Charles Cohen is a master synthesizer improviser who has been a central figure in Philadelphia/East Coast experimental, avant-garde, and Charles_Cohen_540x300improvisational scene for the past 40 years. He is one of the few living artists to own and have mastered Don Buchla’s 1973 Music Easel, a rare, performance-oriented portable synth made from two modules of the Buchla 200 series.
His workshop for just 12 people in SchneidersLADEN at Kottbusser Tor will be held on January 30st on a first come first serve basis to those who send an email to workshops@ctm-festival.de NOW.

Cwejman Mic Preamps ..

Cwejman_AP-1_SLWe finally got some of the very rare mic preamps AP-1 with integrated compressor and envelope follower by Wowa Cwejman coming in now. There are still a few available at the time. We also get some filters, the MMF-1 in, but they are all ordered already, as far as I know. Wowa Cwejman told nothing about a concrete delivery date for S1 units, at the time he is working on something new taking the artist apart from the daily work (!), we are sorry.

Theres news ..

ek-lounge-1There are plenty of new modules available for the Eurorack modular. Some of them are not really nessessary, others offer new possibilities and a lot more will be shown on Namm very soon. We will collect the news from there to let you know about it here and in our showroom. Usually such new stuff is not available in Europe before April once they all calm down a bit after the shows they had to do. Everything that should be relevant for you will probably be seen in Frankfurt then, so .. calm down and or ask, we try our best to help you  (…here and now).

Were closed now – til 2.01.2014

geschlossenSorry – Schneidersladen is closed over christmas for a longer period of time: December, 20th was the very last day in 2013 where we are able to sell you our very last few modules that we still send out on December 23rd before the end of the year will happen to all of us. We have the strong hope to re-open the existing showroom in 2014 on January, 2nd again and we hope that you wont miss us too much in between to see you again next year. so .. enjoy your life and  have a good time!

Overloaded .. ?

overlaodDear friends and clients,

Its shortly before christmas, our very last week of this year – and everyone wants to have  little presents or infos about them. Our mailbox is completly overloaded and we try our best to go thru all these mails and answer them, but .. please be patient if you don’t hear directly from us …. we work on it.

Relax and HAVE A GOOD END of the year 2013 –
yours, all the schneiders in the laden

Audi Abused?

Synthpiano_by_Juliane_Spaete_4AudiAudi City Berlin is promoting the Berlin Keyboard Connection now where Schneidersladen was one of the places to be recommended as a hot spot not just for audi drivers. Apart from the fact that cars at a place like this do not really make sense –  the impression they released is really great-  showing the current stadium of our showroom at the end of 2013 not just to our  existing clients and friends  – so .. thank you for the pictures, Juliane.

Schneidersladen closing!

Schneidersladen will be closed over christmas for a longer period of time: December, 20th will be the very last day in 2013 where we are able to sell you our very last few modules before the end of the year will happen to all of us. We have the strong hope to re-open the existing showroom in 2014 on January, 2nd again and we hope that you wont miss us too much in between to see you again next year. so .. enjoy your life and  have a good time!

A dream of a keyboard..

For all people playing on keyboard or Violins of any size and sound the biggest invention of nowadays should have been the unbelievable Haken Continuum Fingerboard. In between the american three dimensional controller by Dr. Lippold Haken  has been copied in others variations but still nothing else is like this, no other midi controller can be so flexible and professional for sensible performances as you can see in this video. To edit the “3-dimensional”sounds easier, the Eagan Matrix has been expanded into Firmware Version 6 and an additional piece of hardware: the Continuum Eagan Matrix Expander – released right now. Were looking forward gettting a first one in for January latest.

I dream of wires ..

As a DVD or BlueRay we have the nerdish documentation I dream of wires about all the modular geeks in the so called hardcore edition available from stock now: It is not just for synth fetish boys, there are brilliant introductions to our themes attractive and easy to understand for newbees of any kind and nice pictures of what could happen with peole that once “joined the club”.
If you want to do so, please feel free to just order this 4 hours movie or go even deeper with some literature about modular that we have available from ths shop in berlin, the english stuff is not online btw. .. have a good weekend and enjoy your time.

The Music Easel ..

IMG_2861The Music Easel as shown on Musikmesse by the official Buchla-distributor seems to be in production now, Schneidersladen is hoping to get their first (big?) batch of units soon, but we don’t know how long the lane has been before us so (??)
..There is no delivery dates nor any idea of .. – ..nowhere!
Now the manufacturer offers direct sales from the states for attractive conditions, too but after we could imagine that service for these could be needed sooner or later we give it to your hands where to send your units to potentially later on.

The Music Easle!

