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You have broken  electronic Instruments and want to fix them?
.. then maybe Koma Electronic could help:

1012331_566974760008430_1952580509_nOn August 2nd they organize the first KOMA Elektronik in-office FIX-IT day. “We’ll try to fix your broken gear as good as we can” while you play with synths and and drink beer…. How about that?
Double Klick the picture and you get more infos on that event or check their page.

! Schneidersladen 2.0 !

attentionWe have a new webshop, now.  All of our existing clients will get an email latest tomorrow (july, 2nd) with their new login and pass to be able to see existing orders, to add new ones or so.
Some things will not work fine directly, some things will be better, please let us know about this per mail to . WE will go ahead working it out. Thank you and good night.

workshop & basic electricity


be-magdalenaBasic Electricity hosts Navs & Richard Scott will play live at Sonic Dimension/ Club Magdalena this Saturday, June 29th. The evening in the experimental room starts at 22:00 with a modular workshop held by our very own Tom Körting. Headliners are Underground Resistance and ex-Kraftwerk member Wolfgang Flür. Don’t miss it!

RIOTS are comming soon

Trigger Riots are comin’ soon – – well there s a lot of action at the globe right now – turkey police is goin mad / brasil  starts to revolt and russian men are gettin more afraid of homosexuals then ever before – there will be comin a new riot soon but this is a friendly one  – tiptop audioriot is in final production with the trigger riot and will send within the next weeks – the summer stays hot!

Synthieverleih Echoschall

Der Echoschallecho Verleih für Recording Equipment in Berlin verleiht ab sofort auch elektronische Musikinstrumente. Darunter befinden sich so Legenden wie Minimoog, Mono/Poly, Pro-One, Moog Rogue oder SH-101. Ein MIDI/CV-Interface kann dazu gemietet werden, auch Percussion Synthesizern wie die Pearl Syncussion oder Claps von Simmons und Electro-Harmonix gibts.

Echoschall Verleih, Carsten Lohmann Tel.: 030-440 10 900

Basic Electricity #9 concert on Friday, 19th April

We’re honored to host Max Loderbauer at Basic Electricity #9 on Friday, 19th April. Max has been making ambient and experimental music since the early 90s when he was part of the influential Berlin band, Sun Electric. These days he collaborates with Tobias Freund/ NSI, Ricardo Villalobos, Moritz von Oswald Trio, Ari Benjamin Meyers and Andre Vida. This will be Max’s solo debut with a Buchla 200e synthesizer.
We’re happy to welcome back Erik Dower for a funky work-out as he goes head-to-head with the Boom Doctor. Look forward to seeing you!
Flyers are here. Facebook Event is here.be9-max
BE#9, 19.04.13, Doors: 21:00
Kastanienallee 77 (Kino)
10435 Berlin (Prenzlauer-Berg)



Finally the DP-2 has been released. The new dynamic processor offers plenty of musical applications ranging from subtle treatment/enhancement to controlling your modular set with cv’s and gates/clocks generated using audio material thru the DP-2. Also availible for the moment is SPH-2 and RES-4.



prophet of the eggs

Hello Synth-Girls & Boys

we wish all of you a happy EASTER weekend – with lot of music – dance – religion – vegan lamb and may a frozen MMG or something else in the eggnet

ve fun and be out of sync – male_model_bunnycheers your Schneideria


A guy called Rolf alias broken silicon from frankfurt/germany introduces his first modul GAINSBURG now. A clever and yet effective to use stereo vca design built out of high end components to achieve supreme noise level. We have a test module now in our berlin showroom to let you put your hands on and listen yourselves.
Left and Right channel each offer a gain make up at ultra low noise of 24dB, and can surely be patched one after the other to achieve 48dB of gain. This in case all via dedicate offset control as well as via control voltage. also very suitable to amplify stereo signals such as coming from ipods and such like. Retail price will be around 269,-€. We start collecting your pre-orders this week after the product could have been launched in our webshop.


Girls&Ponys vs nerds&MATHS

Good morning – we are all excited like little girls on ponys when we heard that the maths (original version) will come very soon …. and yes – we have tons of pre reservations which we would like to fullfil asap – but we don’t know if enough units for all backorders will come at the same time – which means that it is maybe not possible to make all of you happy at once … please  ‘ ve a bit patience – we let you know when they arrive and if we can make your dreams come true.


