Author: Herr Schneider

Four VCOs at once..


.. available right now as Doepfers new A-143-4 quad VC-LFO/VCO modul – probably kicking some other polyphonic solutions in the moduars of the world now. Together with Vermonas Quad Midi Interface you can play it four voice right now for quite small money right now!

(b.t.w. the vermona is in stock already or quite shortly and the pic of the doepfer in the shop will be changed soon, for details click this one, please.)

Freitag gibts Radau!

ciat_lonbarde_tetrazziRastko is playing live this friday in the little cinema on Castingallee 77 in Prenzlauer Berg as Basic Electricity! He is one of the few people who likes those strange instruments by ciat lonbarde who also made that tetrazzy percussion instrument that you see in the picture. I also liked it a lot and bought two or three of them once, but they are mostly gone.
This info I got from Navs who released even more info on this here.

Dark Times !

dark_energyThe Dark Energy by Doepfer unfortunately is discontinued and will be selling out soon. A follow up model will be released in Mai 2012, but slightly different: A 12 dB multimode-filter with LP, HP, BP, notch will be included instead of the 24dB LP now and the design will change a little bit towards that.


M526+M525.. gibts nach wie vor die GROSSEN MODULE !! What a big luck ! The gentlemen of Moon Modular still generate very well made 5 rackspace modular tools that are even better than they ever was, with possibilities that Generations before us had to dream of only ..  so ..
..Now they made another third even better version of their already attractive Quantizer Modul 565 (v3) now bipolar and programmable! Earlier versions, V1 and V2 can well be updated at the factory. Please get in touch if that could be an issue for you. They also showed a first wooden cabinet and racks to get all their modules  mounted up with a dotcom compatible power system. Give us a few weeks and we will show you a sample in Berlin.

M5 on sale !!

If you are looking for something REAL GREAT, have a look for the sadly selling M5 unit in black from Hamburg here, Sunny must be very sad selling it.

p1060080It this is too big for you and you want a real Macbeth, please wait for this little in-house-copy with three VCOs too kicking them all away these nowadays wannabe copies! After it is a real Macbeth indeed it could take another half a year – or longer. We wait in patience!

Selling out..

Curetronic and Trouby for sale!
Curetronic and Trouby for sale!

And finally something completely different: I am selling out some demo stuff on a special list calles “Sale”to get free space for all the new stuff. You can see the offers here. IN addition we would like to get rid of the remaining stock of well done Curetronic modules, it is two complete cases and some more new modules with the original value of 3700 EUR, we are at a very special price of just 2000 EUR for the whole stuff, if that could be intersting for you, pleas ask Carlo or me for the specs, thank you.

The dark brown case on top of it is a prototype by Trouby Modular, also on sale for just 899 EUR in total!

finally lightfoot!

(NAMM 2012/14 ? )Austin Lightfoot was introduced to me by Ken Macbeth and seemed to be an innvative maker r desktop units. I directly ordered a few of his p1060133 Goatkeeper. Very well made and something different, still atttractive in combination with modular classics.

TIP and TOP!

975_1301(NAMM 2012 / 13: the last one) Gur Milstein alias TIPTOP AUDIO introduced his unbelievable idea to offer an 8 voice modular system completely interconnectable with existing monophone modules over in/outputs All polyphonic modular components will be interconnected with special S-Video-like cables – easy. He had quite attractive modules and always a good sounds on the booth, great.

His smart Buchla-like folding casing idea for the eurorack also became more attractive to me after he is now able to ship even shorter on time if things like this are nessessary. We will have a few in stock always but who knows, have a look for them.

Also very great was his clones of 808 drumsounds. After we already had the BD modules now he shipped the Snaredrum and the HH(?) both shown on the Namm with their very powerful sound – even better than the original as it seemed !  .. please read the manual or check them to understand it yourselves. Its fun, they are nicely made and well packed.. AND available from stock right now.

Stompboxes by WMD

p1060580(NAMM 2012/12) Stompboxes by WMD became a lot and they are mostly very good fun. If you have a guitar pedal shop around the corner, you could ask to test one, they can get them from our distribution company quite easy ex Berlin into whole europe now.  Some good partner such as Session Music in Frankfurt, Hieber Lindberg in Munich or Digital Audio Service in Hamburg have some.

The californian dream..

975_1325..seems to be still alive. We had a nice time there next to Disneyland ..  expensive hotels with with poor employees (not really professional for such a price class), with brass bands to wake you up in the morning, all drinks and wines served in plastics and probably the highest rate of forbidden things per square meter.

Wowa Cwejman

Schneidersladen BerlinOne of the most popular brands in the upper class of the eurorack system is working hard to get his list of backorders done – or at least shortened a bit. Next month we will have at least the MX4S mixermodule and the beloved Cwejman S1 halfmodular synth coming in again. Once this is done we will update our backorders to him and it would help if we know all your demand of any kind of cwejman product for the nearer future by then, so thank you in advance for an update.

