical to the original modules an they have been directly A/B tested/compared, both electronically and by ear, with the original San Francisco Tape Music Center system (currently located at Mills college, Oakland CA).

These recreation of one of the most iconic modular synthesizers make it possible to experience patching and working with what are some of the rarest and previously unobtainable synthesizers. While no recreation, no matter how accurate, will ever capture all the mystique of the originals it honors and celebrates the memory of their creator.

Soon there will be six modules available:

Model 158 Dual Sine-Sawtooth Generator

Model 180 Dual Attack Generator

Model 106 6-Channel Mixer

Model 110 Quad Gate

Model 156V CV Processor

Model 156M CV Processor

After the 100 series there have been a lot more advanced and function wise more dense developments by Don Buchla. One of these is a legendary synthesizer with a touch plate interface – the Music Easel. First released in 1973 the Music Easel followed a concept that is more and more seen today again – it focused on portability and was therefore built into a suitcase. Steve H performed on a Music Easel at SUPERBOOTH17. He is a experimental musician, composer and musical adventurer and known for his soundtracks, songs and scores for TV, film and games. Watch his quadrophonic performance here:




Here and now, as promised the video with Dan “Danny” Snazelle aka SNAZZY FX. Dan Snazzelle was on tour throughout Europe introducing five new modules in Barcelona, Berlin, Netherlands and Czech Republic stopping over at SchneidersBuero to talk about the presentations on Superbooth. In this talk the themes are: the new modules, Dan’s possible move (You are very welcome to move to Berlin Dan!) and the beauty of classic synthesizer schematics.

Also included is the beautiful looking and sounding – and often overlooked Analogue Systems modular system. There is a little teaser featured in this video by Clifton Cameron at SUPERBOOTH17 introducing the Analogue Systems Cabinet.


STROMKULT is our platform for updates and news on SCHNEIDERSLADEN and SUPERBOOTH, selected electronic musical instruments and events related to modular synthesizers, sequencers, competent drum machines, analog modular systems, midi tools, controllers, converters and related products of all kinds. You can find all kinds of events related to these topic in our EVENT CALENDAR. Also on this site you will find lots of videos from SUPERBOOTH – the world’s largest trade fair for electronic musical instruments, news about events and workshops at SCHNEIDERSLADEN.

Herr Schneider started in 1999 with SCHNEIDERSBUERO as a sales and marketing platform for the smallest manufacturers and inventors of electronic musical instruments. Products were shown online, in our showrooms and at the original SUPERBOOTH – workshops and countless reviews have been featured in magazines all over Europe.

These very special instruments and tools are now often available from specialist dealers all over Europe and can be purchased directly from our webshop SCHNEIDERSLADEN worldwide.