Video: Joranalogue Workshop @SchneidersLaden

A few weeks ago SchneidersLaden welcomed Frits Jacobs from Joranalogue. Frits gave a workshop on the complete product line of Joranalogue, looking a bit into the future and talking about modules that are not yet available for purchase. Frits not only teaches what you can also find in the product description for the modules online, but also brings many great examples of patch ideas and applications. There is a lot to learn here!

The video of the workshop documents the visit at SchneidersLaden and hopefully gives a good insight into the design philosophy of Joranalogue. We would like to thank Joranalogue for visiting us in Berlin, Frits Jacobs for the great presentation, Estefania Huygen for recording the video and the initial editing and last but not least all our wonderful guests.


For the last time in 2022: Don’t Panic! – Workshop

For the last time in 2022 we’re holding a workshop for modular beginners in our beloved SchneidersLaden showroom. Join us on Thursday, December 8.

Our goal is that you can confidently make your own first patch afterwards and have a good time. Although we are nerds we won’t get too technical. Along the way we will show you basic patch techniques as well as tell you some stories about the history of (modular) synths and the Eurocrack scene.

Starts at 6pm / Kotti above REWE (ring bell: schneidersladen)

Workshop is limited to 12 participants, so…
>>> Please write for confirmation: directly now !!! <<<

Review: The MODOR DR-2 + now at SchneidersLaden

The MODOR DR-2 is one of the more unique drum machines of recent years. The fully digital sound generation, the sound shaping and the refusal to imitate classic drum machines make it stand out. A DR-2 was added to the SchneidersLaden showroom a few weeks ago and has been very well received. Now Monsieur Piper aka Youtuber Wine&Synths has taken a closer look at the machine and the latest firmware of the underrated Modor DR-2 and raises the question if the MODOR could be the best drum machine of 2022.

Don’t Panic! – Workshop for modular beginners – Nov 24th

In reminiscence of the excellent workshops of Thomas K., who is currently engaged in other responsibilities, here is the announcement of the next Modular Beginner workshop on November 24 in the words of Thomas:

We’re holding another workshop for modular beginners in our beloved showroom. Our goal is that you can confidently make your own first patch afterwards and have a good time. Although we are nerds we won’t get too technical. Along the way we will show you basic patch techniques as well as tell you some stories about the history of (modular) synths and the Eurocrack scene.

Starts at 6pm / Kotti above REWE (ring bell: schneidersladen)

Workshop is limited to 12 participants, so…
>>> Please write for confirmation: directly now !!! <<<

sooperRadio with Aditya Nandwana/Animal Factory Amplification

Today it’s that time again, SooperRadio is going on the air! From 5-7 pm it’s all about electronic music and musical instruments with a Superbooth perspective.

During the eleventh broadcast in late October you will get recent impressions and news from India. Aditya Nandwana from Animal Factory Amplification gives us a detailed presentation of some of his modules. The Indian manufacturer of guitar effects and Eurorack modules has also visited and exhibited at Superbooth a few times. In 2018, he was able to win Alexander Hacke for a lecture-concert to introduce the Godeater effect device. Here is the video about it:

A few weeks ago Aditya also visited SchneidersLaden, where he presented his newest (and the older) modules in a workshop. The video is still in the works. But here you can find a video of an earlier workshop of Animal Factory Amplification at SchneidersLaden:

Enjoy the show! You can listen to it here:
In Berlin on 88,4 MHz or in Potsdam on 90,7 MHz or via stream on

SchneidersLaden @ DigitalAnalog2022

Last weekend we participated DigitalAnalog’s next chapter after the event had to leave the iconic Gasteig which has been emptied entirely for a planned face lift. All this maybe only because some folks in Munich feel the need for it after Hamburg has brought up its Elbphilharmonie which now hurts their ego? However, things could be worse since the new location is really nothing bad either. Muffathalle is an old power plant providing plenty of charme. It is no doubt one of Munich’s best places for live music. The team at Muffathalle was very warm and helpful providing a perfect stay for us.
So we were able to create a cozy little electric play ground in one of the dance studios where we set up our famous modular Karussell and some tables equipped with various configurations of modular synths inviting people to play and have fun. We also brought Mr. Karl Russell and his super cool Dröner with us. Next year we will also provide day time work shops again and announce these through Stromkult upfront.
Thanks to everyone at DigitalAnalog and Muffathalle!

Joranalogue Workshop at SchneidersLaden – Thursday 6:30pm

On Thursday we welcome Frits from Joranalogue at SchneidersLaden. Frits will give a special workshop on Joranalogue’s wide product range, presenting some interesting patch ideas and going into detail about which modules do which tasks and why. There is certainly a lot to learn here!

Come by for a little Joranalogue masterclass, nice people, good conversations and a cool drink.

  • Jorananlogue Workshop
  • Thursday, 20th of October
  • Start 6:30pm

Tape Loop Workshop by HAND – at SchneidersLaden

For the next workshop we have invited a special guest. Some of you may already know Sascha from the Tape Loop workshops at Superbooth. Because the workshops were so well received there, we thought we should bring Sascha to Kotti. We are looking forward to an exciting workshop and invite you to join us. The available places are limited, so register quickly: Send an email to


13. October from 7:30 pm at SchneidersLaden

What to expect:

This basic workshop deals with tape loop variations, different recording and cutting/gluing techniques. The goal is to create your own tape loop. There is no previous experience is required.

All materials are provided, but you are welcome to bring the following: 
  • Cassettes (only the screwable ones please)
  • Walkmans/4 track recorders/tape players
Duration 90min // Cost 40euro
  • via Paypal to Sascha
  • in cash at the workshop

(incl Goodie Bag – Tapeloop Vinyl/ Sample Pack/ Cassette Loop)

Your host:

Sascha Bachmann is a musician from Berlin. Under the pseudonym HAND, the trained drummer creates experimental music, made for dancefloor and art spaces.

At some point in the 80s he dug out his father’s old Tesla tape recorder. By listening to music with his homies his first interest awakens. A cornerstone is laid. He dedicates himself to soundscapes that are brought to life with its sampled heartbeat.

