uk_phoneInside Rough Trade East next to Brick Lane we run a showroom fully equipped with attractive instruments such as the Persephone (selling out cheaper at the time), analogue Synthesizers such as a Vermona Mono Lancet,  the missing link, a Knas moisturizer, all to run in sync with the brand new SND ACME-4 and a monster case full of mixed modular tools finally topped with a demo model of the halfsize Haken continuum fingerboard.  The Haken continuum can only be checked with support on appointment because its such an outstanding innovative and expensive handcrafted instrument.  So please give us a call if you are interested to put your fingers on it or just do it once youre there.  The DIY showroom (without the Haken itself) is more or less open to public during the opening times of the record store and from there you can call us in Berlin for free to get the good support.

The Haken can be seen in London up to August, 12th latest, then it will be exchanged with something else.