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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Sooper-Sale -> DSI & Sequential

DSI & Sequential Lets make this one short: Here is your opportunity to get some of the most recent developments by Dave Smith Instruments and S…
Saturday, Apr 06, 2019

World premiere on Thursday – 7:30pm: polygogo Oscillator by E-RM

E-RM presents their new synthesis method! polygogo, E-RM’s new stereo oscillator module, is based on the specially developed polygonal synthe…
Monday, Jan 28, 2019

Verbos Control Voltage Processor & Mini Horse – NAMM 2019 News

Verbos presented two new modules here at NAMM. And with both of them we really have to stress: While at first glance – with all the uber-news surro…
Monday, Jan 28, 2019

ACL Sinfonion – NAMM 2019 News

ACL presents a fairly well-advanced prototype of the long awaited Sinfonion! This quantizer, arpeggiator …. music theory in module form&#8230…
Monday, Jan 28, 2019

Flame Mäander – NAMM 2019 News

  Flame showed a prototype of their first desktop synthesizer at the NAMM show 2019. The Mäander (with umlaut) as it is called comes as a surp…
Sunday, Jan 27, 2019

Rossum Trident – NAMM 2019 News

Dave Rossum presents his new Trident module at the NAMM show 2019. It features three fully analog VCOs, which allow you to create complex, highly d…
Sunday, Jan 27, 2019

Make Noise QPAS – NAMM 2019 News

QPAS stands for Quad Peak Animated System. That IS a very accurate description of the new Makenoise module. In terms we all are a bit more used to:…
Friday, Jan 25, 2019

Intellijel Scales & Steppy in 3U – NAMM 2019 News

  Intellijel is presenting two rather small modules. But please do not underestimate them. New module No1 is the 3u version of the already pop…
Thursday, Jan 24, 2019

Frap Tools Falistri – NAMM 2019 News

Frap Tools – an Italian manufacturer very dear to our hearts has finally finished the Falistri. And it is already available! Also called “movement …


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