SUPERBOOTH pandemic fit (video)

Superbooth Berlin was one of the first teams that organized a virtual meeting on the web during the pandemic: The inventors of Berlin based „SUPERBOOTH“ synth show presented a „home edition“ in April 2020 already.

In this video Andre Kaufmann and Andreas Schneider (CEOs of Superbooth Berlin) sat down in SchneidersLaden to comment on their impressions of the latest and by far biggest virtual show – this years NAMM. Hear about their vision for a tradeshow in 2021 and their ideas for Superbooth that is supposed to happen in May.

While the original live stream didn’t get through to the NAMM website for some technical reasons, this is the spontaneous and improvised version of the planned event.

For NAMMs “Believe TV” Superbooth also made a nice video piece of about 30 minutes introducing a part of our community with three artists using modulars Sasha Ketterlin (FR), JakoJako (DE), Gammon (AT).

The full video called “Berlin, Vienna, Paris calling!” is still available on the NAMM site (registration needed) for a little while (before set public on media).

Apart from that our exhibiting friends, brands and partners offered more than ten more videos and movies around their products and visions, that you can find on the virtual stand, still public (for free) here.

SOOPERtalk tonight at NAMM


The new year brings us the certainty that nothing is certain. It remains difficult to predict how the pandemic will develop. For this reason, the SOOPERGrail guitar trade fair and exhibition will not celebrate its premiere in April 2021.

Live tonight from 11pm:

As part of a virtual version of the American trade show NAMM tonight, Andre Kaufmann and Andreas Schneider, as organizers of SUPERBOOTH21 and SOOPERGrail, introduce themselves to the mostly American audience and answer questions in the livestream.

Join here.

Under the given circumstances, the planning of the new fair is more complex than that of the established SUPERBOOTH21, and the organizers are also taking into account the cautious booking behavior of guitar builders and partners from the surrounding European countries. Andreas Schneider comments:

“It is with a heavy heart that we postpone our premiere for the World of Guitarists, probably until late summer. SUPERBOOTH21 in May still remains our goal and is in active preparation. If it is possible and justifiable, we will be hosting the event. The booking status for this year, with mainly European exhibitors, is already satisfactory. Any cancellations that are still expected will be quickly filled by new participants. For this, we would already like to expressly thank the established and new exhibitors for their constructive cooperation.”

The robust concept of SUPERBOOTH21, as Safety First Edition at FEZ Berlin, with about 120 exhibitors, three stages and the spacious area around it, was adapted to the changing conditions over months. With this concept and a hoped-for improvement of the permission and the hygiene situation in Germany, the organizers can make a safe realization of SUPERBOOTH21 possible.

The planning includes, in addition to the development of large areas in the outdoor area and booking of new areas in the FEZ, also the semi-virtual integration of presentations of selected areas of the event via livestream. This will also include a daily talk concert by a selected manufacturer from overseas – on a projection screen in front of an audience.

Andreas Schneider pleads for a pragmatic handling of the extraordinary situation and in case of a postponement of both events:

“If a cancellation of the event in May is unavoidable, the Board has decided to take an alternative date for SUPERBOOTH21 in the summer. For this purpose, we will be happy to welcome all the exhibitors already booked, as well as some of the corresponding artists of SOOPERGrail, as our guests at SUPERBOOTH21. This can then be seen as a first step of synergy between these two worlds, for which we are personally enthusiastic.”

Despite all the uncertainty, one thing remains certain: Andreas Schneider and his team will remain busy. With this in mind, they would like to point out another date:

  • SOOPERRadio: For the first time SOOPERRadio will be broadcast on the terrestrial frequency 88.4 in Berlin and Potsdam for 2 hours on 11.2.2021 from 5 pm. Of course, it is the subject SUPERBOOTH21, but also about the music and its instruments. Andre Kaufmann and Mareen Nagel, who is responsible for booking the artists for SUPERBOOTH21, will moderate.

Huettendorf of SUPERBOOTH21 fully booked

Andreas Schneider today announced that the special exhibition area “Huettendorf” for SUPERBOOTH21 is already fully booked. The small enclave in the park around FEZ Berlin will host an interesting community including Doepfer, E-RM, Vermona and more. This makes this part of the exhibition an attractive goal for all visitors of next years synthesizer related spring-time highlight.

HerrSchneider: “So our idea to let you have a smart walk in the park while checking out all news and products for electronic musicians has made a big step further to become concrete.”

The video was already created more than a year ago and – for obvious reasons – is not addressing the hygiene concept and the plan to use the Huettendorf as an exhibition and concert area. Nevertheless, the video gives a brief overview about the area and shows the potential to be a favorite outdoor-place for the guests of SUPERBOOTH21.



Here we go again, for real, seriously. From 5th to 8th of May 2021 a fulminant SUPERBOOTH21 will take place again in the FEZ Berlin. The trade fair for electronic musical instruments and music will then again present itself as a real event with a modern concept adapted to the new times, with attending guests and attractive exhibitors, almost as usual – with an additional day of events.  

As a selective international representation of a special industry for creative tools, Superbooth Berlin GmbH will present for the first time in 2021 a second event with similar ambitions.


From April 30th to May 2nd, 2021 the FEZ Berlin will also host SOOPERgrail, an international conference, trade fair and exhibition for guitar builders, luthiers, craftsmen and other innovative manufacturers. For several years now, guitar builders and synthesizer manufacturers from all over Europe have been meeting regularly at their own events in Berlin. Events where people exchange ideas about craftsmanship, discuss remarkable products, present them, or sell them. Long before both events had to be reduced to the virtual world in 2020, the idea of a common, larger platform for musical instruments and their users was already under discussion.

HerrSchneider: “We as organizers (Superbooth Berlin GmbH) are looking forward to the coming year. We see the current situation as a challenge and chance. With the friendly support of the European guitar builders, we now see the unique opportunity to prove that for a successful trade show it has to be about quality not quantity.”  

Exhibitor and visitor numbers for the two events are strictly limited due to the changed circumstances. The well-known high quality of the discussions, meetings, concerts, demonstrations and workshops can only benefit from this. The calmer environment should also improve the situation when testing and exploring the exhibited products. For absent manufacturers, special concepts for digital and interactive integration into the event are in the makings.

Up to 150 exhibitors at SUPERBOOTH21 and 90 at SOOPERgrail meet a maximum of 500 visitors simultaneously in the building. Through a smart swap system, this number is doubled daily, allowing a total number of visitors of 4000 for SUPERBOOTH21 and 1000 for SOOPERgrail.

The hygiene concept for both events is already in the approval process. There are additional event areas in the green, further buildings around the FEZ Berlin and a space concept with tours and one-way routes through the exhibitions located in the buildings. This will ensure the most generous distribution of visitors on the exhibition grounds.  

An additional exhibition day reserved only for the professional visitors of SUPERBOOTH21, as well as the Labour Day as conference afternoon, exclusively for exhibitors and invited guests of SOOPERgrail, support thereby the special character as a unique meeting and experience space for all participants.

What remains to be said

This year, many of the previous exhibitors have helped SUPERBOOTH21 to stay within the realm of possibility, for which the Superbooth Team would like to express their most sincere thanks once again. All in all, SUPERBOOTH21 will be able to present itself internationally again, with a flexible and sustainable concept the organizers can react to changing circumstances.

We are slowly internalizing, individually and as a society, the routines that enable us to find a way to deal with the global pandemic. Concrete hygiene concepts are being tested, we are getting used to the changed way of dealing with each other and we now know better than in May 2020 how to behave in order to enable a safe social interaction. Until spring 2021 we will continue to learn and new insights will be incorporated into the planning of SUPERBOOTH21 and SOOPERgrail – for two safe and unforgettable events.

Superbooth20 Home Edition – Thank You & More Videos!

The Superbooth20 Home Edition was a great success and the organisers would like to thank everyone for their participation – the artists and brands who contributed videos, the media partners for their creative and informative contributions and of course everyone who followed the event on Thursday or at any other time. All single videos are now available on Vimeo and the official SuperBooth-Movies ( listen / learn / study / enjoy ) are also available from the official Youtube-Channel now.

Here are some official words by HerrSchneider:

Dear Visitors, Guests, Partners and Friends,

The SuperBooth20 Home Edition indeed gave an authentic impression of the missing real event to plenty of new visitors and all of us over the internet, it was a real success. Apart from the uncounted product introductions, technical updates and wonderful performances from all over the world we would like to let you listen to our very last words from two experienced artists and friends to keep these in mind for your next steps back into the wonderful world as it is. 