Basic Electricity #7 in Berlin

Join us for a night of songs, sirens and circuits at Basic Electricity #7 on November 16th. Hainbach will improvise tracks from his upcoming album on a Eurorack Modular and Omnicord and spontaneously burst out into song. Electronicpresskit will play an experimental set using a custom modular, DJ mixer and MB-808, serving up fresh bizza with feedback and drone toppings. Trouby Modular will demo his marvelous maths machine. Pick a number and dance to the beat! Download flyers here. Facebook Event here.

BE#7, 16.11.12, 21:00
Kastanienallee 77 (Kino)
10435 Berlin (Prenzlauer-Berg)

Menschmaschine / Lecture-Gig

Ein Musiker und sein Synthesizer – Ein Synthesizer und sein Musiker? Experten vs. User, Leidenschaft und Nerds, Algorithmen und Gefühle, Sound und Musik, Bediener und Maschinen, elektronische Reflektionen über die Beziehung von Menschen und Maschinen: das alles ist Teil von “Menschmaschine”, einem Lecture Konzert. Der Musiker Kai Niggemann ist das Interface des Abends: unterstützt von seinem Modularen Synthesizer und eingetaucht in elektronische Live-Musik.  Entlang seiner Setlist nimmt er uns mit auf eine Reise, macht er das Nerdige als Leidenschaft erlebbar und erklärt, wie elektronische Musik gemacht wird, wie der Sound in die Welt kam und weshalb er selber Musik macht. Und was hat diese Musik eigentlich mit unserer Gesellschaft zu tun?Das Performance Label Paradeiser Productions aus Münster/Hamburg präsentiert eine exklusive Berlin-Preview.

Samstag, 27.10.12, 20:00 Uhr: Ida Nowhere (Donaustraße 79, Berlin Neukölln) PREVIEW, Eintritt frei!

weitere Konzerte:

Freitag, 02.11.12, 20:00 Uhr: theaterimballsaal, (Frongasse 9, Bonn) PREMIERE!

Samstag, 03.11.12, 20:00 Uhr: theaterimballsaal

Sonntag, 11.11.12, 21:00 Uhr: Reset-Festival, Clubschiene, (Am Alten Güterbahnhof,Münster) FESTIVAL!


Es geht weiter – am Samstag den 29. September 2012 findet im Kater Holzig! von 17:00 – 23:00 – 5.-EUR Uhr die 2 te Rock’n Rolli Party statt – Menschen mit und ohne Handicap können hier zusammen feiern – und das es auch klappt und alle mit nem grossen Lächeln im Gesicht nachhause gehen hat die letzte Party gezeigt – also dann auf ein neues bis dahin …..rocknrollism

4ms Bend Matrix to sell

foto_bend_matrix Hello – a friend of us wants to sell his very hard to get 4ms bend matrix – its in  mint condition

If you are interested just contact us – .

Australian Invasion

koala_landed We have a new friend from australia -” huggy ”- who travelled the long way with her young one – to avoid  the brutal heat from the bush – and we really enjoy the little smell of eucalyptus in our store – big thanx to the koalaexpress.


aors130_webFrom now on we are happy to distribute Analogue Systems through Europe. We have most modules in stock and their good patchcables in sets of five. Housings, keyboards and whatever is available from Mr. Bob Williams can be ordered! We´re working on adding the products into our online shop. Since we do not copy other text but write our own this takes a certain time.

We are very happy about this partnership as we always found Bob’s modules very, very interesting and useful in the Eurorack section, he for example had loopable envelopes when Tony Rolando was still in middle school__

Analogue System’s Quantizer e.g. allows for making own scales from the scratch. Not just selecting notes from semitone scales… Surely the most sophisticated item in this product group.



Holidays ve started and we are a bit decimated.
With our mail support we try to be as fast as possible – but they are just to many – tati2and here and there we need a bit more time for them. so .. Sorry if it  takes a bit longer than normal.
we wish all  of you a nice summer,

cheers from all the schneiders

We wish happy holidays

Holiday season starts and we wish all our customers a wonderful holiday – take your synth to the beach and have fun with your family or your dog

Sure we stay open – and will fullfill your wishes –

but some of our beloved  colleques making in holiday too – and may there will be days were we need a bit longer for support etc …

please forgive us ….

so ve fun & tons of good music -!