DIY workshop at SchneidersLaden – September 29th

Workshop on September 29th at 6pm: it’s DIY time! If you want to dive into the topic of DIY, we offer you help in assembling selected DIY kits. We’ll have all the tools you need, set up some tables and power extensions in the showroom and we will have a full fridge full of cold drinks. During the workshop, you will assemble a module of your choice with the help of our workshop experts. Feel free to build your first (or even twentieth) module with us – bring it to life at SchneidersLaden.

BUT please choose your module wisely! Please follow this advice:

To make life easier for you and us, and to be able to complete the kit on that evening, it is important to choose the right kit for the workshop. This means if you have never used a soldering iron, please consider building one of these kits: <- most easy!

or one of the two expanders for the RCD or SCM:

These kits give the impression that they are suitable for absolute beginners, BUT they are not too easy to solder. These kits and their extremely worth reading instructions are great teaching tools, but need a bit more experience or time when it comes to soldering.

If you want to participate, please write an email with your name and the DIY-kit you want to solder to Timm – he will give you more information how to proceed with ordering the kit and reserving your space. The workshop is free, you only pay for the kit you want to assemble! See you soon!

Workshop with Lisa Morgenstern @SchneidersLaden

UPDATE: For health reasons the workshop with Lisa Morgenstern had to be canceled. We wish Lisa a speedy recovery and hope to be able to do the workshop at a later date.

In this workshop it’s finally about how to bring your music on stage. Some of you might have seen her wonderful concert at the last SUPERBOOTH22. We’re looking forward to getting more insight into her live setup, how she integrates her modular system into her performance, and the challenges and benefits of doing so. Lisa also knows how to work with keyboard instruments and her voice, which we’re especially excited about. We’re already dusting off the Rhodes and you can now register for the evening with Lisa Morgenstern at

WORKSHOP at SchneidersLaden – Lisa Morgenstern, Thursday 15 September from 7:30pm.

Stolperbeats and more – WORKSHOP this Thursday!

This week it’s getting rhythmic! We have Making Sound Machines as our guest on Thursday, presenting their Stolperbeats. This extraordinary sequencer pays special attention to rhythm and particularly not quite straight rhythms as known from hip hop for example – the module offers incredibly interesting shuffle, swing or groove (you name it) options that make this classic step sequencer incredibly groovy (pardon the word).

This thing is incredibly fun and always surprises with patterns and grooves that bring a breath of fresh air to your Eurorack system. It’s also handy that Stolperbeats can do MIDI I/O and can therefore be integrated wonderfully into any studio.

The second outstanding aspect of the module is the overview of all steps (!) – 64 steps each for the kick and snare channels and 16 steps each for the other 4 channels. So you have a complete overview of 6 different instruments in any situation. A feature not to be underestimated.

SchneidersLaden invites you to this evening with Making Sound Machines, some cold drinks and nice people. Be sure to stop by, Thursday – September 1st at 7:30pm. Sign up now at

The SchneidersLaden Advanced Workshops are back!

The Modular Beginner Workshops in SchneidersLaden are very popular and often booked out long before the next date. What is missing since the beginning of the pandemic are the advanced workshops with artists, experts and manufacturers – this will change soon: New Advanced Workshops and Events from 25th of August!

The upcoming series of 5 workshops is more versatile than ever and should offer something exciting to everyone who is interested in electronic music and its creation.

August 25th: It starts with a special guest from far away: Aditya from Animal Factory Amplification – located in Bombay, India – contacted us a few weeks ago, because he will be in Germany again. We are happy to take this opportunity and turn the meeting with Aditya into the second workshop on his creations at SchneidersLaden. (here is the first one, in case you missed it)

September 1st: One week later we continue with Making Sound Machines from Düsseldorf, who caused a stir last year with their Stolperbeats sequencer for eurorack – we are happy to welcome the Rookie of the Year at SchneidersLaden. And we are curious about the story behind Stolperbeats and to meet the makers!

September 15th: Two weeks later we are looking forward to a special guest and the first Artist Workshop of the year – with Lisa Morgenstern. We could already convince ourselves of her skills at SUPERBOOTH22 and are looking forward to insights into her live set and to meet someone who can handle the many keyboard instruments in the showroom. With a little luck, we’ll have the new Rhodes MK8 on site by then. That would be something – Lisa Morgenstern on the new Rhodes.

September 29th: Another two weeks later it’s your turn – it’s all about hot irons and melting metal – it’s DIY time! If you want to dip your toes into the topic of DIY we can offer some help with assembling some selected DIY-Kits. During the workshop you will assemble the modules with the help of our experts from the workshop. Dare to build your first (or even twentieth) module with us – bring it to life in the showroom at Kotti. More info on the modules and how to register will be published soon!

October 13th: The last date of this workshop series is also on the topic of do-it-yourself. Here it’s all about Tapeloops with Sascha Bachman aka HAND. This technique needs some finesse and patience, but always delivers fascinating results with the incomparable character of real tape. Your host for this evening has already shown how to cut and reassemble tapes, open and close cassettes and make music with them during many workshops at SUPERBOOTH.

We are happy to be able to offer you such a nice program. The first three dates are of course free, please register at as places are limited. The two DIY dates are paid – more info coming soon!

This is a short overview so you can mark the dates in your calendar and prepare for the opening-event next week with Animal Factory Amplification – Thursday, 25th of August. Please write an email to to save your space!

Techno TV documentary with SchneidersLaden

A documentary about the history of techno in Germany – this can hardly work without mentioning SchneidersLaden. In the documentary series of the HR “Im Club – Wir sind Kultur” you will also see two familiar faces from the SchneidersLaden team, HerrSchneider and our dear colleague JakoJako! We are happy about this acknowledgement and recommend the docu-series, which highlights many facets of club culture and has some nice pictures and stories to offer.

You can find the documentary in the ARD-Mediathek: HERE

The picture is a screenshot of the mentioned documentary.

The Modular Beginner Workshops

Since a few weeks SchneidersLaden offers new Modular Beginner Workshops every two weeks, with changing hostst and time to try things out. During the workshops a member of the store staff introduces a special modular system – mostly the so-called workshop system, which offers the possibility to perform whole tracks in a small space – a kind of groovebox of modules. The participants will learn what is already possible in a small space, so that the large modular systems in the showroom can be reasonably put into relation.

