Author: Herr Schneider

Tiptop power

Tiptop audio designed their own power supply board with no heating transformator inside the case anymore. Their  Zeus 1200mA powered busboard is coming with included analogue systems switches and is now available from stock for around 150 EUR all included.  Together with additional passive bus boards it can power up big systems also – please see the manual here. In the exclusive Gorillabox casings they are mounted up regular already.

NAMM news

On the Namm 2011 in Anaheim our dear american colluege analogue haven will present the dark time sequencer by doepfer and probably some more news from the uncounted american modular inventors, too. Our dear colluege Big City Music will also be there presenting the brilliant 4ms products, Karl Ekdahl Moisturizers, probably News and more by WMD and others.  We will stay tuned for other exhibitors and keep you informed about all the relevant things over here asap.

single oscillators

xs-osc-semi-frontOur dear friend ken macbeth informed us about his new single oscillator mid last year, we ordered a lot of them immediately and they should have been here on december, 1st 2010. After december is gone now, we feel free to let you know about another brilliant product, that nobody ever has seen in real – so far. Hope dies last and so please feel free to give us your formless reservation, we will get back to you as soon as it will be coming in once.


vm_rvThe famous Vermona Retroverb went out of production now and it is finally selling out these days ! Vermona is promoting their new version of the more expensive Retubeverb now and perhaps they will re-release a new crash button holding spring reverber next year? We will see.

Macbeth visions..

If you see the website of our dear friend Ken Macbeth from scotland, you could think that 5 rackspace big modular units can be ordered right now, ..  if you search the web, you could find his visions of a brilliant new little synth or a new little oscillator and good music, but .. as long as we dont have them, we stay unable to sell them to you!

MacBeth at Schneiders
MacBeth at Schneiders

Right now we are waiting for the very last few models of his brilliant dual oscillators and some few backend filters that will be sold very soon, but .. as soon as we will get a reliable sign, we will let you know, whats coming next to  offer you a good place on our waitting lists !! thank you for your patience.


ding400Do it yourselves! Please try at least to understand what we are talking about: borrow a soldering icon or buy one and book your workshop now: This Friday (Nov 5th) you can solder your own BingBong, RingDing, Fuzz-O-Mat, This Saturday (Nov 6th) you can also make a bumsss or a Bingbong to create your own music on really selfmade machines then – it will make you happy !!

Around 7pm on saturday we will remind you what kind of horizont this experience can open to you if you wish to go further: The DIY synth from Doepfer, the original prototype of Doepfers Dark Time sequencer,  the rare Bumss de Luxe will be shown and finally Navs modular lab will give you a musically introduction of electronic music nowadays to make you ..
..think about Do I really need to solder? and/or how-if-then-what-for? to end up with love it or leave it – it will be fun.. b.t.w.: here is a PDF with answers to your questions.

More Cwejman ?

The number of modules that we are waiting for from grandmaster wowa cwejman had to be increased  to more cw_s1_sthan 200 again these days. After finishing up another batch of the Cwejman S1 halfmodular Synthesizers this is still a lot of work for the one man company and will probably not be done completely before new years eve.  We hope for your patience and kindly ask you to get back to us for alternatives in time if nessessary. Thank you.

check it out in london:

In the very first synth testsalon in London you can check out either a synth, a drummachine and/or a soundtool of the month from now on: Go to Rough Trade East record store at any time they are opened and find…

… a Vermona mono lancet, the unbelievable 808-clone by MFB called 522 and the  latest soundmangler by Sherman called Restyler ! Have fun with them and if you have questions, please get back to us, your welcome.

Cheaper Shippings!

fedex_vanIt was a long way, but now we can offer much better shipping conditions for our european clients at SCHNEIDERSLADEN: For all packages up to 20kg inside the EC, Norway and Suisse  we invoice just 10 EUR net – meaning 11,90 EUR incl. VAT from now on.
For inside germany we agreed a  standard price of 5 EUR meaning 5,90 incl. VAT for packages up to 20kg.  If its above 20kg you will get an offer for the rate as soon as we are back to the office after your order came in.
And if you really need stuff the very next day, we offer express for just 30 EUR in addition. Welcome online.

UK: testsalon now opened !

London is nearly installed and from now on, you are welcome on workdays to get access to our new showroom with modular gear, and some more real synthesizers. Please be nice to our dear new collueges at rough trade east and take good care for our stuff.. It was nice to be with you for this week, thank you.

Krauts in London.

.. well known for analogue synthesizers, modular systems and/or innovative production tools for electronic we_will_kraut_yousounds and music here and there  ..  SCHNEIDERSLADEN from Berlin, Germany will now open a very little showroom in London, UK:
There will be few rare highlights of modern synthesizers and sound machines available from stock, modular systems can be seen, heard and touched in a `testsalon`
on appointment.
The grand opening will be celebrated on Sunday 10/10/10 with a very first session in the testsalon, that should be recorded to vinyl live. Around 2pm there will be ‘Navs modular Lab’ performing live on stage, followed by Zimbo from Berlin locally well known as (Mr.) Schulz und Söhne.

