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The latest entry in SchneidersBuero is Carlo now taking care for updates .. making all the work that we have missed over the last few months or years step by step. Carlo has been practicing as live musician together with James Welburn for years and could be well known for some of our older clients.

XR-1 sold out (nearly)

cgxr1-altThe first small serial production of the XR-1 by Christian Guenther has been sold our quickly.  The inventor is now working on a follow up model with an additional bypass switch connection at least to be realized soon.

..a JoMoX 999?

.. became a rare unit in between and can now once be bought used from one of our dear clients in need for some money. If your interested please send an email or just call and ask for Carlo, please. Even more used stuff, demo units that we would like to get rid of and other specials can be found in an extra category called all Specials / Sonderverkäufe on our website SCHNEIDERSLADEN. It will be filled and updated towards every weekend from now on.

Flower electronics..

.. is still the only company where a female engineer is realizing her ideas of an electronic musical instrument. Their latest product is now coming to europe very soon, the T_NG is a touch sensitive noise generator. When you touch the pads on the pcb, you create feedback loops around the circuit. You can make the t_ng hiss, squeak, chirp, groan, and squeal. Their current product the LBBt_ng_sm is still available from stock in very limited numbers being restocked also very soon. Were happy being able to offer you such units again soon.

New Cwejman modules

cwejman1There are three brand new Cwejman modules now available ex Berlin in a limited number. The color has changed into a pearl white that made some very first clients reallly happy. The color does perfectly fit to the new SEM module by tomoberheim and we are quite sure they have not been talking about this issue with each other…

Rogers Bigcities music..

sbmeetswmdRoger Cordell alias Big city music had a smaller stand upstairs that was totally crowded with stuff from our friends from jomox, sherman, Eric Barbour, Eowave, the surfin step sequencer, the tetra sequencer, racks with analogue systems only, several mellotrones, a lot of stomp boxes and interesting small stuff. With all those manufacturers standing in front of their units it was totally crowded mostly but a bit lost in between all those software sellers next to them.
Here we met the symphatic young guys of WMD alias William Matthewson, Eric Barbour, many friends from europe and the inventor of the 4ms modules and pedals called Dann Green. Definitely we will go with them soon after such a symphatic chat we had there.

Shawns Analogue Haven..

johnpandpaulsDown in Hall E shawn alias analogue haven exhibited the stuff of our friends from doepfer, tiptopaudio, theHarvestman, Malekkoheavyindustries, MakeNoise, Livewire,  monorocket and last but not least a friendly guy from australia called john pillans alias Mungo enterprises. He introduced an insane awesome just the biggest desktopsynth ever, a starship console being an eight voice polyphonic digital cv-controllable synth with full memory. It seems to be a lot of fun in a brilliant look without words (see pic)! The price is still unclear (but this is not the issue).

Und das Tollste ..

– meaning: And the best thing to come will be just a cable. Good idea for stable modular stuff by tiptop audio. Looking forward to get some of these stackable patchcables for our 1/8″  system.dsc_0263

Future Retro

After some discussions about distributional ideas Future Retro has finished the cooperation with SchneidersBuero as their german distributer today. Last year they also split from their american trade partners towards a way of distribution based on direct sales mostly. We wish them good luck and will go ahead with service, demos and warranty for others, then.

The Sync lock ..

is the idea of a stable clock in your combination of handware and software. The australian company innerclock systems is busy designing an intelligent solution to make everything better. A prototype to be tested will be coming in soon.

Cwejman ..

.. is making S1 units at the time, busy! There is hope for the outstanding nearly 90 modules in backorder also.  Be patient and place your orders in time. We will get back to you shortly before shipping then – as usual. Thank you.

back again ..

After we opened up our new showroom at the kottbusser tor slowly I am getting back to normal life with the hope to find some time giving you an update about new products and other news.


SchneidersBuero is based in Berlin Kreuzberg now!
From 09.09.2009 we are directly at Kottbusser Tor above Kaiser’s Supermarket (600m further), which means that our Showroom in Adalbertstr. will be closed from the 14.08.2009 … til then !!!
the new/old adress at Adalbertstr.80 will be still our post and delivery
adress, just the Showroom and the office moves !!!
Supplies, retour shippings, presents and orders please send to..
SchneidersBuero / Andreas Schneider
Adalbertstr. 80, D-10997 Berlin, Germany

Opening hours are as usual, to check things no earlier than 2pm , to pick up things, for support or just to buy things, you are very welcome as long as we are here and there. On weekends were always closed.

Krautok next weekend!