Resuming plenty of talks and discussions on Sonic State, Hainbach’s all day long YouTube streams and our own movies and interviews we had the impression to have formed the worldwide community a little bit stronger with what we did.

Exactly this was the job we were given in an online interview by Jean-Michel Jarre from France who could not join SuperBooth in time because his good friend Christophe who sadly passed away just a few days ago. 

The second “last word” was brought to us by our friend Daniel Miller for the “Miller Zillmer Stiftung” supporting artists and activities worldwide as a foundation now, also supporting the “modular synthesizer ensemble” reminding us to please support the next generation of upcoming artists with good ideas especially now.

The four blocks of the official SuperBooth-Movies ( listen / learn / study / enjoy ) are also available from our Youtube-Channel now, but if you follow the discussions we had, you will understand that the better way to watch them could be somewhere else. So please find everything including all single clips from Vimeo with texts on our website (, thank you. 

And now please listen to Daniel Miller and Jean-Michel Jarre here or on, spread the words and stay home well, looking forward to welcome you all on board in Berlin again next year,  

With warmest regards,   

Andreas Schneider 

Embedding of individual videos possible on request. Please use the official Superbooth website to get in contact with the Superbooth team.

Modular Caroussel at GH36 Gallery

As part of the SuperBooth20 Home Edition we have found a temporary home for our beloved Modular Karussell at Große Hamburger Strasse 36 in Berlin Mitte at the gallery GH36 operated by Mr. Adam Chalk.

Our vision is to provide a privat space for everyone to explore the karussell and the surrounding instruments, such as the Haken Continuum as a field of experiementation and exploration.

Wether you are based in the modular scene, the intrumental side of music making or DJing does not matter. You can pick up your intrument and feed it through the Modular Karusell or run your vinyl collection through it. Many different scenarios are possible. One can always record their sessions and take them home. A video synthesizer and a beamer are also installed so that the combination of instrumental, electronic and visual becomes possible in one small and cozy place!

It is also possible to play a gig for the street as we have installed a speaker on the outside of the gallery. To set up a privat appointment contact Mr. Adam Chalk via Two people will be allowed in for each session.

There is no general booking fee required while a small donation to the gallery is welcome.

Superbooth20 Home Edition – April 23.

The year 2020 without Superbooth in Berlin? There are many topics that are certainly more important right now. Nevertheless, we don’t want to let the Superbooth days pass by. We invite everyone who wants to be there under our (virtual) roof – on April 23rd, for the Superbooth20 Home Edition.

SUPERBOOTH20 Home Edition

Thursday – April 23rd – 2pm CET –

Many of the artists who would have performed at SUPERBOOTH20 play exclusive short concerts and provide insights into their studios. HerrSchneider invites guests to his digital table and some exhibitors show – in self-made videos – what they would otherwise have presented in Berlin. Furthermore, our media partners will tell you about the specials they are planning. After all, there will be many new developments announced from the most diverse areas, which we are all very excited about.

We present the whole event on – the videos are released according to a public schedule and are then individually available on our Vimeo and YouTube accounts.

With Superbooth20 Home Edition it is important for us to show that this unique community stands together and presents itself together even in difficult times. Without the help of many exhibitors and partners, this would not have been possible – we would like to thank you once again for your great support.          

Update: SUPERBOOTH20 had to be cancelled – New date: 6.-8. May 2021

Respecting the current situation this years SUPERBOOTH2020 is officially cancelled. The organizers were already able to talk to the venue and to find a new date: May 6th til 8th, 2021 in the wonderful FEZ Berlin again.

Superbooth Berlin expresses its thanks to the exhibiting partners and companies for their trust and for demonstrating solidarity, for offering their financial support now to let Superbooth “survive” this complicated situation. Andreas Schneider states: “Without this we could have run into real problems with this cancellation, thank you again. Also we would like to say thank you to all the Artists, active Partners, Suppliers and the whole staff team for their support already until now. We are very sorry, we had to go this way now. Asap we will get in touch with you to clear up the final settings and start planning 2021 soon.”

HerrSchneider is not resting, he is already planning some workshops online in the days where SUPERBOOTH20 could have happened once the situation will allow that, definitely without any audience.

And there are more news by HerrSchneider: “Starting now SchneidersLaden will be closed for visitors, cause who needs modulars? We will go ahead online, will help you on the phone and will deliver as long as stock lasts and as long as the Paketfritzen will ship it to you, who knows whats next?”

We are already looking forward to 2021 when we can all meet again at the worlds biggest synthesizer event – Superbooth Berlin.

This was the original SUPERBOOTH20 announcement:

SUPERBOOTH20 will show all the latest developments in the fields of electronic musical instruments, synthesizers, audio effects, drum computers, music software and all sorts of bizarre and innovative products from April 23-25. About two hundred exhibitors from all over the world will bring the latest developments for the production of electronic music to Berlin.

Most of the exhibitors of the last few years are also represented at the fair this year, the list ranges from Ableton to Zoom, from small to large and from analog to digital. Visitors can also look forward to seeing new faces. Among the newcomers are Noise Engineering and Supercritical Synthesizers from the modular synthesizer segment, Chase Bliss from the guitar effects segment and Bettermaker from the outboard segment and many more. For the exhibitor area additional space has been rented in the FEZ Berlin. A daily updated list of exhibitors can be found here. There are also new event areas in the outdoor area, especially for not-for-sale electronic musical instruments and installations – curated by Adam Chalk from the Galerie GH36 in Berlin Mitte.


You can already get an impression of the final concert program by looking at the artists who have already been confirmed. Four large stages offer an exciting mixture of the whole range of electronic music until late in the evening. A special experience is provided by the seaside stage, which will be equipped with a 3D sound system from NewAudioTechnology this year. One of the best theremin players in the world – Carolina Eyck – will be demonstrating her skills on it.

  • The first day promises to be a great experience already – with an experimental set by Headless Horseman, followed by the concert of the British EBM band Nitzer Ebb on the seaside stage.  At the end of the day Techno veteran Surgeon will play in the big K1. Also already confirmed is a performance by Emika – she combines her skills as sound designer, classically trained composer and versatile singer and songwriter.
  • On Friday the seaside stage will be very lively with T.Raumschmiere & FuCKetYbUcKetY. Also on the seaside stage Cosmin TRG shows his skills. Besides further concerts of Nguyễn + Transitory and Kamikaze Space Programme Bernard Rasinger shows an extraordinary laser performance – controlled by his modular system.
  • On Saturday, MATTHS will play (slightly) quieter tunes on the seaside stage, before Lady Starlight performs uncompromising techno. Not to be missed is the A/V show of hackedepicciotto with Alexander Hacke (Einstürzende Neubauten) & Danielle de Picciotto and the concerts of Swarm Intelligence and Kitmun.

This is just a small selection of this year’s concerts at SUPERBOOTH20. On the official homepage new names and times are added constantly, you can find them here.

Education Program

The Education area offers a varied program that brings several school classes and other interested participants closer to the world of electronic sound production and composition. This area is supported by the Miller-Zillmer Foundation.

Gammons Modular Synthesizer Ensemble introduces students to the topic with a dozen smaller modular systems. Together they develop a composition that the school classes perform daily between 1:30 and 2:00 pm in the auditorium. In addition, Leaf Audio offer a workshop on soldering the Microphonic Soundbox. The team of Selbstgebaute Musik invites for a workshop with the Instrumentenautomatenorchester. And the organizers are also pleased to announce the cooperation with the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, who will offer the workshop Creative Sound Safari.

Boat shuttle

The boat shuttles take the passengers to the FEZ in the morning and back to Berlin Mitte in the evening after the event. But by leaving SUPERBOOTH20 the music doesn’t have to stop yet – for the return trips to Berlin Mitte there are concerts and DJ sets on some of the boat shuttles. In order to experience these exclusive events on the river Spree, it is recommended to book your ticket online in time.

The return trips end near the Jannowitzbrücke. From there it is only a few minutes’ walk to the nearby official SUPERBOOTH20 parties at OHM, Melancholie 2 or C-Base.

