Author: Herr Schneider

Rackunits for desktop use

To use your rackunits in a desktop situation there are some solutions but very often they do not fit to your ideas of style or just dont fit. We are working on another solution to mount up two 1 rackspace or one 2-rackspace mixers, filters or what ever in  an angled situation on your desktop or elsewhere. Stay tuned.

Simple Sync Shifting…

To shift your midi clock has long time been a dream for 808-users at least while that prominent drummachine is always running a bit out of time. The sync shift Mark2 by innerclock systems from Australia gives you the option to shift the midi clock or an incoming sync24 clock forwards or backwards. The result can be converted back into midi inside the same unit and so you can shift whatever you want. Now coming in again from the other end of the world in limited numbers.

Six in a row for low ..

The six-in-a-row by Flame alias Mr. Per Salzwedel will be coming in very soon. Fascinated by its possibilities we could order some more units in advance to offer an introducing-very-special-price of 299 EUR only for the very first 50 units now. Even after we did not understand all the possibilities of the sequencer-like unit, we strongly recommend to go for it finding new and other ways to sequence your events and happenings. We are working on further textes, please watch the videos on his site!


Der Berliner Hersteller Flame alias Per Salzwedel .. sorry .. the berlin based inventor Flame will be releasing very soon one of his favorite musical instruments as a serial product finally:  The six in a row will be a new generation of sequencing tools where he is one of the most innovative heads of this millenium so far. After his famous clockwork the echometer seemed to be a bit too complicated for most of us, but I am sure that also this product will get back becoming a top seller if we once understood a bit more of the flamish ideas. So stay tuned and have a look. Shipment will be end of october, his other products will not be available again before that, so keep seated on the waiting lists.


z80001For real analog nerds their latest idea and hopefully the very next release from tiptopaudio will be the Z8000, a 4×4 matrix sequencer/programmer. We just had a look to the preview. Great.

And as we just could read elsewhere, also the Z-DSP  module could become reality soon. Its a programmable eurorackmodule to be connected with your computer, that was a bit too much of flexibility for me so far, but who knows, we stay in touch.


Der Triple Wavefolder by Toppobrillo ist the first release of another american micro manufacturer of modules fitting to the 3-rackspace system compatible with all that doepfer stuff. The first units are on their way to us now and can probably be heard and tested over here this friday latest. We will do the same and update our sites then directly.

Now see an introduction Video here and another one here, please.

Schippmann ..

Der Filter Ebbe und Flut von Schippmann ist vorübergehend ausschließlich vom Hersteller selbst zu beziehen und das weltweit. Der Hersteller hatte sich wegen Absatzsorgen schon fast abmelden wollen, als ihm diese Massnahme ein wenig den Kopf hat retten können. Wir hoffen sehr, daß das Produkt auch als Ware bald wieder in unseren Regalen liegen wird, vorübergehend ist das leider nicht möglich.

Ah sorry, The Ebbe und Flut by Schippmann is from now on only direct and worldwide from the inventors website available. He had some problems with distributions, money and pricings that this was the only way to solve it at least for a while. Looking forward meeting his wonderful filter back in our stock one day we wish him luck to get these things done.

Juergen Stiemert ..

juergen_stiemertJuergen Stiemert is now working at SchneidersBuero having been a client for years yet. He knows very well most of the  desktop units available for popular electronic music and he is able to explain them quite clearly. His main interest is our showroom, making music with clients  to learn more about the stuff and meet people.

New modular VCOS.. an even newer quality class for the small system will be available very soon: By Synthesis Technologies better known as MOTM there will be two models, the first one is called cloud generator to come end of September. The other one is the biggest ship ever seen as a double hiQ VCO with an integrated better ringmod (as in an EMS) and big knobs as expected coming from Macbeth studiosystems, the Xseries VCO. First some of them will be in stock this week, on demo next wednesday, more will come in soon.

Yes, we are moving ..

.. and we are looking forward meeting you for our grand opening next wednesday: On 9.09.09 there will be coffee and beer in the afternoon next to the kottbusser Tor above the Kaisers. If we missed to send you an invitation, please still come there or send us your postal adress that the brilliant little postcard can still reach you in time.

Buongiorno ..

.. bella  Italia!

