Saturday, Aug 01, 2015

WMD / SSF in stock NOW & HOT!

Most of the new Wmd / SSF Modules did arrive aswell as their Monolith Keyboard  which can be tested in our showroom  as well – mostly. And th…
Wednesday, Jul 29, 2015

Alles da wo es hingehört!

  .. man beachte die ungenutzten Werkzeuge unter dem Tisch! All is there we it belongs to be? Bongs to be? Honks to see? More of such nice pictures…
Thursday, Jul 23, 2015

Morton Subotnick Live and Preview: I Dream Of Wires

I Dream Of Wires – SCREENING + Morton Subotnick – LIVE A/V + Modular workshop / Verbos +X 28.07.2015 | 8PM, Berlin, Babylon Mitte purch…
Tuesday, Jul 21, 2015

Ve a good Journey Mr.Moebius

Another pioneer of german electronic Klangkunst and Krautrock – Dieter Moebius died in the age of 71 this week. He was co-founder of Cluster …
Tuesday, Jul 07, 2015

Eurorack – Roland – Ikea?

On Musikmesse 2015 I was joking around after also Roland released eurorack modulars now, next step would be an IKEA-Module (Kottibullar) or a Behri…
Friday, Jul 03, 2015

No promo on Vimeo ..

Directly after Musikmesse in April we had some nice visitors from the US like Dan Green alias 4MS (picture), Tony Rolando alias make noise, Mark Ve…
Wednesday, Jun 24, 2015

Snazzy Tidal Wave Review

The Electronic Musician now released a proper review on the Snazzy FX – Tidal Wave sound processor that has been a side event in all the popu…
Tuesday, Jun 23, 2015

better prices for you

After the whole Up & Down with the dollar rate ($sic$) and the unstable €uro We did the best to calculate lower prices for you, so that you &#8…
Monday, Jun 15, 2015

Getting started now!

On Friday this week (June, 19th) we will have a workshop for people interested in modular synthesis – and especially beginners that are on the verg…


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