SUPERBOOTH20 now has its own online shop: In addition to the intended significant simplification in purchasing additional trade fair services, there are already some of the popular T-shirts and other merchandise available:

Pictures from last year’s event can be found here: SUPERBOOTH19

A large part of the video documentation of our concerts and events from previous years can be found here: Vimeo or Youtube.

Superbooth statement on Corona

Here is the official statement by Superbooth Berlin GmbH about the current situation regarding the Coronavirus:

Due to the current situation in the world regarding the Coronavirus, we were asked to state our point of view about this topic. With SUPERBOOTH20 starting in about 8 weeks from now, we prefer to rely on facts rather than speculations about the future.

Please check Robert Koch Institute in Berlin for further information (German/English):

Without any carelessness about health or risks, we basically are very careful with the daily news spreading and panic producing sensational reports.

We are observing the development, but can not say how the situation will change in the coming weeks. If we have the impression that we should act in any way, we will do so. By now we can only say, the situation in Berlin is safe and we do not want to be part of any speculations.

As long as there is no official ban by the authorities, we have decided to keep on working on the finalization of this year’s Superbooth.

Relax and make music! See you at SUPERBOOTH20!

This seems to be the way to go – why lapse into actionism now? The the situation will change during the coming weeks. Lets focus on a new and exciting edition of Superbooth Berlin! The program looks even more promising than in the years before! See yout FEZ Berlin from 23.-25. of April!

SUPERBOOTH20 – first artist announcement and Early-Bird sale!

Superbooth Berlin announces the first artists for SUPERBOOTH20 shortly before the end of the year. In addition, details of the further supporting and educational program, the boat shuttles and the official Aftershow events have been determined. And: There will still be a limited number of Early-Bird tickets until the end of the year!

  • The musical program of SUPERBOOTH20 is inspired by the music Berlin is famous for all over the world: Surgeon, Lady Starlight, Cosmin TRG, Pablo Mateo and Zavoloka perform live techno and electronic music at its best. Further top-class artists will be announced in spring 2020.
  • In the Bermuda Triangle between OHM, Discothek Melancholie 2 and C-Base, near the historic harbor, the official SUPERBOOTH20 Aftershow Events will take place – which can be reached perfectly during the event days with the soon bookable boat shuttles.
  • In the coming year, too, educating the next generation will be right at the top of SUPERBOOTH20’s list of priorities. More workshops will be offered for Berlin school classes. Besides Gammon and his Modular Synthesizer Ensemble, there will be DIY workshops for children and teenagers with Olivier von Leaf Audio in the morning.
  • Two little hints:
    • Until the end of the year the current Early-Bird discount level applies to all tickets for SUPERBOOTH20.
    • SUPERBOOTH20 now has its own online shop: In addition to the intended significant simplification in purchasing additional trade fair services, there are already some of the popular T-shirts and other merchandise available:

SUPERBOOTH20 – Early Bird ticket sale -> now!

SUPERBOOTH20 celebrates its first little anniversary – from 23 to 25 April 2020 the fifth edition of the trade-fair for electronic musical instruments will take place in Berlin. The FEZ Berlin will once again be a noisy, colorful and crowded place, with exhibitors from all over the world presenting their latest synthesizers, modules and effects as well as dozens of concerts and workshops. 

For all visitors of SUPERBOOTH20 the following applies: If you want to make sure to be part of the fair in any case, you can already secure the suitable ticket at the Early Bird price from 30 September. Tickets are valid for individual exhibition days or for the entire exhibition. Because single day tickets are only valid for fixed days for the first time, they are offered in limited batches.

In the coming year, the fair will once again attract visitors with its well-known strengths. As before, there will only be authentic craftsmanship to be seen on the stages – exclusively live music. It remains with the proven mixture of new, up-and-coming and well-known artists. The supporting program of SUPERBOOTH20 will be subject to some innovations, in particular the outdoor area of FEZ Berlin will be more integrated into the event.

The boat shuttle will be rethought, including the timetable, and it will have its own program of events. In addition to concerts, workshops will also be offered during selected boat trips.

The organizers are once again expanding the exhibition space for SUPERBOOTH20 so that the steadily increasing number of exhibitors can find enough space – the application phase has started. The majority of already known manufacturers from previous years are expected again. As always extended and supplemented by interesting, new brands. An expansion of the product range in the outboard sector is also planned.

The first 500 Early Bird tickets will go on sale on Monday 30 September. Prices can be found in the official ticket shop of SUPERBOOTH20.

Here is a brief overview of the available ticket variants and their validity:

Trade Visitor Tickets:

These tickets are specially intended for trade visitors and allow access to the fair from 10 a.m. onwards. Available via registration at

Visitor Tickets:

These tickets give access to SUPERBOOTH20 from 1 p.m. onwards. From this time on, the fair will be officially open to everyone and the supporting program begins.

Evening Tickets:

These are the cheapest tickets for SUPERBOOTH20, they allow you to visit the evening program. This gives the guest the chance to visit the fair for one hour and then to enjoy the evening concerts.

Trade Visitor and regular Visitor Tickets are also available in a three-day variant. All tickets are also available at a reduced price for authorized persons.

ATTENTION: your way to and through SUPERBOOTH19

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The boat shuttle will have different times and a lower capacity this year. Because the jetty that we have used in recent years has been sold, there has been planning uncertainty about the boat shuttle to the end. All alternative jetties were unsuitable for the large boats we have used in the last few years. This year we are using much smaller boats – so we have to organize the access to the boats somehow. That’s why “priority boarding” tickets will now regulate access. If you buy a ticket, you will surely get on the boat – people without a ticket can use the rest of the seats.


From Mitte to SUPERBOOTH19

Departures: 8:20 am, 11:20 am, 4:20 pm

Find the jetty at “Historischer Hafen“, next to the “Roßstraßenbrücke“ – just a few hundred meters from the jetty we used to use. The shuttles are free but the boats have a limited capacity of 50 persons so we recommend you to buy a ticket for 5 € in our ticket shop. Ticketholders have priority during the boarding.  


From SUPERBOOTH19 to Mitte

Departures: 7:20 pm, 9:50 pm and at 0:30 am (including Bier and Würstchen!)

You can find the jetty at Weiskopffstraße 16, 12459 Berlin ( for your way back to town). The shuttles are free but the boats have a limited capacity of 50 persons so we recommend you to buy a ticket for 5 € in our ticket shop for the 7:20 boat. Ticketholders have priority during the boarding.

The price for the DJ-boat for priority boarding at 9:50 pm is 10 €. Thursday with jesusonecstasy Friday with Dr. Motte – Saturday with Alex from WMD.

The price for the DJ-boat for priority boarding at 0:30 pm is 15 €. Thursday with D. MillerFriday with Mark ReederSaturday with t.b.c.

TICKETS will be available through the official online shop. Find them here


Find your way inside FEZ Berlin during SUPERBOOTH19

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This is how you find your way around the different floors of the FEZ – the floor names correspond to the stand numbers in the floor plan.

E = Entry Level
H = Half High
O = Oben (Top Floor)
W = West Wing

On The Entry Level “E” you can buy tickets, get your festival pass, get general information – and there is exhibition area. The Half High “H” area is mostly exhibition area. On the Top Floor “O” you find the Auditorium, Cinema, K1 and exhibition area. The west wing “W” is mostly exhibition area and is accessible via a small corridor next to the public swimming pool or through the outdoor area where you also find the catering area.

SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH19


Video: Looking at Raster.Labor – with Frank Bretschneider

Raster.Labor is an installation project by Raster.Media with contributions by Byetone + Mieko Suzuki, Dasha Rush, Frank Bretschneider, Grischa Lichtenberger, and Robert Lippok.

Premiered at the CTM Festival 2019, we took the chance to bring this great project to SchneidersLaden and explore the ideas behind it with one of the creators – Frank Bretschneider. During the planning stage of the installations Frank discussed some different approaches for the central machine of all five installations with us. The beating heart on all five tables was a modular synthesizer, providing control voltages for modules and other sound generating devices that are forming the individual parts of each installation.

In this video Frank Bretschneider goes into detail on how the project evolved from the idea to the technical realization.

The next chance to see the installation is at SUPERBOOTH19, from 9th to 11th of May 219 at FEZ Berlin.

SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH19

Education at SUPERBOOTH19: Synth Workshops and DIY

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During SUPERBOOTH19 there will again be dozens of different workshops in the areas of synthesizers, modular, DIY and more. Besides Gammon’s Modular Synthesizer Ensemble, about which you can learn more here, there are various ways to learn in a wide range of topics – from the basics of technical construction of electronic instruments and DIY to learning modular synthesis.