After the workshop, in which it is explained what all these cables are supposed to do, what runs through them and why all this is fun, although it may not look like it at first, the participants still have the opportunity to patch the devices in the showroom. Here, store employees are usually still there to help with the first patches.

The concept of the Beginner Workshops seems to be successful and the workshops are usually already booked up one or two weeks before the date. This free opportunity to get a taste of modular systems is very well received.

If you are interested in participating yourself, you should register in time at!

Video: The GRP Synthesizer A2

Let’s listen to the GRP Synthesizer A2 – a very versatile analog monosynth with a high-quality sound and a huge number of modulation possibilities – and this is no exaggeration: The frequency of the two oscillators and the filter cutoff can be influenced by one of 11 different modulation signals.

The two oscillators feature 5 waveforms each, the first VCO offers additional PWM at two waveforms, the second VCO a parameter called “Shape” which fades in nine copies of the selected waveform for super-saw and super-triangle sounds. You get a Ring Mod, Noise, Sample & Hold, two LFOs, Arpeggiator and more.

The filter design has a lot of character and is capable of producing formant/vocal-like sounds and a liquid sounding resonance. The great sounding distortion parameter offers many more options for designing sounds.

With its MIDI and CV/Gate inputs this is a synthesizer that fits in all studio or live-environments. It has a good size for jamming and a quality feel – and last but not least, the A2 is proving very popular among the staff at SchneidersLaden – so maybe that means something.

Learn more about the GRP Synthesizer A2:

SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH23

Video: Some minutes with the ECR+ Convolution Reverb

Tasty Chips Electronics have been known for their GR-1 granular sampler for years. With their first Eurorack product they brought something new to the table. The first Stereo Convolution Reverb for Eurorack – the ECR+. It’s not small, it’s not cheap, but it’s great to work with and has some unique features that make it worth it.

SchneidersLaden just released a video focused on a simple presentation of some sounds they came across. There is definitely a lot more to explore and you can do so by checking the demo unit at the SchneidersLaden showroom.

The module is more than just a plain reverb effect. One of the most striking features is its capability to load two impulse responses at once, that you can then crossfade between, with a knob or by CV. Also, the position of the response sample, the stereo width and some more parameters can be controlled by CV to create interesting effects. This and the fact that you can load and even record your own impulse responses on the module itself make the ECR+ a great tool for sound design and unheard sounds.

Get your ECR+ at SchneidersLaden: Here

SchneidersLaden is continuing to teach Modular Synthesis to Beginners

As you may have noticed, SchneidersLaden has reintroduced the Modular Beginner Workshops. After occasional workshops in the past weeks, SchneidersLaden has decided to offer these workshops again on a regular basis, always on Thursdays, every two weeks. After the last workshop took place on June 9, the next one will be held on June 23 – starting at 6 pm.

The workshop series is aimed at beginners who want to find out if modular synthesizers should be part of their future creative explorations. During the event, participants will learn about a modular system that is capable of playing multiple voices and drum sounds simultaneously. The system also includes effects modules and sequencers, making it suitable as a live performance instrument. The workshop hosts will talk about important aspects of modular synthesis, the various building blocks and principles such as Control Voltage and more. Several SchneidersLaden staff members will moderate these events, so you can experience a different approach to this exciting topic at each workshop.

To secure your space for the workshop on June 23, please write an email to

Video: Quanalog – Boubou! Filter-based drum module

The Quanalog Boubou is a combination of 5 voices of filter-based analog drum synthesizers that cover a basic drum set. The idea of using filters as a source for drum sounds isn’t new at all. It is a great technique for creating interesting sounds that react very dynamically to the input signal.

The video focusses on the rather usual use cases for a drum machine. But because each drum engine is basically a signal processor with an analog filter at its core, they can also process other drums or alternatively other modules.

Each sound has been carefully designed with a specific analog filter structure to create a great drum feel, from the lower to the higher frequencies. It really is a fun module because it is so responsive. Creating lively hihat patterns is super easy by simply adjusting the gate length – k generating interesting grooves and unusually shuffled rhythms is easily achieved by using the retrigger option on the tom sounds.

At first the Boubou doesn’t seem to be too versatile, but it is. Just send one of the sounds through another – they are filters in the end – and you get a new variety of sound. It is highly recommended to experiment with the gates/trigger/envelopes you send into the trigger inputs, because they can have a big influence on the sound.  

Check out the Quanalog Boubou, your not-so-ordinary drummer.

Goodbye and Hello – with SchneidersLaden & Superbooth

A new level of Corona is approaching, the SchneidersLaden showroom is temporarily closed, but life goes on. Being busy behind closed doors describes the year 2021 pretty accurate for the SchneidersLaden team and it will be the same during the beginning of 2022. The team works hard processing orders, talking to customers on the phone or by email, and keeping up with all the new interesting developments in the field of electronic musical instruments.

A story of open doors was SUPERBOOTH21 – the new concept was a huge success and a wonderful time for everyone that was there. HerrSchneider talked about the return of Superbooth to FEZ-Berlin in the recent Steckblatt edition. Here is what he said:

So, Spring 22 should be great – again! SuperBooth21 is just two months over and it was wonderful: we‘ve learned a lot about how to run physical events in today‘s world with all safety aspects in mind, we‘ve paid all the bills and we‘re planning our next event even better now: it should be in May again, or later, … who knows. But it will remain the most important event for you and for us to drive our passion. We had fulfilled all safety regulations and now look back on all the outstanding concerts, lectures and presentations, as well as a number of products that were introduced during the „best SuperBooth ever“.

To give you a deeper impression, please read some comments and deeper insights in this issue #4 of our fanzine. Let‘s look back and focus: Let‘s work to be prepared, let‘s keep making music, what else? Looking back at the meetings we had, our Corona-safe virtual presentations, rainy gigs and wonderful parties at night in the Bungalowdorf – we will never forget this time and we look forward to repeating it all. Enjoy the sweet quiet of the cold winter season, isolate yourself as good as you can and please stay healthy … to hopefully see you again soon!

With warm regards, Andreas Schneider

From the Steckblatt Edition 21.4

And please remember SchneidersLaden being closed from 3rd to 5th of January 2022 for taking inventory.

