It’s SUPERBOOTH23 time!

UPDATE: SUPERBOOTH23 is on – don’t miss it! Get your ticket here!

This is THE week – SUPERBOOTH23 week! Berlin will once again be the city with the most synthesizer designers and enthusiasts in the world for the three days of SUPERBOOTH23. The weather is already perfect in Berlin and more and more announcements of exciting new synthesizer modules and other instruments are coming in. And the Superbooth teams is also sharing exciting news with us:

There’ll be even more workshops from brands such as Korg, Soma Synths and our Berlin friends from Bitwig Studio, who will be hosting a workshop on the new open-source plugin format CLAP.

Zähl Elektronik Tontechnik will be hosting Listening & QA Sessions in their booth (O203) with Devon Analogue & ALM (Thursday), Teenage Engineering (Friday) and Nils Frahm (Saturday). Be there if you want to learn more about the AM-1 console from Michael Zähl!

Concert & performance lineup:

On Thursday the Seebühne stage will be hosted by Doepfer, Friday by Nord Keyboards and Saturday by Bitwig Studio. The Session stage will be hosted by Das Synthesizer Magazin. You’ll find the full timetable on the SUPERBOOTH23 website, under “CONCERTS”.

With over 30 performances from all areas of electronic and electro-acoustic music, there will be something for everyone at SB23. You’ll be able to hear – among others – the Berghain residents Sam Barker and Blush Response, the modular-techno performer Tunegirl, Tomorrow The Cure from the UK, Mark Verbos of Verbos Electronics, Trovarsi & ALX-106 of WMD from the US, Matt Thibideau from Canada, Maarten Vos & JiSoo from the Netherlands and South Korea, as well as Flirren, Nadia Struiwigh, JuX, Xhaosmology Project, Uglydub, St.raumen, Wilted Woman and Nerkkirn (Peter Kirn + Benjamin Weiss) who are based in Berlin.

In terms of style and genre, the performances will range from rave-y techno (Tunegirl, Trovarsi & ALX-106, Blush Response) to dub and ambient (Matt Thibideau, Tomorrow The Cure, Sam Barker), to electro-acoustic mixtures (Silver Galaxy, Maarten Vos & Jisoo Park, Flirren) to complex sound experiments (Xhaosmology Project, Intuitive Dialogues, Véronica Mota).

Don’t miss SB23, as it’ll be at least another year until the next Superbooth! Visit this exceptional synthesizer event and celebrate three days of electronic music making culture! Pre-sale tickets are still available over at

SchneidersLaden opening hours during SUPERBOOTH!

During SUPERBOOTH23 the showroom at Kotti will be closed (May 11th – May 13th)!

Our store in Neukölln will be open! Goods can be bought and picked up at Karl-Marx-Straße 186 (former Musik Bading) on Thursday and Friday between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. and on Saturday between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

So this will be the only Saturday we‘re open the whole year. Shipping of online orders continues as usual.

Most of our staff will be at SUPERBOOTH23 – we hope to see you there!


Special Edition Tickets for SUPERBOOTH23 at SchneidersLaden

SchneidersLaden has some limited printed tickets for SUPERBOOTH23 available at the showroom at Kottbusser Tor and Musik Bading in Neukölln!

Get yourself one of the limited 1-day tickets now. You want to make a friend happy? These tickets are also way nicer as a present than the usual online ticket!

If you can’t make it to the store, get your standard online ticket here.

See you all at SUPERBOOTH23 from 11-13 of May at FEZ-Berlin!

New video: Masha Kashyna – live @SUPERBOOTH22

This is the concert of Masha Kashyna at the pre-opening of SUPERBOOTH22. Masha Kashyna (1991) expresses herself on vibraphone and soprano saxophone, which results in audio-visual performances with her own moving visual language.

Masha, born and raised in Ukraine, has been living in Germany for several years. Her interest in socio-cultural and artistic movements is translated into a cross-genre and trans-medial way of working.

Her audiovisual performance ‘X Imperium’ combining both – criticism of hungry empires AND voices of resistance – was an important contribution to the event organized under the shadow of the war in Ukraine.


SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH23

The SUPERBOOTH23 trailer is here!

SUPERBOOTH23 – the biggest trade fair and festival for electronic musical instruments is taking place at FEZ Berlin from 11th to 13th of May. More than 220 international exhibitors get together with artists, users, distributors, media partners and everyone who is interested in modular systems, synthesizers, studio equipment and innovative instruments.

With manufacturers from all over the world, SUPERBOOTH23 is a key event when it comes to the development and design of tomorrow‘s new musical instruments. As always, SUPERBOOTH23 is not just an industry event, but also kindly invites everyone interested in electronic music-making to try the countless exhibits themselves and to get to know the manufacturers personally. Visitors can also experience the world of synthesizers and music studios at the many presentations, workshops, and concerts.

At SUPERBOOTH23, there is something for everyone, from beginner to expert. Along with presenting the latest products,SUPERBOOTH provides an international platform for social, technical and artistic exchange.

SUPERBOOTH23‘s welcoming and inclusive spirit also manifests itself in its continuing initiative for a more inclusive industry, with the declared goal of making electronic music-making accessible to everyone. There will be special workshops for women and non-binary participants again, as well as a „Minibooth“ for children and adolescents that is happening in collaboration with the FEZ-Berlin one week before the main event.

Tickets are available now at

One-day ticket: 39€ (reduced: 29€)

Three-day ticket: 98€ (reduced: 79€)

___________________________________________________________________ presents SUPERBOOTH23

Video: Obertonstruktur der Kaulquappe – live @SUPERBOOTH22

Anyone who is on the road with so much hp has some plans! And the Obertonstruktur der Kaulquappe has delivered! A wonderful set, danceable, entertaining and interesting.
Obertonstruktur der Kaulquappe is a modular synthesizer sound project by Matthias Grossmann and Gabriel Ammon.

Like tadpoles the band is in constant musical transformation during their sets. Sometimes spherical, sometimes driving, quivering – invigorating sounds of electronic music that go deep under the skin. The countless cables, knobs and lights support the hypnotic effect of the driving sounds.

The music of the “Kaulquappen” found its beginnings in 2012 with self-built acoustic devices and a manageable number of synthesizers. They lost themselves from noise to drone and experimental excursions, eventually finding themselves in technoid beats and basslines. Since the beginning of 2018, the duo has been playing an experimental techno set that wants you to dance.


SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH23

Video: TOKTOK live at SUPERBOOTH22

Toktok are longtime companions of Andreas Schneider and his ventures – in the past they already played at the celebration of SchneidersBuero‘s 4th anniversary and the first Superbooth trade show party in 2002 – so it was about time for a gig again!

The band was formed in 1994, when the members of the group were still working as organizers in the free party scene, collaborating with the soundsystem Spiral Tribe, among others. In the meantime, they had a series of hits, including their collaboration with singer Soffy O and their single Bang Bang in cooperation with Nena.


SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH23

Video: Linalab live at SUPERBOOTH22

For Superbooth, Linalab brought in an acoustic drummer to add power to her electric guitar, which is processed by a Eurorack modular system. She also uses an array of desktop synthesizers, electronic drums, samples, melodies and noises. Expect electronic post-rock with a touch of dreamscapes and melancholic electronica.

Linalab not only exists on stage, apart from playing in stages and festivals, she understands music as a research, being one of the pioneers in the practice of Live Coding and a becoming a significant artist in Europe in the use of modular synthesizers.

Linalab composed her first work, Eclíptica, inside a telescope and imitated it´s shape. In Doom, her second EP, she tries to imagine how the end of the world would sound, turning out four small destructions. In her work Still Alive, she realizes that there is no Doomsday, only intermediate days, no  apocalypse, no epic destruction, only infinite rearrangements of particles that originate infinite sonic possibilities. The latest and stunning work, Desire Paths, is a meeting point, a mother ship that takes us to hypnotic worlds from which we do not want to return.


SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH23

New videos from SUPERBOOTH22

Two more performance videos from last years SUPERBOOTH22 have been released recently. Eden Grey and Navs Modular Lab have both performed on the Beach Stage.

Eden Grey

Miami-based Chelsea Bruno also known as Eden Grey makes music using her own techniques approaching music technology, in an effort to express the ineffable. Dr. Bruno began researching and working with the Eurorack modular synthesizer whilst earning her Masters’ degree at Florida International University in Music Technology. Here is her concert:

Navs Modular Lab

Navs is the writer of the influential blog, Navs Modular Lab, and co-host of Basic Electricity, Berlin’s first concert series dedicated to improvisation with modular music systems. He makes music with analogue and digital modular synthesizers. The blog has been an excellent source of information, tips and tricks for modular synthesizer enthusiasts for many years now. Thanks for playing this concert Navs!


____________________ SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH23

Video: Julia Bondar live at SUPERBOOTH22

Julia Bondar is a Ukranian-born and Barcelona-based electronic music artist, singer and songwriter. She is also co-owner and absolute advocate of Julia was already supposed to play at the SUPERBOOTH20 After-Party in 2020 which unfortunately never happened. This time it did happen! Julia presented live versions of her album „Bonding“ on our Beach Stage.


SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH23

The Minibooth!

In about two months it is time for SUPERBOOTH23! There will be new exhibitors from all over the world who will officially attend for their first time. Of course the Superbooth Berlin team is also looking forward to welcome the many exhibitors, guests and artists that have supported the event throughout the years. The list of exhibitors is growing, now there are more than 160 brands listed already and there are more to come.

But the noteworthy news for today is not the number of exhibitors, but an event called Minibooth. It will take place on the weekend before Superbooth, also in the FEZ-Berlin and is focused on education for kids at the age of 5-14. Superbooth Berlin are not the organizers of this event, but of course they support it and maybe some of you have capacities and ideas to attend or contribute to this event, too. Please find the official introduction, the date and contact below. Participation is free of charge and it will be a great opportunity to introduce the fascination for synthesizers to the next generations in a playful way. If you are interested, please write to Tim & Julius at:

Check out this message by the Minibooth Orga-Team fo more information:

Invitation to participate in the

Minibooth 2023

on May 6 and 7, 2023 12.00 to 18.00 o’clock at FEZ Berlin

For the first time, FEZ Berlin is organizing the Minibooth. As a warm-up for the Superbooth, it aims to introduce the next generation to the different aspects of electronic music. We are looking for creative minds, enthusiastic contributors and people who are interested in getting involved with an interactive offer for children.

Your offer for the kids can be, for example, a stand, an installation or a workshop. It is important that you enjoy guiding the children of different ages on their first journey into electronic music. On the Minibooth, the kids can playfully learn how electronic sounds are created and how you can make them yourself, manipulate them or combine them with your own voice. They will get to know unusual musical instruments and can learn or make new instruments themselves in workshops. Of course, there will also be concerts and a party for the kids, so everyone can try out the dance floor and shake a leg.

The event will take place on May 6 and 7, 2023 – one week before Superbooth. The target group are children and teens from 5 to 14 years accompanied by their parents.

If you are interested in participating, please send us a short email to as

soon as possible, ideally until 3rd of March.

We will review your ideas and get back to you by the beginning of March to discuss if and how we can implement them on site.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Your Orga Team of the Minibooth

Video: songs:from the Lemon Tree live at SUPERBOOTH22

songs:from the Lemon Tree is the solo project of Bon Harris – one of the charismatic faces and heads of Nitzer Ebb. He produced a few brilliant videos titled „songs:from the lemon tree“ during corona times from home and in May 2022 he brought this project to the SUPERBOOTH22 stage.


SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH23

Video: SUNROOF – live at SUPERBOOTH22

In March 2019, Gareth Jones and Daniel Miller were heading to a György Ligeti concert at the Barbican. Friends and collaborators for almost 40 years, the pair – as they often do when together in the same city – spent a couple of hours beforehand improvising with modular systems. Unusually, this time they decided to record the session and then, over a pre-concert meal before heading into the Barbican, Gareth asked a question that seems logical after years of working together on recording sessions or remixing other artists: “Are we actually going to make a record together before we die?”

The following day Daniel phoned him and suggested they do just that!
The result is Electronic Music Improvisations Volume 1, a collection of eight improvised modular pieces recorded as live in various studio spaces across London in the spring and summer of 2019. This album was released by the Parallel Series, a sublabel of Mute on 21 May 2021.

Daniel has been a regular guest and performing artist at SUPERBOOTH since years and we were very happy to have him with Gareth perform on our Beach Stage – who also didn’t have his first appearance on our stages, but performed at the very first SUPERBOOTH in Berlin as “Spiritual Friendship” – his project with Nick Hook!


SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH23

sooperRADIO – 2 year anniversary

If you missed the latest edition of sooperRADIO we strongly recommend to listen to the archived show here!

The sooperRADIO is a live radio format from the team of Superbooth Berlin. Meanwhile have broadcasted shows for 2 years as part of the program of Radio Woltersdorf.

This episode is about the new exhibition Hearwhatyousee by Sascha Bachmann (HAND). Also the new Sunroof album will be presented, for which a conversation with Daniel Miller about the production of the record was recorded. In addition there will be an detailed report with the two gentlemen of Chaosmology, Alexander Spree and Michael Mowitz.

Listen to the two hour radio show now! And get your SUPERBOOTH23 tickets now!

Ticket Sale for SUPERBOOTH23 starts today!

SUPERBOOTH BERLIN is opening the ticket presale for this year’s SUPERBOOTH23. The world‘s premiere trade fair for electronic music instruments is happening from the 11th to the 13th of May at FEZ-Berlin.

Over 200 exhibitioners from over 34 countries will present the latest in synthesizers and electronic music technology at the unique trade fair with the spirit of a festival. With manufacturers from all over the world, SUPERBOOTH23 is a key event when it comes to the development and design of tomorrow‘s new musical instruments. As always, SUPERBOOTH23 is not just an industry event, but also kindly invites everyone interested in electronic music-making to try the countless exhibits themselves and to get to know the manufacturers personally.

Visitors can also experience the world of synthesizers and music studios at the many presentations, workshops, and concerts. At SUPERBOOTH23, there is something for everyone, from beginner to expert. Along with presenting the newest products, SUPERBOOTH thus also wants to provide an international platform for social, technical and artistic exchange.

SUPERBOOTH23‘s welcoming and inclusive spirit also manifests itself in its continuing initiative for a more inclusive industry, with the declared goal of making electronic music-making accessible to everyone. Thus, it is again hosting special workshops for women and non-binary participants, as well as a „Minibooth“ for children and adolescents under 14 that is happening in collaboration with the FEZ-Berlin one week before the main event.

Tickets are available now at

One-day ticket: 39€ (reduced: 29€)
Three-day ticket: 98€ (reduced: 79€)

Foto: Angela Kroell / Superbooth Berlin

sooperRadio with Aditya Nandwana/Animal Factory Amplification

Today it’s that time again, SooperRadio is going on the air! From 5-7 pm it’s all about electronic music and musical instruments with a Superbooth perspective.