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Learning Synthesis

One example are the workshops of experienced synthesizer expert Alissa DeRubeis, who is working for 4ms and the Synth Library. During SUPERBOOTH18 she gave workshops for female and non-binary guests to enable this group of participants to have their own beginner experiences. At least during the educational Saturday we will be able to offer this again, please note the program for the slots on the other days and all other workshops.

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DIY area

The DIY area is an important part of every Superbooth. Each day of SUPERBOOTH19 several workshops of different manufacturers are planned. In this video Manu von Befaco talks about his experiences with DIY workshops at SUPERBOOTH18. He gives a good overview of the range of workshops – they are suitable for absolute beginners and advanced users. The DIY area will again bring electronics closer to the audience and show how they are assembled to form an instrument.

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More to learn

In addition to the many workshops in which you can participate, there are also presentations and lectures in which there is nothing less to learn. Alec Empire and Nex show Unplug and disconnect: The musical story of the many victims of modern surveillance – how surveillance technology is used to harm and silence journalists, activists and dissidents. Alec and Nex will present audio and visual representations of the spyware used by governments. To find out more follow the link. Or explore the many DIY workshops that are offered by different manufacturers like Befaco, LeafAudio, Random*Source, Birdkids and more. Some exhibitors are also planning workshops and presentations with their latest products. Keep an eye on the program and announcements during the event.

SUPERBOOTH19 will take place from 9 to 11 May in the FEZ Berlin.


SchneidersLaden presents




Education at SUPERBOOTH19: Modular Synthesizer Ensemble

The Modular Synthesizer Ensemble has become an integral part of Superbooth Berlin. After the successful cooperation of the previous years. Gammon with his ensemble of 12 individual modular synthesizers is again part of the program. Organizer Andreas Schneider is looking forward to Gammon’s renewed participation at SUPERBOOTH19: “Gammon’s Modular Synthesizer Ensemble has always been a great fit for us. This year in particular we have a lot to gain from his participation, because our focus this year, and especially on Saturday, is on education. That is also the reason why Gammon is even more frequently represented in the program.”

On Educational Saturday he looks after several groups of pupils and students in shorter workshops with the synthesizers. On Thursday and Friday Gammon and the participating students will meet at 9 am in the foyer of the FEZ to get to know each other and the instruments. For about four hours they work together on a performance with the 12 modular synthesizers of the ensemble. The finale is the live performance at 1:30 p.m. at which the previously worked out and rehearsed performance is presented live. Here is an example of the Modular Synthesizer Ensemble at Ernst Krenek Forum.

The instruments

The synthesizers that Gammon brings with him demonstrate the versatility of modular synthesis. All twelve instruments have a different emphasis on tonal, interactive and rhythmic possibilities. A nice example of this can be seen in the following video. It shows how one of the systems used in the project can deliver complex rhythmic and tonal results with simple means.

Modular Synthesizer Ensemble at SUPERBOOTH18

Last years performance by the Modular Synthesizer Ensemble has been recorded. Enjoy the video to the composition that the children and Gammon put together in a few hours of rehearsal.

SUPERBOOTH19 will take place from 9-11 May at FEZ Berlin. The fair for electronic musical instruments shows products of more than 250 international exhibitors. In addition, the programme of the event offers more than 30 concerts and performances per day, as well as the possibility to attend one or more of the many workshops.


SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH19

März Marathon – Video Releases from SUPERBOOTH18

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In celebration of SUPERBOOTH19 there will be a video-release-marathon during March! Dozens previously unreleased concerts and performances will go online during this month – including Boys Noize & 2244, T.Raumschmiere & FucKETy BuCkEty, Tobi Neumann & Fadi, Gino Robair and more.

So put on your sweatpants and enjoy the first release – Ateq with an excellent ambient live-set:

Find all SUPERBOOTH18 Videos on Vimeo and here!!

More than 50 videos are already online!


SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH19

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SUPERBOOTH19 – First announcements for the show program

Besides the 250 exhibitors from all over the world, SUPERBOOTH19 offers more than 30 concerts and workshops every day. International artists from all genres of electronic music will be present in the three-day program accompanying the trade fair.

Daniel Miller (Mute Records) will play the full version of his modular live set, Robert Lippok (Raster-Media) will be there, as will Scottish musician and instrument maker Ken Macbeth together with T.Raumschmiere (Shitkatapult). Caterina Barbieri plays a Gesprächskonzert for Frap Tools. Christian Vogel, Barbara Morgenstern, Lucid Grain, CYRK, Kebu, Kypski, Tilted Circle, POND – the keyboard electronics classic of the GDR – and more will be playing on the many stages at SUPERBOOTH19. The winners of Ick mach Welle, a music project that enables people with disabilities to play electronic music, are also represented in the program of SUPERBOOTH19.

Educational Saturday

Saturday at SUPERBOOTH19 will be dedicated to education and thus reflects the tradition of the event space FEZ Berlin. The workshops on Modular Synthesizers and DIY offered especially for pupils and students make Saturday particularly attractive for young people. That applies in particular, because of the special pricing for educational institutions, which can apply for strongly discounted ticket contingents. But also for all other guests there are different educational opportunities in the program on all days of the event.

Although the event offers a daily program until 11 pm, there are still several official aftershow-events to celebrate the rest of the night. The C-Base as a publicly accessible and official venue is complemented by three company events in the OHM-Club – for both locations there is currently a program with a lot of live music in the making. C-Base and OHM can be reached very comfortably with the regular boat shuttle.

Boat-trip to SUPERBOOTH19

The free shuttle service runs several times a day between FEZ and Mitte and ensures a relaxed journey to SUPERBOOTH19 and also back to Mitte. This is a great opportunity to make new contacts, talk shop or enjoy the unusual perspective of Berlin.

Visitors with a trade visitor ticket can enter the fair at 10 am. All other guests can buy full-day tickets, which are valid from 1 pm to midnight and will give you access to the C-Base for the after-show events. If you only want to see the evening program, you can buy tickets from March onwards which allow admission from 6 pm. Children and young people up to the age of 16 can attend the event free of charge.

Tickets for SUPERBOOTH19 are for sale until 08 May

SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH19

Get your discounted tickets for SUPERBOOTH19 now!

The pre-sale for SUPERBOOTH19 has started. Until the end of December you can get the Early Bird tickets for SUPERBOOTH19 at a special price. The international trade fair for electronic musical instruments expects 250 exhibitors from all over the world. The fact that the annual event is more than just an ordinary trade fair has been proven again and again. From 9-11 May there will be dozens of concerts, workshops and presentations every day in the FEZ Berlin.

Electronic music and Berlin – that fits. SUPERBOOTH19 once again puts electronic sound generation at the center of the world’s largest trade fair of its kind. The trade fair has thus become a real highlight, both in Berlin’s calendar of events and in international perception, which not only excites the exhibiting companies.

For many exhibitors and guests the way to SUPERBOOTH19 leads via the free boat shuttle from Berlin-Mitte. This makes the journey to the FEZ Berlin, which is located a little outside the city, a city tour on the water and very easy. Here is also the first opportunity to have a chat and make contacts.

Organizer Andreas Schneider is delighted about the great response from all sides and the many exhibitor enquiries for SUPERBOOTH19: “Of the exhibitors from this year, 80% have already confirmed their renewed participation. Therefore we are also looking for new exhibition space in the FEZ Berlin to confirm the still open inquiries of new exhibitors and to accommodate the expected 8000 guests”.

There is more news from the organizers: The media coverage at SUPERBOOTH19 is to be democratized. In order to allow the exhibitors an undisturbed set-up and to give the arriving media equal opportunities in their reporting, a general camera ban will apply on the set-up days of the fair. Thus small and large media should have the same chances to discover the news of the fair on the opening day during the trade visitor time. Andreas Schneider says that “small and large media should have the same chances to discover new things here, that’s why we have always had the trade visitor time”. This compensatory approach is also reflected in other aspects of the trade fair – e.g. in the selection and positioning of the exhibitors, through which large and small manufacturers are presented equally side by side.

The tickets can be found here:

Photo by Bendeg

Kreisferkeer Flaake – live @SUPERBOOTH18

Live electronic music by Kreisferkeer Flaake at SUPERBOOTH18 on May the 4th 2018 – improvised for this evening and for this place.