SchneidersLaden now ships the new Steckblatt 21.4

You probably already have previous editions of Steckblatt – now you can expand your collection of the SchneidersLaden Fanzine.

Steckblatt comes free with every order at SchneidersLaden. The Steckblatt series is made by HerrSchneider and his employees – covering topics like polyphony in Eurorack or texts about dedicated modules like the Frequency Central Monograf, the new Doepfer Frequency Shifter, the upcoming Miso Modular Cornflakes granular sampler and more – and there is some new Patch Theory included.

But it is not all about gear. You’ll also find a story about the early years of SchneidersLaden, when it was still named Schneiders Buero and located at Haus des Reisens, Alexanderplatz.

And of course some words about Superbooth!

Lots to learn and some nice pictures – get your Steckblatt #4 now with every order at SchneidersLaden – as long as stocks last.

From the archive: DIETER DOEPFER cookie lessons – at SchneidersLaden

On December 6, 2018 SchneidersLaden reserved the whole Thursday evening for a very special guest – Dieter Doepfer. And it was absolutely worth it! Dieter took care of the guests, talked about his machines and even baked modular cookies. There was also a unique modular beginners workshop from him, a presentation of his latest products (Disco!) and an exquisite live performance from Dieter himself!

While we can’t meet in person these days, here is the video to remember this wonderful evening:




“SchneidersLaden shuts its doors…”

…Temporarily! Due to the recent rise in Covid infection numbers HerrSchneider decided to do his best to limit contacts between employees and between customers. Please read below (for the german version of this statement, please visit SchneidersBuero):

Dear customers and friends,
SchneidersLaden is closing!

Due to the increased risk of infection, we will close the counter in our Ritterstraße warehouse as of 29.11.2021 and will then no longer accept pick-ups.
Remaining shipments for pickup will be available at Kottbusser Tor for a limited time and then shipped or cancelled and credited.
Existing appointments to visit the showroom will be implemented in compliance with all security precautions; new appointments will no longer be made.
Sales will again take place exclusively through shipping or delivery services, we also urge you to use them for returns and repair services.

Some of our employees are particularly at risk due to health problems or are not vaccinated, which is why a relevant part of us will now go back to working from home. Others work in a shift system or separated in individual rooms, in order to continue to be there safely and reliably, we kindly ask for respect and understanding for this. Furthermore we are regularly reachable on weekdays by phone and directly from 12 to 18 o’clock in Berlin, in France we are also reachable locally from now on (see below), in all other cases we ask for the use of our online service and for messages or inquiries by email. In any case we are happy about every request and will try to support you competently.

Oh yes, …
SchneidersLaden will be closed on all weekends and holidays as well as on December 24 and from December 31 to January 5, 2022 for the annual inventory.
Currently we are working on an improved chat and communication system, we will extend the limited (phone) dial-in hours if necessary, workshops as interactive videos or live from our showroom are in the works, but still need planning time and practice. The leaflet 21.4 is in preparation and will probably be included in every delivery of goods from mid-December.

… and in May it’s SuperBooth and SooperGrail and spring again. We are looking forward to it. ..right after Christmas, New Year’s Eve and a rest of winter.

Please keep everyone negative and stay positive.
Thank you and best regards,

Andreas Schneider

For support in French, please call Maxime, Mon – Fri from 10am – 3pm:

+33 7 56 27 66 37

Workshop week in Heilbronn 02.-05. November

Next week Sacha and Tom will travel to Heilbronn in southern Germany to give a series of workshops explaining analogue sound generation within the project Das Klangexperiment in the city’s public library.

To take part please send an email to:

The workshops start at 10:00h, 12:00h and 15:00h. After the workshops everyone is invited to stay and try out different sets of electronic instruments and ask further questions.

This is the Schneidersladen Backstage Tour

For the early birds amongst you, SchneidersBüro‘s first employee Penko will give two more Schneidersladen Backstage Tours on Thursday and Friday morning starting at 10:30 am at the Schneidersladen Showroom.

Penko will guide you through the history and self-perception of the Laden and Andreas Schneider as well as through the recent facilities reaching from the personal Synthmuseum of Andreas Schneider, the Altherrensalon with DADA Machines, the repair, logistics, and offices and will finally speak about the plans and perspectives of Schneiderladen.

On the way there, you will meet all the lovely people answering your questions, repairing your synths, and shipping everything to your home.

You will also have a peak in the windows of our friends and neighbors Verbos Electronics and E-RM and learn more about the synergetic energies that keep Schneidersladen, Alex4, and the Superbooth an active and central hub for everyone with an affinity for Synthesizers. And who knows what these insights will inspire you to do. Book your tour and find out.

SchneidersLaden Backstage Tour – SUPERBOOTH21

SUPERBOOTH21 starts next week! As every year, there are the many exhibitors, concerts and workshops to experience during the event, but this time also a special event in Berlin Kreuzberg: The SchneidersLaden Backstage Tour!

For the exclusive SchneidersLaden Backstage Tour HerrSchneider asked one of his first employees to lead you through the showrooms, workshop, warehouse and two neighboring production facilities of eurorack and other music hardware. So, here in the middle of Berlin Kreuzberg, not only synthesizers are sold to all over the world, but also produced and repaired. If you’re interested in how this came about and how it’s done nowadays, book a SchneidersLaden tour as part of your SUPERBOOTH21 experience.

The SchneidersLaden team will also be on site in person at SUPERBOOTH21, so the opening hours of SchneidersLaden are limited to 10 am – 1 pm. Pick-ups at Ritterstraße are possible until 4pm.

Get your ticket for the SchneidersLaden Backstage Tour and for SUPERBOOTH21 here.

SchneidersLaden Showroom opening again!

SchneidersLaden opens the showroom again. By booking an appointment you can finally visit SchneidersLaden at Kotti again. Booking an appointment not only ensures that only a few people are in the store at the same time, but also that the staff has time for your questions.  That’s the short version, for more passionate words, here is what HerrSchneider has announced:

My beloved specialty store will now reopen again for our beloved customers after this long abstinence, of course, but we still have some work to do: The habit of being “among ourselves” for more than a year has turned the showroom into a popular playroom for staff and family, where we would now like to welcome you back. At the moment we are still busy to reconnect all cables and power supplies, to combine the modules lying around into meaningful systems, to clean the counter again and to refill the coffee. At the latest from next Monday, June 21st – beginning of summer – we will be back for you:

In the showroom at the Kotti above the REWE we ask from now on for appointments, so that we have time for your questions, there we advise gladly, test, show and help with all questions about the products, here is also our workshop for returns or repairs, but we explicitly ask for prior appointment requests.

