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Beginner’s workshop w/ Livestockelectronics

livestock This month’s Beginners Workshop is a special edition! Besides introducing you to the basics of patching a modular synth we are also joined by the lovely people of LIVESTOCKELECTRONICS, a new manufacturer from the Netherlands we are sure you will hear from in the future.
They will bring a bunch of their new modules – among these a superinteresting sequencer called shepard,  a performance router / mixer called maze and some ultra-useful utilities.

Although we are all nerds here we won’t get too technical.  Along the way we will show you basic patch techniques as well as tell you some anecdotes about the history of (modular) synths plus some insights into the module manufacturing business!

Workshop starts 6pm | In our showroom at Kotti above Kaiser’s supermarket (ring at: schneidersladen) | The workshop is limited to 15 participants. Please register under (Thomas)

Looking Forward To See You!

Monday: Bastl DIY workshop with Berlin Modular

Berlin Modular, the new modular synth community from our fine town, present their first gathering: a DIY session with Bastl Instruments on Monday 26th at SPEKTRUM.
Participation in the workshop is free, the Bastl DIY kits can be purchased for a reduced price on location – Please send an email to ASAP to let them know which kit you would like to reserve..
Four spots only are left so better hurry up.

More infos on Spektrum’s website and in the FB event.

Monday, September 26th at 19:30h

Spektrum Berlin
Bürknerstr. 12
12047 Berlin Kreuzkölln

firmware upgrades – Octocontroller & Tempi

Even good digital modules do need firmware upgrades from time to time, either for bugfixing or for implementing new functions. Here’s two recent updates:

  • Abstract Data’s ADE-32 Octocontroller will receive an update soon, CLICK HERE to see the newest manual showing the firmware update procedure.
    Justim from AD says: “The upgrade is free and optional – the only 2x bug fixes are both pretty obscure but I am hoping it’ll be popular (and worth the time/cost of development!). To upgrade – customers will need to purchase a standard 5V USB to FTDI cable. This is the same cable that is now used by some of the Arduino boards, Raspbery Pi, Beagle etc. It’ll be used for all future Abstract Data digital modules and it’s also the system being used by Soulsby Synths. They are available through places like Mouser, Digikey, Sparkfun, etc.”
  • Make Noise’s Tempi’s new firmware “tempi11” makes External SYNC and RUN/ STOP behaviors even better.
    Download the zip file HERE. Everything you need to do the update is included in this download. File, instructions, descriptions, contact info in case you have troubles.

Doepfer A-100 goes Vintage

The most popular Doepfer A-100 modules are being released in a Vintage Edition, having a black anodized faceplate with black legending and old-school knobs that have been custom-made for Doepfer.

Constantly new ones are added to the line but so far following modules are in stock at Schneiders Laden:

EDIT: new ones came in on April 19th:

Dave Smith keyboards for low buck!

Schneidersladen was able to get some Dave Smith Instruments units which the manufacturer displayed at Superbooth.

You have the possibility to purchase these almost as-new trade show demos for a very attractive price (at least 200€ less than street price but we can negotiate) directly in our showroom in Berlin only. Feel free to drop by our shop to get them while stock lasts.

Available are:

  • Sequential Prophet 6 keyboard
  • OB-6 keyboard
  • Pro-2 keyboard
  • Tempest drum machine

As this is an in-store only deal, there will be no mail-order, no shipment, only pick up on location. Again: only as long as stock lasts. Be quick!

Synthesis Technology on the way

Good news from Synthesis Technology: Not less than 30kg of modules are en route to SchneidersLaden since yesterday:


Finally we will receive the first shipment of the E950 Circuit Bent VCO, few modules are still available so hurry up if you want one.

What else:

Finally back in stock at Schneiders

Yo, time for an update regarding products which have been out of stock for a while or are so popular that they sold out quickly. Most products have been completely reserved for a longer time but just to let you know^^

Good news: The MX-4S, BLD, FSH-1 and DMF-2 just were delivered today.
Bad News: Unfortunately Cwejman had to rise prices due to the higher US-Dollar exchange rate making electronic components pricey.

The Harvestman sent a couple of modules as well, some Polivoks stuff as well as the Double Andore Mk2.  Too bad the Stillson Hammer Mk2 was not included – be patient, please.