The Suit and tie guy

p1060132 (NAMM 2012/?) Is somehow called different but I think he likes it a lot that I could in between forget again to call him different from STG, he likes to be just STG, so .. his modules are still a bit deep for all the as small as possbile nerds, but they feel excellent, all pots are screwed and the stuff is handmade.  In addition he is the most charmant synthie entertainer, he likes the TD stuff and gave me a card with himself in the middle of his instrument where he plays live with.

He showed me all his smaller modules and his sequencer ones and I decided to stockp1060125 more of them soon, as I heard in between my friends in Schneidersladen agreed, we will keep you updated. Here is a pic of his rack on the NAMM ..  by the way, this was the only System with one of the brilliant Livewire-modules, what made me kind of sad.

Making real noise

p1060564(NAMM 2012/8) Make Noise alias Tony Rolando and his girlfriend showed off their modules, probably the most beloved collection in the eurorack apart from the well known Doepfer ones.

Their latest creation has been called the „DPO“ as e.g. dixie pimp oscillator, dildo porn output, dummy package offer or whatever. Tony told about even more strange variations and ideas from existing clients. p1060566
The announcement of the DPO did already generate preorders so Paul at schneidersladen took it into the system that you could set preorders now. Another new model that make noise is working on will be called „soundhack echophone“. You can see both by a clic on the pic!

In addition Tony had one of his new busboards – still below the table. It was made for extra flat casings for themselves with flat mounted module connectors all around as you should see on the pic. It serves two rows of modules at once with connectors, what p1060568makes it in addition even more effective.

LZX Industries

p1060569(NAMM 2012/7) Lars and Ed alias LZX industries introduced us to a huge rack halfway filled with just modular components for video creativity. the possibilities of a complex system of modular video tools to generate quite nice things for video outputs are quite impressive. So far just a few more experienced musicians e.g. plasticman or senior coconut are interested in such so we did not yet work out to get it in to berlin for our demo, but „circumstances could change“ as Don Buchla said earlier today.

Snazzy FX..

p1060558(NAMM 2012/6) Dan Snazzelle also presented a new module with a USB plug in purple, it looked good, but unfortunately i missed to check it out – sorry, Dan. We will probably be able to get them in, if you want one, so please dont hesitate to ask. Also TheHarvestman alias Scott Jaeger was on the show there and I couldn’t check his nice orange rack. But as far as I got that right, all his nice modules are available from us already and have been listed here (?).

Synthesis technology

p1060554NAMM 2012/5) Paul Schreiber alias Synthesis technology did already make a bunch of very innovative modules for the eurorack system such as the cloud generator and others. Now he presented a quite small USB interface called E610 for your modular running each 2 In and outputs. It will be running with Expert Sleepers „silentway“ on every computersystem easily. In addition he had a first morphing dual LFO called E355 on the show.
One of his goals and promises for 2012 is to ship even faster than so far and after I think we can really trust him, we are looking forward to have everything in stock again very soon .. the most ones are already.

Down to koma

975_1313(NAMM 2012/4) Down to Hall E – in the dungeon as an experienced exhibitor called it – we could see these Koma Stompboxes from the Netherlands on the booth of analogue haven alias Shawn Cleary. On the same booth next to it we met Paul Schreiber, well known and experienced for his very well done MOTM modules over years already.

Big City Music

 p1060549(NAMM 2012/3) Roger Cordell was showing on his booth again the swedish Mellotron-clone by his friend Markus Resch. Unfortunately that one is a bit unhandy compared to the original slim one called ‘Memotron’, what is quite often used by experienced artists in the world for polyphonic sounds of the 70s.
Apart from that they was showing a very first (pre serial?) model of a moonwind unit by JoMoX and the ‘Koma’ synth by EOWave from France. Funnily ‘Koma’ as a name has alredy been introduced for a brand of quite innovative stompboxes just a few months ago.

BUCHLA selling ..

975_1320(NAMM 2012/2) After I already offered it three times without any feedback, this year I met again Mr. Don Buchla on the show to talk about a partnership.. „Circumstances did change“ was the introduction to let me know, that his brand and company was sold completely to MV pro audio now, who is distributing brands like Waldorf and SM proaudio. So it could happen that they will turn Mr Buchlas „system in progress“ from a never ending story into a real product one day to get it selling? – we will see.

Schneiders on NAMM

p1060072(NAMM 2012/1) It really started with Mr Ken Macbeth at seven oclock in the morning for breakfast this year: He showed us his latest prototype of the tiny little synth he made that has already been copied by Moog as the „Minosaurus“… so it looks like americans are becoming a bit more chinese now.
He also showed me a board that could become a prominent 5U synth for the moonmodular/dotcom systems another even better minimoog .. would be nice and we will see. First of all we will get in more dual VCOs for the eurorack to be sold together with his dual envelope and his dual SV Filter, that we already stock.

Nice Impressions..

