Author: Herr Schneider

Analogue Systems..

.. Analogue Systems by Bob Williams is a eurorack modular that has started as one of the first in this size with the idea of making it a high quality system in a smaller size. Nowadays other europeans such as Doepfer and in between also many young americans like tiptop audio, make noise etc. are well known and quite popular for the eurorack A-100 compatible system but still this mother of systems – the “RS integrator” – is made in Cornwall and still available worldwide in a very good quality.  In the upcoming november issue of the Sound on Sound a report about Bob Williams as “the most successful british synthesizer manufacturer of all time” will be released.

Video Artists in NL ..

chromatizer_01Video and Sound artists are coming together this weekend in NL for a festival called Todays Art The HagueGert-Jan Prins will be performing live there, he designed an interactive component for Audio to Video – the synchonator – , that we unfotunately never took to our store after most of our clients still do not compose visuals with hardware videotools; do you?
.. follow the links or not and have a good weekend.

Oberheim from Stock!

sem-proTom Oberheim did send even more SEM units now, so finally both models with midi or patchpanel (except the SEM PRO) are available from stock – (as long as stock lasts)!
b.t.w… his upcoming Two Voice unfortunately is “more complicated than expected” but now you can already place a reservation and we will get back to you once they are shipping; production units for europe are limited. The earlier planned son of four voice will definitely not be realized (for now), so i had to set the project down to the archives (for now).


We now cleared up our stock towards news of any kind with a limited summer sale. For the next few weeks there soldes-datewill be products on low prices as long as stock lasts – some because we stocked too many, some because we like you and others because they are not that perfect, find you own decision over here to order online or not or give us an email if questions are left to answer?


mfb_urzwergOn a tour thru Germany we also visited our collueges at Stromraum in Stuttgart. Unfortunately the people in Schwaben do not understand the special quatilty of MFB Products why they now put some of these on special sale. In addition to those on their website they still have two very very last MFB Urzwerg (no pro), ask for a good price if you want one. The guys have a great showroom by the way – if you are around ?!

Desktop Electronics

micromacboomstar4075-angled-fullsizeStudio Electronics will finally be able to release their boomstar soon. The desktop version of a monosynth will probably top the sounds of a moog minitaur still being in competion with Ken Macbeths little Micromac, that will also be coming soon in two versions.

The Doepfer-compatible rackversion (Micromac-R) will probably be available still in August as promised, while the cased Micromac-Desktop unit (including the Kenton Midi Interface) will unfortunately  take a bit longer. So .. if you want to have one of em in time, make your choice soon and let us know about it.

Worms and Birds

For a short period of time there is an exhibition in Berlins Galerie Walden showing the work of Marco marco2-031Riedel, an early client of SchneidersBuero who unfortunately passed away this year. An installation that he made for relaxation was equipped with a little A-100 modular system making and/or changing sounds depending on a number of stretching ropes (see picture) from roof to ground where you are invited to hang yourselves in (carefully!).  We tried our best and its not working completely the way it should, but it alt least opens new horizons for “classic” modular users – perhaps?
“the early worm got the bird”,  until June 23rd only:
Thu, Fri, Sat: 3pm – 7pm, Backyard Potsdamer Str. 91, Berlin

Micromac update:

micromac_r_dKen Macbeth was giving us an update on the upcoming supersynth called Micromac today: There will be two versions, one for the modular eurorack (Micromac-R) and one more expensive desktop version (Micromac-D) probably both coming in around July/August 2012.
The DT model will have two LFOs instead of one and even more extra features, it will be cased and come with an external AC power supply.
The modular Version will have the unbelievable size of 57HP (!!),  is equipped for the standard doepfer A-100 power supply and finally .. for the extra features of the DT version Ken is planning an additional breakout box for the modular that should be released later on.
We are very much looking forward to get our little portion of them in, for both models we started to collect pre-reservations already, if you really think about getting one of them, you better do that now.

We tear down the wall!

Again we will tear down a wall – this time as an indoors event and out of public:  On Tuesday = June, 12th we are completely closed to public exceptionally towards this event. So if you want to have a look for synths and modular either come on monday or stay home until its thursday again .. or just call or mail us.

Chaos Engines

chaosblackside388Nicks World of Synthesizers presented their Chaos Engine and we ordered a few after having a single very first model in our shop now on demo. Its very good fun and totally fair.

It seems like we will be able to sell them for just 129 EUR inlc. VAT.

MFB Dominion

mfbdomxThe latest release by MFB is a complex storable synth with very smart functions packed in wooden side cheeks called the Dominion. Finally it will not need any Filterchips by other manufacturers and thats good: Our friends at MFB found a much better solution now that will be available shortly. The cases and the look has been done as you see very well on our new own pics by Paul P (see above).


trauto_pf024The Trautoniks VT –  a remake of the idea of a “volkstrautonium” from last centuries twenties will soon be available again in a very nice wooden case. The first pre-serial model has been introduced to public already during Londons Synthesizer day at RTE and during the introduction of the dBS music school in berlins british embassy last week.

Mega mac !