During the eleventh broadcast in late October you will get recent impressions and news from India. Aditya Nandwana from Animal Factory Amplification gives us a detailed presentation of some of his modules. The Indian manufacturer of guitar effects and Eurorack modules has also visited and exhibited at Superbooth a few times. In 2018, he was able to win Alexander Hacke for a lecture-concert to introduce the Godeater effect device. Here is the video about it:

A few weeks ago Aditya also visited SchneidersLaden, where he presented his newest (and the older) modules in a workshop. The video is still in the works. But here you can find a video of an earlier workshop of Animal Factory Amplification at SchneidersLaden:

Enjoy the show! You can listen to it here:
In Berlin on 88,4 MHz or in Potsdam on 90,7 MHz or via stream on


One of the highlights of this years SUPERBOOTH22 for many guests: ATOM TM with his audio-visual work R3V – performed in the Auditorium on Friday of SUPERBOOTH22.

The German composer, musician and producer ATOM TM, alias Uwe Schmidt, now living in Chile, has been a guest of several Superbooth events already and we are fortunate that he played this show in 2022.



SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH23

Video: Veith Von Tsotzhousn & Anton Filatov & VanTa – live @SUPERBOOTH22

For their SUPERBOOTH22 performance Veith Von Tsotzhousn and Anton Filatov invited video artist VanTa for some visual expansion of their sound. Veith Von Tsotzhousn has always been on the lookout for ways out of predictability. His music translates complexities into soundscapes by means of polyrhythms and polyphonies as a liberation from western corsets; field recordings, as well as recordings created in collaboration with classical musicians, constitute its foundation. Anton Filatov is an experimental Saxophonist and modular artist bringing additional ways of expression to the stage.

The three artists invite you to set sail on a musical journey through the mist into an unknown territory. Here, ambience is not an end in itself, but rather a genre of unpredictability; dark and impenetrable yet plentifully warm and witty.


SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH23


Clystre is the alias of German musician Carsten Rochow, a former indie rock multi-instrumentalist turned synthesist/sound designer. He is playing a complex system of Eurorack Modular Synthesizer and a Buchla Music Easel. Drawing from an admiration of both east and west coast styles, Clystre combines elements of Music Concrète, Minimalism, Krautrock, Berliner Schule, Synth-Pop, IDM, Drone, Noise, Ambient and others to craft his unique sound. This ambitious approach to synth/modular music could easily yield a cacophony, but with Clystre, the approach feels intuitive, thoughtful, playful and highly gratifying. The process of creating music, sculpting sound, and shaping progressions with modular systems is not only a journey, but a relationship between man and machine.

Clystre has released a song called Arpichelago on Youtube to promote his collection of recordings and compositions. Arpichelago is driven by an elaborate arpeggio created with a Buchla Music Easel.

The live audio reactive 3d Visuals are made by MiDeRic – 499reality for all concerts in the Circus Tent. ->



SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH23

Video: Schneider TM & “SPARK” – live @SUPERBOOTH22

Schneider TM played an improvised live set with the fascinating prototype of the electro-acoustic experimental guitar “SPARK” at this years SUPERBOOTH22 and SOOPERgrail. This special guitar was developed together with the luthiers Kora Jünger and Frank Deimel from Deimel Guitarworks.

In addition to conventional magnetic and piezo pickups, some of which are installed in different positions in the body such as the headstock etc. for expanded sound possibilities, the guitar also has playable reverb springs, one of which is attached to the tremolo construction and can be tensioned. The different sound sources can be combined via a global selector switch and sent to an integrated electronic LesLee, which oscillates back and forth between the signals and is connected to CV In & Out sockets for integrating e.g. modular synthesizers via control voltage. The “SPARK” can not only be played acoustically, electrically and electronically, but as an electro-acoustic sound object it also offers possibilities for playing techniques that are not typical for guitars.

Schneider TM is the internationally reknown multidimensional music project of Dirk Dresselhaus which oscillates extensively between adventurous electronic pop-music and experimental, sometimes improvised freeform music, while occasionally bringing these and other opposing elements together.

Schneider TM:

Deimel Guitarworks:


SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH23


After three albums Tobias Werner has finished his Albinoblues-triology. For this reason he goes on tour with that material for the first time. The duo of drums (Ronny Wunderwald) and guitar (Tobias Werner) is on the road as ALBINOBROTHERS.

With much less electricity than the other concerts of the event, the two artists bring proper blues to the stage here and thus expand the already wide range of musical styles that could be experienced live at SUPERBOOTH22 and SOOPERgrail.


SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH23

Dave Smith & Marcus Ryle & Tom Oberheim – Talk @SUPERBOOTH22

It’s the real thing – Tom Oberheim said about the new Oberheim Synthesizer on the Superbooth stage – and this also is true about the three fine guests Dave Smith & Marcus Ryle & Tom Oberheim. Three people truly dedicated to synth design.

In this talk, the three look back at the beginnings of their work, the invention of MIDI, working with the first polyphonic patches in the 1970s, the legendary “page 2” of the OB-8 and bringing the sound of then to the present.

We were very fortunate to be able to host this talk just a few weeks before Dave Smith passed away. His presence not only gave the event an even greater international profile, but also and more importantly enriched it on a personal, human level. His open, friendly and joyous way of dealing with the people around him will be missed: Thank you so much, Dave, for taking the time to talk with us – Rest in Peace and Happiness.

Andreas Schneider also shared some of his memories about Dave and his visit:

Dear Dave, (dear Family and Friends of Dave),

It was a big pleasure for me and all of us to welcome You, Dave Smith on board again for SUPERBOOTH Berlin in 2022 just two weeks ago. Your personal presence gave it another visible and easy to understand international meaning as it did with your visit in 2016 already, thank you very much! The highlight for me personally and the final little dot of an I was the very relaxed last hour of your participation, sitting in front of the very outstanding booth of our friend Ritchie Hawtin together with my wife and me. We had another sake with Rich directly before he went on stage to perform for you and us and all the SOOPERguests around us, we  had a wonderful conversation about what we did and had there. Finally you decided to leave your probably very last international show in the best moment of it, I personally brought you tot he cab, still this was very emotional, but funny and nice at the same time. I saw you leaving and smelled that this was another of those moments that will never come back.

Leaving the venue, you also shared your very personal problems and the reason of your walking stick with me and – I could imagine and I hope – you left the party when it was at its best, as you did it on SuperBooth. I hope this was your way and the right one. Wishing you all the best wherever your good soul will be now. Thank you for sharing some time with us and for doing what you did.

Rest in Peace and Happiness.

Andreas Schneider, June 2, 2022



Video: Beirut Synthesizer Center – Talk with Peter Kirn @SUPERBOOTH22

Founded in 2021 by Bana Haffar, Elyse Tabet, Ziad Moukarzel and Hany Manja, the Beirut Synthesizer Center is a collaborative educational project and community-based center for self-directed learning focused on the study of electronic sound generation.

In this conversation with Peter Kirn, the guests from Lebanon share the ideas and motivations behind the Beirut Synthesizer Center project.

In cooperation with Superbooth Berlin GmbH and Morphine Records, they also presented the work of the center during various events in Berlin in May 2022, including a concert at SUPERBOOTH22.

The project is supported by contract funds from the German Foreign Office and the Goethe-Institut.

Beirut Synthesizer Center:

CDM by Peter Kirn:

Beirut Synthesizer Center is a home for Lebanon’s artists, even when electricity is scarce


SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH23

Summer, Sun and Synthesizers – next SUPERBOOTH23 announced

This is the offical Press Release by Superbooth Berlin:

SUPERBOOTH22 and SOOPERgrail welcomed around 6000 trade visitors, day guests and over 170 international exhibitors at FEZ-Berlin. In the year of the 20th anniversary of the Superbooth, for the first time innovative guitar builders were represented in larger numbers and with their own exhibition space under the name SOOPERgrail.

The expanded concept of the largest trade event for electronic musical instruments in Europe has proven successful, and Superbooth Berlin GmbH has overcome the worst obstacles resulting from the Corona crisis. This clears the way for next year’s planning – the date is set:

SUPERBOOTH23 and SOOPERgrail #2 at FEZ-Berlin: May 11-13, 2023.