Then we also received goods from Mannequins and Grendel‘s Drone Commander 2 Eurorack module plus a few expanders – all of these are available from stock

New manufacturers at SchneidersLaden

NAMM showed that there are still manufacturers worth having in our product range.

Rossum Electro-Music was on the bucket list instantly and the Evolution filter can already be ordered from us, the other modules will follow in spring.

We have been asked often if we will offer products from Bastl Instruments at SchneidersLaden – now we are happy to say YES. We are busy adding their gear to our webshop – if you need something different we haven’t in the shop yet just let us know.


NAMM 16 – Sputnik Modular

Unstoppable, lilac-colored Roman Filipov aka Sputnik Modular has a number of new stuff – he hasn’t yet decided which will go into production first.

sputnik-16stepseq The 16-step voltage source is like the small 5-step but way bigger.

sputnik-multisegment-seq sputnik-multistage-seq

Dual Multisegment Function Generator and Multistage Voltage Source are both really complex digital sequencer modules, especially the first one is pretty incredible.

sputnik-freqshifter Roman licensed late Jürgen Haible’s all-analog Frequency Shifter circuit! The booth was noisy so we couldn’t really tell how good it sounds but it’s really promising.

sputnik-seqfilter The Sequential Filter design resembles an existing 200e Buchla module. It comprises of three identical filters which feature frequency, resonance and level control. The eight-step sequencer saves all three parameters into one sequence and eight sequences can be stored. Proceed from step to step and from sequence to sequence with clocks. Look at one self-oscillating filter as a sine oscillator with VCA – the module can be used as a triple synth voice with sequencer as well!

sputnik-dualegLPG The Dual Envelope & Gate combines the envelope and lopass gate functions of other Sputnik modules to one compact module.

NAMM 16 – mixed news

In WMD’s big collective booth a lot of manufacturers were displaying a massive amount of gear so you had to look closely to get all news. Here is a mixed overwiev of things we discovered.

soulsby Soulsby Synths presented the Oscitron, a voltage controllable Eurorack version of their 8-Bit synthesizer Atmegatron. It features more wavetables, allows for recording your own wavetables and it has 128 samples resolution instead of 32. Price will be 299€ and release is in April ’16.


synthrotek-midicv-expressor Synthrotek’s new MIDI/CV interface offers something unique: it can be used in opposite direction, too so you can use it as a Clock-to-MIDI/USB interface. Imagine synchronizing your DAW to your modular’s clock – exactly this is possible! Cost is $199 and it seems to be available now

An expander will add arpeggiator functionality to the MIDI/CV interface for $150.

The Expressor module is a dual foot controller with a twist: each of the two channels having a pedal-controlled VCA allows for direct volume control by foot. Adjustments to the CV characteristic can be made as well.


pittsburgh-lifefoms   WP_20160124_19_53_59_Raw  Pittsburgh Modular have a new line of rather heavy yet really beautiful wooden flightcase enclosures and two modules from the new Lifeforms line:

The sv-1 is a new synth voice, bigger and more flexible than the Synthblock modules from the past. $699.

The kb-1 will be really interesting for users who like to have a touch plate keyboard but dislike the size and/or price of the existing ones. This one will cost $499, it is pressure sensitive, has an arpeggiator, one octave, four adjustable preset plates and two manual trigger generator plates.


No picture of Harvestman here but we were told his killer über-sequencer Stilton Hammer II will be available late February.

Namm 16 Tiptop Audio


Gur from Tiptop Audio introduces – his 104 HP white lightweight Case – which will be available this spring for around 339 $.

Further the 909 drum module family will have 2 more kids –

a 909 Snaredrum and 909 Rimshot modul should come between spring and summer 2016.

Tiptop_sd909 Tiptop_RS909

4 more Cards for the Z-DSP will come too …. this will be


Chorus / Clockdelay / Spring wave ( emulates a real spring) & Multi Taps based on an eventide Reverb.


NAMM 16 – Make Noise


Make Noise leavin’ the past and are ready for the future .


Rob demonstrates for us the new Make Noise desktop synth O-COAST

A little well designed analog stand alone semi-modular unit, merging west- and east-coast philosophies into a powerful synth with unusual sounds and routing possibilities and an incredible warm low Bass. No filter needed – a harmonic generator and a wave multiplier are used to shape the sound. It should be ready in ~3 months for less than $500.


