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Trogotronic coming

m_676-300x300W T Nelson of Trogotronic HQ sends a package just now.

We’ll stock the all new M Series 676 Vacuum Tube Synth/Filter/FX Module and the M Series 666 Module.
We will post our experience on the two buddys soon.
So far we have been surprised by the Model 666 M as a mangler for drum machines. Fantstic Stuctures we got!


hi – its me CARLO -and  this is a quite personal thing:

I’m looking for a new flat to rent from November / January on.  2 to 4 rooms (for 2 / 3 people) in Berlin somewhere between kreuzberg- Frh / Treptow-nkln  – like the middle east  –  of course a sunny garden balkony loft would be perfect – but much more important would be good neighbors or none at all – we are not so superquiet- but friendly. We can’t afford totally over renovated boring flats so some character is better than too posh.  If you know anything –
please write a mail to (regarding: carlosflat) …
thanx for all infos in  advance and – ´ve a good time –

jesus_room-for-rent-11cheers,    carlo

new expert is awake!!!

IMG_3308The all new Expert Sleepers Interface ES-4 brings SPDIF to CV/Gate. Avery handy solution for everyone who just carries a laptop providing these outs. Taking the ES-4 gate-expander in addition you come up with many outs from your soft-sequencer to control any cv/gate gear! The modules will arrive end of next week in stock.
‘There is a video about both and how to use by the inventor online now here!.

Knob recording improved

flc3_sWe just spoke to Per at FLAME on the phone and he mentioned he is about to load up an update for his recently launched KNOB RECORDER C3.

With the update it will be possible to reduce recording time down to 51 sec(! which must be still enough !) to get double the sampling resolution to prevent stepping when feeding the output signal to oscillators.

The update he said will be availible within the next 10 days from Flame’s webpage and may be installed be the user himself.

Check me, i am ACME!

sndac4_sACME4 out of SND’s working space, know to supply up to 4(!) midi/din sync/trigger clock recipients with rock steady clock has arrived to stock again.

It may apply different shuffle depths and track-individual time shift back and forth on the master timeline to each output track.
12 shuffle patterns are selectable and track speed may be varied between normal, half and double. synced to master clock. also tracks may be stopped and released again.

All of this with dedicated knobs, no menus.

And last but not least: it works regardless of a computer to supply it again with a clock, if you want it to. so in short words, it is the electronic musicians most reliable friend!

Read more.


mn_skiff_yellowThe MISSION9 from MONOROCKET will be replaced from now on by the M9B which will house to psu’s for propper power distribution without any compromise.

The MISSION6 will be renamed to be called M6A.

And there will be a M6B with two psu’s instead of one.


Pricing info will follow in the next two days. On the pic its a skiff not a M6 btw.

pitch the shape

pitchshaperThe new euro rack modul from Flemming Christensens workbench, the PITCH SHAPER, will soon be availible from stock at Schneidersbuero. To hear some samples Flemming made visit his site to listen.

The PITCH SHAPER needs to be fed with two input signals, then it pitch-tracks the signal applied to input one and re-pitches the signal applied to input two to the same value. Very unique so far in the modular world and besides that it delivers unusual and interesting results.

A nice one and sure not the last in line to be released…

what is this? >> can’t believe !!!

milstein241243Gur Milstein (see Picture left) has send the worlds first, maybe even the universes first, euro rack modular FOLDING CASES.
A dream has come true. The mechanical performance seems to be made entirely properly and in seconds you can fold your case up and leave towards new horizons or a gig or to see your parents and show them your latest musical discovery. Most airlines will accept these as hand luggage. Lufthansa’s senior CEO said towards Andreas Schneider when both met on the golf court yesterday evening: “We don’t see any reason not to accept these inside the cabin, the brand Lufthansa has always supported artists and their special needs when travelling.”

So the next milestone (see the close relation to the word MILSTEIN?) in the synth world has been taken.

After the Stackables, Modular DSP-Cores and the Black Knight Folding Case we are too curious what the great Milstein is about to come up with next!?!
Time will tell, as everytime.

Expert Sleeping???

Sadly it seems ES-2 is sold out for the moment. We hope to catch a chance to re-stock soon. But please prepare for some waiting time.

For now we can only provide ES-3.

We will announce the next possible delivery date as soon as we know.



Here is the latest front panel design for the ES3. We are recieving a batch thursday or friday and will ship pre-orders then…
We all love this design as it appears to be the kind used for robotics and other industrial gear!