– with even more innovative instruments and music, concerts, workshops, presentations — indoors and outdoors –

“For the anniversary version of Superbooth, as it turned out after all obstacles and difficulties, we can really only be grateful to everyone and congratulate everyone who was able to be there. The delicate little flower called #SOOPERgrail also made a successful start and the international events – above all the presentation with Hainbach for the Goethe Institute Tokyo and the participation of Tom Oberheim and Dave Smith with their new instrument – were important factors of culture and economy alike. We are already excited to see what will develop from this next year!”

Andreas Schneider

The various areas of the anniversary edition each convinced with their very own atmosphere, which always meandered between music festival, nerd get-together and a group trip with friends. The basis for relaxed encounters, lively exchange and a good mood was provided by the extended event area in the park, the large number of exhibitors and the summery weather.


The stage program represents an enormous variety of musical variation. Early electronic instruments such as the Trautonium were on display. Hainbach presented how electronic music was made by artists like Stockhausen in the 1960s, and many concerts featured modular synthesizers, which can be seen as modern successors to the featured instruments. From the stages you could hear great live electronic music from ambient to techno, a lot of experimental and innovative works. Surprisingly for many guests, there was a performance by Richie Hawtin on the last day of the event.

The Modular Synthesizer Ensemble gave the mostly young participants their first stage experience with a composition they had previously developed together in a workshop lasting several hours.

Within the framework of SOOPERgrail, there were many outstanding concerts and workshops, with individual instruments presented. In addition to traditional crafts, the artists and exhibitors also showed possibilities that enable expanded artistic expression. With the presented technologies, external devices can be controlled and microtonal music can be played.

The main stage for diverse guitar music was located in the circus tent. There was, among other things, a blues concert by DobBroMan with spontaneous support from Thorsten Quaeschning of Tangerine Dream, the performance of Nagen und Kotzmann, who blurred the line between drone, ambient and free jazz, and Linalab, who brought along a drummer for her electronic post-rock and processed the sound of her electric guitar with a synthesizer.


The lecture-concerts (Gesprächskonzerte) recorded during the event are now available on Superbooth Berlin’s YouTube and Vimeo channels, and the recordings of the other concerts will be released in the coming weeks.

Lecture-concerts are a combination of concert and presentation, where new instruments are introduced in a concrete musical context. This year, legendary synthesizer manufacturer Oberheim made a comeback and presented a new instrument in this format that, like its predecessors, seems to have the potential to become a classic.

We would like to expressly thank all exhibitors, artists, media representatives, trade visitors and last but not least the numerous private visitors for their great support and the wonderful three days and are already looking forward to SUPERBOOTH23 and SOOPERgrail next year.

Save the date now: SUPERBOOTH23 and SOOPERgrail from May 11 to 13, 2023 at FEZ-Berlin!

For more information and impressions please visit and

A brief look back at SUPERBOOTH22 & SOOPERgrail

“What a ride! A BIG Thank You to everyone who came to SUPERBOOTH22 and SOOPERgrail – all the exciting exhibitors, wonderful artists, guests, friends and family! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.”

The verdict by the official Superbooth Instagram channel

SUPERBOOTH22 and SOOPERgrail are over for this year. The 20th anniversary edition headed even more into the direction of being a music festival where you can explore all the tools, instruments and effects that are used to make the music that you hear just a few meters away on one of the several stages that could be found all over the event.

The Superbooth events seem to be the perfect examples of how products for creative people should be presented. As a trade show, Superbooth helps bring the showcased instruments closer to potential users and lays the foundation for things to develop further. As a social event Superbooth is a place to build and maintain friendships with people that you wouldn’t meet in your daily life, it brings people from different backgrounds together to share visions and develop new ideas.

The stage program stood for all that, it was characterized by an enormous variety of musical explorations, from early electronic instruments like the Trautonium and Hainbachs presentation of how electronic music was made by artists like Stockhausen in the 1960’s, to experimental modular synthesizer and guitar shows that try to push boundaries, superb live techno, children with their first ever stage experience together with the Modular Synthesizer Ensemble, an unexpected appearance of Richie Hawtin, playing open-air on the last day. The event truely celebrated the variety of musical visions, ideas, concepts and approaches.

The different areas of the anniversary edition all had their own atmosphere, but were always meandering between music festival, nerd meetup and a youth group trip with your friends.

Another event by HerrSchneider that will leave many people with long-lasting memories of community, friendship, and last but not least, lots of musical inspiration.

Oh and…yeah new synths and so. We’ll leave this topic to others for now. Why don’t you check out Bobeats video of his personal highlights of the show. And have a look at Sonicstate who – as always – have covered lots of exhibitors and their inventions. And surely there is more to find in the wide space of the interwebs we have seen a lot of familiar faces from the best YouTube channels for electronic musical instruments.

Video: Carolina Eyck – live Theremin concert @SUPERBOOTH21

The Carolina Eyck concert from SUPERBOOTH21 has just been released! Carolina Eyck’s concerts are always special, because she is one of the few who have mastered the extraordinary instrument called theremin. With her voice and one of the most difficult electronic instruments to master, she reaches unexpected sonic territories.

Carolina Eyck is a German-Sorbian musician and composer, largely recognized as the world’s leading theremin virtuoso. Eyck developed her own precise eight-finger-position playing technique by the age of 16 and published the first extensive theremin method book The Art of Playing the Theremin. Her method is now used by thereminists around the world and has revolutionized how the instrument is played. She has performed all around the world, collaborated with contemporary artists from a variety of genres, and has performed or recorded with rock legend Steve Vai, singer-songwriter Gotye, DJ Jeff Mills, guitarist Jim Moginie, Tangerine Dream, multi-instrumentalist Jacob Collier, and vocalist Theo Bleckmann, among others.

Carolina Eyck:


SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH22

Video: Kitmun live @SUPERBOOTH21

On the opening day of SUPERBOOTH21, Kitmun delivered an excellent live set of handmade electronic music with their impressive modular synthesizers under difficult conditions in the rain.

Rising out of the Berlin modular scene, Kitmun has been patching and twiddling their way into the eardrums of audiences recently. With performances at the Oscillate parties, Sacred Ground Festival, and now Superbooth – the duo consisting of Stephane Lefrancois and Carlota Marques has been spreading their infectious sound further and further into the ether.

The embodiment of DIY synth culture, they have intricately tuned their systems for maximum aural and visual expression. Their sound ranges from ambient and afrobeat to jungle and techno, always with a strong focus on synthesis. They have also hosted workshops at the world-renowned SchneidersLaden, where they detail their methods and approach. With this passion to share and communicate methodology, they exemplify a true underground ethos and show that the means are just as important as the ends.

Thank you Kitmun for yet another wonderful live-modular set!




SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH22

Video: Jessica Kert live at SUPERBOOTH21

Berlin-based electronic musician and techno producer Jessica Kert especially enjoys playing improvised live sets with modular synthesizers. A while ago she discovered the Buchla200e system for herself during the lockdown. At her day job at SchneidersLaden, the noble device was always available after work and so a deeper understanding of the instrument developed over many hours of experimentation.

After some time, the point was reached to bring what she had learned to the stage, which we are very happy about. Enjoy the full documentation of her concert below:




SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH22

Stammgast Pyrolator @SUPERBOOTH22

Stammgast is what they say in German (regular guest) – Kurt Dahlke aka Pyrolator has been a guest at SUPERBOOTH19 in 2019 with Der Plan and an unforgettable concert in the Auditorium, last year he creatively turned the outdoor area between FEZ-Berlin and Bungalowdorf into a stage as Pyrolator and this year SUPERBOOTH22 welcomes him again – we’ll see where and when, but it is promised that he will be there!

