Another Basic Electricity event is happening on Friday, March 2nd. The 26th edition of this modular synthesizer event features two very special artists playing on iconic Buchla 200e systems. Max Loderbauer and Kai Niggemann have proven many times that they are exceptional artists not only when it comes to improvising live. This concert happens at König Otto in Neukölln – a very nice sounding and great looking venue.

The oranizers of Besic Electricity are very happy to welcome Max Loderbauer for an improvisation on a Buchla modular system. He currently plays his 200e live in the electro-acoustic trio Ambiq and with his long-time collaborators Moritz von Oswald and Ricardo Villalobos. Kai Niggemann (Paradeiser Productions) creates ‘poetically abstract’ music, also with the help of a Buchla 200e. At his Basic Electricity debut, Kai Niggemann presents his recently released recording, Heart Murmur, using the Buchla’s ‘Source of Uncertainty’ as a partner for improvisation. Two musicians improvising on two Buchlas in a fantastic sounding room – there’s much to look forward to on Friday, March 2nd when Max Loderbauer and Kai Niggemann play Basic Electricity #26 at König Otto in Neukölln!

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