atonal_n This week from 19-23.08.15 is the legendary  Berlin Atonal Festival

Berlin Atonal is happy to announce the establishment of Modular Schaltzentrale, which will run in the control room of the Kraftwerk powerplant for the duration of the festival. Partially supported by the legendary Schneidersladen and featuring equipment from Make Noise, Verbos Electronics, WMD, Mutable Instruments and many other manufactures, the Modular Schaltzentrale will be led by experts from the laden Thomas and Patrick. Something between a performance, installation and discussion – each night will feature one unannounced artist from the festival building a generative patch that will run for the remainder of the night. Beginning 19:00 daily with an introduction and first patch on Wednesday at 18:00. Not to be missed.

Here a Videolink from ARD Tagesschau – see you there