A new modul introduced by HDB Vermona in Erlbach / Germany is TAI-4.
The TRANSFORMER ISOLATED AUDIO  INTERFACE offers two indipendent Inputs and Outputs to interface gear with symmetric I/O’s.
Level-adjustment thru switches to provide identical settings on all of the channels when used for stereo applications.
The modul sells at 289,-€ and weights 340 gramms due to transformers on backside.



New INNERCLOCK SYSTEMS Sync Locks arrived in stock. These are not coming with SYNC GEN II software as it is still in beta-testing but almost finished. All customers buying it from now on qualify for a FREE DOWNLOAD of SYNC GEN II. Please note the new price for the unit.
More info on the new software:


While talking about coming together….

…our mate Henning Schwertvogel (name changed to protect identity) just dropped by to say hello.
So far so good.
While having a coffee in the park behind our castle  he told us about a workshop dear Matthias of CURETRONIC, Dresden is performing  4th of june between 2:00pm and 8:00pm at here in Berlin. Check the net for further information please.

Since more and more people are interested in putting their own hands on electronics we found it was worth being mentioned.



Big modular systems are not just nice to look at but also great to play on. As these men are doing here  at EK-Lounge in Schleusingen, Thüringen.
As we always try to push our customers towards making music instead of collecting gear this is a welcome opportunity to point there.
So folks, please feel yourself pushed to pack your gear and play outside.
Fat sound is existing to be heard, not to talk about it.


Thanks to Frank and his associates for the good company!


Coming back to stock is the famous SYNC LOCK made by Innerclock Systems in Australia.
So all the folks who would like to see their timing a little tighter may get in touch now.
Customers so far have been very pleased by this option and we can confirm as well it sounds lovely when using SL to tame your machines.


rauschaum, rauchsaum? nein! >>> schauraum

Recovery almost completed. We are back with normal business after MESSE in Frankfurt Main and SHORT CiRCUiT FESTiVAL in London meaning the SCHAURAUM is now in full operation again. We are sorry for all those people who have been coming ’round when we were still under construction and couldn’t provide full service nor show a lot. But now these dark times are over and world is turning forward again.  See a few pictures attached to this mail giving the impression you get when using a bad camera such as i have one…


Mister P. Schreiber, the man behind the scenes at MÖTM, mentioned he is
about to ship  Ë340, Ë350 and Ë580 soon so we may be able to ship
ex Berlin beginning of the second week of june.
…Dum Di_Dum Di_Dum

4ms family news

Dann and Jeannot from 4ms family just announced their new vca matrix.  Containing  16(!) vca’s this modules is just what many, many users have been asking for. Create mixes, effect loops and dirty feedbacks and have cv-control plus manual offset and mutes with every cross point on the matrix plus superb visualization of settings.  super deluxe!!!

Shipment is scheduled for beginning of june, but pre-orders we take from now on!


sem pro shipping

Mr. Tom Oberheim just shipped a load of  SEM PRO’s and SEM PATCH. So in a few days when the shipment has passed the customs we will start shipping all preorders!

Further he told us he is plannming to ship his SON OF 4 VOICE polysynth sometime around october this year which is related to extensiv beta testing to ensure highest quality possible and prevent repair issues. Since this is actually any manufacturers honor we appreciate this. Here we say: Gut Ding will Weile haben!
I know some people out there are fighting themselves thru the waiting time but let’s remind ourselves of how great it is Tom stepped back into business and gave life to his creations again…


Hans im glück

Now availible at Schneiderbuero is the cool MISSING LINK from Jabrudian.
It connets your i-products such as phones, pads and pods to your favorite midi gear or even midi-cv converters to rule your modulars. Utilizing OSC you can build your own control surfaces and play musical instruments remotely.

Check this link:


A nice evening with friends….

At Saasfee-Pavillon in Frankfurt we had a nice evening-get-together while Musikmesse took place.
Several Live-Performances sweetened the evening such as by Nav’s, 4ms family, the beloved Bulldogs and the handsome Ed on his Fingerboard!
Here is a link to Navroz’s jam:

as well as a look at the place we went:

We kindly thank all the people involved to this evening ranging from our lovely hosts  at the pavillon to the guests we welcomed. We hope to see everyone next time, whereever that will be!


