Modular Beginner Workshop at SchneidersLaden 28. September!

Join us for the next SchneidersLaden Modular Beginner Workshop on Thursday – September 28. at 6pm in our SchneidersLaden Showroom, Kottbusser Tor.

This workshop is for anyone thinking about getting their first modular synthesizer. We will cover all topics necessary to understand the principles of synthesis and patching. We’ll cover the basic vocabulary needed to navigate the world of modular synthesis, and of course you’ll be able to ask the questions that your own research didn’t provide the answer to.

So – as we always tend to say – Don’t Panic! Join our Modular Beginner Workshop and let us help you take your first steps into the world of modular synthesis.

No registration required, just show up. If it gets too crowded, we’ll have to go on a first-come, first-served basis.

Start – 6pm – in our Showroom at Kottbusser Tor, above REWE (our door bell can be found in the entrance area of REWE).

Mikro:kosmos Innsbruck w/ Jessica Kert

Mikro:kosmos is a workshop day for sound production for FLINTA* people. Workshop tutor Jessy (Schneidersladen Berlin) will give insight into how to play with modular synthesizers. In this workshop (4-8pm) up to 20 participants are allowed to work with modular synthesizers and get to know their special features.

The Modular Synthesizer Workshop with Jessica Kert from SchneidersLaden (Berlin) teaches you the basic principles for understanding electronic sound generation. In the first part of the event Jessica presents her personal approach to working with this versatile electronic musical instrument. She explains how to create a sound with the device, how to transform it and how to place it in a musical context. In the second part of the event, after a short break, the participants will be able to try out for themselves what sounds they can create with several modular synthesizers that will be provided.

Date: Fr. 27.10.2023

Verein p.m.k – plattform mobile kulturinitiativen

Viaduktbogen 19-20

6020 Innsbruck


The Modular Synthesizer Carousel is on tour

The Modular Synthesizer Carousel by Andreas Schneider consists of various modular systems that all follow the same tempo, with their own speakers and the possibility to explore sounds collectively. In addition to its annual appearances at SUPERBOOTH in Berlin, the carousel also travels regularly.

Most recently, it was on display again at the Festival für selbstgebaute Musik (Festival for Self-Built Music). The weather was great and the Berlin audience was very engaged in exploring the carousel and experiencing the electronic sound generators together. Here you can find some selected pictures of the event.

Next weekend (9.-10. September) the carousel will be a bit more rural, in the Uckermark. Here the association Freunde der Uckermark e.V. (Friends of the Uckermark), represented by Dimitri Hegemann among others, is organizing the UM Festival 2023 for contemporary art, music and literature.

The festival offers a lot of creative entertainment for eyes and ears and everything in between in a great environment. In addition to literature, music and talks, you can also explore the nature of the Uckermark on a guided tour. Thus, the UM Festival offers a welcome different experience.

With the vision of the carousel, Andreas Schneider wanted to create a collaborative experience where people of all ages and skill levels are invited to experiment with sounds. Experiencing the electrically generated sounds of the carousel has now been an attraction at a wide variety of events for more than 15 years.

Next workshops at SchneidersLaden:

We are offering two workshops in the coming two weeks. First, we will have a regular Modular Beginner Workshop on Thursday (31. August). In the following week, we will offer a Modular Beginner Workshop exclusively for FLINTA* (7. September). Both workshops are free of charge and will take place in our showroom at Kottbusser Tor, starting at 6pm.

Our beginner workshops aim to help you take your first steps into the world of modular synthesis. We will guide you through the basic principles of electronic sound generation.

You are welcome to join us and learn the basic vocabulary of modular synthesis and patching! The workshops are FREE and you can just drop in – no registration is required.


  • Modular Beginner Workshop on Thursday (31. August)
  • Modular Beginner Workshop exclusively for FLINTA* (7. September)

Start – 6pm – in our Showroom at Kottbusser Tor, above REWE (our door bell can be found in the entrance area of REWE).

Modular Synthesizer Carousel at Error Music Festival

After the Modular Synthesizer Carousel had its last appearance at SUPERBOOTH23, where it was an attraction in the foyer of FEZ Berlin, it will be at ACUD MACHT NEU in Berlin Mitte on Saturday.

The first Error Music Festival for teenagers will feature many exciting hands-on stations and installations, as well as performances and workshops. The idea is to explore the history of electronic music, experiment with different techniques and ins6truments and do all this together with others.

The Modular Synthesizer Carousel was designed by SchneidersLaden to be a collaborative instrument featuring six modular synthesizers, each equipped with a simple yet entertaining set of modules and a set of speakers. At SUPERBOOTH the Carousel was used for three Modular Beginner Workshops. At Error Music Festival the Carousel will be available for you to explore at all times. The project is accompanied by renowned music producers* such as Perera Elsewhere or Colin Self.

The first festival for electronic music & tech festival for teens sets a focus on female* pioneers of electronic music and computing, creating a fascinating experience and time travel.

From very young to 110 years. All are welcome.

Error Music Festival

22 July 2023

from 14pm until evening

on the premises of
Veteranenstraße 21
10119 Berlin
(S-Bahn Nordbahnhof, U-Bahn Rosenthaler Platz)

Admission is free.
Register here.

Sonicstate Video: Mayer EMI – MD900

The EMI MD900 is one of those synthesizers that flies under many people’s radar. Despite being a great synthesizer, it doesn’t get much attention. Fortunately, Sonicstate and MATTHS made a video (find it below) about it that gives a good idea of what the MD900 is capable of. While it feels at home in many genres, a colleague of ours called it a dub techno powerhouse – and we completely agree.