On the eurorack side they anounced their allready orderable modul TEMPI – a 6-channel, polyphonic time-shifting clock module. It provides an intuitive method for creation and recall of complex clocking arrangements within a modular synthesizer system. Using HUMAN and/ or MACHINE programming you could re-create most classic Clock Divider and Multiplier arrangements and then continue on to create new ones. Store up to 64 for later recall and Select them using control signals from within your system or the Select Bus.The price will be 269 $.

And we are glad to see them at Superbooth in berlin end of March.

NAMM 16 – Doepfer

Our friends Dieter and Sibylle again showed up again with two huge systems and a couple of small ones, displaying as well all their recent modules as new units and prototypes.

Nice knobs, I has them


  • A-168 PWM Generator is able to alter pulsewidths of inputs e.g. triangles by changing them into squares with variable width. Basically it’s a comparator but smaller than the A-167.
  • A-110-3 and -6 are early prototpyes of Thru Zero VCOs capable of generating more than just sine waves.
  • A-106-5 SEM filter might be released in a vintage special edition with cream faceplate.
  • A-121-2 is a protoype for a new multi mode filter with individual inputs.

Doepfer vintage series

The most classic synth A-100 modules needed for creating an “old-fashioned” synth will be available in a vintage edition, sporting nicely black anodized faceplates, white legending and custom-made knobs. Price difference to standard version depends on the amount of knobs used for the module.

On top of the black cases you can see the new, universal, Miniature Power Supply with IEC mains socket.


The final pre-production version of the A-157 sub system was shown – a complex trigger sequencer with 8 rows, each with plenty of options like direction, first/last step, step inversion and mirroring. The expanders are included and can be mounted where you prefer them to be.

This happy guy rocked the Doepfer booth and had so much fun creating really good sounds.


NAMM 2016 – Audio Damage

The funny buddies from Audio Damage had a very nice illuminated rack full of their modules. Two new ones draw our attention, both drum voices yet entirely different:

  • Boomtschak, a super flexible analog drum voice with excellent layout, an oscillator, envelopes and a filtered noise. From bass drums, toms, percussions and snares pretty every analog drum sound is possible except cymbals. BLD module, watch out!
  • Neuron, a crispy and aggressive, digital FX drum voice.

Boomtschak needs several weeks and will cost around 450, but the Neuron is available and goes for $325.

Audio Damage Boomtschak and Neuron
Audio Damage Boomtschak and Neuron

NAMM 16 – Mordax DATA

Eventually we managed to check out the DATA module by Mordax in person and it is a really impressive tool with four channels; easy to use with several buttons and a pretty big display.

Mordax Data NAMM 2016

Besides visualization and metering functions (oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, spectrograph, tuner and voltage monitor) it might as well be used as a generator! Use it either as LFOs/VCOs or as a 4-channel clock generator with plenty division settings, swing and voltage control over parameters.

Release date is late may and the price 385 USD.

Namm 16 Impressions 2

Here some fotos taken from the neighbours’ booth around ours:

Moog’s Mother Island

moog_1moog moogstand

Roland & Malekko showing the 500 Series and Roland’s new Case / Desktop Synths & their  MIDI controller.

Roland_3rolandroland_2 roland_4

Korg’s new Polysynth & the Odyssey


and some good guys




NAMM 16 – Waldorf modular

Quite a surprise is Waldorf’s effort on Eurorack modular. Besides the already available nw-1 wavetable VCO they have three new modules and a highly interesting keyboard enclosure.


Let’s start with the latter, the kb37. Super hi-quality Fatar keyboard with glide, directly selectable note priorities and modulation and pitch wheels with CV outputs; rugged construction; 100HP space for modules and enough power, MIDI/CV interface with four individually assignable CC outputs; line level stereo audio output.


mod1 is a combination of 3 different modulators:

  • LFO with adjustable & voltage controllable symmetry and rate.
  • multistage ADSR featuring 3 decay breakpoints, each  with time and level parameters, can be used as a sequencer, too!
  • loopable AD-type envelope

Waldorf-mod-dvcadvca1 integrates two VCAs which can be coupled in different ways, for stereo, panning or crossfading use. It has extra gain for distortion and per channel both linear and exponential CV inputs. “Colour” adds a lopass gate effect based on a state variable filter.


