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MOTM synth technologies

We ordered a lot of MOTM eurorack modules also well known as Synthesis Technologies. The man behind it is well known as Mister Paul Schreiber and a very very experienced modular manufacturer. Unfortunately we are not always sure, that he will get it done to ship within a week if he promises to get it done today, but .. quality has its price and so we wait in patience.
We just wanted to let you know, that it could happen, that some of the rare eurorack  MOTM modules will be “restocked” in the near future !!


This years first concert in SchneidersBuero (and one of the very last ones) will happen TOMORROW, when Sascha Neudeck will be performing with his partner as MONSTERFRAU. The famous manufacturer of the Cacophonator and Weird Sound Generator from Vienna alias Subtle Noise Maker is our first supplier that will be showing how to use his products live in person over here!  The gig will start at 9pm, the admission is free but we want you to buy many drinks from our minibar – and later on some units you could have seen on stage in most competent use by  the inventor himself.

11.11.11 9pm: Monsterfrau Live –
SchneidersBuero – Skalitzer Str. 135a – Berlin – Am Kotti überm Kaisers

London showroom..

.. has been redesigned now and arrived its Phase II: Please have a visit to our demo inside rough trade east once you make it to london. Everything is on DIY position, Support is always made over the phone included. Get access to the cabin and have some fun.

(.. click on the pics twice  to see more details ..)

hardware_london eurorack_londonmodular_london

Yes, just 3200 GBP!

hakenhalfsize2Because it is the sensational pick up special price from our showroom inside RTE at Brick Lane, London – Yeah! (see next post, too, pls.)  Call or give us a mail, if you want it, thanks.

just one week..

haken_small_sIf you ever thought about buying a haken continuum do it now again and get it done in one week: Our London halfsize demo unit at rough trade east is still there to be checked today or next wednesday. If its not sold for the unbelievable package price of 4000 EUR or 3500 UKP including a brilliant case and the most stable keyboard stand especially made for the use of a haken .. its going back to berlin then! (The official price of the whole package should have been more than 5000 b.t.w.)..

Buy it in London..

uk_phoneInside Rough Trade East next to Brick Lane we run a showroom fully equipped with attractive instruments such as the Persephone (selling out cheaper at the time), analogue Synthesizers such as a Vermona Mono Lancet,  the missing link, a Knas moisturizer, all to run in sync with the brand new SND ACME-4 and a monster case full of mixed modular tools finally topped with a demo model of the halfsize Haken continuum fingerboard.  The Haken continuum can only be checked with support on appointment because its such an outstanding innovative and expensive handcrafted instrument.  So please give us a call if you are interested to put your fingers on it or just do it once youre there.  The DIY showroom (without the Haken itself) is more or less open to public during the opening times of the record store and from there you can call us in Berlin for free to get the good support.

The Haken can be seen in London up to August, 12th latest, then it will be exchanged with something else.

Wrong Power supply?

snfx_tc_sSnazzy FX just sent a note, that all their pedals are running with just 9V DC after some of their clients crashed a pedal with probably higher voltages of any kind. If you buy such from us, the right power supply is already included to your shipment, and the price is cheaper than anywhere else in the world at the time – as long as stock lasts!

Neues vom Haller!

vsr3_angledEin weiterer Federhall von Vermona der VSR3 sowie der Filter Lancet sind jetzt so gut wie lieferbar. Beide Produkte können ab sofort formlos bestellt werden, das Update im onlineshop gibts asap .. Uups.. Another spring reverb by vermona called VSR3 and the filter lancet both as introduced during musikmesse already will now be shipping very soon (to us!). Both products can be ordered formless already, our onlineshop will be updated these days.

on the flight!

pbr4panelBy a company called flight of harmony there are some news about the Plague Bearer R4 going around now! I just ordered a bunch of those after the earlier version already has been compared with the amazing sherman filterbank. The Plague Bearer already was an outstanding filter module for very small money. The new version now includes a hidden soft-knee limiter and an Input attenuation switch in the front. The waiting list is opened up now, please be patient.

Cacophonie now!

The new Cacophonator2 by subtle noise makercaco_alu6 is a great tool for strange noises, battery powered and equipped with a big bypass switch now cased in raw aluminium. The earlier model Cacophonator1 in white has been taken off the webshop by mistake. We still have two models left selling for just 239 EUR now to those who order first (per mail please). Technically the only difference is the missing bypass, as you see here.

