Schneidersladen closed ..

We are closed from December 21st 2012 until January 7th, 2013 towards Christmas, Inventory and new years eve. In addition we will have some major changes with our computer systems, so we will need the first week of January to learn how it goes.. and to get up with collected backorders then. So ..

if you need something from us,  you better buy it now. Online orders coming in on 21st or later will be shipped the first week of January, but..  you will not be able to enter shop or showroom before January, 7th. Thank you for your understanding and all the best to you. Have a good time.

Cleared / prepaid orders will be
shipping until Friday morning!

Very last day with showroom this
Friday, 21st – youre welcome!


Towards the end of the year we are mainly happy about still being able to see you coming in being our friends and clients, thank you for your ongoing support. After we missed to send out any cards or christmas presents, we would also like to say thank you to our suppliers and partners this way.

(Testsalon London now)

2012 brought some changes with the shop in Berlin, we started a new concept for the London Testsalon and we could found a reliable distribution partner for those brands that would like to be seen in many shops over europe,  sometimes not even fitting to Schneidersladen anymore, but it will be good for most of us making the smaller things and shops survive.

We hope that the year will end with peace in our countries even if we should be aware that our lifestyle is a reason for the opposite in many parts of the world. As we sadly know, best weapons are still made in germany, I only hope that some things can change in the future and that we can be forgiven.

Merry Christmas, all the best for you and yours and a nice new years eve.


Die Musik-Technik-Tage von der DE_BUG finden jetzt wieder im Rahmen der BerlinMusicDays statt und ein paar unserer Freunde werden am Start sein: In zwei Bastelworkshop gibts jeweils um 15 Uhr zunächst am Freitag mit Stefan Betke alias Pole eine Einführung in Analog und/oder Digital, von Koma Electronics ein quakendes Kuscheltier und am Samstag mit Leaf_Audio einen selber-löten-workshop für eine echte 808 Trigger Basedrum.

Macbeth on Demo..

We really have a very first of the Macbeth Micromacs for a test in our showroom, now. The sales models will be coming quite soon, so .. if you are on the (long) waiting list already, it could happen soon that we get back to you, if you are not, check it out these days if this is a one for you or not
The desktop versions with Midi will still take a bit so please keep being informed this way.

Oberheim from Stock!

sem-proTom Oberheim did send even more SEM units now, so finally both models with midi or patchpanel (except the SEM PRO) are available from stock – (as long as stock lasts)!
b.t.w… his upcoming Two Voice unfortunately is “more complicated than expected” but now you can already place a reservation and we will get back to you once they are shipping; production units for europe are limited. The earlier planned son of four voice will definitely not be realized (for now), so i had to set the project down to the archives (for now).


We now cleared up our stock towards news of any kind with a limited summer sale. For the next few weeks there soldes-datewill be products on low prices as long as stock lasts – some because we stocked too many, some because we like you and others because they are not that perfect, find you own decision over here to order online or not or give us an email if questions are left to answer?

Desktop Electronics

micromacboomstar4075-angled-fullsizeStudio Electronics will finally be able to release their boomstar soon. The desktop version of a monosynth will probably top the sounds of a moog minitaur still being in competion with Ken Macbeths little Micromac, that will also be coming soon in two versions.

The Doepfer-compatible rackversion (Micromac-R) will probably be available still in August as promised, while the cased Micromac-Desktop unit (including the Kenton Midi Interface) will unfortunately  take a bit longer. So .. if you want to have one of em in time, make your choice soon and let us know about it.

INternational affairs

chesnaWe recognized many customers coming from countries outside the european union often do not know that they do not have to afford VAT here. When mail ordering the prices excluding VAT matter to you only. These are shown on the web shop right besides the normal inclusive prices.

[All people located inside the EU have to pay this because they may benefit from all the autobahn, hospitals and schools being built from all the taxes!]

The shipping rates are mostly affordable. Shipping two Cwejman modules to either תֵּל־אָבִיב (Tel Aviv), Екатеринбург (Jekaterinburg), New York or 東京 (Tokio) will cost about 20,- to 30,-€ .. rates to South Africa and Australia can be slightly higher…
All people from those countries who visit Germany and make a purchase here may claim the VAT back at the airport they leave from via cash refund offices.

