Friday, Apr 14, 2017

Good Journey Mika Vainio – Rip

Very sad to hear that Mika Vainio passed away this week – He was a true original  in person and his music is absolutly  boundless & to ma…
Tuesday, Apr 11, 2017

Tangerine Dream shuttle boat concert @ Sooperboot

What could be better than leaving SUPERBOOTH17 on a shuttle boat and having one or two beers during the ride? The answer is simple: Leaving SUPERBO…
Monday, Apr 10, 2017

DON´T PANIC! Beginners workshop.APRIL 13th/ 6PM

Hello! There are still some places left for our beginners workshop! this Thursday, April 13th, 6pm, we’re holding a workshop for modular beginners …
Friday, Apr 07, 2017

Screening on Superbooth:
If I Think of Germany at Night

On the 21 th of April (7:30pm)  there will be a screening from the new movie If  I Think of Germany at Night  made by Romuald Karmakar 2017. A docu…
Thursday, Mar 30, 2017

The hondes Martenot ..

the french invention of the hondes martenot led into plenty of classical compositions for an early electronic musical instrument that is still 50 y…
Thursday, Mar 30, 2017

Feeding Concerts ..

will be held  inside Superbooth17 next to the seaside stage every day starting at 1pm. Feel free to help out with cutting down your onions on the b…
Monday, Mar 27, 2017

Skinnerbox @ SUPERBOOTH ..

Skinnerbox will play a so called Gesprächskonzert on SUPERBOOTH17-Saturday afternoon 5pm in the theatre hall for Probably Skinnerbox …
Friday, Mar 24, 2017


Please click on the pic to see more details. First come – first serve. Just available in the store: demo units and returns from 10% to 50% di…
Friday, Mar 24, 2017

DIY workshops now online

During SUPERBOOTH17 there will be up to six DoItYouselves-Workshops available every day for a limited number of participants – who would like…


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