News from the west

Mr. Scott Jaeger told us today he soon will be ready to ship the new DOUBLE ANDORE modul shown below. We start taking pre-orders on this as well as on the famous POLIVOKS FILTER.
The DOUBLE ANDORE is a dual vca/env combo. It provides two identical sides each housing an A/D or A/H/D envelope generator that may also act as an LFO followed by a dc-coupled vca switchable between lin and exp mode. Crossmodulation between the two vca’s is possible and the module is equipped with mix outputs for both vca’s and env generators. Numerous additional functions such as “freeze” (to mention only one of its unique features) for the envelopes form an output stage suitable for system where portability and functionality matter.

Also check out Scott’s more detailed info here:



Dear Friends, whereever you are!

From today on we have to keep our SCHAURAUM in Berlin closed due to preparations for Messe in Frankfurt am Main that  we are working hard on.
We are of course still answering the phone as well as mails but we cannot provide same services here a t our premises during this time. Like ants we are collecting every bit from the Schauraum to bring it to Frankfurt where we hopefully meet you soon.


New Retroverb announced

The always liked Retroverb of Vermona will be available soon in a new version. No details, no pictures..but you will see it on the music trade show 2011 in Frankfurt/Main. If it’s out, you can get it here.

CASE DIY and other stuff

Since more and more modulicians seem to head for personal casing solutions on base of wether Doepfer’s or TipTop’s and Make Noise’s parts availible to achieve power distribution we decided to set up a new category on the web shop covering aluminium parts same as screws and psu’s.

We are also working to deliver hi-res photographs to show items in detail.

Please note, Z-Rails and the Rails we sell are just the same. For the dramatic weight these parts come up with, we decided not to import Z-Rail by airmail after discussing this with TipTop’s Gur Milstein. You know we have to protect the environment…still…

But for the fans of TipTop we had him send the Z-Ears still. These will also appear in the new category which will be switched on the next 2 – 3 days.


Our new best friend is named Mr. Time Table!

Time is pretty young and likes chewing on his thumbs but he knows how it goes  pretty well in the synth business even though!
He mangles all sorts of clock signals same as audio material and we can tell he does it good.
Also he likes being crawled at his two knobs so much that you can’t get your fingers off this guy.
We heard there are some vidoes around to see him in action!

So we shout out greets to his parents at Pittsburgh Modular and leave you with a good recommendation for this little pal.



There have been chats on the wet about a problems occuring with malekkos Envelator, especially in conjunktion with the d-mod input. Since we and sure the customers can’t take this we talked to malekko how to solve this. It seems the pcb can be replaced what makes the treatment easy to be done.

With the next shipment we recieve replacement pcb’s and will update our stock and then ship again. Please understand that we won’t ship any Envelators until the pcb’s have been changed.

Already got an Envelator??? No need to worry, if ever something happens to it we will take good care.+

exorzismus Thanks to Josh at Malekko for the good business.


The man behind the scenes at TIPTOP Audio Studios Hollywood,  informed us the Z5000 DSP-multi effect processor has been discontinued but therefor he redesigned the famous STACKABLES Analoge Modular Synthesizer SchneidersLaden Berlin
to even be better than before. Those cables have, by clients, been described
flow-changing when patched, because everywhere used you find open ends to multiply signals on the fly or in a more natural way.
Z-DSP and NumberZ will according to Gur’s words ship in about two weeks time followed by more/new Stackables another two weeks later.

We are looking forwards…



Tomorrow we get a load of S1 Synthesizers and after…we can’t tell how long…years the highly demanded ADSR-VC2. They are coming now with status LEDs included.

So everyone who’s after one of these – now is your time.



We sadly have to let all the fans of cwejman gear know that the delivery of the SPH-1 will be delayed for about 10 days due to wrongly made front panels. Wowa kindly asks everyone for their patience and promisses to speed up the process as he can!



Recently it seems many musicians work out the advantages given thru Analogue Solution’s OBERKORN when working with MIDI as well as CV.
After some difficulties meeting the higher demands Tom Carpenter ships again and we can serve all pre-orders and hold stock again for incoming orders.



Andrew Kilpatrick of KILPATRICK AUDIO from sunny Canada has let us know that soon he ships his now DUAL OSCILLATOR k3020-dual_vco-6501which is obviously meant to set standards new.
Soon as our order arrives here in Berlin we let you know our impressions.
After various tests we can again recommend the KP1600 and KP4815.


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