All Kreisferkeer Flaake performances are improvisations – That’s why the music is different each and every time, oscillating somewhere between Dancefloor, Ambient and Experimental. No tricks, no props, no safety net, instead music and sounds are created on the spot and just for the moment. What you hear is what you get: three humans with their electronic sound machines – and no computers.

Live electronic music by Kreisferkeer Flaake at SUPERBOOTH18 on May the 4th 2018 – improvised for this evening and for this place.

All Kreisferkeer Flaake performances are improvisations – That’s why the music is different each and every time, oscillating somewhere between Dancefloor, Ambient and Experimental. No tricks, no props, no safety net, instead music and sounds are created on the spot and just for the moment. What you hear is what you get: three humans with their electronic sound machines – and no computers.

‘Kreisferkeer Flaake’ began operations in 2006 in Hamburg with Thorsten Adam (adamcharon), Carsten Schulz (quadratschulz) and Jan-Hinnerk Helms (wolfgangschaltung) at the controls.

(quadratschulz) und Jan-Hinnerk Helms (wolfgangschaltung) at the controls.




SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH18

Max Loderbauer & Tobias Freund as NSI @SUPERBOOTH18

Max Loderbauer and Tobias Freund have been producing and playing under the name NSI for years. Finally on Superbooth18 they played this great set with not one of their countless modulars on stage, creating wonderful atmospheres for the seated audience. As all other concerts at SUPERBOOTH18 this performance has been documented. Watch the complete concert here:


Bernhard Rasinger alias BR Laser live @SUPERBOOTH18

Bernhard Rasinger performs his laser shows as BR Laser – he uses a voltage controlled synthesizer and laser to create incredible audiovisual experiences. Therefor he build a eurorack modular synthesizer with standard modules for audio. By testing and selecting the modules that play best together with the laser he is now capable to perform the incredible performance that you can now see in the video below. This show was performed in the Auditorium at FEZ Berlin during SUPERBOOTH18 in front of 550 guests.

Video: Carolina Eyck @SUPERBOOTH18

The next workshop guest at SchneidersLaden is Carolina Eyck. The famous Theremin player is going to show you how to master this very special instrument. In May 2018 she performed at the sunny Seaside Stage at SUPERBOOTH18. To get into the mood for the workshop at SchneidersLaden (September 6th) and get an idea of Carolinas incredible skills please watch the video below.

Carolina Eyck @ SUPERBOOTH18 from HerrSchneider on Vimeo.

Islaja on the sunny Seaside Stage @SUPERBOOTH18

Islajas hypnotic, beautiful music on the Seaside Stage during SUPERBOOTH18. Islaja is Merja Kokkonen: a composer, performer and recording artist based in Berlin, Germany. Since her debut in 2004, she has released several albums on Finland’s Fonal Recordsan and other labels. The most recent album Tarrantulla came out on Svart Records in December 2017.
She earned quick praise in the international music press for her unique vocal style and daring DIY approach to music composition – which you can hear on this video recording. In addition to her solo work, she also performs with Monika Werkstatt, an all-female collective of international artists founded by Gudrun Gut.




SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH18

d’Voxx – live concert @SUPERBROOTH18

d’Voxx is a live electronic music project using only modular instruments for live performances, they explore the post-digital landscape working within the constraints of an analogue domain. In May 2018 they played an atmospheric live show at SUPERBOOTH18. d’Voxx reject the notion of preservation for a more transitory paradigm. Seeking to explore the space between live performance and recorded artifact, and through their recordings they document the collaborative progress of the artist, and the new modular instrument.

No laptops, no MIDI and no samplers – just pure voltage control. d’Voxx performed in the legendary Funkhaus studios as part of the ColdWaves project at the Music Tech Fest Berlin and have performed at electronic music events throughout the UK since their founding in April 2016. In addition to the performance of live music sets, d’Voxx also offers seminars and workshops on modular synthesis and electronic music production.

The following video shows the concert that d’Voxx played in K1 Hall at SUPERBOOTH18:


Silent film score by Gebrüder Teichmann and Mathis Mayr – THE BLOOD OF A POET @SUPERBOOTH18

The brothers Andi and Hannes Teichmann – Live-Electronic and Processing (NOLAND) and Mathis Mayr – Cello (Ensemble Mosaik) played a live film scoring for the silent film “The blood of a dead poet” at SUPERBOOTH18 – of cause with synthesizers. The avant-garde film is a production from the year 1930 and was directed by Jean Cocteau.

Mathis Mayr, born 1972, has been a member of the Ensemble Mosaik since 2008. He studied cello with Uzi Wiesel in Sydney/Australia and at the Hochschule für Musik in Munich. Other areas of interest include experimental electronic music, historical performance practice and micro-tonal music. Andi and Hannes Teichmann as musicians, DJs, label makers and cultural activists have been an integral part of Berlin’s techno underground since the late 1990s. During this period, they have also experienced Berlin’s transition from a subcultural oasis to a global brand. But they have never been interested in the commercial aspect of club culture: The sons of a multi-instrumentalist influenced the DIY culture of the early scene with their constant search for diversity and the playful desire for improvisation and transformation. In addition to music, as project initiators and organizers with the Goethe Institute, they developed the much-noted Africa Europe projects Berlin – Nairobi BLNRB and the follow-up project TEN CITIES. Their label NOLAND, founded in 2015, bundles this path of the last 10 years from the underground to the interground.

Silent film score by Gebrüder Teichmann and Mathis Mayr – THE BLOOD OF A POET @SUPERBOOTH18 from HerrSchneider on Vimeo.

If you missed this performance at SUPERBOOTH18, you might be interested to see the upcoming concert in Berlin on 28th of June. The artists are looking forward to an extensive improvisation and interaction between acoustic and electronic sounds in the sound space of the Zwingli Church.
28.06.2018 // Kulturraum Zwingli Kirche e.V., am Rudolfplatz
Audiovisionen: Mathis Mayr + Gebrüder Teichmann Improvisationen – Cello, Oud + Live Elektronik
Einlass: 20 Uhr – Eintritt 6 / 8
More information can be found on facebook or on the homepage of the venue.
SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH18

Gammons “Modular Synthesizer Ensemble” project @SUPERBOOTH18

This is the presentation of Gammons Modular Synthesizer Ensemble project. Together with a school class he developed the composition that can be heard and seen in this video. The pupils participated in a workshop that started early in the morning to get an introduction to the instruments and to create a composition for a short performance in front of the SUPERBOOTH18 audience.

With Theremin, classic analog synthesis and electro-acoustical elements the “biggest band at SUPERBOOTH18” played a versatile and innovative performance that hopefully made some students and teachers look beyond their own nose – in terms of how music can be made.

SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH18


Joke Lanz and Thomas Rehnert @SUPERBOOTH18

The duo combines acoustic drums, analog modular systems, video synthesizers and turntables in an improvisational live performance that includes noise, drone, hardcore and free jazz elements. Their music is characterized by the interweaving of electroacoustic and purely acoustic sounds, the direct interaction of the musicians and the often surprising results. The third protagonist is a self-controlled modular system that provides sound and visual impulses and contexts for the musicians. In particular, the turntablist Lanz’s playing is characterized by his virtuoso and nuacen-rich use of cuts, vinyl switches, scratches, volume and speed modulations. Rehnert’s drumming, on the other hand, combines gestural and textural playing with analog synthesized sound, which is created by a complex network of interconnected modules in which sound, video and control signals are transformed and influenced.

SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH18


Blotter Trax and Lillevan -> concert @SUPERBOOTH18

What a successful completion of the first SUPERBOOTH18 day!

One of the big highlights of this year’s event was the performance by Blotter Trax (Magda & T.B. Arthur) together with Lillevan who made the visuals for this show. As headliners of the first day of Superbooth this year the artists have successfully made everyone dance – after 12 hours of trade fair show!

The inspiring symbiosis of visuals, sound and especially the hypnotic use of vocal samples by these outstanding artists took the dancing guests to a different world and ultimately transformed the trade fair into a festival for electronic music.



SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH18



Manu from Befaco introduced three new modules: Burst, Kickall & Muxlicer.