But what is the MD900, really? It’s a high-quality polyphonic desktop synthesizer with 16 full stereo voices and multitimbrality with 4 parts, each with its own effects section. The audio path of the sound engines is completely stereo – oscillator, mixer filter, amplifier and effects.
In addition, there are sample-based drum instruments, a versatile arpeggiator, and a step sequencer that lets you control the internal sound engines as well as external MIDI devices.

The well-organized user interface lets you control all the major voice parameters with a dedicated knob in real time. The large touchscreen and several smaller screens help you navigate through the synthesizer’s numerous parameters. This makes working with the MD900 truly intuitive, despite its enormous capabilities. Great usability, high-quality materials and top-notch converters are the hallmarks of this unit.

We recommend testing the MD900 in our showroom at Kottbusser Tor. Bring some time, there is a lot to discover! But first, the Sonicstate video:

Picture: Screenshot from the Sonicstate video

Beginner Workshop with Girts from Erica Synths @SchneidersLaden

For our next Workshops for Modular Beginners, we are happy to welcome a special guest who will bring a newly developed synthesizer. Girts from Erica Synths will introduce the Bullfrog – a special semi-modular synthesizer designed to teach you synthesis. The Bullfrog was developed by Erica Synths and Richie Hawtin and will be available on 10th of August.

In order to provide a well-rounded understanding of the functionality of this synthesizer and sound synthesis in general, the Bullfrog comes with a comprehensive manual that explains analog synthesis in detail to accompany the learning process. Although the Bullfrog is a semi-modular synthesizer, it is a great device to learn about modular synthesis and synthesis in general.

Here are some more words about the synth: Bullfrog is a classical subtractive synthesizer – it consists of several “modules” for sound generation – VCO, NOISE GENERATOR – and treatment – VCF, VCA/DELAY, as well as “modules” that generate control and modulation signals to control them – ENVELOPE GENERATORS and SAMPLE & HOLD. The Bullfrog will not make the sound on its own unless it is patched – using eurorack patch cables to interconnect the “modules” or by inserting voice cards that create internal connections between the “modules” in a specific way and add extra functionality, like sampler/looper, sequencer, groovebox, etc. This approach better helps to understand functionality of a subtractive synthesizer and the principles of sound design with instruments like these.

We encourage anyone interested in our regular Modular Beginner Workshops to come by, don’t miss this special workshop!

Please check out the official Bullfrog website: 

No registration is required. If it gets too crowded, we’ll have to go on a first-come, first-served basis. See you on Thursday July 6 – 6pm at SchneidersLaden Showroom – Kottbusser Tor Berlin.

Header Picture: Erica Synths

Sound Installation outside SchneidersLaden Neukölln

It is the first year for SchneidersLaden in Neukölln and during this weekend the 48h Neukölln art festival takes place. So Andreas took the chance to build a sound installation that will run the whole weekend, starting now.

You can listen to sounds that are generated by the big Analogue Systems Modular that you can see in our storefront at SchneidersLaden / MusikBading in Berlin Neukölln. The sounds rise from the ground and can be heard on the corner of Karl-Marx-Straße and Thomasstraße.

Check out the 48h Neukölln festival program here!

Pre-order your Buchla Music Easel now

The Buchla Music Easel will soon be available again! Pre-orders are open for two new Music Easel editions – the Modern and the beautiful Retro. Both offer more functionality than ever before, while the Modern Edition goes even a bit further.

It’s the first time in a few years that you can buy a complete Music Easel new. It was definitely worth the wait. The new Music Easels come with the improved 208c, which we already know from the Easel Command. The 218e keyboard is also a revised version (V3) with great playability and functionality.

For the first time ever, you can expand your Music Easel (Modern) with additional Buchla panels. There are two inserts for additional modules, one already occupied by the Electric Music Box I/O – a module that lets your Easel communicate with the outside world and more. It includes MIDI, USB-C, a ground, a mixer, slewing, an LFO, and a crossfader.
If you’ve ever thought about getting a Music Easel, now’s your chance. The Modern version is scheduled to ship this fall and the Retro version this winter.

Pre-order the Music Easel Modern here.
Pre-order the Music Easel Retro here.

SchneidersLaden opening hours during SUPERBOOTH!

During SUPERBOOTH23 the showroom at Kotti will be closed (May 11th – May 13th)!

Our store in Neukölln will be open! Goods can be bought and picked up at Karl-Marx-Straße 186 (former Musik Bading) on Thursday and Friday between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. and on Saturday between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

So this will be the only Saturday we‘re open the whole year. Shipping of online orders continues as usual.

Most of our staff will be at SUPERBOOTH23 – we hope to see you there!


Special Edition Tickets for SUPERBOOTH23 at SchneidersLaden

SchneidersLaden has some limited printed tickets for SUPERBOOTH23 available at the showroom at Kottbusser Tor and Musik Bading in Neukölln!

Get yourself one of the limited 1-day tickets now. You want to make a friend happy? These tickets are also way nicer as a present than the usual online ticket!

If you can’t make it to the store, get your standard online ticket here.

See you all at SUPERBOOTH23 from 11-13 of May at FEZ-Berlin!

Steckblatt 23.1 – the SchneidersLaden Magazine

The new Steckblatt is here! Now free with every order at SchneidersLaden or free to pick up at the showroom at Kotti and Musik Bading in Neukölln. Get your copy while supplies last!

This Steckblatt features stories about the new Buchla LEM 218, SSF Steady State Gate, AnalogFX SER-2020, some insights into the work of legendary synthesizer designer Ken Macbeth and much more. Of course there is also the Basic Patching section and the Setup of the Month.

Cover Artwork by Elke Steiner.

New (old) neon sign at SchneidersLaden Neukölln

We worked a little longer on Friday night and now have a new (old) neon sign! The recycled lettering SABA shines again – newly arranged and elaborately repaired. We have made it our goal to gradually restore the old neon signs, which have illuminated Karl-Marx Straße 186 for many decades, and put them back in their original place.