On the first day on the SUPERBOOTH21 Pyrolator played a “mobile modular”. Starting with the desire not to miss out on live performances during the lockdown, he put together a small setup in a 90HP skiff that could be powered by a power bank. Together with a small battery-powered sound system, it could be quickly set up and used anywhere in the park. As we all know – 90HP won’t take you far, so the system grew to be 4x84HP and it is still mobile.

You don’t get the chance to see a concert of Neue Deutsche Welle pioneers Der Plan that often. So it was even nicer to experience them at SUPERBOOTH19 in the Auditorium.

Der Plan was formed in 1979 in Dusseldorf and therefore strongly influenced by Kraftwerk as well as the DIY attitude of Punk. After founding member Kai Horn left the project early on, Kurt Dahlke aka Pyrolator stepped in and made Der Plan’s music more approachable. Moritz R, Kurt Dahlke alias Pyrolator and Frank Fenstermacher formed Der Plan to be an experimental music group that created a minimalistic but catchy sound, which got them national attention. It is seen as one of the early and most influential pieces of Neue Deutsche Welle.

Be there when Pyrolator performs at SUPERBOOTH22! Secure your tickets HERE.

Video: Sacha Ketterlin – live @SUPERBOOTH21

With his energetic and emotional ambient set Sacha Ketterlin found the perfect sound to start the stage program for that day. For many years Sacha Ketterlin has been working on the perfect configuration of his modular synthesizer, which relies heavily on the sound of MacBeth modules. The modular system is complemented by a Micromac D, also from Macbeth, and the Easel Command from Buchla. Enjoy the recording of Sacha Ketterlins concert at SUPERBOOTH21.

Born in Switzerland and raised in France, he has been living in Berlin since 2008. Classically trained in piano, he is now known for his absorptive, richly textured electronic sounds created with modular synthesizers.

Strongly influenced by techno and Berlin rave culture, he went on to dive deeply in the electronic music scene, organizing techno parties and Ambisonic events with a focus on live performance. After spending more than ten years searching for emotionally poignant sounds with his modular synthesizer, he released his debut vinyl Ocean of Sound in 2019 on his own imprint Higher Resonance.

Sacha Ketterlin:


SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH22

New spaces: beSOOPER at the Badesee

“We have revised our space concept for beSOOPER and discovered the Badesee (Bathing Lake), now there is even more air and space for sound and visions of new music.”


Parts of FEZ-Berlin are in the potential access of the city as emergency accommodation for refugees from Ukraine – which is of course appropriate and important. Against this background, it has been decided to develop further areas in the park grounds, to do without the use of the West Wing and to divide the Seebühne (Sea-side Stage) between two new locations. All artists announced for the Seebühne will be presented on the beach stage at the Badesee (Bathing Lake) and the new stage in the circus tent.

beSOOPER will thus be even bigger, with even more space and activities both outdoors and indoors: more than 150 booths with all kinds of electronic musical instruments and guitars of all known and unknown types, about twenty performances, concerts, presentations and workshops per day, including some late-night activities in the Bungalowdorf (Bungalow Village).

The daily cultural program will start at the latest with the workshop presentation of the Modular Synthesizer Ensemble at 1:30 pm and will continue outdoors at full intensity and volume until at least 10 pm.

Most of the booths and activities for guitar enthusiasts are concentrated on the upper floor of FEZ-Berlin, while the SOOPERgrail concerts will take place in the circus tent. Many of the countless synthesizer and modular manufacturers can be found and experienced in the now expanded tent village – as already very successfully realized in 2021.

The well-known and popular catering partners for food and drinks can be found at all outdoor locations.

In the foyer of the FEZ-Berlin there is the general info desk again, as well as the familiar ticket entrance for all visitors and artists, exhibitors and press partners. Guests arriving by public transport via the S-Bahn station Wuhlheide can get their wristband already at the bungalow village, upon presentation of their digital or printed ticket.

SUPERBOOTH22 // 12.-14. May 22:

  • One-day Ticket                 35 EUR, discounted 25 EUR (THU, FRI, SAT)
  • Three-day Ticket              90 EUR, discounted 70 EUR (THU, FRI & SAT)

SOOPERgrail // 13. Und 14. May 2022:

  • One-day Ticket                 18 EUR, discounted 15 EUR (FRI or SAT)
  • Two-day Ticket                 30 EUR, discounted 25 EUR (FRI & SAT)

Websites, more information:

New video: st.raumen – live @SUPERBOOTH21

Hard sounds and chaos – that’s how this concert was announced and that’s what we got – So put your succulents and crystals away from the table and get an ashtray!

st.raumen is T.Raumschmiere (Marco Haas) and Der Maschine (St. John Mantle) of fUCketyBuCkety.

The concert was recorded during SUPERBOOTH21 on the Seaside Stage of FEZ-Berlin.



SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH22

New video: POLE – live @SUPERBOOTH21

One of the concert highlights of SUPERBOOTH21 was Pole on the Seaside Stage. Only few artists have shaped the sound of of modern experimental dub music as much as Pole, aka Stefan Betke. His work has always been deeply organic and inspired by walks in the forest and the intricate sonic environments of cities alike, his sound shifts and swerves through different mindscapes engrossing the listener in a warm and familiar place.

During this concert, he seemed to span a net, from early works to brand new ones. “Every Pole record connects to recordings that I’ve made before,” Betke says. This development now continues with his new album Tanzboden released once again in conjunction with Mute.

Thank you to the Miller-Zillmer Foundation that made this concert possible.

For more information about concerts and events at this years SUPERBOOTH22 & SOOPERgrail check out this LINK.



Miller-Zillmer Foundation:

SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH22


Under the common motto – BeSOOPER – SUPERBOOTH22 and the new SOOPERgrail bring together several thousand instrument makers, music and culture creators from all over the world in Berlin. For 3 days they will explain and discuss the future of music and music making at FEZ-Berlin. The event will create a meeting space that invites the exchange of
visions, ideas, sounds and stories.

The concert and cultural program starts every day around noon with Berlin students playing 12 modular synthesizers in the auditorium, it ends with a „Berliner Schule“ session in the foyer or a „Techno“ live set in the bungalow village before midnight. In between, there are up to twenty events and concerts daily at five venues in the spacious park area and FEZ-Berlin.
During the three days of SUPERBOOTH22 and the two days of SOOPERgrail, the at least 150 exhibitors of musical instruments are placed at three locations on the spacious grounds, also to make the sonic aesthetics of the products really tangible. The ticket system is simply structured, all tickets are valid for the whole day and all events of the fair.

Day 1

On the first day of the event, Mute Records founder Daniel Miller and Depeche Mode producer Gareth Jones will be performing on the Sea-Side Stage as Sunroof, as well as AtomTM as headliner. In the early evening, singer-songwriter Lisa Morgenstern will also play here, including a Rhodes Mk8. The latest model of the classic electric piano will also be on display in the space of the trade show.

In the auditorium, the Finnish keyboardist KEBU proofs that you can still make live electronic music with classical electronic keyboard instruments, some of which are decades old, even today. A talk with Peter Kirn and international guests is still in preparation for the evening.

Day 2

Friday the thirteenth is the first day of the guitar fair SOOPERgrail: Here it is also about visions that go far beyond ordinary remakes of American evergreens from Gibson to Fender. On the Guitar Stage at the Cinema, Matthias Grob tells his story from the development of the first guitar looper and its commercialization to today‘s hype, of which he as the „inventor“ unfortunately no longer benefits much. He shows his classic and builds a bridge to other colleagues with similar experiences.

For the upcoming generation, the daily Tapeloop workshops are a good introduction to this topic. Other guitarists as well as innovative exhibitors, also with guitars in the area between electronics and stringed instruments, make the fair a full-day program for interested and curious people.