Waldorf-compressorFinally the cmp1, a mighty hi-end compressor module with integrated envelope follower, flexible side chain options, bleedthru-parameter passing unprocessed input signal for parallel compression, hard/soft knee modes, up to +12dB makeup gain.


NAMM 16 – Horsecock

Master of offence himself, Eric Barbour does it again! Disguised behind the neutral name RK-2 XS-VCA is the Horsecock, a new unorthodox VCA based on a looooooooong TV tube, never before used for audio, poking out of the faceplate like a male organ thru a glory hole.

Like Ali G once said “Love – the most beautiful ting between a man, a woman and a ‘orse.”

horsecock_1 horsecock_2 horsecock_front

NAMM16 – Moon Modular

  MM-569egb  MM-569ESB There’s also news for users of 5U modules in Moog form factor. Our friend Gert from MoonModular presents two expanders for the 569 sequencer one for addressing steps, the other features additional gate outputs.

MM-505-filterBut the highlight is the MM505 State Variable Filter which adds new possibilities to this form factor. No more Moog filter clone but a multi mode filter with individual outputs and beautiful resonance. We used it with a reversible mixer pre-filter, patching the filter outputs into it with different phase and amplitude which resulted in some utterly crazy feedback. If you need someting more experimental in your 5U system, go for it and you won’t regret it. Wonderful filter.

Submodularsystems Case

submod submodular_systems-shot2016-update-3use

Chris and his father build this wonderful lightweight case – called Shadow

Its a slimline airline-friendly eurorack travel case with a aluminum shell , elastomer coated exterior & powder coated interior – Shadow is 6U with 208 HP , it will come in 2 Versions – Unpowered (3.4kg)  &  Powered – (3,6kg) – with make noise busboard and Power .

The price should be between 600 & 700 US $ depending on the version and be available in around 3-4 months.

And for everyone who wants to see it personally and can’t be at NAMM – Submodularsystems will be at SUPERBOOTH in Berlin end of March.

NAMM 16: AQA modules

Jan from Berlin based company AQA shows up with 3 new modules –

A new Dual State Variable Filter with paralel & serial filter routings should come end of march.

aqa_filter aqa_mixer_lfo

The QLFO  is a small LFO unit with quadrature sine outputs. The M/S Matrix the first module we know which can be used for Mid/Side stereophony coding and decoding. Both of them should be available end of February and will be in our shop very soon.

Strymon generalissimo

‌strymonStrymon well known for their amazing sounding boutigue Effect pedals introducing their first Eurorack modul , Generalissimo a digital 4 head Tape Echo. And what should i say its absolutly Earblowin’ – the sound is just fantastic, from normal echo to old vintage Bandsalat and wouw & flutter effects everything is possible  – and it has some very nice features as well – each head can give a clock signal out and in the S.O.S mode (sound on sound) it works like a looper – it can be tapped as well and the head spacing can be even / uneven or triplet. Another great feature is the spring reverb section which can be used with the effect or standalone. The module should be available this summer and we promise to stay in touch with them.

NAMM 16: Frap Tools

Simone of FRAP Tools from Italy has good news. His beautiful and extremely well-engineered foldable case UNO will be eventuelly available in an enhanced version with SILTA, a power solution + power brick and SEI, a 6-channel trunk line which connects 3.5mm sockets on the faceplate to six 1/4″ sockets on the rear of the case. The SILTA power solution and the SEI will be available separately, too.

Furthermore a 126 HP wide version of the case will be available offering a better HP-to-money ratio (1.5 Euros per HP, not bad for such a good product)

FRAP_120 FRAP_sei_rear FRAP-sei-front


PLUS is an affordable, modular Eurorack Skiff-type enclosure. One unit is 42HP wide and can be easily expanded to create a longer case (84HP, 126HP, 168HP and so on, as you like). Add wooden panels if desired. Also it is possible to mount the boxes vertically to stack them. Any type of enclosure will be possible that way, always as big as you need it. A starter pack will include 4 units.