We are rearranging the old brand names of companies, some of which no longer exist, and giving them a new life. Of course, we use the old technology, which, as long as the glass tubes remain intact, can function for many decades without failures. We had to replace some of the tubes, but the result was worth it!

Modular Beginner Workshop for FLINTA* – 30. March


As an addition to our regular Modular Beginner Workshops we are offering a workshop exclusively for FLINTA* on Thursday March 30 at 6pm. Our dear colleague Jessica Kert will welcome you and tell you about her approach to modular synthesis.

The last workshop of this kind was a great success with lots of cool people, a lovely atmosphere and nice conversations. We are looking forward to another evening where we can bring people together to share their passion about music and learn together.

A big thank you to Julia (music / photo) for the wonderful pictures from the workshop in February!

Please feel welcome to join us and learn the basic vocabulary of modular synthesis and how to patch! To secure your space in the workshop please write an email to Jessica:

Date: 30th of March – 6pm – at SchneidersLaden, Kottbusser Tor

SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH23

Video: GRP – A1

The GRP AA1 is the smallest GRP synthesizer you can buy at the moment, but sonically it is anything but small. Of course you have to live with some limitations, e.g. that it is a single oscillator synthesizer. But you do have a sub-oscillator and a noise source that you can fade in. The single envelope is routed to the filter cutoff frequency and can also be applied to the VCA. There are also two other options available for the VCA: Gate + Release and Hold. With its many CV inputs and outputs and the well-implemented MIDI interface, you get a small synthesizer with great potential. Yes, it has limitations, but the sound, size and price make the GRP A1 a good choice if you are looking for a analog mono synthesizer.

Let’s listen to the GRP Synthesizer A1 – a very small analog monosynth with a high-quality sound, MIDI, CV connectability – it can be used stand-alone in its very solid case, or mounted in a eurorack modular synth. It has a good size for jamming and a quality feel.

The sound is similar to the bigger GRP synths. The filter design has a lot of character and is capable of producing formant/vocal-like sounds and a liquid sounding resonance. The great sounding distortion parameter offers many more options for designing sounds. With its MIDI and CV/Gate inputs this is a synthesizer that fits in all studio or live-environments.

Learn more about the GRP Synthesizer A1:

Vector Synthesis Workshop with Bernhard Rasinger

We are very happy to announce a special workshop about Vector Synthesis with Bernhard Rasinger on the 23rd of February!

Vector Synthesis is a type of sound generation that was for a long time quite underrepresented in modular synthesis. While it was introduced in 1986 by Sequential Circuits with the Prophet VS and expanded by the Yamaha SY and TG line of synths, it is only in the last two or three years that there has been modernized serious approaches to this special form of synthesis. Now you find it in new synths by Korg and others – but also in Eurorack format, where you could get a modue that is especially designed to do Vector Synthesis, or just build something from basic modules. And this is what our dear friend Bernhard Rasinger will be talking about – Vector Synthesis in Eurorack format. Bernhard has been our guest before when he presented his stunning modular controlled laser – check out the video from SUPERBOOTH18!

The workshop is designed to bring an alternative perspective to sound making to the instrument. The topics for the workshop are:

  • 90 degree Phase Difference
  • Size matters with Amplitude Modulation
  • The secret life of Resonant Multimode Filters
  • Quadratur Oscillators are cool

Write an email to to secure your space for the workshop!

Date: 23rd of February // 7:30pm // SchneidersLaden, Skalitzer Straße 135a, Berlin

See you there!

Video: Metasonix RK2 XS-VCA

Here is a quick look at the Metasonix RK2 XS-VCA module – a tube-based VCA module with that Metasonix DNA. At gentle, soft settings the module is able to behave like a pretty normal VCA with some tube distortion but with rising gain the clipping distortion gets more and more. Turn up the Feedback and all hell is breaking loose. Sounds great right! Learn more about the RK2 XS-VCA:

SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH23

Modular Workshop exclusively for FLINTA* at SchneidersLaden

As an addition to our regular Modular Beginner Workshops we are offering a workshop exclusively for FLINTA* (in a previous version of this text we used the term ‘women and non binary’ – FLINTA* is the more accurate term) on February 16th at 6pm. Our dear colleague Jessica Kert will welcome you and tell you about her approach to modular synthesis.  

We know the synthesizer and (music scene in general) is a male dominated community – we see that every day. Therefor we will try to have these workshops more often in the future.

Please feel welcome to join us and learn the basic vocabulary of modular synthesis and how to patch! To secure your space in the workshop please write an email to

Date: 16th of February – 6pm – at SchneidersLaden, Kottbusser Tor

SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH23

Jessy & Miquel – live modular music this Thursday

Nothing to do on Thursday evening? The SchneidersLaden Modular Workshop was already fully booked? But you can’t get through Thursday evening without your dose of modular synthesizers? Then we are happy to announce that there is a solution for this serious dilemma: Jessica and Miquel from SchneidersLaden will play live modular synthesizer music for you at the next Berlin Modular Society event – this Thursday at Fitzroy, doors 7:30pm, music from 8:30pm.

Here is the complete line-up:


Miquel Dangla

Jessica Kert 



Get more info and your tickets now:

First Modular Beginner Workshop in 2023

For the first time in 2023 we’re holding a workshop for modular beginners in our beloved SchneidersLaden showroom at Kotti in Kreuzberg. Join us on Thursday, January 26.

Our goal is that you can confidently make your own first patch afterwards and have a good time. Although we are nerds we won’t get too technical. Along the way we will show you basic patch techniques as well as tell you some stories about the history of (modular) synths and the Eurocrack scene.