Burst is a little pingable trigger burst generator –  and can be triggered from any trigger source making them fit to your tempo in a cycling proportion . It also can divide or multiply triggers and  can be linear or in a synced nonlinear mode so that you can have  more  or less trigger over the time range – which gives you a kind of creative random mode including triplets quintuplets and so on – and creates true  polyrhythms in your modular synth. The module should come very soon and will cost 195 €.


A 6hp analog drumvoice will come later this summer – called Kickall. It will feature two envelopes for decay and pitch and two vca‘s for volume und accent. Furthermore the waveform can be morphed from sine to square for nice wave-shaping effects and sounds really nice and fat. A price is not clear yet. More drum modules will follow .


Last but not least the multifunctional eight stage Muxlicer which can easily generate complex sequences – and also switch, slice and mangle with your CV / Gate audio sources. An absolute fun tool -acts like a bidirectional analog switch and eight step sequencer. It delivers CV adressing and advanced tempo features like independent clock  divider/multiplier and tap tempo, one shot , VC Gate multiplication and so on –  all of that in just 16 hp without beeing to tiny and its chainable too. It will be out in june for 240€.



In a long hot corridor on the second floor between speaker brands, magazines and music schools, the Cwejman booth was to be found. 6 rows of 84TE analogue gorgeousness causing salivary flow to the so called „Cwejman Junkies“. Resignated, heartbroken looks where exchanged among many well dressed visitors, presumably due to the rarity of all Cwejman items. Especially the Cwejman MBC-3, Wowa´s newest creation, a CV controlable mono multiband compressor gives reason to feel pain if one is not able to achieve ownership in time. Not even a well filled bank account can help easing the heartship on this one……a rare situation in our capitalistic world.



Wowa excused himself but entrusted Franz and Phil to represent the brand. They patched gloriously and tried to help with updates regarding delivery dates. The updates so far: Modules are available again with grey front panels. The S1 mk3 will most likely arrive some day but needs an official announcement.


The MBC-3 is a super amazing 3 band compressor with insane patching potential. To learn more about it, please take a look at Wowa´s presentation one month ago at Schneidersladen. Wowa is in great shape, very motivated to develop new great modules and is very relaxed.




Black Corporation

Black Corporation

Next to the well known CS80 clone „Deckard´s Dream“, the Black Corporation had their newest synth Tier on display. The RSF Polykobol clone „Kijimi“. Stuffed with 8 voices, 2 CEM3340 based VCOs per voice and SSM2040 filter clones. Loopable envelopes, which have 4 different zoom levels meet 2 LFOs. All in all great stuff that sets itself apart from some low priced clones that flood the market by  diving deep into the material, using good custom components and implementing additional cool features.


The manufacturer was happy that a solution for a lost banner was found quickly by the main men René and Jan.



Right before entering hostile territory (the oxigen free catacombs of suffering) on the 1st floor we encountered Mordax’s booth and had a quick chat with Brandon.


Mordax is developing a very promising new granular processor: the GXN. It is able to record and process audio in real time. The format is .wav and it provides full CV control over all parameters. The final bit depth is yet undecided but 32bit depth and very high sample rates are possible. The ad/da conversion means business so we can all look forward to a top level player on this field. Once released, there will not be much inbetween you, the world of oily texture and morphing shazaaam. The author was also very impressed by Brandon´s slick haircut and thinks about improving his own cutting edge. Compliments.



At the Superbooth 2018, WMD presents a new trigger sequencer and various digital drum modules.


The prototype of the Advanced Trigger Sequencer features 16 Tracks and memory for saving sequences. Arrange parts and songs, and save it all to memory! The module looks very promising and very hands-on.


WMD has integrated a large number of micro-samples, i.e. ultra-short samples, into their percussion synthesizer Fracture. It was supposed to become a module that can only reproduce clap sounds, but in the end the sound repertoire was much larger than expected. According to the manufacturer, various sample templates such as claps, table tennis balls or the sound of an opening beer bottle are used. WMD Fracture then plays excerpts of these samples simultaneously and the different percussion sounds are created.

Another drum module is the Chimera which was developed to emulate the sound of a tambourine and shakers.

WMD also presented a few other modules like the Octavus and a new digital VCA.





Ken Macbeth’s Elements is one of the most inspiring synthesizers currently available. No matter how hard you detune its oscillators, the results are always musical. The instrument’s basic character comes across creamy and fat at the same time. Thanks to a custom-made metal touch keyboard, the playability is one of a kind. With the Elements EL-2, Ken Macbeth presents a new version of his masterpiece at Superbooth 2018. At first sight, the synthesizer hasn’t changed much. – Besides the color, of course. Sound is generated by three VCOs with varying waveform selection and a white / pink noise source. External signals can be fed to the instrument via an audio input. For processing sounds, the Elements offers a ring modulator and a low-pass filter / resonator with variable edge steepness (-6 dB to -30 dB per octave). – Plus a VCA, of course. Furthermore, the instrument features a tape delay emulation and a spring reverb. In terms of modulators, there are two ADSR envelopes with a loop function and an opulently equipped LFO. The latter can be used as a fourth oscillator as well. The other way round, it is possible to decouple the third VCO from the audio path and use it as a modulator. For PWM sounds, you’ll find a separate, rather simple LFO. Instead of pitch and mod wheels, there are two extremely large, very handy knobs.

So, what is new about the EL-2 version? – Well, there is no MIDI interface anymore. This isn’t a big deal, as the implementation wasn’t that great anyways. No velocity, no aftertouch… You get the idea. – But what about the improvements? Did the old Scotsman f*ck us over? – He didn’t, of course. MIDI was dropped as an effort to implement new features. First of all, there are now separate enhance functions for the first and second VCO. In addition, you can now synchronize the third to the second VCO and / or the second to the first VCO. – The first version of the Elements only offered one synchronization option. Furthermore, a new, way more atmospheric spring reverb has been built-in. On top of that, the three VCOs now have separate outputs at the rear of the unit. And by the way: You still can control the synthesizer externally via CV and gate inputs. Modulations via external control voltages sources are possible as well.


But that’s not all. The overall sound of the EL-2 may sound a little more “vintage” to you. – Why, you ask? Well, because Ken now uses legendary RCA semiconductors from the 1970’s, including ICs type CA3046, CA3083, LM1458 (metal can) and CA3080E.

A final thought: The Elements EL-2 is all discrete Through Hole parts. Mr. Macbeth is not a big fan of SMD components.

About the interaction between humans and machines – SOOPERtalk @SUPERBOOTH18

The first panel discussion this year reflected the interaction between humans and machines in the process of music-making. Mylar Melodies moderated the talk with very special guests – Lady Starlight, Katia Isakoff, Lady Blacktronika and Andrew Huang.

They gave us an insight into their personal experiences with various instruments and tools with which they play, produce or make music themselves.
The relationship that artists build up with their instruments can have a strong influence on creativity and the workflow. This discussion is also about which aspects of the instruments inspire, promote or perhaps even disturb the artists.



At Superbooth 2018, Dieter Doepfer introduced new “quad” modules made for polyphonic use.


The A-190-5 is a new polyphonic MIDI/USB-CV/Gate interface. For each voice a pitch control voltage (1V/octave standard to control VCOs), a gate output (to control envelope generators) and two additional control voltages (CV2, CV3) are available. The two additional CV outputs can be controlled by Midi velocity, volume, modulation, pitch bend, after touch or free assignable Midi controllers.


A-111-4 Quad VCO contains four precision VCOs and has individual controls, inputs and outputs for each VCO available as well as a common control and output unit. After all the A-111-4 is very similar to four A-111-3 without LFO mode but built in output mixers for the three waveforms, and a master unit for all four VCOs.

A-105-4 is Doepfer’s first polyphonic filter and contains four identical 24dB Lowpass filters (SSM2044 type). It has available common manual controls and CV inputs with attenuators for these parameters.

A-132-8 is an octal VCA and primarily planned for polyphonic applications. The module contains four VCA pairs. Each pair includes two daisy-chained VCAs. One VCA has a linear control scale, for the second VCA linear or exponential control scale can be chosen by means of jumpers. We decided to provide two VCAs for each voice because usually one VCA is required for loudness envelope and a second one for velocity (or other functions like individual voltage-controlled loudness of each voice, amplitude modulation and so on).

A-141-4 is a quad voltage controlled Envelope generator and is primarily planned for polyphonic applications. The module contains four ADSR type voltage controlled envelope generators with common manual controls and CV inputs with polarizers for the all parameters Attack (A), Decay (D), Sustain (S) and Release (R). Each of the four envelope generators has available a gate input, a control LED and an envelope output.