Also in italy there are many competent users of analogue gear and there is a lot of analogue gear in use. So now an online magazine started to promote news around the wide field in english and italian language and I welcome the initiative to review things like the documentary ‘totally wired’. Reviews on units will hopefully follow soon.

The most expensive ..

The most expensive module for the 3 rackspace eurorack system will be Ken Macbeths X-Factor dual Oscillator so far. It will be coming in to ship from here finally next week !!! With two high quality VCOs and the wonderful ringmod based on an  AD633 that sounds like a VCS3 – indeed – is needs half of a 19″ rack 3 rackspace frame for just this. The haptical space is brilliant and the quality of the controls helps you to decide for it after you could once put your hands on it. Still it is a lot of money but after you also bought the other half of the truth, selling your old minimoog, you will know about it? Check it out yourself, we will keep one for this.

Schippmann Billig?

The brilliant filter called ebbe & flut by Carsten Schippmann is available very cheap at the time from other stores.  It is some very last units of the older version1 one that are selling out now. The later version two with lower noise is the only one that we have and this is unfortunately still here to be sold for 1390 EUR normally. Towards this special situation we could reduce it down to 1249 EUR until the others will be sold out but thats it, sorry.

Films about our nerdism..

What the Future sounded like..
Wolfgang Seidel, a good client and friend of our house brought in the film called ‘Kraftwerk and the electronic revolution’ (ask the internet for previews) – Brilliant. He also sent me these links to a film called “What the future sounded like” about the history of the EMS synths available from the web in Part1, Part2 and Part3. This explained a lot to me about the grandfathers of what we still do over here in a modern form.

Quantizer ..

.. modules and 12tone scales seems to be en vogue again: There is one manufacturer thinking about his release of a better quantizer/arpeggiator that will probably happen within this year. If you are interested to start with existing possibilities, please check Doepfers A-156, reviewed now by our friend Nav on his forum clic here!

Tomorrow Luxembourg

During the festival 24heures electronique I (HerrSchneider) will be explaining the ideas of modular synthesis to who it may concern. Looking forward meeting interesting people I strongly recommend you to get there if you are around.

Later this year we will go ahead with such events in Berlin and elsewhere, please stay tuned on Stromkult for further infos, thank you.


Very soon there will be a new module by the newyorican manufacturer Bubblesound! After his SEM20 Filter he is now working on a uLFO offering probably much more than just the LFO. We placed an order and will keep you informed.

Raketen im Anflug

The combination of a Cwejman VM-1, the Midi-CV-interface -a190-2 combined in a Doepfer beauty case is a brillint little compact synth that we call RAKETE now. There will be some available in about a month but unfortunately we will not be able to sell them for the price that has been published in the german magazine de-bug. In the end it will be sold in an extra thin black beauty cases cause its just the best solution and will cost you 759 EUR incl VAT then. Reservations can be set now on schneidersladen.


Neben dem DARK ENERGY wird auch der ODDULATOR schon bald das Licht der Welt erblicken. Nach dem parallelen stelldichein der Prototypen auf der Musikmesse in Frankfurt wird auch der digitale oddulator als Serie in schwarzem Gehäuse erscheinen, wir bleiben gespannt. Ausserdem wird es noch die RAKETE und den MICROCON MIDI von Technosaurus noch einmal in begenzten Stückzahlen geben. Verfügbar ist de Facto derzeit nichts von alledem, außer .. der A-111-5 ist gekommen. Es geht doch nichts über einfache Lösungen, die sofort funktionieren, brilliant!

MFB 522 in just one day:

After months of working down the list of preorders finally now Mr MFB is nearly as fast as sales go and we could have the 522 shipping out to you the very next day when you order. This could change when more people read the latest review in this months german KEYS magazine and elsewhere. Togther with the 522 there is also a report about the Miami by  acidlab that is unfortunately not available over resellers at all.
And on page 19 there is a picture of the space station, where I was reminded to let you know about the Ursa Major modul to come: It is hard work to make a brilliant reverberation for the modular and so it could still take a bit, but it will come for sure, we will let you know!

OCTOPUS OS 1.62 ..

..has been released in a beta version now: The kick and the news is the hypersteps: Hypersteps officially promote the Octopus (and the Nemo also later on) to become the polyrhythm machines par excellence. Being in beta still, you could find it in the download area of the manufacturers website to check it out. Als online again is their forum to chat about your opinions about it.


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