The whole staff of SchneidersBuero, some Inventors and Clients will be in the house til 5pm or so.

Join us at Rough Trade East / ‘Dray Walk’ / Old Truman Brewery /
91  Brick Lane / London E1 6QL, youre welcome.

Krauts on islands !

modular_ausschnittYes we do it: After some rumours we thought its a good idea: finally now we will open up a first showroom in London to touch, listen and feel the components of the modular world of nowadays. On October 10th we would be happy meeting you for our release of the modular testsalon inside Rough Trade East, please see more details on SchneidersBuero and/or here during next week. We still work on it.

watching totally wired

To see the film called totally wired about what we are doing here – there will be a public screening/viewing (??) in our neighborhood very soon: September 30st, (in time to our 11th birthday b.t.w.) we will give it some words and a patch in kreuzbergs club “west germany”.. read about this here !


intellijelmodulmixIntellijel Design has send us finally their little helpers that are so small and tiny that you will have no problems to find a gap for them in your systems. A multiple with just 2 HP and/or a buffered multiple and/or and AND/OR module as well as spok and more is now available from stock ex Berlin.

Please ignore if you can not find these or others on the existing Schneidersbuero-Site, we are busy working on an update. Thank you for some patience and have a nice day.

Videoamt support

Finally accepting new media ways for old analogue ideas was a hard thing for me. An old friend alias videoamt brought me there and it looks like we will have some good fun with movies in our near future. Have a look and give it a bit, its growing right now.

Goodbuy demoon.

We are selling out our very last Gotharman deMoon synthesizer units now! This gotharman_demoon_beispiel should give you some impressions about whats possible with it. We did not buy the additional available updates for the extra money already, we just made the units extra cheap for you to afford it yourselves.

By the way.. the inventor of this brilliant little synth from denmark also designed the stepsequencer Cyclus3 that has been realized by a swiss company called spectral audio. One very last unit of the cyclus and two quite good racksynths called Neptune2 from our demo/support rack are selling out now, too.  Please ask for availability.

Clockwerk Forum news

No, not everything is true what you read in forums on the web! With the famous FLAME clockwork unit there was a Midi to CV/Gate converter added , that did not work properly latest after the unit was updated to give out 5V always after fulfilling that demand from clients. Now somebody wrote about a chip update that somehow could fix this minor bug, unfortunately this is wrong. IF you send note events into the clockwork as long as there are rhythmical events to shift or divide at the same time – This is the brilliant function of the unit ! – the outgoing CV for the notenumber is mostly flickering in the rhythm. Its not a bug – its a feature.  So .. if you need a CV-interface, just buy one, we have some .. and the clockwork is great !

New Sounds inside HAKEN!

The amazing Haken continuum controller now has additional sounds delivered with its latest O.S. called continuum_blog4.07.  Slide Wind, Metal Bar, Pluck Tine, and a Feedback String sounds like reasons to buy such an instrument as long as you can afford it and if you do not already own one! The new firmware, a new Editor, and a the User Guide are available from the manufacturers Download page here.

And finally the beautyful stand for the continuum is now available for fullsize and halfsize units. We have to wait for the first shipment another month, but if you see these pics.. one month for such is not a lot!

Cwejman modules ..

dsc_0118Wowa Cjwejman is busy making even more of his prominent modular components: After they have only been available on preorder for a long time now very soon we will have some stock again that is not promised already: Please check your need for the white MMF-6 and BLD units, his most brilliant RES-4, The FSH-1 and please check the web for incoming new CRV-24. For everything else please ask or give us your preorder, we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Vermona is back with a new version of their most famous spring reverb unit. The new RETUBEVERB now has a XLR balanced in and out apart from all existing good sound features that already their earlier model had. In a new steel casing it can also be mounted into 19″racks again optionally.


With the current exchange rates from EUR to USD (and the other way round) we will probably have to increase some prices for US Import stuff very soon. So please be aware that US items could become more expensive for people inside Europe.  At the same time we welcome new clients from countries outside Europe ordering good stuff from the europeans for better prices now!

.. thanks to FedEx, UPS, BP and others making it so cheap to burn down the house, or what?

The tetra maps

From canada we ordered some units of the tetra eurorack – a follow up module of the discontinued desktop MAPS – a complex reborn sequencer now for the modular system. Some first modules will be coming over around the end of march.

Cwejman cancelled:

The workshop with Wowa Cwejman – planned for May, 13th – has unfortunately been cancelled by the inventor himself right now. We are very sorry for this to those who already confirmed their participation and look forward to a new date in autumn this year hopefully.


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