Starts at 6pm / Kotti above REWE (ring bell: schneidersladen)

Workshop is limited to 12 participants, so…
>>> Please write for confirmation: directly now !!! <<<

SchneidersLaden – NOW in Kreuzberg AND Neukölln

SchneidersLaden now has two locations! On Friday, January 6, there was a opening event for invited guests in the new location on Karl-Marx Straße 186 in Berlin Neukölln. Here, from now on, the products ordered online will be shipped, handed out for pickup, or sold directly. In addition, the store at Kottbusser Tor will continue to serve as a showroom where customers can try out, test and experience the products.

The way to set up the new store at the historic location of the former Musik Bading was a hard piece of work, but from the first reactions of the guests at the opening ceremony, it has been worth it.

Thank you to all the guests who celebrated the opening with us and to everyone who made this next step possible! And we apologize to those who were not there. We had little time to create a proper guest list in advance, and most of the guests were invited when we happened to meet them in the last weeks.

What is where? – Now the stores in Neukölln and Kreuzberg are open and we are looking forward to welcoming you! If you just want to buy something or pick up your online order, please come to SchneidersLaden at Karl-Marx Starße 186, Neukölln. If you want to try out a module or synthesizer or get advice from the SchneidersLaden product experts, please visit the showroom at Kottbusser Tor in Kreuzberg.

Here are some impressions from the opening event:

SchneidersLaden – Soon in Kreuzberg AND Neukölln

Once in short: “Due to the relocation of our warehouse and pickup station, no shipping can take place between 23.12.2022 and 09.01.2023. We appreciate your understanding.” This is what is stated on our website.

Here is the slightly longer form: We are leaving Ritterstraße, with our offices and a whole lot of storage space, partly because the rent there has become unspeakably high. This is a development that affects every inch of ground in Kreuzberg, as we all know. But that is only one part of the story. The other, more important and more beautiful reason for moving out of Kreuzberg is that we had the opportunity to get an old historic music store in Neukölln. A property with a lot of history and relation to music, which unfortunately fell victim to a fire a few years ago.

For the time being, we are only moving the warehouse and the pick-up station to Neukölln, before – if everything goes according to plan – the store will also move to the old Musikhaus Bading, but we are not there yet. First of all, the warehouse and some office space will move to Neukölln in the next few days, which is why we can’t offer shipping during the above mentioned period. We are looking forward to offer you a pickup station in Neukölln already in January.

Just to point it out clearly: The showroom will remain at Kotti until further notice!

We’ll keep you informed of further developments.

Have nice holidays and take care of each other! See you – then in Kreuzberg and Neukölln.

SchneidersLaden – Le numéro français

About a year ago, we had the opportunity to create a direct customer support for the French-speaking part of Europe. SchneidersLaden has had established ties of friendship and business with our south-western neighbors for a long time. Early on, Marc Sirguy (Eowave/Modularsquare) and Andreas Schneider worked together and Andreas still carries Eowave products in his Alex4 distribution.

However, all this is only mentioned as a side note. The real reason for this text is our French phone number and the person behind it: Maxime.

Maxime was working in support and sales here in Berlin and everything was fine until the world changed permanently. With the restrictions that came during the pandemic affecting us all, so as for very heartening personal reasons, he wanted to move his center of life back to his home country. Because the opportunity arose to live there closer to his family in the countryside, the idea came up – Maxime now provides telephone and email support in French as well and also processes the orders with his colleagues in sales. He is in constant contact with the logistics and the showroom and in particular with Miquel, his contact person for all important developments here on site in Berlin and who in turn is the first contact person himself for our Spanish-speaking customers.

So far, the concept has proven to work really well, Maxime reports good conversations and new regular customers. After a short visit in Berlin he is now back to work in France. Merci Maxime, à bientôt – remember we have your number: +33756276637


Skalitzer Str. 135a
10999 Berlin
at Kotti above REWE
U1, U8 – Kottbusser Tor

Tel: +49-30-6958087-70
Tel France: +33756276637
Support and sales:

Video: Joranalogue Workshop @SchneidersLaden

A few weeks ago SchneidersLaden welcomed Frits Jacobs from Joranalogue. Frits gave a workshop on the complete product line of Joranalogue, looking a bit into the future and talking about modules that are not yet available for purchase. Frits not only teaches what you can also find in the product description for the modules online, but also brings many great examples of patch ideas and applications. There is a lot to learn here!

The video of the workshop documents the visit at SchneidersLaden and hopefully gives a good insight into the design philosophy of Joranalogue. We would like to thank Joranalogue for visiting us in Berlin, Frits Jacobs for the great presentation, Estefania Huygen for recording the video and the initial editing and last but not least all our wonderful guests.


For the last time in 2022: Don’t Panic! – Workshop

For the last time in 2022 we’re holding a workshop for modular beginners in our beloved SchneidersLaden showroom. Join us on Thursday, December 8.

Our goal is that you can confidently make your own first patch afterwards and have a good time. Although we are nerds we won’t get too technical. Along the way we will show you basic patch techniques as well as tell you some stories about the history of (modular) synths and the Eurocrack scene.

Starts at 6pm / Kotti above REWE (ring bell: schneidersladen)

Workshop is limited to 12 participants, so…
>>> Please write for confirmation: directly now !!! <<<

Review: The MODOR DR-2 + now at SchneidersLaden

The MODOR DR-2 is one of the more unique drum machines of recent years. The fully digital sound generation, the sound shaping and the refusal to imitate classic drum machines make it stand out. A DR-2 was added to the SchneidersLaden showroom a few weeks ago and has been very well received. Now Monsieur Piper aka Youtuber Wine&Synths has taken a closer look at the machine and the latest firmware of the underrated Modor DR-2 and raises the question if the MODOR could be the best drum machine of 2022.