Micromac update:

micromac_r_dKen Macbeth was giving us an update on the upcoming supersynth called Micromac today: There will be two versions, one for the modular eurorack (Micromac-R) and one more expensive desktop version (Micromac-D) probably both coming in around July/August 2012.
The DT model will have two LFOs instead of one and even more extra features, it will be cased and come with an external AC power supply.
The modular Version will have the unbelievable size of 57HP (!!),  is equipped for the standard doepfer A-100 power supply and finally .. for the extra features of the DT version Ken is planning an additional breakout box for the modular that should be released later on.
We are very much looking forward to get our little portion of them in, for both models we started to collect pre-reservations already, if you really think about getting one of them, you better do that now.

MFB Dominion

mfbdomxThe latest release by MFB is a complex storable synth with very smart functions packed in wooden side cheeks called the Dominion. Finally it will not need any Filterchips by other manufacturers and thats good: Our friends at MFB found a much better solution now that will be available shortly. The cases and the look has been done as you see very well on our new own pics by Paul P (see above).

Mega mac !

It seems like the micromac will kick the minitaur. Staff at SchneidersLaden now checked the new release from the US and has very big hope that the soon coming comparable original from scotland will be indeed the better although its the more expensive.
Unfortunately the scotsmans synth will cost more than the double of its american brother but it seems like it could be correct. We will see once we have it in our hands. Now see a preview on Ken s Minimac on the web here and make your preorder in time over here !

ess eins aufgegessen!

There has been a delivery, sure, but this monday again we are sold out on these beautiful instruments. So the normal waiting-list-business is on again. The good things come to those who wait…
S1 is still being sold in pearl white.
Also modules follow up in production now. There is for example the chance to catch a BLD these days! Or little amount of MMF-1.

Schneidersladen Berlin

Four VCOs at once..


.. available right now as Doepfers new A-143-4 quad VC-LFO/VCO modul – probably kicking some other polyphonic solutions in the moduars of the world now. Together with Vermonas Quad Midi Interface you can play it four voice right now for quite small money right now!

(b.t.w. the vermona is in stock already or quite shortly and the pic of the doepfer in the shop will be changed soon, for details click this one, please.)

Dark Times !

dark_energyThe Dark Energy by Doepfer unfortunately is discontinued and will be selling out soon. A follow up model will be released in Mai 2012, but slightly different: A 12 dB multimode-filter with LP, HP, BP, notch will be included instead of the 24dB LP now and the design will change a little bit towards that.

Big City Music

 p1060549(NAMM 2012/3) Roger Cordell was showing on his booth again the swedish Mellotron-clone by his friend Markus Resch. Unfortunately that one is a bit unhandy compared to the original slim one called ‘Memotron’, what is quite often used by experienced artists in the world for polyphonic sounds of the 70s.
Apart from that they was showing a very first (pre serial?) model of a moonwind unit by JoMoX and the ‘Koma’ synth by EOWave from France. Funnily ‘Koma’ as a name has alredy been introduced for a brand of quite innovative stompboxes just a few months ago.

Schneiders on NAMM

p1060072(NAMM 2012/1) It really started with Mr Ken Macbeth at seven oclock in the morning for breakfast this year: He showed us his latest prototype of the tiny little synth he made that has already been copied by Moog as the „Minosaurus“… so it looks like americans are becoming a bit more chinese now.
He also showed me a board that could become a prominent 5U synth for the moonmodular/dotcom systems another even better minimoog .. would be nice and we will see. First of all we will get in more dual VCOs for the eurorack to be sold together with his dual envelope and his dual SV Filter, that we already stock.

All at once..

Analoge Modular Synthesizer SchneidersLaden BerlinPresented as a well done quality stereo bit crusher and sound mangler first, the OTO buscuit from France now became a real Praliné as DER OTO: With just a (free) software upgrade it can also be used as a hardware combination of synth, sequencer and sound tool in one box and it seems like it is real fun. We still have some units in stock, but I will restock lots more after I have seen this video !

WMD uHD in stock..

wmduhcpicbigAlready today the new Micro Hadron Collider VCF by WMD did arrive and has been unpacked about ten minutes ago. One unit was mounted up to our demosystem, Franz is busy testing and playing around and everybody is happy including me!
On the picture (clic it twice) you can also see the uHD expansions as they could ship with the next batch if we want them – or you? –  so please have a look and listen and give us your feedback/preorders .. or not. .
and have a nice monday everybody.

SND prices

snd_fb14s_mThe price for a Filterbank FB14 by SND had to be increased unfortunately now. The monofilterbank is selling for 999 EUR inc VAT from now on.
The stereo variation
with the unique frequency panorama function is out of production anyway, but still one very last model is in stock selling for just 1790 EUR probably soon.  The very last few units of their prominent Sequencer SAM16 are probably sold out these days, too.


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