We are delighted to announce two artists that will be playing at SUPERBOOTH18 – Carolina Eyck will be performing with her Theremin and Eden Grey with her modular synthesizer.

The Theremin concert will be performed on the Pro version of the Moog Etherwave Theremin. This model has been discontinued more than 10 years ago. It is considered to be the most professional and serious Theremin model Moog ever made. Due to the better scaling of the pitch field it is more suitable for professional Theremin playing. To improve the playability of the standard Moog Theremin Plus there is a modification available that has been developed by Thierry Frenkel. This modification is available from a shop in The Hague.

If you are willing to learn this unusual and historic electronic musical instrument, there is the Theremin Academy happening in Berlin one week after SUPERBOOTH18. Check out their website for more information.

The second announcement for today – that we are very happy about – is the return of Eden Grey to SUPERBOOTH18. The organizer of London’s famous CV FREQS modular synthesizer event already played at SUPERBOOTH17 and she is very welcome to be part of the program again. To get an impression of what to expect, we have added a small portion of her concert from SUPERBOOTH17 to this video.