IMG_2897As the biggest surprise of last years NAMM show the Buchla Company (now BEMI) released their plans to re-build the Music Easle.
In their homeland USA they could sign around a 100 orders on the day of the release only (as they told themselves) later on they confirmed distributional agreements and collected orders and additional money from the rest of the world including europe. Our general distribution partner direclty ordered a bunch of units that has been preordered by clients in between, so these first ones are probably gone already. Because nobody knows, if and when the units will come, if they will work the way they should and how many pre-orders BEMI has on the list before us (and you), we should all together just go ahead wating in patience to talk further later on (?!).
If you really want one (?), we strongly recommend you to either set an order with a partner that does not ask YOU for a prepayment (international orders usually ARE prepaid) or to order from a partner around the corner, that you can trust to return the prepayment even if the unit does (unexpectingly) not come before you decide to buy something else one day. .. so Schneidersladen is taking care for a list, but all incoming orders NOW will be forwarded not before we once had a first working unit from our very early order on the desk. Thats why WE took the unit temporarily offline.

Pittsburger Togo!

P1080497The compact Pittsburg System 1 has been a good idea for starters by that symphatic young manufacturer Richard Nicol from Pittsburg. Finally now – about a half a year later – they came in and invite you to add another small halfmodular synth (the synthblock) with midi and out and more in a modular case to your  synth park for camparable low money now. You can also add further modules of nearly any kind in such a compact case if you are ready to find your own wooden side panels or other solutions (as seen in the pic).

Fonitronik on Navs..

fonitronik_mh21Navs modular Lab posted a preview about fonitroniks upcoming FH21. Their existing modules as the attenuverting mixer, the ADC Sequencer and their vc modulator are right now indeed all available from stock at least in SchneidersLaden Berlin.

Fonitronik alias Matthias Hermann is a one man show brand from wiesbaden inventing modular tools available from all retail stores over europe by the way.

schneidersladen online..

aufbau-ostThe well made pictures of the most of our products are online again, we also found the mistake showing wrong numbers differing to the real numbers of products in a certain category – so slowly its getting better. Still there are some availabilities wrong, Doepfer cables are always here and also all the tiptop cables are available from stock, textes on the categories “worth knowing” are not shown in english, but anyway .. it mostly works and with the rest .. we work on it.


Alex4 BerlinWe do not think that a mac is more than a moog, you will  confirm this in ten years lately, but a micromac is indeed more than a micromoog at least soundwise as you could understand right now if you compare them directly. The Micromac-D is now available for europewide the same price of 1999 only. If this is not shown on our website, yet its a mistake of the website, sorry. This Synth is GREAT!

Webshop 2.5 Suisse & VAT

In our webshop we could correct the mistake having 19% VAT on orders from Suisse. in General please dont hesitate ordering even with such mistakes, we still double check every incoming order manually and personally to prevent mistakes, so dont worry about such. Still in progress is the change to be https for your safety, we work on it.  Thank you for your tips and patience, if you have more, please write to SHOP@schneidersladen, thank you.

Schneidersladen 2.3 ..

Die Übernahme der vorhandenen Kundendaten in unser neues Shopsystem hat leider zu Sicherheitslücken geführt, mit denen wir nicht gerechnet hatten. Zugunsten der Datensicherheit haben wir jetzt alle vorhandenen Profile im Webshop gelöscht. Vorhandene Bestellungen sowie daran verknüpfte Datenänderungen haben wir natürlich vorher übernommen und lokal gesichert. Ab sofort müssen sich deshalb leider auch Bestandskunden noch einmal als Neukunde registrieren.

sadomaso1Taking over existing profiles of our clients into the new shopsystem unfortunately became a major security problem that we did not expect. Towards the safety of your data and private informations we decided to delete all existing profles in the webshop now. Existing orders as well as connected changes in your profile has been kept and stored before this operation. From now on unfortunately also existing clients has to register as new users again on this system.


! Schneidersladen 2.0 !

attentionWe have a new webshop, now.  All of our existing clients will get an email latest tomorrow (july, 2nd) with their new login and pass to be able to see existing orders, to add new ones or so.
Some things will not work fine directly, some things will be better, please let us know about this per mail to shop@schneidersladen.de . WE will go ahead working it out. Thank you and good night.


The workshop inside RTE London called “why we love doepfer” with Simon Lynch and Andreas Schneider this Saturday is unfortunately fully booked. We will try our best to make it a little video to be linked over here later on.

Instead of this you are very welcome to visit Toms Workshop in Berlins Club Magdalena to learn more about the modular world from him. Have a nice weekend!

