Birdkids introduces a new modulation source with endless possibilities: Crow Intelligence.


Thanks to a connection via ethernet, you can manage the functions of the modules directly from a browser on the device of your choice (PC/MAC, iOS, Android …) and then save the patch for later recall. Any patch can be recalled standalone on the device.


Thanks to this system, you can easily reprogram the Crow Intelligence for your needs. It can work as a sequencer, LFO, function generator, random trigger source or Sample and Hold. It can create every modulation you imagine, thanks to its flexible modular patch editor. It can adapt to your workflow and let you control your modular system with ease.

At the core of the hardware is a powerful ARM processor, which will never run out of processing power!

The module features two USB connections, four trigger inputs, four trigger outputs and four CV outputs.


Another new module from Birdkids is the Crow XO, an expander for the Crow Intelligence. They are connected through ethernet cable. It gives you four additional trigger and four CV outputs.