.. about what we do here has been found by our old friend Arno Pohl on the web these days. I just forgot that I once made this site myself and .. looking back to the opening of our shop at the Kottbusser Tor now its a nice site beneath all the others. So if this doesn’t confuse you too much .. just have a look to extremesupersynths over here for some yesterdays impressions.

NAMM show !

p2I will be going to the NAMM show meeting some of our friends in the USA with new and good old products hopefully. Probably soon i will be able to forward an update to you on this site about what I could see there. Thank you for your patience.

Nowadays Midi..

cpcvdig_s.. could be a revolution, too. The MS-812 by Alyseum has been introduced in SchneidersLaden by their inventors a few weeks ago, now here is the video giving you a little report on its revolutionary possibilities also with even more components on your LAN network such as the little AL-22 or the all supporting 19″ unit called AL-88. Production models will be available very soon.

To get a first impression on what its all about please watch this video about my first impression once I understood, what we are talking about here.

All at once..

Analoge Modular Synthesizer SchneidersLaden BerlinPresented as a well done quality stereo bit crusher and sound mangler first, the OTO buscuit from France now became a real Praliné as DER OTO: With just a (free) software upgrade it can also be used as a hardware combination of synth, sequencer and sound tool in one box and it seems like it is real fun. We still have some units in stock, but I will restock lots more after I have seen this video !


A lot of brands fulfilled their promises and sent in new stuff before the end of the year. So now we are able to ship Ken Macbeths dual envelope and his new dual SV Filter (!), the Mute Synth, nearly all FLAME products, the new version of the plague bearer by Flight of Harmony,  all products by flower electronics, all new modules by intellijel designs, our dear OTO biscuit .. and for the very first time ALL eurorack modules by MOTM at the same time (!!), thank you, Paul.

Also completely in stock is the modular range of pittsburgh modular, two modules by STG (the so called suit and tie guy),  the new Polivoks VCO and the Piston Honda by TheHarvestman,  at least the yellow stackcables by tiptopaudio and their great new 808 bassdrum – everybody is really happy with it, thank you, Gur (!).

And even if they are not online, yet, we have stock of  BOTH Trogotronic modules (please ask for the second one), also the brilliant Micro Hadron Collider by WMD is in stock and finally that perfect DI box in your system called  TAI-4 by Vermona! .. so we are looking forward to another interesting modular new year and wish you a very good start for yours, too.

For 2012 ..

.. we wish you a happy new year and all the best for you and yours (!).

SchneidersLaden will stay closed this monday (January, 2nd) towards our annual inventory. So we will go ahead answering your  inquiries of any kind and ship your orders again on Tuesday, Jan, 3rd.

Finally our Showroom has been redesigned completely and is ready for visitors again these days. We are looking forward to your feedback (?), thank you in advance.. and have a good start into this very new year.

special prices..

To get rid of some elderly demo units and/or to remember you to some good products could not attract your interest for a while (perhaps we have too much?) sometimes we put things on our special prices list in Schneidersladen. A week ago we had Eobodys Persephone there for a much better price and there was many demand. Now we could get the very very last one from our showroom in the UK here and nobody takes it .. so please give us your price and buy the persephone now and also take the brilliant Vermona Action  Filter and some rare Analogue Systems modules and have a good christmas!

small bumbum!!

picture-30Probably the smallest 808 bassdrum in modular form will soon be released by Tiptop audio. We are looking forward to compare the sound with MFBs 522 that once could kick the competition as  a real Roland 808 and one of the rare Miami drummachines with its competent bassdrum sound. As soon as we got a first model from tiptop audio and could make a review we will let you know about it here.


[client J. wrote today:] I feel compelled to let you know how much fun I’ve had with the Moisturizer you sold me recently. Today I completed the mod suggested by Ekdahl himself, and now it’s even more fun and full of surprises… THANKS!

WMD uHD in stock..

wmduhcpicbigAlready today the new Micro Hadron Collider VCF by WMD did arrive and has been unpacked about ten minutes ago. One unit was mounted up to our demosystem, Franz is busy testing and playing around and everybody is happy including me!
On the picture (clic it twice) you can also see the uHD expansions as they could ship with the next batch if we want them – or you? –  so please have a look and listen and give us your feedback/preorders .. or not. .
and have a nice monday everybody.

Mystery Beatboxes.. this are existing indeed: It is a brilliant tool our dear friend Holger makes in a very limited series. Unfortunately they was selling faster than he could built them up and Navs Modular Lab reported about one of them waiting here to be picked up these days.  Thank you for the picture to Nav and Martin.

SND prices

snd_fb14s_mThe price for a Filterbank FB14 by SND had to be increased unfortunately now. The monofilterbank is selling for 999 EUR inc VAT from now on.
The stereo variation
with the unique frequency panorama function is out of production anyway, but still one very last model is in stock selling for just 1790 EUR probably soon.  The very last few units of their prominent Sequencer SAM16 are probably sold out these days, too.


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