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Today we have to say that we can’t answer the phone due to the fact we do stockcounting this evening and therefor need to prepare all open case.

We are looking forward to answer your requests again as normal tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience.




Paul Schreiber of MÖTM shipped a load of E-560 towards Berlin!

So all the people who preordered might advise the payment now, then we can ship straight out after christmas.

Thanks to Paul for doing what he does!



SCHNEIDERSBUERO will be open until Thursday 23rd and between Christmas and New Years Eve at the 29th and 30th of december only.
We take calls, answer mails and ship, so totally normal business!
After New Years we stay closed until the incl. the 3rd of january.



e560_sWe have info from Paul Schreiber of MOTM that he is about to deliver his latest creation next week. It goes by the name of E-560 and works as a freq-shifter, ring modulator or phase-shifter! It comes with some unique features and already gained a lot of interest. Check it out on Schneidersladen!


Yesterday we heard RENÉ will ship end of the month! Retail price will be at 440,-€.

We are taking pre-orders now!


Modular Meeting In Stockholm


Our Dear friend Ben Minto from Stockholm Sweden has intitialized a synth meet-up at  the Technical Museum Stockholm!!!

Please see link1 for swedish webpage and link2 for translations!

Shown will be Eurorack systems as well as most other formats such as BUCHLA, SERGE and Frac Rack or DotCom.

Everyone who is into synths already and everyone who wants to get into it is very much invited to join!

We wish you guys a lot of fun exchanging ideas and thoughts!

ADDAC coming


The portuguese manufacterer ADDAC alias Andre Goncalves has shipped a batch of his modules to us so we may perform some first touch tests for our dear customers and maybe ourselves too…  The sampler is to me the most interesting one but let’s see what the other ones can do!
We will inform you next week and come up with further info on availibility!
Thanks so far  to Mr. Goncalves for getting in touch with us and formost for being a very kind person to be dealing with!


We now ship the KP1600 Midi-to-CV interface and the KP4815 Pattern Generator from stock.

k4815-pattern_generator-300Create many many pattern and a few more by simply taking advantage of the Motion Type which determines how the “sequence” is being read.

A real Fun-To-Play tool which in conjunction with Kilpatricks KP-1600 is aslo controllable thru Midi!

Both modules can be played and tested in our testsalon London and/or showroom berlin now.


After we had to lift most prices for US-based manufacturers we are absolutely glad to announce that we could lower the price for Gotharman’s DeMoon down to incredible 290,-€!

kronborg-denmarkThe little DeMoon comes with a stunning set of features  in a remarkably small casing. Almost small enough to be put in your trousers pockets!

We found out the amount of money saved on this purchase should anable you to spend a small vacation in the country of DeMoon’s origin!

Haken continuum UPDATE

Mr. Haken from Illinois, U.S.A. has provided us with new on the Haken OS.

Dear Continuum Fingerboard enthusiast,

Version 4.08 firmware is now available for
download for Continuum Fingerboards with
built-in sounds. 4.08 addresses several minor
issues related to our recent 4.07 release:

• A bug fix for playing internal sounds at polyphony 32.
• Corrections to the User Guides.
• A graphical fix in the Continuum Editor.

As well, there is a new naming convention for
firmware data files, making it easier to perform the firmware update.

The 4.08 firmware, Editor, and User Guides are available on the Download

We have also posted additional examples using internal sounds:

Thank you very much Dr.Haken!

VERMONA reloaded!!!

Vermona, located in Erlbach, today ship their latest creations of the Lancet series.

kick_lancet_fWe are very exited about the first audible impressions here at Schneidersladen!

KICK LANCET is a further improved version of Vermona’s tremendous kick launched first in the DRMII Drumsynthesizer. While now even more parameters are offered to create a wider range of drumsounds this stand-alone device accepts dynamic gate signals and audio signals as trigger source too.

Well done!

MONO LANCET is a monophonic desktop synth housing two superstable osc’s, a powerful 24dB lowpass filter which is capable of playing a true sine tone  stable over a range of 2 1/2 octaces when self resonating!

At the end of the signal path we find a great sounding vca.

A 25 pole sub-D socket offers great access to the audio – and signal path!

We expect the units to be here thursday evening when the MFB workshop takes place.

MOTM delayed

705px-nuclear_fireballMOTM kindly asked us for a little more patience since they had difficulties shipping yesterday. Paul Schreiber promised to do the shipment early next week meaning monday or tuesday.

Of course sometimes unexpected things just happen in the real life and so we don’t get mad and hope you won’t either.

And since his two brilliant eurorack modules E340 and E350 are irreplacible by any other tool availible in the free world we have to take it anyways.


MFB rebellion of the zwerg (dwarf)

MFB will be shipping Nanozwerg and Urzwerg finally now. Both are small but stout!

messe1The tiny NANOZWERG forces Doepfers Dark Energy into hard competition! Equipped with either noise or suboctave, an LFO with abilty to be CV-controlled and therefor to be used as a second playable oscillator plus a multimode filter at almost half the price of Dark Energy! MFB things seem to be turned upside down!

URZWERG, only slightly bigger than his little yellow mate, is the first small cv/gate sequencer that offers 4 chainable tracks of 8 steps each while the user may define independent loop size for each track still.
Select quantization or run free, set max amount of CV-output, gate time length and glide factor for track 1+2 and 3+4 individually!

As if all that wasn’t enough to convince the modular/analogue community Urzwerg lets you voltage control the internal clock too. So it may run slower/faster thru certain steps. This is the very first time a pricy sequencer introduces such a powerful feature. Of course you can also totally replace the internal clock by any other clock-like source.

All those you love randomization may set the unit to random step adressing.

Premium information and guidance is also offered Thursday, 17th of june (this week) here at Schneidersladen at 6pm when we have Uwe George Giegler of MFB in the house.


We are more than just glad to announce one long awaited workshop! And also the final one this season!

On Thursday, 17th of june we have the pleasure to introduce UWE GEORGE GIEGLER aka YAPACC and his friend FRANK MARTINIQ here in Schneidersladen to explain the world of MFB Berlin to the audience!

There will be a focus on Megazwerg, Nanozwerg and the great Urzwerg!

MFB always expand their range of products to fulfill more and more user’s demands!

See how to set up an extremely versatile combination of still affordable products giving you the opportunity to create the music you love!

We kindly request your confirmation to participate this workshop via!

Frieden und Liebe


Due to the bad exchange rate we now have to raise  prices for another product.

The SEM-Modul will from now on cost 950,-€ incl. VAT.

We will deliver all preordered units as offered, so for 850,-!

Our pricing calculation reaches back to the point when the exchange rate used to be around 1€ :1,60$ , so importing goods from the states became about 25% more expensive to us, and sadly so to you.

We know some of you feel very upset about the latest changes in our price list, but we simply can’t help it.  Probably the bankers in Frankfurt, New York etc. are the better ones to be blamed / ashamed!


We are glad to have the following modules back in stock:


Check out RES-4 and BLD!

RES-4 is an amazing and thrilling filter device to be used either as a sound generator or sound shaper. It’s one of the most expensive, yeah, but also one of the greatest! Like Rocky Balboa!

And the BLD is the most cheapest way get a complete CWEJMAN voice! Capable of a huge range of sounds it covers drums, leads , blibs and blobs as well as anything inbetween. modulate the envelopes and the noise level and generate highly dynamic sounds!


We are also happy to let you know that BUBBLESOUND INSTRUMENTS will ship next week too, so we can deliver all uLFOs and SEM filters in back order. We will even have units left in stock so everyone who thought about getting one of those:

It’s time to order!


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