Doepfer also introduced a few other modules with interesting features.

A-123-2 is a voltage controlled highpass filter with four filter outputs (6, 12, 18 and 24dB slope). It also features voltage control of the resonance.

Module A-140-2 contains two ADSR type envelope generators behind a front panel with 8 HP only.Module A-142-2 contains two envelope controlled VCAs behind a front panel with 8 HP only. Each of the two sub-units is the combination of a simple AD/ADSR/AR envelope generator and a VCA. The type of envelope can be selected by means of a toggle switch.

A-157-4 is an expansion for the A-157 Trigger Sequencer and adds a MIDI/USB/Control-Outputs Option.

Erica Synths

Erica Synths

Girts presents his idea of a modular drum computer at Superbooth 2018. – A little spoiler: it is fantastic!


In detail, the case shown contains the following new modules:

  • Bass Drum: An extensively equipped, analog Kick module with pitch control, an AD envelope for modulating the tuning and a drive circuit. The module’s sound is huge!
  • Snare: A hart-hitting circuit with several controls for shaping the body and rattling noise of sounds.
  • Toms: Three drums in one module. Low tom, mid tom and high tom can be independently tuned plus there is a decay parameter per drum.
  • Clap: The smallest of Erica’s analog drum modules. It has a very dense sound.
  • Hi-Hats: This module uses seven oscillators and a metallic noise source to generate sounds. Additionally, a digital synthesis system is implemented. – Very versatile.
  • Sample Drum: An audio player based on the technology of the Pico drums module, but with lots of additional controls and CV inputs. Thanks to new DA convertors, its sound is very clean and powerful.
  • Bassline: A bass synthesizer with two oscillators, which can be detuned. The audio generators are followed by a beefy low-pass filter and a VCA.
  • Mixer and Mixer lite: Two analog mixers with typical functionality plus booming drum compression.
  • Stereo Mixer: 4-channel mixer, which can also be used as an output interface.
  • Dual FX: This module is composed of two digital multi-effects with eight algorithms per channel. It is based on the Spin chip.
  • Dual Drive: Saturation / distortion module with full-bodied sound. The drive stages can be used in serial or in parallel.

For playing the modular system, a Drum Sequencer was used. – The last year’s Superbooth highlight from Erica Synths. It’ll be available at SchneidersLaden next week! (Tuna the cat is doing the final quality control as you read this lines.)

The other drum modules will become available over the next months. As usual with Erica Synths, the prices will be very fair.

Tiptop Audio

Tiptop Audio

After an absolutly dope little live set from Konstantin Gervis  who presents „mostly loud and tasty„ the tiptop audio modules – we got an introduction into Tiptops „new hot stuff“.


First of all the new beige version of the Z Dsp –  24 Bit VC Digital Signal Processor. While the function and the panel layout stays the same – like in the former silver version, the audio hardware was improved a lot and the quality of the components got higher  –  the headroom increased  and can take way stronger signals without clipping to fast –while the analog feedback path is 10 db less and makes it easier to use it without beeing scared of destroying your sound, and older phasing problems belong to the past as well . The module is also much slimmer and lighter as well.

It comes with two cards now– Dragonfly version 2 and Halls of Valhalla – so you ve got a topnotch echo-delay from scratch – and more cards besides the existing one are planed as well  – of course the old ones are still useable in the new version .

The price should be 50€ less than the first version (around 450 €) and it will be out mid june.


Another new beige family member will be the z4000 coming with a new panel and smoother news. It will be available in june at SchneiderLaden.

A new sample card for the ONE comes with samples from Datachi, a famous sound designer.

And also two prototypes can be seen: a steiner parker filter – called Forbidden Planet and a morphable VCA with direct output level – also very nice for distorting the sound on grungy level, but both are work in progress and will take a bit time to get in production.



At Superbooth18, Wes and Danjel from Intellijel introduced some additions to their 1U product line. They expanded it with a new module called System Link. It is similar to the doepfer A-180-9 Multicore, to which it is compatible – a balanced link of up to eight audio and cv connections through ethernet cable.


Another addition is a 1U four track gate sequencer. Each track has following options: gate length, clock division, swing and …sequence length!

Now for „big“ news: Intellijel showed the new versions of the Planar and the Rubicon, which were announced already a few months ago.


The most obvious new feature of the Planar2, is the addition of a motion recorder for the joystick. It can be clocked and scrubbed. A gate track can be recorded separately. Under the hood, the analog VCA circuitry has been reworked. Don’t forget that this module is not only a CV Joystick, but also a mixing device, which can be used for vector synthesis, blending the waveforms of one or more oscillators.



The Rubicon has been totally reworked from its core to improve the tracking. It features three new inputs: Warp, X and Squish, which is a wavefolder circuit. Self-pachting to one of these inputs shows already rewarding sonic results. With the Rubicon2 you will be able to create absolutely clear and „modern“ sounds with unheard timbral shifts.

Planar2 and Rubicon2 will be available soon at SchneidersLaden!


Random Source

Random Source

The guys from Random Source show their new TKB at Superbooth 2018, a redesign of Serge’s classic touch keyboard and sequencer combination.


Just like its predecessor, the machine features four tracks with 16 steps each. They can be used separately (vertically) and jointly (horizontally). The touch sensitive keys are pressure sensitive. – Kind of an aftertouch control. The feel is awesome! Serge fans will soon discover that Random Source added a new glide feature for the first track. It is controlled by the second channel. The touch keyboard can be decoupled from the sequencer, meaning both sections are usable independently. Thanks to key priority, it is of no harm to press several keys at one time. – Oh, there is a vertical reset as well! We’ll tell you more about all the TKB’s features as soon as the first units arrive at SchneidersLaden.


Random Source also presents an eight-step sequencer module at Superbooth 2018. Its concept is pretty much straight forward. The original design, created by Serge in the 70’s, was updated with an All Gate output. One special feature: You can jump to steps using trigger signals or buttons.


By the way: Random Source told us that the first batch of Variable Q VCFs and Resonant Equalizers will be shipped to us soon.


Make Noise – Morphagene

Make Noise

Morphagene Firmware Update

Make Noise is the modular synthesizer company by Tony Rolando. On one hand Make Noise is very succesfull in creating analog devices that are often inspired by classic westcoast modular synthesizer circuits by Buchla and Serge. On the other hand they develop cutting edge digital oscillators and sound sound processing devices. Their most recent module took a long time to develop and is more than just being the successor of their musique concrete inspired sampling device Phonogene. The Morphagene is rather a complete make over of the phonogene and expands the functionality by stereo ins and outs, higher sampling rate and longer recordings are possible to begin with. Moreover the Morphagene allows you to dive in to the world of Microsound i.e. granular synthesis. The device is available since last year and has experienced a lot of attention in the modular world. On this years Sooper Booth Walker Farrell gave an very inspiring insight in the feature set of the just announced firmware update. This not only good news for those who have the Morphagene already but it is also a good point to look into for those who are interested (without being to overwhelming in a technical sense). Let‘s jump right in and see what‘s new.

We are talking about a total of nine new features in the new firmware. I will conclude the features briefly and highly recommend to read the updated Morphagene manual to get more familiar with the features in detail. Note that all original behaviors are still accessible. The update gives you more options instead of overwriting thr original behavior.

Vari-Speed option

You can now have three different options how the varispeed operates.

– The original behavior (bidirectional with smooth motion)

– New bidirectional v/oct behavior. This makes it possible to the Vari-Speed to track 1 volt per octave

– Single direction option offers significantly more precision on the control

Input option

– You can now make the Morphagene record only what is at the input and ignore the output regardless of the SOS settings

– Output Buffer replacement makes a siginificant change to the Time Lag Accumulation. Instead of accumulating it is now possible to use the Morphagene as a single-repeat microsound delay.

Phase/Position Modulation option

– The right input can be used to phase modulatethe sound coming out of the Morphagene

Organize option

– Organize and Shift can be used immediately regardless of the position of the playback head

Gene Smooth option

– A second option to the original allows a more pronounced windowing of Genes. In effect this results in slight fading in/out between Genes at low Gene Size settings. With smaller Genes it results in a more liquid microsound texture.