Don’t Panic! – Workshop for modular beginners – Nov 24th

In reminiscence of the excellent workshops of Thomas K., who is currently engaged in other responsibilities, here is the announcement of the next Modular Beginner workshop on November 24 in the words of Thomas:

We’re holding another workshop for modular beginners in our beloved showroom. Our goal is that you can confidently make your own first patch afterwards and have a good time. Although we are nerds we won’t get too technical. Along the way we will show you basic patch techniques as well as tell you some stories about the history of (modular) synths and the Eurocrack scene.

Starts at 6pm / Kotti above REWE (ring bell: schneidersladen)

Workshop is limited to 12 participants, so…
>>> Please write for confirmation: directly now !!! <<<

sooperRadio with Aditya Nandwana/Animal Factory Amplification

Today it’s that time again, SooperRadio is going on the air! From 5-7 pm it’s all about electronic music and musical instruments with a Superbooth perspective.

During the eleventh broadcast in late October you will get recent impressions and news from India. Aditya Nandwana from Animal Factory Amplification gives us a detailed presentation of some of his modules. The Indian manufacturer of guitar effects and Eurorack modules has also visited and exhibited at Superbooth a few times. In 2018, he was able to win Alexander Hacke for a lecture-concert to introduce the Godeater effect device. Here is the video about it:

A few weeks ago Aditya also visited SchneidersLaden, where he presented his newest (and the older) modules in a workshop. The video is still in the works. But here you can find a video of an earlier workshop of Animal Factory Amplification at SchneidersLaden:

Enjoy the show! You can listen to it here:
In Berlin on 88,4 MHz or in Potsdam on 90,7 MHz or via stream on

SchneidersLaden @ DigitalAnalog2022

Last weekend we participated DigitalAnalog’s next chapter after the event had to leave the iconic Gasteig which has been emptied entirely for a planned face lift. All this maybe only because some folks in Munich feel the need for it after Hamburg has brought up its Elbphilharmonie which now hurts their ego? However, things could be worse since the new location is really nothing bad either. Muffathalle is an old power plant providing plenty of charme. It is no doubt one of Munich’s best places for live music. The team at Muffathalle was very warm and helpful providing a perfect stay for us.
So we were able to create a cozy little electric play ground in one of the dance studios where we set up our famous modular Karussell and some tables equipped with various configurations of modular synths inviting people to play and have fun. We also brought Mr. Karl Russell and his super cool Dröner with us. Next year we will also provide day time work shops again and announce these through Stromkult upfront.
Thanks to everyone at DigitalAnalog and Muffathalle!

SchneidersLaden Showroom: Drum Machines

We have been rearranging and updating the showroom recently. What do you think about our drum machine table? The latest addition was the mighty Modor DR-2 – now in stock. And yes, we have more Perkons coming this week.

Drum machines on the table:

Soma Pulsar-23

Erica Synths Perkons

Modor DR-2

Jomox Alpha Base

Elektron Analog Rytm mkII

L.E.P. Leploop

Erica LXR-02

Elektron Digitakt

Elektron Syntakt

Joranalogue Workshop at SchneidersLaden – Thursday 6:30pm

On Thursday we welcome Frits from Joranalogue at SchneidersLaden. Frits will give a special workshop on Joranalogue’s wide product range, presenting some interesting patch ideas and going into detail about which modules do which tasks and why. There is certainly a lot to learn here!

Come by for a little Joranalogue masterclass, nice people, good conversations and a cool drink.

  • Jorananlogue Workshop
  • Thursday, 20th of October
  • Start 6:30pm

Tape Loop Workshop by HAND – at SchneidersLaden

For the next workshop we have invited a special guest. Some of you may already know Sascha from the Tape Loop workshops at Superbooth. Because the workshops were so well received there, we thought we should bring Sascha to Kotti. We are looking forward to an exciting workshop and invite you to join us. The available places are limited, so register quickly: Send an email to


13. October from 7:30 pm at SchneidersLaden

What to expect:

This basic workshop deals with tape loop variations, different recording and cutting/gluing techniques. The goal is to create your own tape loop. There is no previous experience is required.

All materials are provided, but you are welcome to bring the following: 
  • Cassettes (only the screwable ones please)
  • Walkmans/4 track recorders/tape players
Duration 90min // Cost 40euro
  • via Paypal to Sascha
  • in cash at the workshop

(incl Goodie Bag – Tapeloop Vinyl/ Sample Pack/ Cassette Loop)

Your host:

Sascha Bachmann is a musician from Berlin. Under the pseudonym HAND, the trained drummer creates experimental music, made for dancefloor and art spaces.

At some point in the 80s he dug out his father’s old Tesla tape recorder. By listening to music with his homies his first interest awakens. A cornerstone is laid. He dedicates himself to soundscapes that are brought to life with its sampled heartbeat.

DIY workshop at SchneidersLaden – September 29th

Workshop on September 29th at 6pm: it’s DIY time! If you want to dive into the topic of DIY, we offer you help in assembling selected DIY kits. We’ll have all the tools you need, set up some tables and power extensions in the showroom and we will have a full fridge full of cold drinks. During the workshop, you will assemble a module of your choice with the help of our workshop experts. Feel free to build your first (or even twentieth) module with us – bring it to life at SchneidersLaden.

BUT please choose your module wisely! Please follow this advice:

To make life easier for you and us, and to be able to complete the kit on that evening, it is important to choose the right kit for the workshop. This means if you have never used a soldering iron, please consider building one of these kits: <- most easy!

or one of the two expanders for the RCD or SCM:

These kits give the impression that they are suitable for absolute beginners, BUT they are not too easy to solder. These kits and their extremely worth reading instructions are great teaching tools, but need a bit more experience or time when it comes to soldering.