It seems like the micromac will kick the minitaur. Staff at SchneidersLaden now checked the new release from the US and has very big hope that the soon coming comparable original from scotland will be indeed the better although its the more expensive.
Unfortunately the scotsmans synth will cost more than the double of its american brother but it seems like it could be correct. We will see once we have it in our hands. Now see a preview on Ken s Minimac on the web here and make your preorder in time over here !

ess eins aufgegessen!

There has been a delivery, sure, but this monday again we are sold out on these beautiful instruments. So the normal waiting-list-business is on again. The good things come to those who wait…
S1 is still being sold in pearl white.
Also modules follow up in production now. There is for example the chance to catch a BLD these days! Or little amount of MMF-1.

Schneidersladen Berlin

Synthesizer day now

This Wednesday in London we will celebrate our first synthesizer day at Rough Trade East.
Starting at 2pm there will be workshops on modular systems with Andreas Schneider, Holger Zapf will be introducing the Folkstrautonium by Trautoniks over a Vermona ReTubeverb,  Steve Jones will be playing beats on a brandnew VXXY by cronic, Adam Lacey will perform the Alphasphere, Martin Klang brings his blipbox 4CV and Franz from Berlin will be playing the Testsalon.

wolfgang_seidelLater on there will be Wolfgang Seidel – founding member of Ton Steine Scherben – playing a Kassetten Konzert to finish the day with a good performance for all of us.  I am looking forward meeting you there hoping for a good athmosphere and a nice ambient, with warm regards from somewhere on the Autobahn (!).

If you dont know about our London showroom yet, look this little film to understand – wednesday will be different again.

Eagan Matrix on Haken

continuumsideangThe Haken Continuum Fingerboard has a new firmware now as version 5.1. It includes the  programmable synthesizer in the Continuum Fingerboard, the EaganMatrix.
Edmund Eagan is a good friend of Dr. Lippold Haken and they both was our guests on the last Superbooth during Musikmesse 2011 introducing europe to the possibilities of the Haken continuum in general. Probably they was inspired by all those modular geeks running around there.  Have a look yourselves now, on their site you can find this PDF explaining more.

Synthesizer Day:

martin_komaLondon is in a little change towards that synthesizer day next week inside Rough Trade East on May 2nd. These to stompboxes (see pic) by Koma electronics from Holland are available from stock inside the recordshop. Connect your own sound from an iphone or whatever you want to play on them and have a good time.  On Wednesday next week we will be there helping you to understand all the other knobs and buttons too, you will be welcome to our testsalon and much more.

Top secret..

And again we have brand new Pre serial modules to be tested now in some of our creative demo systems in the berlin showroom only. Or can’t be shown cause its really secret . So please feel free to step in once you are around and have a good time. It seems the summer starts to be nice now.

Trouby modular..

trouby_modular.. is a one man show brand from somewhere around berlin making 5rackspace modulars. Now he brought in one of his prototype cabinets including funny sequencer modules and a vermona/formant filter module that he would like to get rid of. The whole cabinet as you can see by clicking the pic will be selling for lower 900 EUR if you come in to pick it up. The deal will be made with mister trouby himself then. Ask me if you were interested or just step in to schneidersladen.

a smaller better mac!

micromac_prototypeNow Ken macbeth starts to built up his desktopsynth micromac as show on Namm. It will be available as micromac desktop synth including a Kenton Midiinterface and as a micromac eurorack module. After the quite small unit will be a real analogue soundburner comparable with a (real) minimoog probably, I would like to recommend the desktop version even if its again some money more.
Shipping dates are still unclear – even if people on the web could have let you know something else. As usual we collect your preorders and get back to you for payments not before we are sure to get the units in soon.

Moonwind, Magma?

There is a new range of names for new products of well known manufacturers as it seems:  Moonwind by JoMoXjmxmw_full seems to be a very smart sound performer and the Magma by Eowave is a complex synth/sequencer tool to have good melody fun with an analogue synth. Both are available from stock now!

and finally the Boomstar by Studio electronics could become a smart desktop synth, too.

Musikmesse Frankfurt

Dieter Doepfer in person has been on Musikmesse introducing their followup model of the Dark Energy called Dark Energy II now ! Its Filter will be a state variable one with a shape-switch then, the price will remain the same, first shipments are expected for summer.

franzdieterFranz was helping to explain the monstermonstercase (see pic) to the audience in Frankfurt. Because it is a bit more complicated to understand the  uncounted possibilities of such a system, this one will stay in Frankfurt now on display at S-MUSIC, a well known biggest musical instrument store around… b.t.w. there is also one of the rare studio electronics code polysynths on demo and available from stock.

Boomstar desktopsynth

boomstar4075-angled-fullsizeStudio Electronics did release a preview on their new desktop synth called boomstar now. The unit looks pretty cool and we are very much looking forward to a first shipment but unfortunately there is no more information available so far about when and more.  So please wait in patience, we will set up a waiting list if you are already sure that you want one.. it could be selling for 900 something, we will keep you informed.


Eowaves Synth called KOMA is now released in its final version with its final new name called MAGMA.  So to magma_front4order a new synth looking like this just let us know your request to have some fun and a good day.


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