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Saturday, Aug 12, 2017

Instant Lo-Fi Junky by ZVEX

There are many many modules available these days but there is nothing quite like the Instant Lo-Fi Junky by ZVEX. The circuit has been on the marke…
Monday, Aug 07, 2017

TouellSkouarn Sonveskan Feedback Mixer – Model of 2017

We received another batch of the incomparable TouellSkouarn Sonveskan! This is the new 2017 version which is equipped with bigger coupling capacito…
Saturday, Jul 08, 2017

Liivatera – Estonian analog Trough Zero VCO

A new kid is in town! Liivatera is known for developing high grade, yet reasonably priced Eurorack modules. The Estonian company consistently manag…
Thursday, May 25, 2017

Superbooth17 – Doepfer

  In addition to the modules A-135-4A/B VC Performance Mixer and A-135-4C VCPM Quad Envelope Follower, which became available a few days ago, …
Tuesday, Apr 25, 2017

Superbooth17 – Digitana Electronics

  Digitana Electronics started out with producing interfaces and expansion units for the classic EMS synthesizers Synthi A, AKS and VCS3. At S…
Monday, Apr 24, 2017

Superbooth17 – Curetronic

Matthias Schmidt a.k.a. Curetronic will release his first stand-alone instrument soon. The Specht (German word for woodpecker) is a semi-modular sy…
Monday, Apr 24, 2017

Superbooth17 – Sonic Potions

Moiré features two digital oscillators based on sine cores. Audio material can be processed via saw and rectangle shapers as well as a wave folder….
Monday, Apr 24, 2017

Superbooth17 – Arrel Audio

After releasing the ER-100 Summing Mixer, the ER-110 Stereo Parametric Equalizer and the ER-130 VC Mid-Side Unit, Arrel Audio developed a high-end …
Monday, Apr 24, 2017

Superbooth17 – Vermona

Vermona presented a voltage controllable mixer with eight inputs, which is also usable as a multichannel attenuator, a CV generator and even as a s…


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