Our warehouse is located at Ritterstraße 3, where we are happy to receive reserved pick-ups every day from 2 p.m., this option is then also activated in the online store. If it should be something small spontaneously, we will also make this possible, but we can only accept payment by card there. We would like to avoid technical discussions here and unfortunately have to prevent this for the benefit of other waiting customers, we hope for your understanding. Unfortunately, we do not sell cash here either, our cash desk will remain at Kottbusser Tor until further notice. For the year 2022 we plan to merge the two locations, then everything will certainly be much easier and much more convenient, we are looking forward to it.

So, this is your way to SchneidersLaden Showroom and your pre-orders:

  • Showroom visits only by appointment via e-mail / phone
  • Pickup of pre-ordered goods on weekdays 2 to 6 pm at Ritterstr. 3, 10969 Berlin (card payment only)

SSF & BII – Triptych

SSF have teamed up with BII (Boys Noize & Baseck) to create Triptych an analog effect module consisting of two distortion circuits, a multimode filter and a BBD circuit with short delay times for flanger and Karplus Strong type effects.

The flexible routing makes this module even more versatile. The order of distortion and BBD can be swapped at the touch of a button. The filter can be switched after or before these two elements. Additionally, the filter can be cycled from low-pass to high-pass mode – even by CV and gate. For a different type of timbre, the feedback of the BBD circuit can be inverted.

SSF, Boys Noize and Baseck – that sounds like a dream team for the development of a module! And it turned out great. Triptych is – as expected – very musical, playable and extreme. Of course, it also brings with it SSF’s typically high build quality. A solid module that will spice up any of your rather boring sound sources.

The video was fun to record, because te module turns anything into a massive thing of sonic expression. Get yours here.

4ms – Ensemble Oscillator & Random*Source Haible Tau Phaser

The Ensemble Oscillator by 4ms is a unified polyphonic voice of sixteen complex oscillators that combines additive, FM, phase distortion and wavefolding synthesis techniques in new, unorthodox ways. Being polyphonic here doesn’t mean you can play all 16 oscillators directly. They share a single CV input, but you can very easily and quickly create your own scales to shape the chord the way you want it.

What really makes the Ensemble Oscillator special, however, is the sheer endless sonic possibilities offered by the Twist, Warp and Cross FM parameters. From sharp and cutting to wobbly and warm sounds, it’s just a few twists on these three parameters. Although they are very complex operations, you never feel lost and wish for a reset button – quite the opposite, the work with the Ensemble Oscillator always feels simple and encourages you to explore areas you never even thought of before.

The Eurorack version of Jürgen Haible’s legendary interpretation of the ultra rare Tau “The Pipe” Flanger from the 70s is a great analog effects unit that really breathes life into any sound. Random*Source’s 18-pole phaser produces a powerful and unique phaser sound. It likes complex signals, like pads or FM sounds, but can also be pinged very well, for special percussive sounds – some of them at the end of this video.

STG Soundlabs – a full voice in eurorack format

Some of the STG Soundlabs modules can be considered modern classics, and with some new circuitry, STG Soundlabs aka Suit and Tie Guy offers enough modules to compose unique and high-quality complete voices/systems. For this video we explored a powerful STG Soundlabs system that is very ergonomic and beautiful to look at, with its spacious design and  great choice of knobs. And how does it sound? We like it!

Here are some words about each module used in the video:

.VCO – This oscillator features a sawtooth, triangle, and sub octave square wave output, and an integrated drift generator. This VCO’s tuning system is unique in modular synthesis. There are three controls: Range, Semitone, and Detune. Range and Semitone are stepped controls on potentiometers. The Range knob allows you to select different octaves as audio oscillator or low frequency oscillator. Wide mode allows you to sweep through 5 octaves with the Detune knob. The Semitone knob is configured to step through the semitones, with twice the rotational degree for the root, fifth and octave – very handy.

The Envelope Generator is a pretty complex module with three different envelope models – a Moog 911 style ADSR, EMS style Trapezoid Generator and the unique Pyramid Blaster. It always gives you two types of envelopes at the same time on the A & B outputs, every stage is voltage controllable and so on. This is one of those modules that has a lot more to offer than you might initially expect.

STG’s Wave Folder module is a smooth and rich sounding wavefolder based on diodes. The module is extremely pleasant to use, because it is very difficult to find unpleasant settings. Throw anything at it and it will enrich the sound.

.MIX is a three-channel mixer module – parts of its circuitry come from the good old Moog CP3. Audio signals can be distorted easily and beautifully. The module is well suited for audio signals but also CVs can be mixed with it. The output attenuator is bi-polar.

Sea Devils Filter – Replica of a 3-pole diode lowpass filter from a British suitcase synthesizer. This tasty diode filter has a filter slope of 18dB and in addition to CV inputs for controlling the Cutoff frequency it also offers voltage control of the resonance.

Post Lawsuit LPF – Excellent sounding reproduction of the low pass filter known from the later models of the ARP 2600. It´s not the Moog cascade filter ARP used first but their own design. A very rich sounding VCF.

.VCA – Dual linear VCA with settable AC / DC coupling per channel. Each of both linear VCAs has one signal input, one signal output and one CV input.

.SHN – A Sample and Hold circuit and an analog noise generator with white and pink noise in one narrow module. The white noise is normalized to the control input of the S&H, this normalization can be deactivated by inserting an external sample signal into the control jack.

.BAM – This handy module contains a bipolar attenuator and an active multiple. Thanks to a normalization, both modules can be conveniently used together.

Pinged VCF Q through STG Wave Folder

It is well known that the Variable Q VCF from Serge Random*Source is one of the best filters to ping. Not only the good reputation speaks for this, but also the dedicated “ping” input of the filter and the precise 1v/oct tracking. Trigger (or similar) in, beautiful sounds out, so simple, so good. One thing remains unchanged – what comes out of the filter is inevitably a sine wave. To increase the sonic variety, it is worth looking for suitable wavefolders and the like.