Sometime it´s good to hold in for a second

A short explanation to everybody who is new in the modular/analog world: often we are asked why it takes so long for some products to be back in stock and why the delivery times can be so long.

See, nowadays we live in a fast world where we are used to order stuff and get them immediately. Well, in our branch it is different, as most of our manufactures work completely alone or in very small companys and some of them still make (parts of) their products by hand. It´s not mass production from Far East where our manuafcturers get containers of readymade products. Besides the production job they manufacturers also are busy to invent new and interesting modules and synths – and that´s what´s it all about, right? 🙂

We always try our best to deliver as soon as possible and to have it in stock for pick up in our shop. But the analog world still is a little village and good things need time – so if some product takes a while to be available please just take a breath and be patient – we and the manufacturers try the best to make you happy and don´t forget you !!! Cheers 🙂new_modular1

Vintage MICs leihen ..

Neuer Verleih für Audio Recording Equipment

Vintage Mics leihen ist jetzt möglich… check this out Folks!!!  In Berlin hat der Echoschall Verleih eröffnet, der sich insbesondere auf exklusive Vintage Recording Technik spezialisiert hat. Die Mikrofonauswahl reicht von legendären Röhrenmikrofonen wie Neumann U47, M49 oder U67 über seltene Bändchen von Beyerdynamic, Melodium und Siemens bis hin zu bewährten dynamischen Klassikern von Electro-Voice, Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic und Shure. Zu den Mikros gibt es umfangreiches Zubehör (Stative, Pop-Filter, Spinnen etc.), das zumeist kostenlos dazu geliehen werden kann.
Die MicPreamps sind Vintage-Modelle von Siemens, Telefunken und Neumann in professionell konfigurierten 19“-Racks. Das Equipment kann am Verleihstandort in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg abgeholt werden. Weitere Informationen unter

Rock n Rolli Party

Hallo Freunde,

rockin-rolli1im Kater Holzig findet diese Woche Samstag den 21.04.2012 eine Party fuer Leute mit und ohne Handicap statt – Die Rockin Rolli Party fuer Leute mit und ohne Handicap.
Wie wir finden eine unterstützungswürdige Sache – welche umso mehr Sinn macht wenn sich das Publikum wild durcheinandermischt – und es wurscht ist wer mit wem – handicap oder keins – hauptsache ein bisschen gemeinsames Glück
Schon um 18 Uhr gehts  los,  bis offiziell um 23 Uhr, danach kann und soll im Kater natürlich weitergefeiert werden, die die da sind, sind dann umsonst drin.

Der Eintritt ist nur von 18 bis 23 Uhr frei – Bands und Dj s und Drinks gibts natürlich auch – es kann eine spannende Sache für alle werden – … also mal was frueher vor die Tür gehn. Siehe auch oder

…. last news on S1

The first batch of cwejman S1 will be there in around 4 weeks – the Inside is allready done – but the body needs more time to be made … we are always for the better results … knowing that lot of people sittin’ on hot coles…

we hope that there is still some patience left … in the end quality counts .

Modulation Orgy, oooh nice!

modulationamp_amp_nbsp_orgyamp_amp_-nbsp_panelamp_amp_nbsp_-amp_amp_nbsp_-amp_nbsp_meduimTwo things that can be real fun though, Modulataion and Orgy. But how cool must it be to have both the same time? Will this double up the fun? Probably!
A look at the manufacturers website gains at least a lot of interest!
But soon when we get the  fist, ah i mean first,  batch here we will know and tell.

modcan rising

mcts_sModcan sent the first of their new eurorack releases, the TOUCH SEQUENCER.
It packs enourmous functionality into little space. Up to 4 CV/Gate-tracks incl. quantizing of up to 64 steps. All controlled with a pen on the high vis touch display incl. velocity and gate lenth.
It also features extenal sync and reset. Check it out as well as the future  releases to come.


cync-lock-red-background-1David Lackey of Innerclock Systems soon (end of october) launches his SYNC LOCK PRO providing FIVE indipendent channels of tightest clock, availible on Midi/DIN Sync outputs + 1 analogue pulse output that may be switched thru many divisions using a footswitch. Eachof the channels is to be taken advantage of using the Sync Gen II software!
Be aware. Price will be around 800,-€. In stock very soon. We start taking pre-orders now.


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