The full program also runs on the other stages on Friday: Wayne Tailor, Mark Verbos, Julia Bondar and classic „Berlin School“ by Kontroll-Raum to close the day in the foyer. In the auditorium at 8 p.m., Hainbach, together with the Gebrüder Teichmann, will explain electronic music techniques of the past using the example of current cultural transformation between Germany and Japan on the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of the Goethe-Institut Tokyo.

Day 3

On Saturday, the workshops are often booked up the fastest, many musicians come with their children to enjoy the concerts and events and to learn something: In the guitar section, Sukandar Kartadinata explains his instrument with adjustable frets – the liberation from the twelve-tone scale. Schneider TM, among others, will be playing on the Guitar Stage. On the Sea-Side Stage St.Raumen alias T.Raumschmiere and St. John Mantle perform, in the Auditorium Peter Pichler shows the Mixturtrautonium during a workshop and plays a concert in the evening. The finale is provided by Martin Stürtzer on the keyboards in the foyer and the Dutch Maarten Vos with the Korean artist JS Park playing an incomparable techno set in the bungalow village.

All details regarding other concerts, (DIY) workshops, performances and events can be found on and in the coming days.

And the Superbooth Berlin Team is announcing the following statement concerning the war in Ukraine:

“The war of aggression on Ukraine leaves us speechless. We sympathize and stand in solidarity with the suffering and struggling people in Ukraine and with the refugees who are being forced to leave their homes.
Our donation goes to CADUS e.V. which helps war refugees in Ukraine and worldwide. We would like to thank all those who do the same, if possible!”

Video: Maarten Vos – live at SUPERBOOTH21

The Dutch artist Maarten Vos played an incomparable set on the Seaside-Stage at SUPERBOOTH21. With the otherworldly Haken Continuum, a Buchla synthesizer and a Eurorack Modular System he took the audience a sonic journey.

Known as much for his outlier, exploratory approach to the cello as his work with modular synthesizers, he’s constantly exploring the boundaries of what can be done with certain instruments. His work is influenced by numerous collaborations with artists like Julianna Barwick, Stimming, Colin Benders and by excursions into other art forms, where he composed music for various disciplines, collaborated with fashion designers, visual artists and scored music for film.

Maarten Vos:

BeSOOPER – SUPERBOOTH22 & SOOPERgrail – Tickets now available:

SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH22

Video: Ain TheMachine perfoming live @SUPERBOOTH21

The Berlin-based musician, composer and music producer Ain The Machine makes live electronic music in a slightly different way – entertaining, engaging and danceable, first and foremost. During his concert he simply uses his body, his voice and random objects to create basslines, pads and melodies.

For his SUPERBOOTH21 performance he even included the audience into his compositions by inviting them to use a microphone in front of the stage.

Because his particular technique is so worth seeing and hearing, he has already presented his vision at 4 TEDx Talks in different countries. His journey as a musician, composer and music producer has earned him a nomination for a Latin Grammy. But he’s also been playing out on Berlin stages, for example at Sisyphos, Rummels Bucht and of course at SUPERBOOTH21 on the Seaside Stage.

Learn more about Ain TheMachine:

Learn more about SUPERBOOTH22, SOOPERgrail and the upcoming BeSooper Edition on On all three websites you can get your tickets for the the BeSooper event in May 2022.
Schneidersladen presents SUPERBOOTH22

BE SOOPER – SUPERBOOTH22 & SOOPERgrail tickets now available!

BE SOOPER – electric get to gathering: 12.-14. May at FEZ-Berlin

The international trade fair for electronic musical instruments will take place in spring again; the presale for SUPERBOOTH22 and SOOPERgrail tickets starts today! Get them here.

After the Corona troubles, SUPERBOOTH22 shows itself clearly developed for the anniversary event. At the trade fair with festival character there will be deep insights into the professional world of electronic music and its instruments, their application and development, as well as workshops for students and young people.

Over three full days SUPERBOOTH22 presents itself in a new scale and with a special atmosphere. The area surrounding the FEZ-Berlin offers outdoor exhibition tents, bungalows, concert and presentation stages in the spacious park area. So far, 150 exhibitors showcase electronic music instruments and everything else needed for handmade and electronic music in the main building and around it. For the first time, there will also be SOOPERgrail as an independent trade fair dedicated to the art of guitar building.

The founder HerrSchneider on this:

„Last September’s SUPERBOOTH21 was described by all participants as the best yet, despite a lower number of visitors. We want to reflect on this again for our anniversary and would like to surpass it. The possible expansion to a trade fair for other (musical) instruments at the Berlin location holds great potential: Techno and electronic music continue to be our basis, but the respectful mixing with the craft of other professions opens many new doors.“

Some manufacturers have already demonstrated last year how the creative exploration of the border areas between guitars and complex electronic applications can open up new horizons. The guitar fair SOOPERgrail has its own stage for concerts and presentations inside, offers its guests access to the shared lake stage along with a catering area on the lawn and free access to other events in the park area. Guests of SUPERBOOTH22 are also and explicitly welcome at SOOPERgrail. Of course, only the SUPERBOOTH22 ticket is valid for the so far much larger exhibition area of SUPERBOOTH22.

The presale for SUPERBOOTH22 and SOOPERgrail starts online today. Due to the pandemic, the ticket contingents remain limited for the time being, all tickets are valid for the respective trade fair areas and event days without restrictions from 10 am to 7 pm as well as for the evening program. For simplification, any type of special and trade visitor tickets have been omitted. 


SUPERBOOTH22 // 12.-14. May 22:

One-day Ticket 35 EUR, discounted 25 EUR (THU, FRI, SAT)
Three-day Ticket 90 EUR, discounted 70 EUR (THU, FRI & SAT)

SOOPERgrail // 13. & 14. Maiy 2022:

One-day Ticket 18 EUR, discounted 15 EUR (FRI or SAT)
Two-day Ticket 30 EUR, discounted 25 EUR (FRI & SAT)

Bloody Mary live at SUPERBOOTH21

Enjoy this energetic live concert of Bloody Mary at SUPERBOOTH21! With a 707 and the sound of a 303 – you can’t go wrong. This wonderful set made clear, why she was making her live-debut in the infamous basement of Tresor Berlin. We were lucky enough to have Bloody Mary on our Seaside Stage on her birthday!

Bloody Mary encompasses all aspects of an established electronic musician: she’s a vinyl DJ, she’s a producer, she performs live, and she’s been running the label Dame-Music since 2010. The French-born, Berlin-based artist likes to be kept busy. When she’s not caught up running between airport gates, she’s usually locked away in her hardware-heavy studio, continuously mastering her art as a producer. She has released countless records on Dame-Music over the past 10 years and on many other labels since.

SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH22

Schneider TM & TB Arthur – live @SUPERBOOTH21

Dirk and Jay didn’t have their first appearance on a Superbooth stage, but this concert was the first one they performed on Deimel Firestar LesLee® Synchronizer guitars. These handmade guitars were being premiered in public for the first time at SUPERBOOTH21. The newly developed custom guitars made by Deimel Guitarworks allow for connectivity and interactivity via CV in/out on modular synths.

The LesLee guitar makes it possible to either send or receive a waveform or sending out a CV signal. It is even possible to do sync recording by using a CV to Midi generator, or to be in sync with video signals for performing artists – something that hasn’t been used in this performance, but opens up even more possibilities.

Schneider TM & TB Arthur brought modular synthesizers and guitar pedal effect boxes along with the aforementioned Deimel guitars to create sounds in unusual ways and explore new sonic territories.

Enjoy their unique performance merging two worlds of electronic sound that can also be seen as a preview to what the upcoming SOOPERgrail guitar show will be about.

See you at SUPERBOOTH22 and SOOPERgrail!


SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH22

Yann Tiersen – live @SUPERBOOTH21

A melody says more than a thousand words – and the melodies coming from the fingers of Yann Tiersen even more so. He is a true virtuoso and master of his craft, who was also able to fascinate the audience at SUPERBOOTH21 with his energetic sound collages – a perfect end to the first day of the event.

Yann collaborates with the label Mute Records, on which he has been developing his experiments since 2010. His latest album Kerber was released just before SUPERBOOTH21 and shows how Yann uses piano sketches as a source of inspiration for electronic module synthesis. The combination of these two worlds makes the album a unique creative achievement, where the electronic instruments are overlaid and driven by the acoustic elements. With this album in mind and the fact that he has been a regular guest at SchneidersLaden for quite some time, Yann was the perfect musician for a concert at Superbooth.

The Yann Tiersen concert was presented by the Miller-Zillmer Foundation.

sooperRadio #7

sooperRADIO #7 – Thursday 5-7pm!

New year, new round. Again 8 weeks have passed, sooperRADIO is back on PiRadio, Radio Woltersdorf’s weekly slot in Berlin and Potsdam on 88.4 MHz or 90.7MHz. The seventh edition of the SUPERBOOTH Berlin radio show is about the upcoming 20th anniversary of Andreas Schneider’s idea: SUPERBOOTH.

Monolake aka Robert Henke, HerrSchneider and Andre Kaufmann talk about the history, the visions, the music and the current motivation. In the last twenty years, the world has changed a lot and with it the trade fairs for musical instruments – the guests on sooperRADIO look back at their first attempts to set new impulses for trade fairs. Together with M.E.S.I. from Paris, SchneidersBuero from Berlin designed a booth at the Frankfurt Music Fair in April 2002. Ten synthesizer manufacturers such as Big Briar (aka Moogmusic), Elektron, Doepfer, Vermona were represented at the excellent booth with a party-like atmosphere.

We look forward to HerrSchneider sharing memories like “Bob Moog and his secretary were on the dance floor while relevant artists from Berlin played live”.

LISTEN at on Thursday, January, 20th, 2022 from 5pm ‘till 7pm.

Please note: The show will most probably be in German language.

Here are some pictures from the event 20 years ago:

Video: Peter van Hoesen live @SUPERBOOTH21

This is the Peter van Hoesen concert from SUPERBOOTH21. He played this experimental live set on the seaside stage on day two of the tradeshow and festival for electronic musical instruments.

Peter Van Hoesen is considered as one of techno’s tastemakers but never has been that typical techno artist. Peter is someone who sculpts sounds for many different environments – the club, the home, the gallery or even the museum. He does so with a true sense of personality. On his own label Time to Express he releases textural compositions and he also records to great acclaim as Sendai alongside Yves De Mey.

In performance terms, Peter lays down dark and arresting techno sets as well as captivating, storytelling live musical journeys. Because of that he is renowned around the world for his high quality, high creativity, high levels of consistency, constantly translating his personality into his music.

Goodbye and Hello – with SchneidersLaden & Superbooth

A new level of Corona is approaching, the SchneidersLaden showroom is temporarily closed, but life goes on. Being busy behind closed doors describes the year 2021 pretty accurate for the SchneidersLaden team and it will be the same during the beginning of 2022. The team works hard processing orders, talking to customers on the phone or by email, and keeping up with all the new interesting developments in the field of electronic musical instruments.

A story of open doors was SUPERBOOTH21 – the new concept was a huge success and a wonderful time for everyone that was there. HerrSchneider talked about the return of Superbooth to FEZ-Berlin in the recent Steckblatt edition. Here is what he said:

So, Spring 22 should be great – again! SuperBooth21 is just two months over and it was wonderful: we‘ve learned a lot about how to run physical events in today‘s world with all safety aspects in mind, we‘ve paid all the bills and we‘re planning our next event even better now: it should be in May again, or later, … who knows. But it will remain the most important event for you and for us to drive our passion. We had fulfilled all safety regulations and now look back on all the outstanding concerts, lectures and presentations, as well as a number of products that were introduced during the „best SuperBooth ever“.

To give you a deeper impression, please read some comments and deeper insights in this issue #4 of our fanzine. Let‘s look back and focus: Let‘s work to be prepared, let‘s keep making music, what else? Looking back at the meetings we had, our Corona-safe virtual presentations, rainy gigs and wonderful parties at night in the Bungalowdorf – we will never forget this time and we look forward to repeating it all. Enjoy the sweet quiet of the cold winter season, isolate yourself as good as you can and please stay healthy … to hopefully see you again soon!

With warm regards, Andreas Schneider

From the Steckblatt Edition 21.4

And please remember SchneidersLaden being closed from 3rd to 5th of January 2022 for taking inventory.

New Video: hackedepicciotto – live @SUPERBOOTH21

hackedepicciotto (Alexander Hacke & Danielle de Picciotto) presented an intense concert at SUPERBOOTH21. Danielle de Picciotto brought some unusual instruments and Alexander Hacke plays traditional guitar and drums. Together they create beautiful, existentialistic, acoustic soundscapes, which roar and vibrate simultaneously leaving their audiences shaken but overjoyed.

Danielle and Alexander have been collaborating since 2001. At the beginning they mainly performed audio/visual projects on theater stages but from 2010 onwards they started composing albums together. Alexander Hacke’s background with Einstürzende Neubauten can be felt in their many rhythmic tracks.

“We have the urge to include strong percussive elements and electronic sounds to create a powerful rhythmic feel. Something to create the feeling of power and urgency.”

The classic and spoken word background of Danielle de Picciotto is prominent as well. Glorious choirs and violin harmonies flow throughout their music giving it an almost symphonic sound. The artist couple calls their music “cinematic-drone” and their albums sound like the film track to an apocalyptic feature-length film.

Their new album on Mute Recordings entitled The Silver Threshold was released in November. They are continuing to glide across genres that take in cinematic drone, industrial, experimental, spoken word and soundscapes, shifting between immersive ambient into noisy eruptions.

The concert was presented by the Miller-Zillmer Foundation.

SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH21

Video: JakoJako & Annalise Van Even – live at SUPERBOOTH21

The Seebühne was home to some amazing artists and performances during this years SUPERBOOTH21. The first official concert movie from SUPERBOOTH21 features a highlight of the event – JakoJako and Annalise “Nana” Van Even’s collaborative performance, that was presented by the Miller-Zillmer Foundation.

Dance and music merge during JakoJako’s live set with Annalise “Nana” Van Even’s contemporary dance performance. Annalise was wearing motion-sensored patches from Instrument of Things on her body, which were programmed so that her movement had a direct correlation with JakoJako’s modular synthesizer, creating and controlling specific qualities of sound, and essentially becoming another instrument to the live set. The circuitry of curiosity, the playfulness of the patch, the sublime in the subfrequency. Coalescing together in an emotive dance, these eloquent elements comprise the foundation of JakoJako’s approach to music. Whether you find her deeply engrossed in her modular system, performing at Berghain as a part of the Leisure System crew, or working behind the counter at the legendary Berlin synth shop SchneidersLaden, her profound knowledge and passion for translating her external and internal worlds into sonic anomalies permeate throughout everything she does.

Annalise “Nana” Van Even is a multi-disciplinary contemporary dancer, choreographer, and performance artist born in Boston (USA) and currently based in Berlin. Her continued research in transcending states and story-telling through the architecture of the body has allowed her to collaborate and participate in performance, film, music, fashion, photography, and visual art.

sooperRADIO live – today 5-7pm!

Finally sooperRADIO again! The sixth and last show from the Superbooth makers this year. It’s about to start! The show runs from 5 to 7 pm live from the high security studio in Lottumstrasse. You can listen on or in the Berlin radio on 88,4.