NAMM16: Eurorack mix

 A lot of new things to see at NAMM in Anaheim this year.

qubit sequenzerQuBit Electronics show the already released OCTANE, a CV and gate sequencer module with integrated clock generator, quantizer and memory banks. Two modules can be cascaded to achieve longer sequences and to get more memory! Available again in few weeks for ~330USD

CHORD, a four voice polyphonic DCO i.e. an analog VCO with digital control. The oscillators’ frequencies can be synched, easily tuned to chords with inversions of course. It has mute and voltage controllable waveshape per VCO. Price will be between 500-600 USD and it will be available Qbit_ChordMixologyin April.

ANA (not pictured) is one VCO from the Chord, only 2HP wide but still a full VCO for only 150USD.

MIXOLOGY prototype is a voltage mixer module with 4 mono and two stereo channels. It features voltage control over level and panorama as well as mute and solo that can be activated with gates. Will be released mid-summer.

Speaking of powerful mixers, WMD has a prototype of the PERFORMANCE MIXER on display. Eight channels, voltage control of a number of parameters, a headphone out as well as a cue function, wither to pre-listen to a channel or to create a sub-mix. 650USD, available in summer.

WMD-performancemixer2   WMD_gws2-aperture

Other gear by WMD are an early prototype of the Gamma Wave Source 2 wavetable oscillator – harsh and gritty as ever but more flexible and easier to use. The APERTURE is a variable width bandpass filter with individual LP and HP resonance settings. A number of additional feedback options can make it sound nasty. Will be released in one to two months for ~350USD.

4ms-sampler 4ms are there as well and present a prototype of the DUAL TRIGGERED SAMPLER, a monster of an clockable audio sampling module with lots of memory banks, voltage control of important parameters. A SD card slot allows for really long sampling time. Use one channel to playback, the other to re-record the processed sample material. Infinite possibilities.


Schneiders Laden updates

Wondering what’s new at Schneiders? Well, you got the questions, we got the answers:

TipTop announced and already delivered their brand new fantastic effect cards for the Z-DSP: Time Fabric, a bunch of pitch shifting algorithms and Grain de Folie, a collection of granular processing.
Too bad they are already sold out but we re-ordered a lot to fulfill the demand. Christmas is coming and what’s better for the holiday season than effects?

Finally we got a bunch of ALM Busy Circuits’ four-operator FM module Akemie’s Castle.

Also, regarding future products: We’re super happy to announce that we’ll have the fantastic, beautiful, syncable digital delay module Chronoblob from the new manufacturer Alright Devices soon. And Sputnik’s Multi-Touch Keyboard Controller looks very promising as well. We’re looking forward to get them in soon!

DIY Eurorack workshop @ C-Base Berlin Nov, 28th/29th

1439482871292570_Cbase_open_moonFor all of you living in Berlin or close by: the øpen-hardware team ‘000’ are making their second DIY modular workshop in Berlin this weekend at the C-Base station available Rungestraße 20 (10179 Berlin, U8 Jannowitzbrücke).

‘000‘ is analogue distortion and percussion devices for both, stand-alone and eurorack format. Both days are independent so participants can choose when to join the workshop. If you can just attend for a few hours just write to them to adapt the workshop to your needs, Saturday or Sunday from 12h-19h/ noon til 7pm.

The workshop will cover both theory and practice about analogue circuit design, percussion and noise. No previous experience in electronics is needed but interest and patience is mandatory. Workshop prices includes all materials, pcb, front panel, metal potentiometers, knobs and custom light buttons.

For information and reserving your place to the workshop, please join in through their platform here:

SchneidersLaden updates

Well hello there, children!

SchneidersLaden has some products on sale this week, maybe they can help to improve your mood while it’s grey outside^^? May we present Toppobrillo’s fancy and complex Sport Modulator, Mutable Instruments’ chiptune module Edges, catalanian Befaco’s instrument interface I², Doepfer’s A-167 comparator module and finally the Expers Sleepers expander module ESX-8MD.

If you were waiting for some other Mutable Instruments modules: the Elements and is back in stock and we got the first Warps delivery today. And also our Polish friends from XAOC Devices delivered a lot of gear today.

New aboard: We’re proud to announce that, having their collaboration with WMD since a few months, we eventually started with Steady State Fate‘s fancy Eurorack modules 🙂 [We only wish the Mixmode and the Quantum Rainbow were available again soon.]


new delivery

This week’s hottest brand new product at Schneiders Laden is the anticipated, versatile digital polysynth MODOR NF-1 from Belgium. A flexible unit with various synthesis methods and a great formant filter. Check it out!