Within the Serge Random*Source cosmos there is already some choice, especially the middle section of the Wave Multiplier is an excellent choice. While searching for a suitable module from another manufacturer, the Wave Folder from STG Soundlabs came to our mind. This one stands out for its excellent sound – always noble and never too aggressive. Just made for pinged filters! With a bit of modulation on filter frequency and the gain stage of the Wave Folder, you can create a wonderfully lively sound. Listen for yourself:

A look at the System80 – 860 Mk2

The 860 Mk2 is the successor of the widely respected first recreation of the Jupiter-6 filter by System80 that was named Jove. It offers the same sound and some updated functions compared to the original Jove filter, which is no longer available. The filter brings a lot to the table, is only 10hp wide and can be operated in four modes: 24 dB lowpass, 12 dB lowpass, bandpass, highpass. There are two inputs each for audio and CV and another CV input for controlling the resonance– and the build quality is excellent.

The sound and behavior of the filter is very “Roland” – it feels home in more aggressive lead sounds and the resonance is really wonderful, yet the sound loses a little power in the low-end with more resonance. This is by no means a bad thing; in fact, it can be seen as a very musical behavior – plus, the resonance really blends in nicely with the original signal. And have you heard the highpass filter setting? One of the absolute strengths of this filter!

Safety first at SchneidersLaden

On SchneidersBuero HerrSchneider posted a statement about the measures SchneidersLaden is about to take to navigate the shops employees and customers safely through the winter. Some of the measures are known from the first wave of Covid-19 in Germany in spring – the pick-up counter in the stockroom at Ritterstraße will be closed within this week. Customers are asked to order online or over the phone again.

For more complex support inquiries personal visits and auditions in the showroom at the Kottbusser Tor will stay possible (for now), but on appointment only with one of the dear team members. Customers are asked to follow some hygiene rules before playing around on all knobs and buttons in the showroom.

Buying things or pickups will not be possible at Kotti, only repairs and returns can be handled here. The phone support times will be expanded once the measures mentioned above are realized. Additionally the SchneidersLaden team is working on a digital support channel “to share and let you see, what we are showing you inside our beloved showroom.. soon.”

HerrSchneider: “Stay healthy and safe, please, don’t be frustrated and have a good time wherever you are.”

Nik Neves nominated by American Illustration

[et_pb_section fb_built=”1″ _builder_version=”4.4.5″][et_pb_row _builder_version=”4.4.5″][et_pb_column type=”4_4″ _builder_version=”4.4.5″][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.4.5″ custom_padding=”|20px||20px|false|false”]


Nik Neves visited SchneidersLaden lots of times during the past months (while it was still possible) and created a series of illustrations of the shop, the instruments and the people. His great work was acknowledged not only by HerrSchneider, who made them part of the new SchneidersLaden website, but also by American Illustration.

This organization annually honors artists around the world for outstanding work and honors them with the publication of a book of the best works of the year. One of Nik Neves’ illustrations from SchneidersLaden (above) will be part of this publication in 2020. Congratulations!

[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section][et_pb_section fb_built=”1″ _builder_version=”4.4.5″][et_pb_row column_structure=”3_5,2_5″ _builder_version=”4.4.5″][et_pb_column type=”3_5″ _builder_version=”4.4.5″][et_pb_testimonial portrait_url=”” portrait_width=”1px” portrait_height=”1px” _builder_version=”4.4.5″ border_style_all_portrait=”groove”]

Nik Neves (São Paulo, Brazil, 1976) works with comics and illustration for more than 17 years. He is a visual artist and traveler, did his master in Illustration at EINA (Universidade Autónoma) in Barcelona. After that studied lettering, typography and comics at the SVA (School of Visual Arts) in New York and now lives between Berlin and Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Learn more about his work on the official website – here.

Check out  Nik Neves Instagram and the AI nominated work here.

[/et_pb_testimonial][/et_pb_column][et_pb_column type=”2_5″ _builder_version=”4.4.5″][et_pb_image src=”” title_text=”NikNeves_illustrationSL” url=”” url_new_window=”on” _builder_version=”4.4.5″][/et_pb_image][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][et_pb_row _builder_version=”4.4.5″][et_pb_column type=”4_4″ _builder_version=”4.4.5″][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.4.5″]






SchneidersLaden: Pick-up of your order or purchases with card payment now possible

Pick ups and purchases by card payment (without product advice) are now possible from 10 am to 6 pm at Ritterstr. 3, 10969 Berlin. (Very close to Kottbusser Tor.) Unfortunately, we cannot offer you any customer advice here.

We have rearranged our rooms in order to being able to guarantee a safe visit here. We look forward to seeing you again, but we are still working on a solution for personal consultations in our showroom at Kotti, please be patient.

We will reopen the showroom on June 2nd. – In order to protect the health of our customers and employees, access is only granted after prior arrangement by telephone or e-mail. This way we make sure that not too many people are in the shop at the same time and you get the advice you need.

Thank you and see you soon!

IO Instruments @SchneidersLaden – workshop video

Despite IO Instruments being quite new to the scene, the whole team has lots of experience in the business, some members have been working for companies like MFB and ACL for example.

IO presented their products at Superbooth 2019 and aim to bring the audio quality of the 500 series modules into eurorack.

This workshop is an introduction to the brand and their first line of modules – lots of excellent sounds in there and some inspiring design choices.

SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH21

VanTa – Workshop On Video Synthesis @SchneidersLaden

Visual developer and visual artist VanTa showed us the world of video synthesis, how to generate and process video signals – among other things with the help of modules by LZX Industries.

This workshop is about the basics of modular video, the characteristics of the composite video signal and different techniques to create audio reactive visuals with eurorack modules. You can use modules especially designed to work with video signals, but there are some audio modules that can handle video signals or can modified to do so. And to learn more about VanTa visit his website or Instagram account.

Here is the full workshop video:

New workshop Video: Radikal Technologies – Delta CEP A

Jörg Schaaf aka Radikal Technologies was in Berlin to present his latest synthesizer designs like the Delta Cep A. He is responsible for some modern classic synth designs made in Germany – like the Spectralis and Accelerator. In the past years he mainly developed eurorack modules like the RT-311 Swarm Oscillator, RT-451 Dual Filter, RT-1701 Effexx or the semi-modular synthesizer Delta Cep A which is also availabe as a desktop version.