If you want to participate, please write an email with your name and the DIY-kit you want to solder to Timm – he will give you more information how to proceed with ordering the kit and reserving your space. The workshop is free, you only pay for the kit you want to assemble! See you soon!

Workshop with Lisa Morgenstern @SchneidersLaden

UPDATE: For health reasons the workshop with Lisa Morgenstern had to be canceled. We wish Lisa a speedy recovery and hope to be able to do the workshop at a later date.

In this workshop it’s finally about how to bring your music on stage. Some of you might have seen her wonderful concert at the last SUPERBOOTH22. We’re looking forward to getting more insight into her live setup, how she integrates her modular system into her performance, and the challenges and benefits of doing so. Lisa also knows how to work with keyboard instruments and her voice, which we’re especially excited about. We’re already dusting off the Rhodes and you can now register for the evening with Lisa Morgenstern at

WORKSHOP at SchneidersLaden – Lisa Morgenstern, Thursday 15 September from 7:30pm.

Stolperbeats and more – WORKSHOP this Thursday!

This week it’s getting rhythmic! We have Making Sound Machines as our guest on Thursday, presenting their Stolperbeats. This extraordinary sequencer pays special attention to rhythm and particularly not quite straight rhythms as known from hip hop for example – the module offers incredibly interesting shuffle, swing or groove (you name it) options that make this classic step sequencer incredibly groovy (pardon the word).

This thing is incredibly fun and always surprises with patterns and grooves that bring a breath of fresh air to your Eurorack system. It’s also handy that Stolperbeats can do MIDI I/O and can therefore be integrated wonderfully into any studio.

The second outstanding aspect of the module is the overview of all steps (!) – 64 steps each for the kick and snare channels and 16 steps each for the other 4 channels. So you have a complete overview of 6 different instruments in any situation. A feature not to be underestimated.

SchneidersLaden invites you to this evening with Making Sound Machines, some cold drinks and nice people. Be sure to stop by, Thursday – September 1st at 7:30pm. Sign up now at

The SchneidersLaden Advanced Workshops are back!

The Modular Beginner Workshops in SchneidersLaden are very popular and often booked out long before the next date. What is missing since the beginning of the pandemic are the advanced workshops with artists, experts and manufacturers – this will change soon: New Advanced Workshops and Events from 25th of August!

The upcoming series of 5 workshops is more versatile than ever and should offer something exciting to everyone who is interested in electronic music and its creation.

August 25th: It starts with a special guest from far away: Aditya from Animal Factory Amplification – located in Bombay, India – contacted us a few weeks ago, because he will be in Germany again. We are happy to take this opportunity and turn the meeting with Aditya into the second workshop on his creations at SchneidersLaden. (here is the first one, in case you missed it)

September 1st: One week later we continue with Making Sound Machines from Düsseldorf, who caused a stir last year with their Stolperbeats sequencer for eurorack – we are happy to welcome the Rookie of the Year at SchneidersLaden. And we are curious about the story behind Stolperbeats and to meet the makers!

September 15th: Two weeks later we are looking forward to a special guest and the first Artist Workshop of the year – with Lisa Morgenstern. We could already convince ourselves of her skills at SUPERBOOTH22 and are looking forward to insights into her live set and to meet someone who can handle the many keyboard instruments in the showroom. With a little luck, we’ll have the new Rhodes MK8 on site by then. That would be something – Lisa Morgenstern on the new Rhodes.

September 29th: Another two weeks later it’s your turn – it’s all about hot irons and melting metal – it’s DIY time! If you want to dip your toes into the topic of DIY we can offer some help with assembling some selected DIY-Kits. During the workshop you will assemble the modules with the help of our experts from the workshop. Dare to build your first (or even twentieth) module with us – bring it to life in the showroom at Kotti. More info on the modules and how to register will be published soon!

October 13th: The last date of this workshop series is also on the topic of do-it-yourself. Here it’s all about Tapeloops with Sascha Bachman aka HAND. This technique needs some finesse and patience, but always delivers fascinating results with the incomparable character of real tape. Your host for this evening has already shown how to cut and reassemble tapes, open and close cassettes and make music with them during many workshops at SUPERBOOTH.

We are happy to be able to offer you such a nice program. The first three dates are of course free, please register at as places are limited. The two DIY dates are paid – more info coming soon!

This is a short overview so you can mark the dates in your calendar and prepare for the opening-event next week with Animal Factory Amplification – Thursday, 25th of August. Please write an email to to save your space!

Techno TV documentary with SchneidersLaden

A documentary about the history of techno in Germany – this can hardly work without mentioning SchneidersLaden. In the documentary series of the HR “Im Club – Wir sind Kultur” you will also see two familiar faces from the SchneidersLaden team, HerrSchneider and our dear colleague JakoJako! We are happy about this acknowledgement and recommend the docu-series, which highlights many facets of club culture and has some nice pictures and stories to offer.

You can find the documentary in the ARD-Mediathek: HERE

The picture is a screenshot of the mentioned documentary.

The Modular Beginner Workshops

Since a few weeks SchneidersLaden offers new Modular Beginner Workshops every two weeks, with changing hostst and time to try things out. During the workshops a member of the store staff introduces a special modular system – mostly the so-called workshop system, which offers the possibility to perform whole tracks in a small space – a kind of groovebox of modules. The participants will learn what is already possible in a small space, so that the large modular systems in the showroom can be reasonably put into relation.

After the workshop, in which it is explained what all these cables are supposed to do, what runs through them and why all this is fun, although it may not look like it at first, the participants still have the opportunity to patch the devices in the showroom. Here, store employees are usually still there to help with the first patches.

The concept of the Beginner Workshops seems to be successful and the workshops are usually already booked up one or two weeks before the date. This free opportunity to get a taste of modular systems is very well received.