Besides some stuff from Intellijel designs and Make Noise we finally receives another shipment of the I Dream Of Wires movie in it’s four-hour hardcore edition, both on DVD and BluRay disk.

Happy weekend!

on sale now

This week on sale at SchneidersLaden in Berlin you’ll find something for your rhythmical needs – the InnerClock Systems’ SyncGen2 PRO as well as KOMA’s Rhythm Workstation RH-101.

Still available for a reduced price there’s the marvelous NIIO Analog ROOM – a totally unique processing which mangle’s your stereo reverb’s stereo width and other crazy stunning stuff. Seriously, this machine makes your reverb breathe. An we’ll give you the official demo 19″ rack with punched NIIO logo for free. Grab it – there’s only one in stock.

Some Make Noise modules like the Phonogene and the Teleplexer might be interesting for you.

If you’re into comics and synths at the same time you might want to check out the Doepfer Dark Energy which we will deliver with a free copy of the very recent, marvelous, one and only CAPTAIN BERLIN comic. Yes folks, Berlin f***ing city has an own super hero fighting the evil, you better know that!

NAMM 15: Synthrotek

herrschulz & harmon synthrotek & mattson synthrotek nandamonium
Herr Schulz met Synthrotek’s own Mad Hatter, Mr. Steve Harmon who expands his Euro range by a couple of rather classic synth modules in cooperation with George Mattson. So far they’re not finished so it might take a bit untill they will be on the market.
Furthermore Synthrotek’s about to release a noise drone box soon, the Nandamonium. Square wave NAND chaos going on here probably (haven’t heard it).

NAMM 15: QuBit Electronics

qu bit new gear    qubit chords
Andrew Ikenberry and his team from QuBit Electronics came up with several new modules, some of which are to hit the streets in a few weeks (in case of the NanoRand) or later this year. Chord module is in planning stage, we’ll see when it ‘ll be ready.
NanoRand features plenty of functions in just 4HP: clock source, s&H, noise generator and random in four different flavours (=algorithms).
Tri-Ger is a a triple manual gate generator with a recording function; squeezing the recording in a bar long sequence which generates a clock that’s tempo is depending on bar length and which can be divided. Tap tempo, quantizing and CV control is aboard as well.
Besides that they have a tiny 2HP AD envelope which can be an oscillator or noise.
Finally, Chord is a sound generator based on a number of triad intervals, with separate outs per note.

NAMM 15: Audio Damage

Audio Damage   Audio Damage ADM07
One of the many manufacturers at WMD’s booth were US-american maker Audio Damage which are known for software but have been making modules since 2013.
Their brand new ADM 07 Mad Hatter which is being released now is a digital shift register-like noise source with a filter and crossfading between the noise and an external audio. Great for creating metal noise, hihats and other drum stuff.

NAMM 15: Toppobrillo

Josh Thomas   Toppobrillo Stereo Mixer
After dealing with Toppobrillo for several years it was for the first time we met Josh Thomas in person. The phantom turned a real and supercool dude and Josh displayed a prototype of a voltage coltrolled stereo mixer with four channels, VC panning, mute / solo (mutes with VC control in future) and cueing of muted channels. One aux send with stereo return. Opposite panning of channel pairs with a custom made panning curve. LED VU-meter and pre-master fader headphone amp.

NAMM 15: Kenton

WP_20150122_13_45_48_Raw British KENTON electronics aka John Price was at our booth with lots of his MIDI products. Brand new are: Thru25 for those who are addicted to splitting signals. DSYNC converts MIDI Clock to DIN Sync and vice versa, simultaneously.
Killamix mini received a minor update with blue LEDs and the USB Host in the Mk2 version now works with USB hubs (which are often integrated in master keyboards).

NAMM 15: Sputnik Modular

Roman Filippov SputnikSputnik case Roman Filippov presented his Sputnik Modular gear consisting of six modules which are available since recently. Several future projects were shown on his PC only and three are really standing out: two Serge-ish sequencers and a 16-band voltage controllable filterbank with envelope followers which can be turned into a vocoder easily. All are still in design stage so be patient.