His complex designs always bring a lot of functionality to the table and they can sound amazing.

Find the Delta CEP A at SchneidersLaden!

SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH21

New webshop for SchneidersLaden!

It has been a while since there was a significant update to the SchneidersLaden webshop. While some people loved the simplicity, there were a few flaws about it that could be described as annoying – or charismatic, if you want to use a nicer word. Here are some official words:

Yes, it’s true! Our vintage online shop is entering a well-deserved retirement. We have used the last days (months) to build a completely new shop. Have fun with it! ->

In order to prevent Covid-19 from spreading, our showroom will stay closed until further notice. You can reach us via phone or email as usual. Our logistics team is in good health as well and works diligently on your orders.


From the SchneidersLaden Newsletter

Workshops: Video Synthesis with VanTa // Modular Beginner Workshop next Thursday

The next workshops at SchneidersLaden will take place next Thursday – March 12th:

  • Modular Beginner Workshop / 6pm -> more info here
  • VanTa – workshop on Video Synthesis / 7:30pm

The 12th of March is reserved for visual artist VanTa. He will show you what he uses to generate graphical extravaganza with modular synthesizers. The focus will be on video synthesizers including modules by LZX Industries that allow your modular synthesizer to generate and process video signals.

In this workshop, we will learn the basics of modular video.
Starting with the characteristics of the composite video signal.
A compendium of available system will follow.
Later we will explore different techniques to create audio reactive visuals with eurorack modules.

Here is a little example of VanTas’ work:

See and hear for yourself during the workshop at SchneidersLaden.

Thursday // March 12th // 7:30pm // @SchneidersLaden

Participation is free / No registration required

The Modular Beginner Workshop, it is also free of charge and you learn about the basics of synthesis and all you need to know to start with modulars. Find out more here.

MODULAR BEGINNER WORKSHOP – every Thursday at 6pm

[et_pb_section admin_label=”section”] [et_pb_row admin_label=”row”] [et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”]Hello modular newbies! SchneidersLaden is holding a Modular Beginner Workshop every Thursday at 6pm – participation is free! Here is what you can expect:
“Our goal is that you can confidently make your own first patch afterwards and have a good time and also meet like-minded people! Although we are nerds we won’t get too technical. Along the way we will show you basic patch techniques, the workings of our showroom, as well as tell you some stories about the history of (modular) synths and the ever evolving Eurocrack scene.
Feel free to come by even if you do not want to participate in the workshop, as the showroom will be open longer on Thursdays and you can get drinks at the bar. Not only when starting out with modular synthesizers this is a nice occasion to get some advice by us or other experienced guests, or share your knowledge with us! Try out some patches and have a drink or two. See you soon! Every Thursday at 6pm at the SchneidersLaden Showroom for a workshop – or every weekday between noon – 7pm.”

The weekly workshops at SchneidersLaden are suitable for musicians, artists and everyone interested in the generation of electronic sounds.

No knowledge required – the workshops are free of charge and open to everyone interested. The idea behind these workshops is to cover basic technical concepts – needed to understand the workings of modular synthesizers and synthesis in general and to enable the participants to make their first own patch and start creating electronic music. The modular synthesizer scene is a vibrant, supportive and creative space where new forms of art are experienced and boundaries of electronic music have been pushed. This new (old) way of creating electronic sounds had to be learned and artists around the globe have shown that it is possible to create a global community that shares ideas, skills and knowledge without focusing on profit. Small centers of encounter and exchange, such as SchneidersLaden in Berlin, played a significant role in this development. Every week Modular Beginner Workshops are held here. The workshops offer the opportunity to overcome the first obstacles on the way to understanding this extraordinary instrument. At the same time, the place offers the possibility of exchange, getting to know each other and making music together.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column] [/et_pb_row] [/et_pb_section]

Genki Instruments Workshop Thursday at SchneidersLaden

The next workshop at SchneidersLaden will take place next Thursday – March 5th / 7:30pm – SchneidersLaden is happy to welcome Genki Instruments for this event.

The Wave can be used as a gestural controller ring that allows you to easily control sound, shape effects and send commands with the motion of your hands. It offers six functions that can be used individually or combined in any way you like: Tilt, Pan, Roll, Vibrato, Tap, Click.

You can use Wave with Softwave, a software layer that allows users to intuitively map movements to MIDI messages or host AU/VST3 plugins. Wave also works as a stand alone MIDI controller that connects to your DAW. Each function can be mapped to control different parameters directly.

The Wavefront module is a Eurorack receiver module for Wave that allows the ring to connect to modular synthesizers. With Wavefront you can completely bypass the computer and bring unprecedented sound control, effect shaping and manipulation to modular setups.

In this workshop the makers of Wave and Wavefront will present what is possible with this unique interface for gestural control.

Here is a little example of the Genki Wave & Wavefront in action:

See and hear for yourself during the workshop at SchneidersLaden.

Thursday // March 5th // 7:30pm // @SchneidersLaden

Participation is free / No registration required

A little earlier (at 6pm) SchneidersLaden offers another workshop on Thursday: The Modular Beginner Workshop, it is also free of charge and you learn about the basics of synthesis and all you need to know about modulars. Find out more here.

New workshop series at SchneidersLaden in February and March!

On February 13th SchneidersLaden begins a new workshop series that will run until the end of March. Exciting guests are announced, such as IO Instruments from Berlin, who will open the event series. IO Instruments are a new modular maker with a couple of interesting and affordable new designs, some of them already available.

A week later – February 20th – Jörg Schaaf aka Radikal Technologies will be in Berlin to talk about (and show) his latest synthesizer designs like the Delta Cep A. He is responsible for some modern classic synth designs from Germany – like the Spectralis and Accelerator.

The last workshop in February – on the 27th – is reserved for Frap Tools, who presented their Fumana Filterbank at SchneidersLaden in March 2018. Now, about two years later, they are back with the USTA Sequencer and might also present the resent prototype of Brenso – fingers crossed.

