Workshop at Schneidersladen

Monday, Sep 02, 2019

FLAME Workshop & Performance //Thursday 7:30pm

On Thursday September 5th SchneidersLaden presents a workshop with FLAME – not only will you be able to learn more about their many new desig…
Thursday, Aug 29, 2019

Next Workshop Series at SchneidersLaden

Workshops and performances at SchneidersLaden in August and September 2019 – with ALM Busy Circuits, Shakmat Modular, Verbos Electronics, Flame, Sn…
Friday, Aug 23, 2019

SchneidersLaden Spezial – live music // Thursday 7PM

Next Thursday – the 29th of August – SchneidersLaden will present a special event with three hours of live-music, played by the employe…
Friday, Aug 16, 2019

ALM Busy Circuits – Workshop //August 22nd

Matthew from ALM Busy Circuits is visiting SchneidersLaden for a special workshop on Thursday, 22nd of August at 7:30pm! His innovative and establi…
Friday, Aug 16, 2019

Special Modular Beginner Workshop with Gammon // August 22nd

In their weekly Modular Beginner Workshop series SchneidersLaden helped hundreds of musicians to make their first steps into this special field of …
Wednesday, Aug 14, 2019

THURSDAY: Snazzy FX & Modular Beginner Workshop

15. August // 7:30pm – Snazzy FX This Thursday 15th of August SchneidersLaden will have a veteran of the scene as a guest: Dan Snazelle – Snazzy FX…
Monday, Apr 29, 2019

Video: Looking at Raster.Labor – with Frank Bretschneider

Raster.Labor is an installation project by Raster.Media with contributions by Byetone + Mieko Suzuki, Dasha Rush, Frank Bretschneider, Grischa Lich…
Saturday, Apr 06, 2019

World premiere on Thursday – 7:30pm: polygogo Oscillator by E-RM

E-RM presents their new synthesis method! polygogo, E-RM’s new stereo oscillator module, is based on the specially developed polygonal synthe…
Wednesday, Apr 03, 2019

Workshop with Instruō! Thursday 4th of April – 7:30pm

Join us for a special workshop with Jason Lim from Instruō ! Instruō is a manufacturer of innovative euroack modular designs with a unique appearan…


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