The guests in studio this time are Kai Roeske & Robert Siegel musically in operation as Kairostar. Synths, music and live update on SUPERBOOTH22 with HerrSchneider, there are first thoughts for 20 years of Superbooth in May 2022 and it is as always about sequences and sounds made of electricity.

Best to tune in directly at

20 years of Superbooth – time for something new!

The successful SUPERBOOTH21 has shown how musical instrument trade fairs can work even during a pandemic. Due to the circumstances, the plan to establish a new guitar fair has been put on hold so far. This September, a handful of guitar makers have already presented themselves at SUPERBOOTH21. Next year, the time has finally come and SOOPERgrail22 will be organized as its own event, with separate access and also at the FEZ-Berlin.

The idea of “Superbooth” was already born 20 years ago and was cultivated in the first years in Frankfurt, with always new ideas, to an extraordinary, unusual trade fair concept. Six years have passed since the realization of an independent event in Berlin. During this time, a very personal and individual fair format has been established in the FEZ-Berlin. This development and the 20th anniversary will be celebrated on the eve of SUPERBOOTH22 with an exclusive evening event for our companions of the last 20 years.

As a special welcome for the new exhibitors from the guitar sector, a collective get-together for exhibitors and invited guests will be offered on the evening of 12. May – an opportunity to get to know each other, exchange ideas and meet again.

 2G instead of 3G*

The planning of SUPERBOOTH22 and SOOPERgrail22 is based on the current status of the official Covid regulations. For this reason, the organizers already point out that access to SUPERBOOTH22 and SOOPERgrail22 will most likely be bound to the 2G regulations.

This will allow for more indoor guests, the removal of time restrictions on indoor areas, and the prospect of possible reductions in mask requirements and minimum distances. A large number of exhibitors and visitors were already vaccinated or recovered this year (2G). In order not to exclude anyone completely, it is expected that non-2G compatible visitors will still be allowed to attend with a daily PCR test.

*The so-called 3G rule (public spaces are only open to those that are vaccinated, recovered, or tested – in german: geimpft, genesen, getestet)

Here are the dates for SUPERBOOTH22 and SOOPERgrail22:

  • SUPERBOOTH22:            12. – 14. May 2022
  • SOOPERgrail22:              13. – 14. May 2022

That is the short view into the future. But after 20 years of “Superbooth”, it’s also worth taking a look back.

Looking back

In 2002, during the Musikmesse in Frankfurt, a “Superbooth” took place for the first time as an ambitious group exhibition and with its own concert event. This was the starting point for everything that followed. Again and again we hear how people involved at that time become enthusiastic when they think back to the first Superbooth stands. The Superbooth concept stood out from the normal trade fair routine even back then, just like the Superbooth events today in Berlin.

“Many of the current participants such as Doepfer, (Bob) Moog, Elektron, Vermona, as well as currently involved artists like Monolake, Toktok and others are still connected to our events and activities and certainly like to celebrate with us. We are looking forward to the opportunity to celebrate such a long-lasting development with each other once again!”


To take HerrSchneider at his word, the Superbooth Berlin GmbH celebrates the round anniversary with a special event in the context of SUPERBOOTH22. On the eve of SUPERBOOTH22 – on 11.5.2022 from 7 pm – the organizers will hold an exclusive anniversary celebration with exhibitors and invited guests. All this will of course take place at FEZ-Berlin.



For the first time, SOOPERgrail22 will take place as a separately bookable, casual event for electric guitar manufacturers at FEZ-Berlin. The new event will be presented by Superbooth Berlin GmbH on two days, 13.-14. May 2022, as part of SUPERBOOTH22.

Exhibitors will showcase a selection of custom-made European electric and bass guitars in a separate area of the building around the K1 concert hall, in nearby rooms, on the Cinema presentation stage and in the open meeting areas.

A variety of presentations and concerts await guests at SUPERBOOTH22 and SOOPERgrail22 on several stages, as well as a large, shared outdoor area for both events with the popular catering options.


SUPERBOOTH22 will again be an open and broad experience at FEZ-Berlin. There will be up to 200 exhibitors and plenty of space and fresh air around the Seaside Stage (Seebühne) and in the park. The Hüttendorf and the Fuchsbau will also be integrated into the program again. Both are in close distance and offer a very unique atmosphere due to their location, which complement the event perfectly.

Concerts and performances will take place on a total of four stages indoors and outdoors. Those who want to do more than just look and try things out can create something of their own in different DIY-workshops and take it home with them. School classes and other children can try out the numerous, age-appropriate workshops and approach the topics of music creation and sound exploration with some guidance. The exhibition can be visited daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., and the stage program continues into the evening. All those at home can keep their eyes and ears glued to the livestream and the trade fair radio.

This was SUPERBOOTH21 – See you at SUPERBOOTH22

We all had to wait a long time for SUPERBOOTH21, now the event is over and it was a complete success. The circumstances that forced the organizers to completely rethink have made this year’s SUPERBOOTH21 better. The exhibitors have used the last months to develop many exciting novelties. The spacious area, the airier rooms and the resulting much more relaxed atmosphere, gave the exhibitors and visitors more opportunity to engage in conversation and to test and experience the exhibited instruments in a meaningful way.

Many participants reported that the quality of the discussions among each other was once again better than in previous years. This was made possible by the 126 exhibitors present this year, whom the organizers would like to thank once again. Another important element in this year’s concept was the cooperation with the Miller-Zillmer Foundation, to whom the organizers would also like to express their sincere thanks. The Miller-Zillmer Foundation made it possible to bring the wonderful artists Yann Tiersen, hackedepicciotto, JakoJako, Pole and the Modular Synthesizer Ensemble to the stage.

Andre Kaufmann: “Our little adventure trip is over for this year – 4 days with quite a few moments of joy, passion and excitement. We hope everyone had a great time meeting colleagues, friends and making many new contacts. It was a very memorable event, maybe the special circumstances made us even more connected.”

The start was perhaps a bit bumpy, with decent rain from Wednesday afternoon, but this was compensated for in the following days by the mild late summer with some sunshine hours and pleasant temperatures. The bungalow village had a wonderful homely atmosphere, in the evenings the Tresorbühne spread festival and club feeling and the famous Japanese pancakes and vegan gyros were again the right basis for long days and short nights.

The success of the newly designed event prompted Andreas Schneider to announce in his closing words after the last concert on the seaside stage on Saturday evening that he intends to keep this concept for SUPERBOOTH22. So you can look forward to another Superbooth that manages to be exciting and relaxed at the same time. One of the best news remains with regards to the first September edition of Superbooth that SUPERBOOTH22 is only 8 months away!

The preparations for SUPERBOOTH22 are already about to begin. The next edition of Superbooth will then take place at FEZ-Berlin from May 12-14, 2022, this time in conjunction with sooperGRAIL, which is dedicated to the art of guitar building.

For the perfect review of concerts and interviews with guests like Jean-Michel Jarre and T.Raumschmiere, talk concerts with Metasonix, Modor, UDO Audio, Joranalogue, Erica Synths, Meng-Qi and many more, there are plenty of videos on the official Superbooth Vimeo and YouTube accounts, as well as on the Superbooth homepage.

  • SUPERBOOTH22 12. – 14. Mai 2022

Here is one fine example of a Gesprächskonzert:

sooperRadio today 5-7 pm!

Its radio time again! Two weeks after SUPERBOOTH21 it is time for a look back! During the broadcast today the core of the radio and Superbooth team meet for a cheerful wrap-up. There are quite a few anecdotes, highlights and musical moments to be discussed. The two hours will not be enough to cover everything, but we are still looking forward to it!

The sooperRADIO is a still young program from the organizing team of Superbooth and is broadcasted to radios in Berlin and Potsdam by friendly invitation as part of the program of Radio Woltersdorf. If you are not in the broadcast area you can still listen to the show via the stream. Please note that the show will be mostly in German language.

Find the stream here!


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