NAMM 15: Noise Engineering

WP_20150122_11_06_40_Raw   NE_case

Meeting the man known for bringing africanstyle polyrhythm to the modular world & unspeakable productnames

Stephen McCaul  alias Noise Engineering introduces a couple of new modules, one of the first releases will come up end of spring and is called Variatic Erumptiuon a dual gate burst generator controlled with VC Lfo

– Further There will be a small Lfo including 2 digital noise Generators – called Sinc Iter and a dual VCO – Loquelic Iteritas

then will come an rhythm generator using binary arithmetic the Numeric Repetitor and the Mimetic Sequent will be a  CV Pattern Recorder & Randomzer which stores 3x 16 note pattern and  cause of the 6HP Size its very good for live use –

… and for all who asked us, manuals are now on his page

NAMM 15: Low-Gain Electronics

Logan Erickson   Low-Gain Electronics DAC sequencer
One of the freshest manufacturers at Schneiders is Low-Gain Electronics. Herr Schulz had a good chat with Logan regarding his philosophy to offer very well-engineeered products with superb mechanical quality. Expect good stuff from him as this guy knows exactly what he’s doing and he is doing it right!
The DAC is a fresh idea of a non-linear sequencer that is not driven by one clock but up to three gates determining the active step in a binary fashion. Gate mode or latching mode make a difference how the steps are addressed and each step can output not only a CV but either a trigger or a gate. Sounds weird? Nah, it’s not!! It’s a very creative machine which gives you the possibility to jam and edit your sequence all time, getting rid of strict linearity without being totally random. Controlled happy accidents 🙂
Release date is not sure yet but sooner than later in 2015.

Uh, and one or two expander modules with additional CV and /or trigger rows will probably follow.

NAMM 15: Abstract Data

Justin Owen  ADE VCO  ADE others
For the first time we met Justin Owen from British company Abstract Data. This nice fellow presented his new and interesting Euro module projects.
Besides a voltage controlled AHDSR-envelope with linear or exponential response, a really neat VCO with good sounding waveshaping capabilites Justin works on the fantastic Octocontroller which is a master clock generator with eight outs which each can generate divided clocks, multiplied clocks or even tempo-synchronized LFOs. A clock and reset input make possible to sync this module to an external clock.
The Octocontroller should be ready for Musikmesse, the other modules will follow in the next months.

NAMM 15: Snazzy FX

snazzysnazzystand  tidalwave
Psychedelic Dan “Snazzy” Snazelle finished his newest product, the Tidal Wave, which should hit the streets in two to three weeks. It’s a special waveshaper/filter/sound smasher with a super-flexible audio and modulation routing allowing it to be used as a synth voice, too.

Good old Snazzy also worked on his website, it is brand new and up to date so be sure to check out !

NAMM 15: 4ms

dan 4ms resonator 4ms dual sampler
First we met our friends Dan (pictured), Jeannot and some more lovely 4ms people and were impressed by their new prototypes, a resonator and a dual sampler.
The spectral multiband resonator features six channels that can be tuned in intervals, within a number of scales. Assignment of the frequencies to the six bands can be rotated, and transitions can be stepped or smoothed.  Envelope followers per channel, audio in’n’outs for odd and even channels… sick organ sounds are possible but imagine pinging this filter for freaked-out percussion stuff. Will be out around May.
The dual sampler is still subject to change but we can already say it can record hours of material to a SD card. Release probably in autum 2015.

new Eurorack stuff (soon) in stock!

– Kenton Modular Solo MIDI/CV interface came in today

– Gotharman´s Pitch Shaper Eurorack modules will be sent to us in the next few days

– A big box of Intellijel modules including the Corgasmatron is in transit and will be delivered early next week.

tomoberheim SEM-Pro

sem-proTom Oberheim just announced a limited run of another version of his existing SEM synthesizer: The SEM-Pro.
This one combines the MIDI capabilities of the MIDI version but adds 21 jacks which allow for additional patching! The SEM-Pro will be available probably in December for 1090 Euro (incl VAT) at SchneidersLaden.

Pittsburgh VILFO arrived!

Alright guys and gals, the first batch of VILFOs by Pittsburgh Modular arrived this morning.

The modules are accompanied by an six-man-strong army of plastic soldiers and a sticker. Seven more reasons to grab a VILFO.

pittsburgh armed forces
pittsburgh armed forces
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