If you are interested in participating yourself, you should register in time at!

Video: The GRP Synthesizer A2

Let’s listen to the GRP Synthesizer A2 – a very versatile analog monosynth with a high-quality sound and a huge number of modulation possibilities – and this is no exaggeration: The frequency of the two oscillators and the filter cutoff can be influenced by one of 11 different modulation signals.

The two oscillators feature 5 waveforms each, the first VCO offers additional PWM at two waveforms, the second VCO a parameter called “Shape” which fades in nine copies of the selected waveform for super-saw and super-triangle sounds. You get a Ring Mod, Noise, Sample & Hold, two LFOs, Arpeggiator and more.

The filter design has a lot of character and is capable of producing formant/vocal-like sounds and a liquid sounding resonance. The great sounding distortion parameter offers many more options for designing sounds.

With its MIDI and CV/Gate inputs this is a synthesizer that fits in all studio or live-environments. It has a good size for jamming and a quality feel – and last but not least, the A2 is proving very popular among the staff at SchneidersLaden – so maybe that means something.

Learn more about the GRP Synthesizer A2:

SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH23

Video: Some minutes with the ECR+ Convolution Reverb

Tasty Chips Electronics have been known for their GR-1 granular sampler for years. With their first Eurorack product they brought something new to the table. The first Stereo Convolution Reverb for Eurorack – the ECR+. It’s not small, it’s not cheap, but it’s great to work with and has some unique features that make it worth it.

SchneidersLaden just released a video focused on a simple presentation of some sounds they came across. There is definitely a lot more to explore and you can do so by checking the demo unit at the SchneidersLaden showroom.

The module is more than just a plain reverb effect. One of the most striking features is its capability to load two impulse responses at once, that you can then crossfade between, with a knob or by CV. Also, the position of the response sample, the stereo width and some more parameters can be controlled by CV to create interesting effects. This and the fact that you can load and even record your own impulse responses on the module itself make the ECR+ a great tool for sound design and unheard sounds.

Get your ECR+ at SchneidersLaden: Here

SchneidersLaden is continuing to teach Modular Synthesis to Beginners

As you may have noticed, SchneidersLaden has reintroduced the Modular Beginner Workshops. After occasional workshops in the past weeks, SchneidersLaden has decided to offer these workshops again on a regular basis, always on Thursdays, every two weeks. After the last workshop took place on June 9, the next one will be held on June 23 – starting at 6 pm.

The workshop series is aimed at beginners who want to find out if modular synthesizers should be part of their future creative explorations. During the event, participants will learn about a modular system that is capable of playing multiple voices and drum sounds simultaneously. The system also includes effects modules and sequencers, making it suitable as a live performance instrument. The workshop hosts will talk about important aspects of modular synthesis, the various building blocks and principles such as Control Voltage and more. Several SchneidersLaden staff members will moderate these events, so you can experience a different approach to this exciting topic at each workshop.

To secure your space for the workshop on June 23, please write an email to

Video: Quanalog – Boubou! Filter-based drum module

The Quanalog Boubou is a combination of 5 voices of filter-based analog drum synthesizers that cover a basic drum set. The idea of using filters as a source for drum sounds isn’t new at all. It is a great technique for creating interesting sounds that react very dynamically to the input signal.

The video focusses on the rather usual use cases for a drum machine. But because each drum engine is basically a signal processor with an analog filter at its core, they can also process other drums or alternatively other modules.

Each sound has been carefully designed with a specific analog filter structure to create a great drum feel, from the lower to the higher frequencies. It really is a fun module because it is so responsive. Creating lively hihat patterns is super easy by simply adjusting the gate length – k generating interesting grooves and unusually shuffled rhythms is easily achieved by using the retrigger option on the tom sounds.

At first the Boubou doesn’t seem to be too versatile, but it is. Just send one of the sounds through another – they are filters in the end – and you get a new variety of sound. It is highly recommended to experiment with the gates/trigger/envelopes you send into the trigger inputs, because they can have a big influence on the sound.  

Check out the Quanalog Boubou, your not-so-ordinary drummer.

Goodbye and Hello – with SchneidersLaden & Superbooth

A new level of Corona is approaching, the SchneidersLaden showroom is temporarily closed, but life goes on. Being busy behind closed doors describes the year 2021 pretty accurate for the SchneidersLaden team and it will be the same during the beginning of 2022. The team works hard processing orders, talking to customers on the phone or by email, and keeping up with all the new interesting developments in the field of electronic musical instruments.

A story of open doors was SUPERBOOTH21 – the new concept was a huge success and a wonderful time for everyone that was there. HerrSchneider talked about the return of Superbooth to FEZ-Berlin in the recent Steckblatt edition. Here is what he said:

So, Spring 22 should be great – again! SuperBooth21 is just two months over and it was wonderful: we‘ve learned a lot about how to run physical events in today‘s world with all safety aspects in mind, we‘ve paid all the bills and we‘re planning our next event even better now: it should be in May again, or later, … who knows. But it will remain the most important event for you and for us to drive our passion. We had fulfilled all safety regulations and now look back on all the outstanding concerts, lectures and presentations, as well as a number of products that were introduced during the „best SuperBooth ever“.

To give you a deeper impression, please read some comments and deeper insights in this issue #4 of our fanzine. Let‘s look back and focus: Let‘s work to be prepared, let‘s keep making music, what else? Looking back at the meetings we had, our Corona-safe virtual presentations, rainy gigs and wonderful parties at night in the Bungalowdorf – we will never forget this time and we look forward to repeating it all. Enjoy the sweet quiet of the cold winter season, isolate yourself as good as you can and please stay healthy … to hopefully see you again soon!