On  Saturday August 22nd there will be KRAUTOK again in the club Maria. 24 hours live acts with electronic music, an unbelievable session of synced artists with uncounted machines of any kind will meet each other. In the end it will be an all night long party event with some well known names on stage. If you do not understand what its all about get there in time, we can explain you about some components of the technic in the foyer for free.

free press –

I guess the most of you nerds will Know it ,but for those who don´t …
… there was a time when the WorldwideWeb was full of penis extensions, livelongerpills & all forms of spams which overfills your daily mailbox account – but once in a while their is something worth to tell about – and it’s free.: like for exsample the german page „“ don’t mix it up with the famous bookseller. is an virtual Magazin ,for Musicians or those who want to be one with a full range of products ,news , interesting reviews , interviews and so on.
Sure it seems to be a bit to advertisy ( but hey, what isn’t ) but the reviews & Series are really well done and defintly professional and enjoyable to read.
You’ll find multi-part series about modular Systems / oscillator / filter / tubes and so on … as well as workshops about sound programming / harmonics /microphoning and recording / reviews / events / musicans / tipps & tricks / and tons of infos so ve a look
I’ sure you find something you like to read or you just getting wet dreams by watching the Analog Gallery – A synth museum in Switzerland . Enjoy it.

lost and found

A couple of days ago , i found some older Freaks@home articles in the “Sound & Recording” Magazine, & yes i think they are worth reading First was about Arthur Schneller (S&R 11/07) an old friend of the Schneider familiy & owner of an exclusive restaurant in berlin (Ottenthal) and an even more exclusiv Doepfer Modular system with more than 20 VCO’S and and and ,furthermore he is interested in barok music & musicians (arthur called them punks for that time of history) and how to get that on a musically way played & transfered on his modular system – well great idea.

The second article is about Sunny Vollherbst (S&R 01/09 ,so not that old) or may better known under his Project Names “Q”,”Q2″,”Q3″ & the 6 manband  “Glacier”. He works mainly as FOH technican for Serveral Indie Clubs in Hamburg and bands like Tocotronic etc. His Studio called “The SYNTHESIZER STUDIO HAMBURG” is an analogue Snthesizer recording studio with 38 analog Synthesizers and 18 vintage DRUM MACHINES. It blows the mind of every analogue freak and the best thing is, it can be booked for other productions as well, .. for further news about him and his projects look on for qelectro, synthesizerpark, glaciermusic.

One of the biggest Articels about Modular Systems , history , brands and manufactures and their most famous products which includes very nice module pics has been released in the “Sound on Sound” Magazine from April 2009 – – this is really fantastic & definitly worth to have a look for to read.

There is another none unspectacular german article called “kabelsalat” written februar 2008 in the german magazine “Keys” introducing doepfer ,mfb ,synthetic Music Systems, Livewire & Cwejman modules – really good especially for newcomer who wants to get a bit deeper information of the Patchworld.


A british documentary about the german band Kraftwerk has been recommended to me. It is not just about the music and the band, but its telling more about the situation where such music has been coming from. In the teaser to see by clic here I met several good clients and interesting people talking serious about the music we all still work on.


The Z2040 by tiptopaudio is the latest entry out of four different filters from small american manufacturers. After the Bubblesound SEM20 there has been the two first releases for the system called Borgfilter and Boogiefilter by Malekkoheavyindustries. After the first review on Navs modular Lab the Z2040 will be still tuned a bit that finally it could make the race. Please feel free to compare them yourself and visit us or just buy them all 🙂 !


The Rozzbox ZWO -a real Version2- will not be realized after so many interest for the little ODDULATOR.  The Manufacturer Kilian Leonhard is totally busy with another redesign of the monophonic little beast, that he finally quit from going ahead with its bigger brother. So probably the prices for the famous – and now limited – Rozzbox ONE V2 will increase?

Sync Shifting ..

The sync shifter from Australia will be coming again soon. Unfortunately the sync lock will still need a bit more time, something has been much more complicated as expected.


The british manufacturer Tom Carpenter alias analogue solutions now released a halfmodular version of his Synthesizer Semblance called Telemark. The outstanding metal case is equipped with small jacks, such as in the Semblance its sound is very special, the quality of our first serial model is brilliant. Also with the Leipzig-K – a wooden cased keyboard version – he has shown that his production quality has become much better over the last few years. Give it a try if you want, we have both on Demo.



Finally I trust in Ken Macbeth making it real now: After different plans for keyboard synthesizers such as the X-Factor changing into concrete Minimooglike-filtermodules pricing discussions now our big friend from scotland is making a dual oscillator for the 3 rackspace system! Finally today we ordered some in silver and a very limited number of black ones that will be just sold from here for very special friends. The retail is 1249 EUR, street price in Europe will be around 1199 including VAT, formless orders can be placed from now on, the shipping date stays unclear but it will happen this summer !!


For a very special constellation of modular tools  – schneidersbuero made a special offer – promoting the cwejman quality in a compact synth to go: the cwejman module vm 1 together with the doepfer a 190 -2 combinded in a beauty case completed with cables – for 690 € including vat. the beauty cases will be extra thin to be used as a flat desktop synth. shipping  will be earliest end of june. Sales will start soon with preorders over schneidersladen.


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