Record option

– With this option you can record into a new Splice with every press/release of the RECORD button

Play option

– One of the new options is a Momentary Play input. This will cause the Morphagene to start playing immediately upon gate high, and stop immediately on gate low.

– The other new option is a Trigger Loop Mode in which the Morphagene will continue playing at all times.

Clock Control option

– Option one is to make Clock input Shift Genes regardless of Morph setting.

– Option two makes Clock input dive Time Stretch regardless of Morph setting.

CV Output option

– Instead of outputting the the followed envelope it is possible to make the CV Out to output a Ramp wave that is timed to the current Gene Size.

Animal Factory Amplification

Animal Factory Amplification

Aditya Nandwana from Bombay, India, presents a new synth: the Ahimsa.

Ahimsa means “without violence” in Sanskrit. This complete synth voice features two oscillators, a six step sequencer, an envelope generator, LFO and headphone output.

The synth is still in the prototype stage but looks very promising!

Another big news is a new version of the Pit Viper with a new faceplate, cleaner sound and two new switches.

The Pit Viper is a solid-state overdrive derived from the Flail Channel of the Ozymandias pedal. With a bite that is poisonous and mesmerizing, it goes from a gritty clean boost to a raw, full-fledged amp-on-full-tilt roar.

Animal Factory_1

ALM Busy Circuits

ALM Busy Circuits

Big hello from Mr Matthew Allum at Superbooth18 . The man behind  ALM Busy Circuits introduces four new modules which all should come up this year.

First module coming out very soon this spring – it will be a little 2 HP headphone output called HPO with minijack out. The price should be very affordable.

The other three modules are still prototypes and kind of work in progress.

The second one is a 6 HP Digital VCO called M-DCO including eight wavetypes with diffrent shapes. It features a sub out and a post wave modulation. The pulse output is inspired by the juno synth pulse modulation and sounds very musical, from nasal to brachial in a very tasty way.

Price should be moderate as well and the module should come out this summer.

The third one is the Quaid Megaslope.

Mdco Quaid HPO

A multistage envelope generator with five stages  – which can also be used as Lfo and Step sequenzer similar to the Pipslope .

The Level fader can be also used for pitch control and slope – could be used to control the time also cv controlable  – In Loop Mode the  sustain control change the slope from linear to logaritmics. Another update planed will be a dc retrigger .

It will probably be available in around three months – the price is still unclear.

The last one will be a sampler with eight input trigger and it can hold 100 Banks with eight sounds each.

The name is still unclear – right now the prototyp is questionmarked ???????? – cool idea btw.

alm sampler vco

The output will be mixed in pairs 1-2 / 3-4 / 5-6 /7-8 or a mix output and the samples can be loaded with a normal usb stick or directly record and asign it in the Audio In section.

Of course, it will be possible to pitch & stretch the samples via cv with the assign inputs and choosing the sample over the little screen –the last three can be also pitched directly on the surface.

Also a individual working reverse function is available and start end end will be cv controlable as well and the rate function will change the rate  from 44  to 22 or 11 Hz while quality can be changed from 1 to 16 bit to go from totally destruction to high fidelity – further updates like a delay function are planed but have not been included yet.

It should come out at the end of summer and will be under 500€.




Birdkids introduces a new modulation source with endless possibilities: Crow Intelligence.


Thanks to a connection via ethernet, you can manage the functions of the modules directly from a browser on the device of your choice (PC/MAC, iOS, Android …) and then save the patch for later recall. Any patch can be recalled standalone on the device.


Thanks to this system, you can easily reprogram the Crow Intelligence for your needs. It can work as a sequencer, LFO, function generator, random trigger source or Sample and Hold. It can create every modulation you imagine, thanks to its flexible modular patch editor. It can adapt to your workflow and let you control your modular system with ease.

At the core of the hardware is a powerful ARM processor, which will never run out of processing power!

The module features two USB connections, four trigger inputs, four trigger outputs and four CV outputs.


Another new module from Birdkids is the Crow XO, an expander for the Crow Intelligence. They are connected through ethernet cable. It gives you four additional trigger and four CV outputs.




The EuroDLL is based on classic Eventide delay effects, which were first introduced in the 1970’s. True to its ancestors, the module combines a digital echo processor with analog circuits. The saturation clipping stage at the input, a low-pass filter, the feedback channel, an insert loop and a drive circuit (+20 dB) are all analog. Nearly every parameter is voltage controllable.


The resolution of the module’s digital building block is 24 Bit. Its sampling rate can be set to values ranging from 12 kHz to 192 kHz. Thus, you can create echo effects with a classic to modern character. Depending on the sample rate chosen, the maximum delay time varies. While being set to 12 kHz, values ranging from 0.11 milliseconds to 160 seconds are possible. Therefore, the EuroDLL can be used to create long, atmospheric delays as well as short, metallic sounding comb filter and Flanger effects. With a sampling rate of 192 kHz, the maximum delay time is ten seconds. The basic character is always musical. – Just like the ancestors, that can still be found in many professional studios. With the drive circuit, it is possible introduce some crunchy madness. You can synchronize the EuroDLL via its clock input and output. Additionally, there is a tap tempo function. You need a special effect? – Then try out the reverse and infinite repeat options.




The CHRT synthesizer does not just feature a fully analog signal path, but is composed completely of tube stages. Oscillator, drive circuit, filter / resonator and VCA all come equipped with the warm, glowing components. The instrument’s basic character is creamy and somewhat magical. Some potentiometers affect way more than just one parameter respectively character trait. You can generate sounds reminiscent of woodwind, sax and trumpet sounds. The attack phase can be shaped very nicely. The CHRT synthesizer was designed to be played with a wind controller. Using an alternate firmware, it is also possible to control it via a MIDI keyboard or sequencer. After a very short warm-up period, its pitch tracking works perfectly over a range of at least five octaves.

We are sure: You’ll be fascinated by this instrument.





This year, Endorphines introduces an amazing 30 HP modular drum synth with a very flexible sound-engine based on the Roland CR-78 CompuRhythm.


Unlikely other modules from Endorphines, this one is black, thus the name: Blck_Noir. It includes 7 drum voices: bass drum, snare, tambourine, closed and open hi-hat, cymbal and metal beat. It uses hybrid sound generation: digital noise with spectrum animation, injected into analog circuits. The analog generation part is fully discrete, using inductor coils instead of op-amps, giving a raw and powerful sound. Thanks to this special design it will sound good in every setting.

Several CV inputs will let you control various parameters for lively drum sounds.


On top of that, the module has an on-board effect processor with eight effects: hall, shimmer, room, plate, spring reverb types, tap and tape delay types as well as a new freezer effect with additional auxiliary input and firmware update over audio.

With this module you will be able to create drums that have character! It will fit all styles of music, from EDM to Techno.



The guys from Xirid show two prototypes of their first product, the MIDI sequencer XS2, at Superbooth 2018. – A world premiere. The machine will offer 64 tracks. A pattern can be up to 256 steps long. The XS2 will be packed with features. For instance, Xirid plans to implement user editable music scales, chord editing and micro timing options. Patterns can be recorded step-by-step or in real-time. Thanks to individually selectable track lengths, it will be very easy to create polyrhythms. Swing and humanize functions plus the so-called user grooves guarantee that songs composed with the XS2 won’t sound sterile. – Even though the timing seems to be very precise already. Remix and random editing options allow you to generate variations of patterns in no time. Besides notes, parameter movements will be recordable as well. A MIDI learn function helps with integrating the sequencer into your setup. Additionally, there some clever sync options are planned. Five routable MIDI outputs and two inputs, a total of eight control voltage / gate ports and a pedal port are available at the lastest prototype. Furthermore, there are USB-A and USB-B connectors for attaching controllers plus a computer to the sequencer. Last but not least, the XS2 can be used as a MIDI Looper. User assignable keyboard shortcuts, track names and colors help you operating the unit.

The XS2 will be available in fall 2018.

Analogue Systems

Analogue Systems


The guys from Alex 4 present new versions of some classic Analogue Systems modules at Superbooth 2018.


The circuits remain unchanged. New features include overhauled front panels and dual power connectors, making the modules compatible with cases in the Analogue Systems as well as Doepfer format. Besides the extremely beefy sounding oscillator RS-95N, a modern version of the Modulator RS-380N and the (audio) Processor RS-35N are shown. Next in line for an upgrade are the EMS-style modules, followed by other classic circuits.



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