With warm regards, Andreas Schneider

From the Steckblatt Edition 21.4

And please remember SchneidersLaden being closed from 3rd to 5th of January 2022 for taking inventory.

SchneidersLaden now ships the new Steckblatt 21.4

You probably already have previous editions of Steckblatt – now you can expand your collection of the SchneidersLaden Fanzine.

Steckblatt comes free with every order at SchneidersLaden. The Steckblatt series is made by HerrSchneider and his employees – covering topics like polyphony in Eurorack or texts about dedicated modules like the Frequency Central Monograf, the new Doepfer Frequency Shifter, the upcoming Miso Modular Cornflakes granular sampler and more – and there is some new Patch Theory included.

But it is not all about gear. You’ll also find a story about the early years of SchneidersLaden, when it was still named Schneiders Buero and located at Haus des Reisens, Alexanderplatz.

And of course some words about Superbooth!

Lots to learn and some nice pictures – get your Steckblatt #4 now with every order at SchneidersLaden – as long as stocks last.

From the archive: DIETER DOEPFER cookie lessons – at SchneidersLaden

On December 6, 2018 SchneidersLaden reserved the whole Thursday evening for a very special guest – Dieter Doepfer. And it was absolutely worth it! Dieter took care of the guests, talked about his machines and even baked modular cookies. There was also a unique modular beginners workshop from him, a presentation of his latest products (Disco!) and an exquisite live performance from Dieter himself!

While we can’t meet in person these days, here is the video to remember this wonderful evening:




“SchneidersLaden shuts its doors…”

…Temporarily! Due to the recent rise in Covid infection numbers HerrSchneider decided to do his best to limit contacts between employees and between customers. Please read below (for the german version of this statement, please visit SchneidersBuero):

Dear customers and friends,
SchneidersLaden is closing!

Due to the increased risk of infection, we will close the counter in our Ritterstraße warehouse as of 29.11.2021 and will then no longer accept pick-ups.
Remaining shipments for pickup will be available at Kottbusser Tor for a limited time and then shipped or cancelled and credited.
Existing appointments to visit the showroom will be implemented in compliance with all security precautions; new appointments will no longer be made.
Sales will again take place exclusively through shipping or delivery services, we also urge you to use them for returns and repair services.

Some of our employees are particularly at risk due to health problems or are not vaccinated, which is why a relevant part of us will now go back to working from home. Others work in a shift system or separated in individual rooms, in order to continue to be there safely and reliably, we kindly ask for respect and understanding for this. Furthermore we are regularly reachable on weekdays by phone and directly from 12 to 18 o’clock in Berlin, in France we are also reachable locally from now on (see below), in all other cases we ask for the use of our online service and for messages or inquiries by email. In any case we are happy about every request and will try to support you competently.

Oh yes, …
SchneidersLaden will be closed on all weekends and holidays as well as on December 24 and from December 31 to January 5, 2022 for the annual inventory.
Currently we are working on an improved chat and communication system, we will extend the limited (phone) dial-in hours if necessary, workshops as interactive videos or live from our showroom are in the works, but still need planning time and practice. The leaflet 21.4 is in preparation and will probably be included in every delivery of goods from mid-December.

… and in May it’s SuperBooth and SooperGrail and spring again. We are looking forward to it. ..right after Christmas, New Year’s Eve and a rest of winter.

Please keep everyone negative and stay positive.
Thank you and best regards,

Andreas Schneider

For support in French, please call Maxime, Mon – Fri from 10am – 3pm:

+33 7 56 27 66 37

Workshop week in Heilbronn 02.-05. November

Next week Sacha and Tom will travel to Heilbronn in southern Germany to give a series of workshops explaining analogue sound generation within the project Das Klangexperiment in the city’s public library.

To take part please send an email to:

The workshops start at 10:00h, 12:00h and 15:00h. After the workshops everyone is invited to stay and try out different sets of electronic instruments and ask further questions.

This is the Schneidersladen Backstage Tour

For the early birds amongst you, SchneidersBüro‘s first employee Penko will give two more Schneidersladen Backstage Tours on Thursday and Friday morning starting at 10:30 am at the Schneidersladen Showroom.

Penko will guide you through the history and self-perception of the Laden and Andreas Schneider as well as through the recent facilities reaching from the personal Synthmuseum of Andreas Schneider, the Altherrensalon with DADA Machines, the repair, logistics, and offices and will finally speak about the plans and perspectives of Schneiderladen.

On the way there, you will meet all the lovely people answering your questions, repairing your synths, and shipping everything to your home.

You will also have a peak in the windows of our friends and neighbors Verbos Electronics and E-RM and learn more about the synergetic energies that keep Schneidersladen, Alex4, and the Superbooth an active and central hub for everyone with an affinity for Synthesizers. And who knows what these insights will inspire you to do. Book your tour and find out.

SchneidersLaden Backstage Tour – SUPERBOOTH21

SUPERBOOTH21 starts next week! As every year, there are the many exhibitors, concerts and workshops to experience during the event, but this time also a special event in Berlin Kreuzberg: The SchneidersLaden Backstage Tour!

For the exclusive SchneidersLaden Backstage Tour HerrSchneider asked one of his first employees to lead you through the showrooms, workshop, warehouse and two neighboring production facilities of eurorack and other music hardware. So, here in the middle of Berlin Kreuzberg, not only synthesizers are sold to all over the world, but also produced and repaired. If you’re interested in how this came about and how it’s done nowadays, book a SchneidersLaden tour as part of your SUPERBOOTH21 experience.

The SchneidersLaden team will also be on site in person at SUPERBOOTH21, so the opening hours of SchneidersLaden are limited to 10 am – 1 pm. Pick-ups at Ritterstraße are possible until 4pm.

Get your ticket for the SchneidersLaden Backstage Tour and for SUPERBOOTH21 here.


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