The first workshop in March will be held by Genki Instruments from Iceland – on March 5th! This innovative manufacturer has brought us the Wave and a dedicated eurorack module Wavefront. The combination is an easy and reliable gestural contoller for everyone who is interested in wireless control of his or her synthesizers! This should be an interesting evening!

The 12th of March is reserved for visual artist VanTa. He will show you what he uses to generate graphical extravaganza with modular synthesizers. The focus will be on video synthesizers including modules by LZX Industries that allow your modular synthesizer to generate and process video signals.

March 19th: Michael Menze and 1010 Music will be presenting their eco-system of modules for sound generation, sequencing, effects and sampling.

March 26th: The last event of this workshop series will be by ACL from Berlin. Their Sinfonion module gained a lot of attention and might be the perfect tool to keep larger modular systems in tune. Learn more about this and other amazing modules by ACL in this workshop.

All workshops start at 7:30pm – right after the Modular Beginner Workshop that is on schedule every Thursday at 6pm. Learn more about the modular Beginner Workshop here.

To celebrate the announcement of the next workshop series, SchneidersLaden is releasing the Ableton CV Tools workshop video today. Enjoy!

Please note: Frap Tools USTA Workshop has been cancelled

The Frap Tools USTA Workshop that has been scheduled for tonight sadly has been cancelled for health problems. The decision was not taken lightly. We wish Sacha a good recovery and will try to find a replacement date for the event.

The next workshop at SchneidersLaden will take place next Thursday – SchneidersLaden is happy to welcome Genki Instruments for this event.

Here is the original announcement:

The last workshop date in February is reserved for Frap Tools, who presented their Fumana Filterbank at SchneidersLaden in March 2018. Now, about two years later, they are back with the USTA Sequencer. Sacha Ketterlin will play a short concert centered around the mighty new sequencer by Frap Tools and will talk you through their latest module.

Here is a little example of the USTA sequencing by Sacha Kettelin:

See and hear for yourself during the workshop at SchneidersLaden.

Thursday // 27th of February // Start: 7:30pm @SchneidersLaden

Participation is free / No registration required

A little earlier (at 6pm) SchneidersLaden offers another workshop on Thursday: The Modular Beginner Workshop, it is also free of charge and you learn about the basics of synthesis and all you need to know about modulars. Find out more here.

Radikal Technologies Workshop at SchneidersLaden

Jörg Schaaf aka Radikal Technologies will be in Berlin to talk about (and show) his latest synthesizer designs like the Delta Cep A. He is responsible for some modern classic synth designs from Germany – like the Spectralis and Accelerator. In the past years he mainly developed eurorack modules like the RT-311 Swarm Oscillator, RT-451 Dual Filter, RT-1701 Effexx or the semi-modular synthesizer Delta Cep A. His complex designs always bring a lot of functionality to the table and they can sound amazing.

See and hear for yourself during the workshop at SchneidersLaden.

Start: 7:30pm @SchneidersLaden

Participation is free / No registration required

Ableton CV Tools workshop video now online!

On November 28th 2019 Ableton and SchneidersLaden presented a workshop about integrating modular synthesizers with Ableton CV Tools. Abletons Matt Jackson and Skinnerbox came explain how CV Tools works and how it can expand the possibilities of your studio. Enjoy the recording of this workshop!

Find the next workshop dates here!

Moog Modular 5U Workshop Thursday 6pm @SchneidersLaden

On February 6th a very special introductory workshop about modular synthesizers will take place in SchneidersLaden. Moog has been exhibiting their original 5U module at SchneidersLaden for a few weeks now – time to take a closer look at this special instrument – together with the experts from Moog. During the workshop you’ll learn about patching one of the great-grandfathers of what we all use and call synthesizers today.

Participation is free, just come by and join the workshop. Start: 6pm at SchneidersLaden, Kottbusser Tor, Berlin.

  • This workshop is replacing our weekly Modular Synthesizer Beginner Workshop on the 6th of February. If you are intersted in an introduction to modular synthesis, this workshop can also be interesting to you, but the regular Modular Beginner Workshop will be back on February 12th at 6pm.

UDO Audio – Super 6 workshop on Dec 5th

UDO Audio will be in Berlin to celebrate the near release of their first synthesizer the Super 6 – to do so they will come to SchneidersLaden for a workshop. This will happen on December 5th – that’s only the second chance to get your hands on one of these machines, the first was SUPERBOOTH19!

The Super 6 is a 12-voice polyphonic, binaural hybrid synthesizer. It is flexible, powerful and refined with a gorgeous analog sound character. Rich and evolving texturescan be easily created via the Super-Wavetable core. Results are shapeable using the binaural analog signal path and the flexible modulation system.

Workshop starts at 7:30pm – participation is free!

A little earlier (at 6pm) SchneidersLaden offers another workshop on Thursday: The Modular Beginner Workshop, it is also free of charge and you learn about the basics of synthesis and all you need to know about modulars. Find out more here.

Ableton CV Tools workshop at SchneidersLaden

This is gonna be a big one: SchneidersLaden and Ableton present a workshop about integrating modular synthesizers with Ableton CV Tools. Abletons Matt Jackson and Iftah from Skinnerbox will be there to teach you how CV Tools works and how it can expand the possibilities of your studio.

Workshop starts at 7:30pm – participation is free!

CV Tools is a Pack of ten devices for Live 10 Suite that generate and receive Pitch, Control, Clock and Trigger CV. Send and modulate CV to and from your modular setup or other CV-based gear and Ableton Live using a compatible dc-coupled audio interface. Use Live as the tempo leader or set it to follow your modular system clock.

Plus, even if you don’t own a modular setup, the Rotating Rhythm Generator and CV Utility devices add modular-style workflow inside Live or to your non-modular hardware setup.

Working in only one domain of electronic musical instruments like modular or software can be limiting over time – but it is easier than ever to break down the boundaries between computers, analog gear, across platforms, old or new technologies. A great opportunity to promote your creativity is the integration of modular synthesizers with your DAW. Ableton will present their tools to integrate your modular with one of the most popular DAWs on this planet.

See you on Thursday 28th of November – 7:30pm at SchneidersLaden.

All this is new to you? Why not join a Modular Beginner Workshop at SchneidersLaden, it is free of charge and you learn about the basics of synthesis and all you need to know about modulars. Find out more here.

(Picture: Ableton)


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