Computer Chaos

LW_chaoscomputerThe Chaos Computer by Livewire invented by Mike Brown who sadly already passed away could finally now have been finished and realized with the help of Steve Rightnor. A first shipment has been coming today it is mostly sold already, we will get in more units soon and kindly ask you to make your reservations per email now, please. (They will sell for 599 E incl. 19% VAT).

At the time we are not able to update new products to our existing shop, there will be some major changes next week. There we go, thank you.

workshop & basic electricity


be-magdalenaBasic Electricity hosts Navs & Richard Scott will play live at Sonic Dimension/ Club Magdalena this Saturday, June 29th. The evening in the experimental room starts at 22:00 with a modular workshop held by our very own Tom Körting. Headliners are Underground Resistance and ex-Kraftwerk member Wolfgang Flür. Don’t miss it!

Time to learn..

MKIV_2013_Schneider_4Grey sky is a good motivation to start a new indoor theme: If you want to learn more about modular stuff or electronic music participate in workshops: Apart from our constantly ongoing workshop every afternoon in kreuzberg there are some in London, next one on 29th this month.
Also on June, 29th there will be one in Berlin with Tom Körting who will teach you making weird sounds on our bigger system on an event in ..Friedrichshain (?). Another bigger system will be show on that DJ-meeting in Dortmund, Westfalenhalle (?), so there are possibilities enough these days.
we will keep you informed with details here about a week before the dates (!).

.. btw .. if you really want to go deeper with soldering things yourselves, Befaco is offering meetings for such in Berlin sometimes, please check their site.


Getting started ..

.P1090045. on a Buchla System needs some introduction and help mostly. Now Schneidersladen in Berlin installed a demosystem (see pic) to help you .. and finally to make it possible for you to buy your own
(.. one day?).
For appointments or any kind of questions please ask or send an email to Franz L in Berlin.

If you have any queries or problems with your existing 200e systems or other buchla products, please get back to the official importer and distribution company Alex4 per email, probably Holger Zapf will help you as soon as possible.

Basic Electricity #9 concert on Friday, 19th April

We’re honored to host Max Loderbauer at Basic Electricity #9 on Friday, 19th April. Max has been making ambient and experimental music since the early 90s when he was part of the influential Berlin band, Sun Electric. These days he collaborates with Tobias Freund/ NSI, Ricardo Villalobos, Moritz von Oswald Trio, Ari Benjamin Meyers and Andre Vida. This will be Max’s solo debut with a Buchla 200e synthesizer.
We’re happy to welcome back Erik Dower for a funky work-out as he goes head-to-head with the Boom Doctor. Look forward to seeing you!
Flyers are here. Facebook Event is here.be9-max
BE#9, 19.04.13, Doors: 21:00
Kastanienallee 77 (Kino)
10435 Berlin (Prenzlauer-Berg)



MS_F-1The S2000 tubesynth  and a very few units of the “complex distortion pedal F-1” by Metasonix are now available from the storefront at Schneidersladen in Berlin. We did not yet edit these products to our system cause they will probably be sold before we did this, so if you want one, please see the info on their website and just order on the phone or come in to do so.

The Boomstar..

The Boomstar by Studio Electronics has been introduced on the NAMM with three different models with different filters such as already used in their prominent ATC unit. A few first models should be coming in before musikmesse, we will keep you updated here. The inventor Greg St.Regis made some good soundsamples here, one of their friends made these first videos to let you participate their fascination.  The Boomstar will be selling for roundabout 900 E and this will probably not happen before May 2013 – were sorry too.


A guy called Rolf alias broken silicon from frankfurt/germany introduces his first modul GAINSBURG now. A clever and yet effective to use stereo vca design built out of high end components to achieve supreme noise level. We have a test module now in our berlin showroom to let you put your hands on and listen yourselves.
Left and Right channel each offer a gain make up at ultra low noise of 24dB, and can surely be patched one after the other to achieve 48dB of gain. This in case all via dedicate offset control as well as via control voltage. also very suitable to amplify stereo signals such as coming from ipods and such like. Retail price will be around 269,-€. We start collecting your pre-orders this week after the product could have been launched in our webshop.


Tubes again..

Eric Barbour alias Metasonix complained about the americans who often dont like his way to promote his products – so the new version of a tubesynth is just called S-2000 having no additional name as the earlier wretchmachine.

The cheapest metasonix product ever has now been released as the F-1, a tube distortion pedal. We brought some of them to get them reviewed asap.

The unbelievable I-cunt (no pic here) was an exclusive deal with our american colluege analogue haven alias shawn c. who probably was quite proud on having such a peversive looking unit in stock for just his own.  Because we could not check the difference, I would say the F-1 is probably better and most probably much cheaper!


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