Short Circuit Festival

sc_mute_fb1Finally this week we will be part of the short circuit festival in Londons Roundhouse invited by Raster-Noton and Mute. If you can make it there and if you have a ticket we would be happy to welcome you to our modular caroussel with some extras in all three nights directly next to the entrance.´There will be uncounted highlights playing live, workshops, films and installations all over the venue, see the whole program on the attached poster and spread the news, thank you.

on the musikmesse..

.. finally we are complete now, the superbooth is ready to welcome you and over the day we will upload the first pics and movies to our picture galery. If you can make it, join out private party on thursday here in Frankfurt, we could realize quite a good line up for such a special come together.
looking forward meeting you here .. soon. 
Have a good day.

Monorockets available

mn_skiff_yellowThe very first shipment of monorocket casings came in last week. Three of them direclty went over to happy clients, see some pics by one of them over here. In our stand on Musikmesse Frankfurt alias SuperBooth we will have a monorocket sciff to be seen and touched. After they can be made in many different colors there will always be a shipping time of around three weeks left. Make your choice directly here if you like.

Schneidersbuero a Paris!

C’est avec plaisir que nous informons nos amis francais de la projection du film documentaire “Totally Wired – a film about Schneidersbuero” de Niam Ahern à Paris le Dimanche 3 Avril 2011.
Le documentaire retrace l’histoire du “bureau” par le biais d’interviews de clients et de constructeurs. Probablement le meilleur moyen de faire connaissance pour ceux qui ne nous ont pas encore rendu visite à Berlin.  Pour plus d’informations veuillez suivre le lien suivant clic ici !

We are happy to announce another sceening of the documentary “totally wired” in Paris on Monday April 3rd. Please read all details over here (!) and have a good time.

Genoqs i.L. ?

After we could not reach the Genoqs company twice to clear minor support questions directly, now they released a general note that their GmbH (companyform comparable with a Limited) is in Liquidation now. They offer loads of information saying that they will go ahead being octopus nerds anyway if I understood it right? Better you read yourselves if nessessary, thanks.

Cacophonie !

The cacophonator by suble noise maker from vienna is selling out now. We have just two units left in Berlin and I think there are another two in London that you can buy directly there at rough trade east.  These units are the very last white ones, that we loved a lot.

A brilliant review..

..comparing Cwejmans frequency shifter FSH-1 and the E560 by Synthesis Technology is now online at Navs modular lab over here! Nav also gave a brilliant overview about things going on during berlins Club Transmediale, where he will make an individual roundtrip thru our showrooms and a rare liveset on Feb., 2nd for a limited number of participators. Also – if you havn’t done this already – there will be another soldering workshop to make your own Bumsss, BingBong or a Fuzz-O-Mat. To take part you have to register here and still you can make it for the tour with Nav afterwards. Have a good time.

Livewire chaos computer

Indeed Livewire is working on a real production series of their unbelievable chaos computer now. Together with the Voltage Mechanic and Voltage Distributor the first production run of all the three should be done around april, we are looking forward to this but as usual it could become a bit delayed (!).

Monorockets ..

monorocketAre nice looking cases for small modulars, where we expect some for a while already. Finally yesterday the inventor wrote me a note that “the order will be sent out now” what could mean that we will have these first samplese within the beginning February, we will let you know about it.

Cheaper Power

tiptop_busDuring an internal discussion about current changes in european regulations for the unliked wallwarts and after now several american manufacturers are offering their own power supply solutions for modular systems – e.g. Gorillabox, Tiptop audio, Make noise, MonorocketHerman Sherman sent a nice comment saying:

As an analog freak, I believe like Bob moog, there is a connection with the brains, and HF spikes have a negative impact on our bodies. The increasing wireless RF pollution is impacting our mental health, but there is so much money and lobbying involved (like oil industries) this is ‘not taken seriously’.

Also another manufacturer had to report about strange problems with high frequencies in the audio results while trying to use cheaper power supply solutions without real transformators.  So we go ahead offering the quite german transformator solutions and still we offer the more practicable solutions with switched power supply solutions such as the tiptop audio boards.

Loud and Dirty?

mac1Our old friend Ken Macbeth finally now showed off his new visions of big modulars on the NAMM. After having announced them for our stand in Frankfurt two years ago already I am a bit shy to offer them for pre reservations already, still I would like very much seeing them in Frankfurt also, even if they are just prototypes still – who knows.
And by the way as Ken Macbeth is a good old friend of mine I kindly ask to forgive him, that also the single oscillators for the doepfer compatible 3U systems could not yet come in after having been announced for December 1st. There was problems with the front plates as I heard but these ones will be seen in Frankfurt for sure – I HOPE!


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